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Overly Analytical Problem #28
  • Person: Hey! What are your plans for spring break?
  • Analysts Thought: Finding something fascinating and getting completely obsessed with it and studying and analyzing it until I know every single detail! Yay!!!
  • Analysts Voice: Oh, ya know. Just kind of hang out... nothing much.

anonymous asked:

why did Ouma choose to play the villain role in particular rather than just laying low like Tsumugi did? it interests me that he chose to play a role that he probably knew he'd get so much hate for

I’m not sure if these two asks are from the same person or just about the same topic specifically, so I decided to answer the both of them together!

This is a very interesting question, and understanding the answer requires understanding a lot of the general way Ouma’s mindset works. It’s also, in my opinion, one of the biggest tip-offs that he’s not nearly as chaotic or antagonistic a force as he likes to pretend to be. After all, for most liar-type characters, the obvious choice for how to play the game would be to try and fool other people into thinking they’re not a threat. It’s a lot easier to lie to people in order to get them to like you and think of you as harmless than it is to lie in order to get people to hate you, distrust you, and be generally pissed off at you all the time.

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Fun Number-Crunching and Writing Stuff

Inspired by Dira Sudis, I took a deep-ish dive into my fic-writing going by the numbers and, uh. Basically I feel a lot better about myself, volume-wise.

Some basics: My first Marvel fic was posted 19 July 2014, which means in about two weeks I’ll be going into my fourth year of writing in this fandom which is amazing and terrifying. (I am typing this and looking at the winter solder star on my leg which, all going well, will be there for the rest of my life, SO.) My total word count is 641,904, with CH10 being the longest story at 73,436 and And Love That Sleepeth There the shortest at 1,079. That is also the first fic I ever posted.

(I did have two Tangled fics that I have since orphaned.)

I ran the numbers on both all of my fics and the ones that are completed. For all stories, the mean length is 13,658 words, which is almost exactly the current length of These ARE The Tentacles You’re Looking For. The median length is 5507, or the length of (Re)Visit. When I take out the unfinished fics, the mean length is 12,199, or pretty much exactly between The Holly and the Ivy and Braid. The median is  5424, or the length of The Bucky Barnes Guide to Not Being A Weapon.

Not really related to numbers, but just for fun, my top all-time story by hits is Strike Gold Along This Shore with 24,496, and the top for kudos is Read Me Like A Book with 1,119.

(Holy shit, I know the reasons behind this, I really truly do, but that’s just depressing as fuck, so here we shall end the stats portion of the post.)

Life and writing updates beneath the cut.

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What makes a successful fic?

I’ve seen several people talking about this this week and have been in chat conversations with a few people about this, so I thought I would post this publicly.

I don’t keep track of how well my fics do number-wise, but somewhere around 20-40 is a really good number in my view, especially if it hasn’t been on @timepetalsprompts​ or @thedalektables​ or @dwficrec​ or promo-ed in some way to a wide variety of people. I don’t focus on numbers though to measure success. Numbers just make me crazy with comparison and make it not fun. As long as I’m hearing something positive back, I know it isn’t a flop or offending people. Quality over quantity, is what I am trying to say, in a way. (So, readers, go comment on your favorite author’s fic. hehe) ;) :P 

Success looks different for everyone depending on how many followers you have, how interactive you are with them, how long you’ve been posting, how long you’ve been writing, how often you interact with everyone else’s fic, how often you participate in events and games and things… a huge variety of factors that only come with time. Don’t beat yourself up! Give it a few years. 

And know there are a ton of silent lurkers out there loving your fic, but not commenting or liking because they are too shy/afraid to create an account. I know what that’s like. I did it for literally 10 years.

Also, reblogs are probably not an accurate measurement of a fic’s success because users don’t always think that way. I try to keep my blog pretty focused on my own fics and very few fics in my genre/specific brand of fluff. I may love your fic, but it isn’t what I post on my personal blog. If you want variety beyond my flavor, see a general fic blog like those mentioned above. 

As a social media pro, a few tips: Know that if you aren’t getting the numbers you want, it’s probably not that your fic is bad, but that you need to promo it in different ways. Hitting up the awesome people at the above mentioned blogs (seriously, they are super nice. Send them an ask!), posting at different times for all the time zones (#internationalfandomproblems), posting quotes from your fic, mix up your tagging habits, writing summaries differently, cross-posting on All the Sites, taking prompts and @ mentioning the prompter, do a fic game… anyone else have tips to add?  

first three words that come to mind about the signs
  • aries: hyperactive, nerd, lunatic
  • taurus: beauty, trustworthy, food
  • gemini: exciting, talk, clever
  • cancer: emotions, cry, mother
  • leo: loud, opinionated, loyal
  • virgo: coffee, fun, analytical
  • libra: love, laugh, trust
  • scorpio: intelligent, hugs, kind
  • sagittarius: athletic, hysterical, work
  • capricorn: piercings, smoke, crystals
  • aquarius: genius, hippie, comfy
  • pisces: caring, antisocial, gentle

anonymous asked:

Did you ever think that, maybe, if you just got laid, you'd come back down to planet earth and learn to enjoy life like everyone else? If I've been crass, then has a woman ever loved you?

Your suggestion is what exactly? That I become a ravenous, orgasm junkie rather than combating oppressive circumstances? I actually got laid twice last week and, unsurprisingly, it didn’t make me any less passionate about empowering myself and seeking to improve the state of affairs in the world.

I’ve been in a total of about 7 or so relationships in my life, one of which lasted for 5 years, that I actually ended because I felt like it was anchoring me to a lifestyle of complacency…and the foundation for every single one of these relationships, in addition to the multitude of women who were ever attracted to me in general, was the unique, critical attitude that you condemn me for.

From maintaining an eccentric wardrobe that acts as a symbolic appendage to what I communicate verbally, to abrasively, though constructively, entering environments and strategically and charismatically disestablishing the oppressive social norms confining people to pretense and banality; most women I know have always seemed to appreciate my unrelenting authenticity.

It is a tragically commonplace stereotype that critical thinkers don’t attract women; we aren’t all awkward, neurotic, recluses compulsively referencing various scientific facts…despite what mainstream media might have you think. Being intelligent is not an ailment I suffer from; it renders me overwhelmed at times, but I’d rather feel overwhelmed than self-destruct in stupidity.

Don’t forget that you are assessing me through the computer screen before you, a method of conveniently networking information, which obviously doesn’t do justice my personality. I am perfectly capable of “enjoying life” or “having fun”, my analytical disposition actually cultivating an acute sensitivity to my environment, grounding me in the present with exhilarating fascination.

Realize that when you message me nonsense like this, you are contributing to the sustenance of this website; controversy is attractive, you are providing me with an example of how to deconstruct and dismiss asinine arguments, as well as cultivating my own mental capacity by prompting me to assess criticisms.

So I’m quickly making a not-entirely serious theory because I’m bored

So just to put this out of the way quickly: this is probably more likely just another one of the brothers or sisters we haven’t seen yet for the Inquisitors.

So for the fun of being over analytical I have a little theory here that I’m going to say now: This inquisitor is a vision Ezra is having a vision of his future. The Inquisitor is Ezra

“What? Where are you getting this from it’s a 2 second clip?” well I’m gonna just start rambling here so you know. Keep in mind I’m not meaning this as a serious theory but I’m showing little parts just to show my point.

So I have a feeling this is happening at the sith temple thing. Which is totally a sith temple don’t try to lie to me. And these red light patterns are common in the background.

So there’s a scene of Ahsoka meditating and talking with Vader (with Anakin’s voice) and I have a feeling she has this vision in the sith temple as well, and isn’t actually fighting Vader. rather she is manifesting her emotions involving possible ‘left the temple and anakin turned to the darkside’ guilt, and that turned into a vision for her to fight.

Now I know we had Ezra already have force induced visions, but I feel like the temple is trying to reflect on Ezra how his power could be stronger if he turned to the darkside, and manifested himself in an Inquisitor which he can’t beat but he doesn’t recognize. Ezra asks who they are and they lift the mask and BAM. We see Ezra’s face under the mask.

So I’m getting this off of simple little design things that probably don’t mean anything. First. This:

I went and checked just to be sure since this image is bad but the other boot does not have this little detail

So who do we know that has a brace like that on his leg?

Also just a couple comments regarding his body structure. This inquisitor seems to be human, male, and despite the fact they are ducked, looks like they could be roughly the same size or a little taller than Ezra.

Ezra also has similar body proportions. There isn’t really a good reference to get what I’m talking about but imagine Ezra in that exact position. It really looks like it could be Ezra in that armor.

If anyone would like to add to this silly theory go ahead and show stuff maybe I can’t see. Or prove me wrong! I’m just having fun.

Have a good one~