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I always found it ironic how good the art and animation in some hentais is and I want to dedicate this blog to the skilled artists that worked on them. The content of this blog is SFW both in visual as in language, so please have a look or share if you want, I apreciate it a lot! :D


I will never not love it *-*

I had this hopeless crush on a guy when I was 17. I wanted to be with him so badly and he never liked me back. That hurt me so much back then. Years passed and I saw him again when we were both 40. His beauty had gone away and all that was left was his empty personnality. He was unhappy, married to some boring women who never smiled. He looked at me and said “Oh, how I wish I had chosen you. My life would be so different. You loved me and you would’ve made me happy. ” And in that moment, I realized that rejection is god’s protection. Because 20 years later, I wasn’t the one he had married, but I was the one on his mind when he had boring sex with his boring wife. So don’t worry if this guy doesn’t realize what he’s got, sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is getting what you want.
—  My mother

anonymous asked:

Jumping off that last ask, what do you think the Volturi guard smells like?

Felix smells all clean and soapy and trustworthy. Heidi and Demetri make fun of him for false advertising. 

Speaking of Demetri, he smells like perfume or cologne: sweet and heavy with an almost acidic undertone. It’s a very distinctive, artificial scent, and it’s a testament to his tracking abilities that his smell doesn’t interfere with his job. 

Heidi smells smoky-sweet, like incense. It’s a pleasant scent but not an alluring one, and it’s almost shocking how poorly it goes with her gift. 

At first, I toyed with the idea of Renata smelling downright sugary, but because her gift seemingly arises from the intention to repel people, I settled on an herbal, borderline-medicinal smell instead, 

Chelsea smells like jasmine and honeysuckle and lavender all jumbled together. Which is overwhelming as hell, but she loves it. (Afton thinks it’s pretty great too; he inexplicably smells like strawberries and mint.)

Jane and Alec smell like ginger and almond/marzipan respectively. Her scent is  a little sharp– it burns when you inhale– and his can be cloyingly sweet. 

Finally, Corin smells like rosemary. She sort of wishes she didn’t, though. It’s such a noticeable smell and it interferes with her plans of staying out of everyone’s way and being left alone. 


Horikashi Week is coming! This event is dedicated to everyone’s favorite drama club nerds, and we hope you’ll help us celebrate their relationship by creating all kinds of fanworks (fic, art, graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, videos, etc) with the following prompts as your guide (just in case you can’t see them above, for whatever reason):

  • June 1st –> Summer

  • June 2nd –> Fight

  • June 3rd –> Star

  • June 4th –> Touch

  • June 5th –> Excuses

  • June 6th –> Teamwork

  • June 7th –> AU (Alternate Universe) / Free Day

Interested? Please take a look at our more detailed info post here to learn more! Additionally, feel free to send us any questions you have, follow the blog, and reblog/share this post to spread the word. We hope that you’ll participate!