fun while it lasted


Well guys, I’ve come back a little bit early than expected. Two islands on the Outer Banks-Hatteras and Ocracoke-shut down due to a blackout (we were staying in Hatteras) and we had to leave on a moments notice. Everything was literally shut down and everyone was pretty much evacuating. It was crazy.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Nice to be back!


Another Phoenix Wright Snippet!

Due to some issues with editing, this will probably be the last Snippet we’ll make of Phoenix Wright comics, but it was so much fun while it lasted ; u ;

These lovely comics were created by these lovely people!:
Works Every Time by @effiesketch
Phoenix the Boss by @causeimanartist
Bullsh*t by @neogandw

Thank you so much for letting us dub your comics!

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs


they are so good at praising each other 😎 + JH: “We personally styled ourselves today

I gave up on the ZaDr animation i was working on…… so instead of deliting and forgetting about it i’m posting the stuff i already had finished for it :’0

Maybe oneday i’ll decently finish an animation, not for this one though </3

The Young Justice team as things my chemistry class has said:

M'gann: *teacher announces pop quiz* “Where are the aliens when you need them, and can they please abduct me and take me away from this awful place" 

Artemis: "I’ll have you know, there’s fifteen bags of pot in my locker and I swear to god I’ll break into your house, plant them all under your pillow, and have the police take you away unless you give back that strawberry smencil right now" 

Jaime: "I want to die” “Wow, same, let’s jump out that window while the teacher’s not looking”  

Wally: “What do you get when you mix beauty and a nice personality? A date with me, hello" 

Conner: *breaks hour long silence* "You know, I ate a shark once" 

Kaldur:*kid answers obvious question completely wrong* Teacher: "You know, I could have been a surgeon or a scientist, but nooo, I decided to come here and meet all of you people" 

Zatanna: "Wtf, I got a hundred on the quiz?!” *whispers* “Thank you, illuminati”

Bart: *lights Bunsen burner and holds finger near flame* “I’ll touch this for a dollar”

Raquel: *two students are talking three feet away from each other* “OH MAH GAWD, GET A ROOM" 

Roy: "Where do babies come from?” “Yo mamma" 

Dick: "How much of these chemicals do I have to drink to get superpowers" 

Tim: "My brother got arrested yesterday, so guess who’s the favorite child now”

Mal:*principal announces lockdown drill over loudspeaker* “Oh well, I guess we’re all dying today, it was fun while it lasted" 

Virgil: "Excuse me teacher? Yeah, um, my sleeve caught on fire what do I do now" 

Garfield: "I swear to god my dog actually ate my homework you have to believe me”