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Plant sources that have been sprouted are naturally higher in vitamin and mineral content. For instance, some plant based proteins include sprouted brown rice or sprouted quinoa to name a few.


30品目バランス弁当 // 30 Item “Balance Bento”
Ekiben is so fun, and this overstuffed, veggie-full bento is the most fun of all. When the scenery’s no good for, or when your train’s tunneling through a mountain and you’ve got no reception, you can entertain yourself with a scavenger hunt (and test your kanji skills!!). Can you find/read all 30?

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell us more about your vegan diet food alternatives and how it impacts your body goals? I have food sensitivities and can't digest whey protein and other supplements. I was surprised to hear that there are alternatives on your tumblr.

Certainly - I eat as many whole foods as possible. I eat a lot of beans & rice, tempeh, red lentils, and veggie pastas (black bean, red lentil, mixed veggie) for my protein. I sometimes eat fake meat if I need a change but I don’t really like it anyway.  Protein is also sneakily hidden all over so when you count your protein don’t forget those - they add up. Usually I aim for about 110 g of protein a day. Make sure you’re getting all amino acids (its easy). The internet is also FULL of plant based recipes. get into cooking cause that’s really the key.

Nuts are a really good snack and are really good for making sure you get your calories up. They also contain a lot of important nutrition. Fruit is a wonderful snack too. I keep a lot of frozen veggies so something i can make a quick snack from microwaving and seasoning them (peas, greens, broccoli). Sometimes ill even microwave a sweet potato and just eat that. Go for lots of variety in your foods.  If you’re having trouble knowing what you need to eat, download the app “Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen” - love it! 

I find a Vitamix very helpful; drinking your veggies is fun, tasty, and fast. It can make a surprising amount of foods smooth. When I add protein to shakes I buy powders from TrueNutrition (cheap and effective)

As for active performance. I feel generally more energized. Food is powerful so eating well feels good. I have become more trim since going plant-based because I eat less calories (fiber is filling). if there is any issue, it is that it is easy to not eat enough (for my goals). It’s not the worst thing, but I do need to make sure I am eating throughout the day. 

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what tips do you have to build discipline? *flexes muscles* ;| ?

Ah man, that’s a good skill to have, but it might be a little different for every person, depending on what motivates you! What I find works best for me is to just dedicate a little bit of time every day (or every other day, basically whatever you can manage) to working on your project of choice, or practice, whatever it is you need doing. At least an hour is good if you can manage it. Try and work through the whole time, whether or not you’re actually happy with the result. 

If you keep it up on a schedule, eventually the action will turn into a habit, and that’ll make it easier to keep up. It also helps to do something both for a practice aspect and something just purely for fun…getting both your veggies and your dessert, as it were. 

Greetings and Salutations!

Come one, come all, to a brand new VeggieTales blog JUST for the LGBTQIA+ community here on tumblr!

Please feel free to stop in, check out some content, give a few reblogs and maybe even a follow.  And don’t forget to bring some friends <3

Anybody is welcome to submit their own LGBTQIA+ Veggie content. Artwork, fics, headcanons, you name it!  I will be reblogging and producing (wheeze) some of my own!  

Expect canon characters, OCs, lots of headcanons –  all I ask is that you keep it classy.  Nothing explicitly nsfw; e.g. sex, gore, and things of that nature.

And most importantly:

Have fun! <3

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for getting an autistic little who is a very picky eater to eat his veggies? He doesn't like most because they're slimy and that really messes with him

Well i’d suggest try to get him safe to eat uncooked veggies, Fruit V8’s, and you can make veggie smoothies for him.

Carrots are great if you have ranch and can let him dip them!

Ants on a log or Celery with peanut butter and raisins! These are a nostalgic snack for most and can possibly get him to eat them!

boiled broccoli and melted cheese, this can go either way as it may feel slimey to him still but it never hurts to try.

Try a basic salad there are so many fun ways to make a salad just right for you! and also try to bring him shopping with you to pick out his favorite veggies, and remember to listen to him.

Smoothies can be tricky as you gotta make sure that some veggies don’t have bad textures when blended. So from our experience Celery and kale have a bad scratchy texture and could pose a problem for him.

Try putting yoghurt in the smoothie to sweeten it (Honey works too and it’s healthy)*

Fruit V8 are a small alternative for when you don’t have any good veggies in house at the moment. They are Veggie filled and have fruit in it so it tastes sweet but still healthy!

*Not everyone can eat/drink honey as some are either vegan or allergic Maple syrup or cane sugar are some equally healthy alternatives to Honey. ✌🏾✌🏾

I hope this helps! We also struggle with food textures and it causes sensory issues so feel free to send in a ask any time! Have a lovely day!

~Nanny Alexander

(P.S. You can also try looking up vegan foods and recipes that incorporate veggies in fun ways!! We can Post some links ((and a youtube channel that is all vegan)) to a few when we get on our PC!)