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“You know it doesn’t always have to be ‘goof, goof, dildo’, okay?! I’m traveling around with the Boner Squad, and I never get to just say what I’m FEELING.
I have emotions!
It’s not all 'abracafuckyou’ and what have you. I HAVE A BEATING HEART! I’m multidimensional! I’m a fully realized creation, FUCK!”

Taako Taaco || Photographer
taken at Zenkaikon 2017

So since we’re in hiatus times until further notice, let’s play a little game called …

Now that we’ve been made aware of an episode titled ‘Lion 4: Alternate Ending’, I think it’s safe to assume we might finally learn the contents of that treasure chest inside Lion’s mane!

So the big question is … What’s inside the chest?

Reblog with your best guess (limit it to one guess, if you can!). It can be something you’ve theorized for a long time, or just something that popped in your head. It can be totally reasonable, or totally outlandish. The choice is yours!

The only prize for being correct is delicious bragging rights, as I’ll be reblogging this post from the winner once we do learn what’s in the chest.

Have fun!

All right yalls break time is over (it was a nice and much needed break) have a space whale thing I did last week.


Harry Styles sends in a request for the Nixtape this morning! Hilarity ensues. (11th March 2016)

donsaladino #gymmafia bringing in a special appearance. 💥👏👍
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