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Head canons for the HQ Captains (-Daishou) + Sugawara, Tanaka, and Ennoshita (I don't think that's more than 10 people) on how they spend their Halloween! Please include if they dress up and what their costumes are! Thanks!

Hi, I’m sorry this took me sooo long!! Thank you for requesting, I appreciate it a lot ♥  It’s exactly 10 characters so no worries :D



  • Daichi isn’t all too much into Halloween, given he’s more into action movies than horror movies and such the like. But if any of his friends would suggest dressing up and/or going to a Halloween party or something like that, he’d gladly agree. Because spooking around in silly/scary costumes is much more fun in a group. If he was to dress up he would probably choose a comic character like captain America or Thor (I headcanon him being a huge Marvel/DC fan).
  • Alternatively Daichi would just spend his evening at home doing the things he usually does or he would invite Sugawara to watch some really bad horror movies together.


  • Okay so I headcanon that sugawara is low-key a huge horror movie nerd and has watched every thing there is to watch on horror movies or horror comedies. Thus he’s also very into Halloween and basically forces all of his close friends to dress up and go out on Halloween. He’sd make Asahi dress up as either a mummy or Van Helsing lmao
  • He himself would most likely want to go as a zombie (but like a good zombie; very realistic and a lot of theatre blood), because he’s a huge fan of the walking dead and 28 days later etc. (he also loves sci-fi horror like the thing or the alien franchise).
  • He insists on his friends (especially Daichi) accompanying him to whatever he has planned on Halloween, but will go by himself if none of the have the time or simply don’t want to. Preferably he’d like to go to a theme park. (Idk if theme parks everywhere do that, but here they hold horror events every year in favor of Halloween.)


  • Ho boy, Tanaka and Nishinoya have an annual ritual. Each year they’ll dress up as super scary clowns, and place themselves somewhere on a rather lively street in their neighborhood. Then they just wait for somebody to walk by, and will either just creepily stare at them or actually scare them by suddenly jumping onto them or following them a  few blocks (they’ll leave elderly people alone though). (similar to the clowns in DM Pranks’ Killer Clowns videos, just not as crazy)
  • He love scaring people, especially children and fellow teenagers. They once tried their thing on the third years, and while Asahi almost died from an heart attack, Daichi wasn’t scared a bit, and swore them that he and Sugawara would scare them shitless next year.


  • He’s not necessarily the biggest Halloween enthusiast, but he definitely loves costume parties. Ennoshita is always the first one to either suggest going or to agree on coming to a Halloween party. He hasn’t spent a Halloween at home in years, and always looks out for the most promising party/event.
  • Ennoshita is one of the biggest Disney nerds, but is also very fond of comics. Thus he dresses up as one of his favourite characters rather than something Halloween typical like ghosts, vampires etc. And his costumes are always top notch, because he really cares about fabric quality and the like.
  • He looks strangely hot in a Peter Pan costume btw


  • Halloween isn’t a big deal for him, but if he’s asked to join an event or a party he’ll definitely show up. He will only dress up after he has made sure that it’s an actual costume party where most, if not all people dress up (doesn’t want to make a fool of himself). Oikawa would probably go for the plain vampire look (I know that he was dressed up as vampire in this years official Halloween art, and I can just totally see him doing that. It just suits him imo)
  • If he has nothing planned, he’ll do whatever he would have done every other night. Studying, reading, watching TV, practicing, you name it.


  • This boy loves Halloween! On Halloween he’ll either invite some friends over to his place to hold a horror movie marathon or he’ll go out with them roaming shibuyas streets (have you seen shibuya on Halloween ? It’s fascinating…and weird). He might even go trick or treating just for the fun of it (or to get Kenma out of his house?). Either way, he enjoys seeing all kinds of people in costumes going around scaring people, and he loves it even more to get scared by other people, because he will 100% try to scare them back.
  • On a more personal note, he prefers staying inside having the movie marathon, but he won’t refuse to accompany his friends if they have anything planned.


  • Another Halloween enthusiast! While he’s all for other people trying to scare him like Kuroo, Bokuto is easily scared. Like, he’s not actually scared of the costume or anything , but he’s very easy to startle. And when he does get startled by something or someone everybody gets a good laugh out of it, except for Bokuto himself, who’s going to be all mopey for at least an hour afterwards.
  • He’d want to be some kind of animal on Halloween, so he’d most likely dress up as a werewolf or bigfoot.
  • Kuroo still invites him to his movie marathons out of politeness, because even though they’re fairly good friends he hates that Bokuto tends to talk way too much during horror movies, or all kind of movies honestly.


  • Doesn’t really care about the occasion, and just minds his own business. Tendou has tried several times to convince him to tag along to a Halloween party, but as soon as Tendou mentioned that he had to put on a costume he politely declined and wished him lots of fun without him.
  • Though, he finds it amusing to watch the majority of the students walk around the schoolyard in costumes. (well the ones that live in the student dorms)


  • Terushima is the one throwing the party lmao
  • He’s isn’t the biggest fan of everything related to horror, but wants to use Halloween as an opportunity to throw a party. (Mostly just to invite cute girls and to tell them that it’s a costume party so they would have to dress up)
  • He puts minimal effort in his costume, and just looks for a reasonably scary mask. (Michael Meyers or Jason maybe?)


  • He likes movies like scary movie or shaun of the dead, and will spend his evening watching those kind of movies, either alone or with some buddies. He knows for a fact that Futakuchi will be throwing a Halloween party, and that he and the majority of the team are invited, but he chooses to stay home and enjoy his evening with some movies, given he’s not that much of an party animal anyway.


Given her penchant for mystery novels and continuing quest to always find the truth, the choice of Nancy Drew was a no-brainer for Gracie. Though it’s not the most recognizable of costumes, it’s by far the most fun she’s had dressing up in years. Everyone’s favorite girl detective complete with headband, plaid skirt, and handy notebook will be circling the party- just don’t scuff her saddle shoes.


*nervous smile* U-Um… This is my attempt… at trying to make a creepy comic…

PS: That is not Seven lol

(Just wanted to add– I labelled this as a spoiler because 707′s real name is mentioned here, not because this scenario happens in the game haha… this is just a fancomic ^^; People seemed to be confused so I wanted to make that clear OTL)

🎃Ways to Celebrate Samhain👻

 Samhain is the celebration of the final harvest and the honoring of the deceased that is celebrated on October 31st. 

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👻 Hold a dumb supper to honor the deceased. Invite your family to join and honor your loved ones who are gone.
👻 Make an altar, offering, prayer, or something special to honor the deceased or to honor the holiday
👻 Prepare for the winter by stocking up on herbs and powders and throw away old, unusable tools
👻 Decorate in red and black colors, pumpkins, cornstalks, apples, and candles around the house and on an altar
👻 Visit and tend to the graves of relatives
👻 Now is the ideal time to do any spirit work as the veil is exceptionally thin
👻 Do a divination reading to gather insight for the upcoming months
👻 Make a bonfire and share stories of late loved ones with your family and friends
👻 Take the time to embrace nature before winter wilts the plants
👻 Harvest any herbs or goods from plants and properly store them away or use them in a spell
👻 Now is a great time to do reflection on the self spells, spirit communication, and change spells
👻 Write in your grimoire or book of shadows and write down your magical goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year
👻 Dress up in costumes and have fun with friends! Enchant some of the clothing to make the night more fun!
👻 Do some crafts, such as carving pumpkins, making witch ladders, and making candles in cauldrons
👻 Make food for your friends and family and bless the food with their consent for good health and luck for the rest of the year
👻 Play with an ouija board with friends or use a pendulum by yourself to talk with spirits

Happy Samhain!🎃


Here they are~ All the requests people made for the “dress me up” … thingy :3
Thanks so much for the requests guys! These are such fun ideas!! Defiantly will do this again sometime~

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman


I didn’t go out like this because the temperatures would never let me, but I got tired of casual summer clothes, so I dressed up for fun. Notice the difference between my “model” face from the previous pictures and my face when I see my precious Madame Bissonnette.
Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Anonhat
Shoes: Hotter Shoes
Gloves: Boutique 1861
Parasol on the first two pictures: Alice and the Pirates
Parasol on last picture: Axes Femme
Belt and necklace: Offbrand

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okay, babs nina and vanessa dancing together???

have i mentioned how much i love these girls before???