fun tme

Alright i made a banner of the schedule! No major changes from the last event except for some optional prompts.

 May 20th: FAHC

May 21st: King AU

May 22nd: Non-AU AU

May 23rd: Free day or if you so choose, the optional prompts are ‘Mavin’ and/or ‘Megsay

May 24th: Free day. Optional Prompts are “The Joneses’ or ‘Turnfree’

May 25th: Free day. Optional Prompt: ‘Megchael’  (Meg x Michael) or ‘Lindvin” (Gavin x Lindsay) I.E. Team Winners and/or Team Losers 

May 26th: Free Day, Optional Prompt: 3 vs. 1. I.E. three of the partners trying to woo the other one, or doing something special for them etc.

May 27th: Finale day, go big or go home, get outside your comfort zone, go wild and have fun!

url tag

i was tagged by @taeminihyuk thank u!!!!!! my url is decently long so i’m not bitter about this fhdsfhds

rules: Spell out your URL using only k-pop songs and tag ten people.

love - (fx) [i’m cheating for a second but also lets let take a rocket ship to space]
everyday it rains - tvxq
eclipse - kim lip
jam jam - iu
i just wonder - shinina band
nobody else - 2pm
kimi no sei de - shinee
letting go - day6
it must be autumn - jonghyun (feat. go young bae)
exo promise 2014 - exo
say wow - day6

tagging @sataeminism @sluthyun @6-v-6 @lunaeyd @sapphicshawol @btsjr​ and @all-of-the-good-ones-are-taken​ (fhdjfhsdfh hav fun sally) ily guys!!!