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Zodiac Signs (Based Of The People I Know)

Aries♈️: Extremely open minded people, always fun when their around. Always wants to have a good time, Very trustworthy. Hates being disrespected will fight you if treat them badly. Cute and lovely.

Taurus♉️: THEY CAN NEVER LOSE AN ARGUMENT JEEEZZZ!!!! humorous but also unnecessary stubborn. They can also be insulting but deeply care about they people they love. They fear about being forgotten

Gemini♊️: They make great friends but also little problematic to deal with sometimes. Really fun to be around with also extremely chatty. They can be rude but they don’t know it.

Cancer♋️: Very shy and quiet when you first meet them but once you get to know them they’re the funniest people on earth. Sensitive, Biggest hearts, kinda lazy. They pretend not to care but deeply do (a bit too much)

Leo♌️: hot heads, always has to be right!!! AND I MEAN LIKE ALWAYS!! They love to party. Always dressed well take pride in the way they look. Self centered. Will fight you so don’t fuck with them. So much fun to be around life of the party.

Virgo♍️: Give great advice but suck at taking their own advice. Stubborn but yet reasonable. CREATIVE/ ARTISTIC AF!!! love cats, really caring and cute. They laugh about everything but get upset really fast.

Libra♎️: Shy, loves getting compliments. Often annoyed really quick, sensitive takes things to heart. Interested in the weirdest things. they love animals and baking. Secretly really artistic and creative it’s amazing.

Scorpio♏️: Insulting, can be negative and emotionally exhausting. Either they’re really fun or hella boring. Control freaks!!!! likes being social and always with a large group of people.

Sagittarius♐️: Obsesses over something they live by their aesthetics’s which is boring. wants everyone to like them, they can be fake. Smart but yet also weird.

Capricorn♑️: They hate they idea of having fun. Acts way mature for their age. Goal driven, hardworking gets good grades in school. They love their family makes a good sibling almost like a role model. Takes care of themselves really well.

Aquarius♒️: God complex. They think they’re better then everyone never accepts the fact that their wrong. Confusing most of the time. Uptight can be boring but sometimes they just go wild.

Pisces♓️: They love going out with their friends, loves food like a lot. Always try to avoid confrontation and conflict. Really chill people easy to be friends with. Can talk to them about everything and anything.

One time during class we were doing these projects and they were about what profession we wanted to do when we were older and after this one guy was done he was asked what his favorite genre of music was and he said 90s grunge and this one kid goes “ah the 90s, a time of music and crack” and I go “that was more like the 70s” and he goes “cRaCK wASnT INveNTed iN thE 70S” and I’m lik “ya it did exist in the 70s bc it comes from a plant that’s been around for a long time” and he goes “crack doesn’t come from a plant! lol ur so stoopid u dumb bitch” and this lil rat thinks he has so many street smarts bc he’s from NYC and this bitch is dumber than my right thumb. and this same boy decided to be literally the only person I have ever known (besides my siblings) to make fun of my teeth because I have peg laterals (just look it up) and I stg I honestly could’ve beaten him up ngl he was hella tiny and was a straight up prick


Shuri is a relatively new creation in the Black Panther world. She first appeared in the “Who is Black Panther?” storyline (which the BET cartoon was based on) in 2005. Thus, it is possible that she will not show up in the upcoming Black Panther movie simply because Shuri didn’t exist in the BP/Nakia/Killmonger storyline from Christopher Priest’s run that seems to be the main basis for the film. 

However, Shuri’s mother RAMONDA is in that run and I think it would be a mistake to leave Shuri out. First, it’d be fun to see T’Challa in a brother/sister dynamic. (So far the only siblings we’ve seen in the MCU are Pietro and Wanda before Pietro died. Not everyone is an only child!) She and Ramonda could serve as the physical embodiment of the Wakanda T’Challa is trying to save. Secondly, Shuri took on the mantle of Black Panther (see above photo) herself for a time. If the first Black Panther is a hit, they’d be smart to keep that potential her storyline open to them. 

Shuri is the only child of T’Chaka and Ramonda, making her T’Challa’s younger half-sister. She is a strong, fierce fighter and defender of her kingdom. T’Challa personally trained her to become Black Panther should something ever happen to him. She died defending the nation as its queen. (T’Challa is currently trying to bring her back to life, because it’s comics.) 

I’d really love to see her on the big screen! A female Black Panther! Maybe they could cast a younger actress who could grow into the role for the (hopefully) third film? Like a  Quvenzhané Wallis? (Or perhaps a native African actress.) What do you guys think? Anyone have fancasts for Shuri?

Please Shut Up

J. Laurens x reader (modern, college au)

Okay, hey guys! This is my first writing piece on here! This was not requested, but I just wanted to give you all a bit of a sample of my writing style. Sorry for any sort of grammar errors, I’m writing this on my phone at ten pm.

This is with the prompts: “Shut up” and “Make me”

Word count: 1,639

(I don’t own the GIFs that I use, I just find them here on Tumblr) Warnings: none I can think of


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Studying was probably the worst thing to do alone. Maybe aside from watching horror movies by yourself. But being alone and trying to shove loads of information into your mind within a small period of time was a close second.

So, naturally, you decided to not study alone. One of your close friends, Eliza Schuyler, had decided to put together a study group. You didn’t object. Although, not everyone in the group was in the same field of study, it was fun to have different topics be discussed.

Angelica was taking classes for Women’s studies. You found her to be an amazing person, and equally smart. Eliza took after her older sibling in the way she had a kind heart and was compassionate, but the younger girl was not as intimidating. Their youngest sister, Peggy, was in her last year of high school currently, and she would visit the three of you on occasion.

 Eliza’s boyfriend, Alexander, was studying to become a lawyer. You had discovered that he had little to no filter when it came to talking with the group. He wasn’t rude, just a bit of a wild card.

 The rest of Alex’s group, dubbed as the “Hamilsquad,” were…odd. Firstly, there was  Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, most usually called Laf, was a student who had moved from France a few years back. You weren’t quite sure what he was majoring in. Most of the time you would see him walking around campus and going into a couple of lectures. He was very smart nonetheless. Hercules Mulligan, a.k.a., human teddy bear. He was a fashion major, and for good reason. When you had seen some of his designs, you were blown away. He was also extremely kind.

Then there was John Laurens. The spunky, curly haired, freckle-faced, sweetheart of their little group. You were pretty sure he was taking classes involving social justice/science. You had discovered that, like Alexander, he would speak his mind. He intrigued you, the way he would speak out against issues in society. The small fire of passion he could create with words.

You had kept this small feeling hidden. The way when he looked into your eyes, and your heart would either jump into overdrive, or melt into a messy puddle of emotion. When he ran his fingers through his curly locks of hair, and you would wonder to yourself how his hair would feel in your hands. 

You were unsure if this was just a small crush, or if you were absolutely head-over-heels in love with this boy. You couldn’t deal with love and other silly feelings. Keeping your grades up and passing tests was what was truly important at the moment.

It was currently Friday night, 7:32, to be precise. The study group had decided to meet up in the space the boy’s shared. It was a bit of a small space. Four little bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen that connected directly to a small living room. A small worn out leather sectional couch with several blankets and pillows was in the middle of the living room, a small coffee table, and a little flat screen somehow connected to the wall. The world’s smallest stove hidden by all the pots and pans on top, a single door fridge covered with post-it notes, and a small counter space, now littered with empty coffee cups.

“And malum prohibitum is…?” Angelica asked Alexander, her eyes scanning over his notes from class.

“An act prohibited by law.” Alex answered almost immediately, taking a sip of his dark coffee. “Like jaywalking, chewing gum in Singapore.”

“Therefore, malum ensae is…?” Angelica inquired again.

“Is an action, that is evil in itself: assault, murder.” Alex spoke.

“White shoes after Labor Day.” Hercules muttered taking a bite of the take out from one of the many boxes on the coffee table. You had just barley caught what he had said, and you snorted, taking a sip of coffee trying to hide the strange sound you had made.

John looked over at you, a face of concern, his eyebrow quirked. You shook your head lightly, sipping more coffee.You quickly went back to typing out the essay for your creative writing class. It wasn’t due until Monday, but you were given the assignment over a week ago, and wanted to spend your weekend free of stress.

Three hours later and you were still typing away.  Eliza and Angelica went out for a quick walk to pick up some more coffee, Alex, Hercules, and Lafayette left to get more food, and probably wine or beer. John sat next to you on the leather couch, his headphones on, scribbling in notes on to papers from his books.

Your fingers were beginning to cramp up and hurt from the constant typing. Gently you placed your laptop on to the table, picking up a takeout box. You weren’t sure whose it was but at this point you didn’t really care. The last full meal you had eaten was early this morning. Taking a bite, you crossed you legs underneath yourself, looking at the boy next to you. 

John’s head bounced to the rhythm of whatever song he was listening to, taping his pencil against the heavy textbook in his lap, his eyes read over the words on the page. 

God those eyes. Hazel, small flecks of gold and green. Beautiful.

You must have been noticeably staring, because he suddenly looked up at you, pulling his headphones down to his neck.

“What?” He asked. Those beautiful looking straight into yours, his lips slightly gaped. It took a moment to comprehend what he had said. You turned away shaking your had.

“N-nothing. Just distracted.” You felt sudden heat greet your face. Oh my god, did I seriously just say that?! Your eyes diverted back to his face. He was smirking.

“Oh, am I just too good looking, that I’ve become a distraction,” He said, leaning in ever so slightly. You rolled your eyes, a smile playing your lips.

“You wish, Laurens.” You said, a small spark of confidence popping up. His hand flew up to his heart, and dramatically flung himself down on the couch.

“You wound me darling.”

You could have sworn your heart skipped a beat. Or maybe two. That spark of confidence had suddenly been stomped out, your heart melting. Your mind tried to tell yourself to make nothing of what he just called you, but your heart was jumping around screaming like a girl who was just kissed by her crush. You sat there frozen.

When you didn’t respond, John looked up at you. You were facing away from him, but he could tell something was bothering you. He quickly sat up, moving a bit closer to you.

“Hey,” John whispered. You looked back at him. “Everything okay?”

You nodded your head, smiling ever so slightly.

“Yeah just…stressed.” You picked up your laptop again, trying to distract your mind from your high strung emotions. It was silent for a moment or so, John peering over you shoulder reading what you had typed on your laptop.

You could feel his breath against your neck, the stray curls of his hair brush against your skin. Stay calm

Your phone vibrated against your leg.

New message from Pure Cinnamon Roll: Angelica and I are on our way back, be there in 5.

New message from Frenchiest Fry: On our way back, should be there soon.

They’re on their way back,” you spoke, turning your head. 

You hadn’t realized how close his face was to yours. A beat.

“That’s good.” His voice was barley above a whisper.

“Yeah.” Your voice trailed off, you weren’t even sure he heard you. He leaned in a little more. 

“Have you realized,” He said gently, placing his hand over yous that was resting on the keypad of your laptop.  He looked into your eyes for a moment, before turning his attention to the computer screen. “You keep switching point of views in your writing.”

Pulled out of the moment, you looked down at your writing. You looked back at John, who was currently have a difficult time hiding his laughter.

“Are you kidding me?” You asked exasperated, because you messed up your writing and because of the moment you just had. He started laughing, his smile contagious. You tried to hid it.

You pressed your lips into a pout, trying to look menacing.

“Shut up,” you said a little harshly. He looked at you, quirking his eyebrow.

“Make me,” he whispered leaning in. 

With absolutely no hesitation, you shoved a forkful of food into his mouth. His eyes widened trying to realize what you did. After a minute of him coughing and you laughing he looked at you.

“Dude, what the hell?” He finally said. You smirked at him. “That was not what I was expecting, but, well played.”

“What were you expecting?” You inquired, still smirking.

He gently took hold of your face leaning into you.

“Something like this,” he said, mouth right over yours, before pressing his lips to you. It was gentle and a little unexpected, but welcomed. You eyes closed, floating around cloud nine. He pulled you a little closer to him, making you lean into the couch on your back. He drew his lips from yours, his eyes still closed. You brushed you nose against his, his eyelashes gently swept over your cheeks, leaving butterfly kisses. Your fingers dug through his soft curls of hair.

The doorway suddenly swung open, the both of you being pulled out of the moment. You and John looked up, seeing your friends standing in the door way. You face filled with heat, John’s freckle dusted cheeks now pink.

Hercules and Alexander passed a wad of cash to Lafayette, who now had the smuggest smile on his face. 


Okay that’s my first writing piece on here! Whew! This was really fun to write!

Please let me know what you think 

paradox-ace  asked:

Headcanons of Monoma as an older brother?

yes first request !!! ily

-SASSY older brother, constantly sassing/roasting his sibling. The kid has no solace in their life.

-He’s really competitive and he kinda goes overboard sometimes. not just in a sibling rivalry way.

-He’s crazy smart. So, elaborate stunts are often pulled on his sibling and he gets off scot free 90% of the time

-But. He obviously loves his sibling, even if he has a hard time showing it.

-He shows his care in subtle ways but his sibling has figured it out by now.

-He’s often helping his sibling with their schoolwork while juggling his own at the same time

-Teasing is also a big one: he sasses his sibling differently than anyone else. If anyone other than him tries to make fun of his sibling, though, Monoma would socially murder them, at the least

-Monoma is overprotective as hell, especially if his sibling is a girl or much younger than him. He really does love them.

-(he keeps a journal and he often writes about how proud he is of his sibling/s in it but he would rather eat it than let them see it)

Aries female opinion(let me shove it in your faces)

Aries: I’ve known lots.either hit or miss. Females are either the coolest most adventurous interesting chicks ever, or the most obnoxious/loud unoriginal gals to exist. (They also compete eg who has the newest phone)
Males tend to be quick witted/funny but a bit insensitive. Seem to be more selfish than the girls tbh.

Taurus: agh… So incompatible. The females seem really cool and popular but really unreachable. Talented peeps. Creative, rlly into music. Like, lots.
Males actually seem to love learning new facts. Sibling is Taurus and he’s weirdly generous at times, but greedy/self absorbed at others.

Gemini: had a gem bff. Rlly fun, but would argue quickly, get into shouting matches with everyone lots. Rlly loud.
But really fun. Did I mention fun? Lol
Oh- I was never sure if she was being honest or not. I never knew how old she actually was!!!! Haha
Other Gemini was SUPER smart. Like a* all the time. No joke people thought she was a genius. Very religious too. I respected her so much. But she was still immature, had lots of crushes lol.

Cancer: you guys. Haha…..*awkward smile* the females are so sensitive and kind and they listen to you for as long as you need. Tries to give advice though- not your forte imo 😅 downside is that they over react and remember bad stuff from eons ago.
Bad experience with males. Wayyyyyyyy over sensitive and takes offense often. They make it all about them. I need a good thing. Hmm. They can be hilarious. When they’re in a good mood, great party company.
Both genders are super creative and smarter than they give themselves credit for. DON’T BELIEVE ANYONE WHO SAYS YOU’RE DUMB.

Leo: more affectionate than expected. Both genders are great with people and really value their social life.
Had a Leo bff- went out a lot with her, liked concerts etc. But she turned out to be a real… You know. Lol. She gossiped about me, and wanted things her way all the time.
Male I know is the most decent honest friend I’ve ever had in my life. Generous, thoughtful and takes charge. Looks after the peeps around him and accepts everyone in the end. He gossips lots, but isn’t nasty. Usually makes funny comments.
Both genders assume things too fast, and want things their way.

Virgo: I’ve only known a few. Very different experiences.
Female is the kindest most helpful person to literally everyone. Hard to gain trust, and have her rely on others for once. Worry wart. Pragmatic. She’s a business lady, but a bit scatter brained too actually.
Males were actually perverts. They were a bit different from the norm actually, different tastes in music, in food. Interesting guys, just…. Perverts.😂

Libra: only known one… He was wishy washy, said he’d do stuff and didn’t. Kind of boring tbh.. Expected me to do stuff and him to just chill and wait.

Scorpio: not really been friends with any. From what I’ve witnessed the females are dramatic, get into feuds lots especially with family. Fun because they do stuff that isn’t the best idea lol. Good in parties.
Males really are a mystery to me. They don’t really let anything out. They seem interested in deep subjects though.

Sagittarius: I love or hate you guys. Seriously. With a passion. I’ve actually never known a sag female.
But the males are either
1. Interesting, fun, talks about anything and everything, major flirts which is fun. Very open minded and well traveled.
2. The complete opposite. Obnoxious, egotistical, looks down on others, has foot in mouth disease. Gets angry over nothing. Is actually a control freak.
It’s never in between. One or the other.

Capricorn: the girls are crazy and fun and mean well. Usually smart too 👍🏻
Shy at first and then they talk your ear off(both genders).
Males are awkward but take responsibility really quickly and don’t mind it. Very practical helpful guys. Sarcastic and tease people a lot. Can be annoying sometimes.

Never ever been close to these guys. Definitely match the distant cliche. Never really clicked with any but they’re always really smart and accomplished. You can tell they’re socially shy and don’t know what to do but they’re really nice people and are actually better than they think at conversation.
Please have more confidence guys, lots of people like me wish to know you better because we can sense how cool you are. We’re missing out haha.

Pisces: rlly romantic even when it’s platonic? Seriously. It’s a good thing. They’re fun people and in my top 3 of most interesting people ever. Almost always interested in spirituality and paranormal etc. Which I adoooorrreeee thank you guys for existing you feed my mind and soul.
When they’re invested they give someone their all. Really makes you feel special and if you lose that, you’ll miss it. It’s unlike anything anyone else could make you feel.
You guys are special. That’s all I need to say. Keep being different. You’re a blessing. Seriously thank you.

😅srry for long submission.

How I see different signs:

Aries: Wants to be right in every situation! And if they are wrong, it’s really hard for them to admit it. They want to have the best ideas and feel special in every aspect of their life and often they are. Very caring and protective people, if they care for someone, they’re always ready to help and understand. If they feel like going for something, they will work hard and get there, whatever it takes.

Taurus: Every Taurus I know has a very low self esteem. They like to have a lot of material things around them and I feel like they hide normal things of their life to seem better, because they’re afraid what people might think if they knew. Outside they seem kinda arrogant and self centered, but that is just an act. They’re one of the nicest people I know, but getting them to actually open up takes a very long time.

Gemini: They seem very open, because they’re talkative, spontaneous and they share their personal life with an ease, but every Gemini that I know, seem to have a hard time letting anyone too close. They’re actually super emotional and they care about others, but they have weird way of showing it. They need their space and they’re very independent and that should be respected. Most open minded people I know and very, very passionate about things that they love. Also, one of the most hurtful sign, if you ever hurt one, because they’re excellent at reading others and they know how to be cold as fuck. Geminis also have the greatest ideas and they’re super sharp and artistic, but they have a hard time to actually do anything for their dreams without a little help. I also like, how straight forward they are.

Cancer: So funny and so emotional! When you talk to them, they have the most intensive look, like they are watching you so carefully. So often their face is a blank, but their eyes are full of emotion. To me, how they look at you, is sometimes so uncomfortable! The best listeners, but also very good emotional manipulators. They respect you, but if you give them a sign that you’re into them, they will reveal their passion for boobs, haha! 

Leo: They’re the most gorgeous and the funniest people I know. I feel like the way they say things, is just so hilarious. They make me feel comfortable and good about myself. They just have something about them, that makes everyone interested and sometimes they seem arrogant and self centered, but they actually care about others more than anything. If they’re interested in you, they will get to you, but if they’re not, they will be so cold! If they drink a little too much, it’s the funniest thing, I promise! They’re a little mess of legs, arms and weird stories that make no sense! My best friend is a Leo and she is the most open minded and strongest person I have and I will ever meet. She also could go thru fire for me, but I feel like she would let me die in a snow storm, because she seriously hates cold, haha! I could go on and on about Leos, they’re everything!

Virgo: They know things that doesn’t make any sense. They want to know a lot of different people and everyone to have a good time. They want to be perfect and succeed in life and they also have a really good plan how to do that. Virgos are just so and very smart and they’re super interesting, but sometimes they accidentally make you feel, like they think that they’re better. They’re often right. Virgos often give a hard time to their close friends, but they mean well and want to help others. 

Libra: Someone who doesn’t like drama at all. They will stand by your side, but they really hate conflicts. They love to annoy and laugh at others, but it’s all for good fun, they don’t mean anything bad by it. Actually, that is a fucking weird way for them to show you, that they really care. I feel like I have a deep emotional connection with Libras. They are very smart, open minded and deeply caring people, and they’re also very passionate about things they love. They seem, like they don’t need anyone, but I feel like they’re someone looking for soulmate to share everything with. They’re also secretly very romantic people, and for some reason they have a hard time accepting it.

Scorpio: They make up things about you in their mind and if you tell them that they’re wrong, they have hard time believing you. They love anything electronic and new, but they’re really bad at decorating anything. They seem like they don’t care, but they’re deeply emotional and I’m always surprised how easily Scorpio understands emotions. They have thick skin and if they get hurt, you won’t know it, if it doesn’t come up in a fight or something. I often feel like Scorpios want others to read their minds, even tho they’re not showing what is wrong. They have very dark places in their head. 

Sagittarius: Wants to be best in their surroundings. The best girlfriend, the best worker, the best looking, the best housewife and the list goes on. Sometimes you feel like everything is alright and after two seconds the Sagittarius is a screaming mess. But that only happens when you’re really close with them. They love people and they have loads of dreams. I really think that whatever is the starting place for Sagittarius, they will succeed if they have friends and family who show that they believe in them. If they don’t care about something, they just don’t care about it and there is nothing to do about it. They also talk like a child to everyone they are close with. It is hilarious. 

Capricorn: Weirdest sense of humor for sure! They make me laugh and it is so easy to feel free to talk about anything with them. They want to show off what they have and they have a deep need to succeed in life. They might seem like they don’t have any emotions at first, but when you get to know them, it is kinda sad how deeply they feel, but they have a hard time showing it. They’re very smart and if you have a sibling that is a Capricorn, you won’t take others shit so seriously, because you’re so use to being called names and all that. I have two Capricorn brothers and I will be a little ho till I die, haha!

Aquarius: Only Aquarius I know well is my best friend Ellen DeGeneres, but whenever I meet someone, they seem different, fun and nerdy. And kinda shy also. They have a lot to say, it is always very interesting. And they’re pissed off about something. I would like to know more, since I would probably get along with them very well. I’m sure they’re lovely people!

Pisces: Are sad all the time. Then they drink too much and you realize that they’re even a sadder mess. I feel like they try so hard and then someone just treats them wrong or make the worst out of them. They also seem to have very low self esteem, even tho they’re so beautiful inside out. Everyone understand everything they say in a wrong way. They also accidentally end up lying a lot. I like Pisces people, but I am so done trying to carry them from different places after clubbing. They’re also super artistic and when you get to know them, they want to show you their world.

wish-granted3511 submitted:

Imagine Yamaguchi growing up with two older prodigy siblings, an older brother who is a genius, and an older sister who is a volleyball star. Imagine him being overshadowed his entire life, his siblings stealing the spotlight. Imagine him watching his older sister in awe as she does amazing serves. His parents eventually end up working longer and harder, and the attention and praise he gets shrinks drastically.

Imagine it eventually makes him feel like he’s worth less than his siblings, and that ‘average’ is a bad thing. He works harder and harder, trying to get out of his siblings’ shadows.

He’s so unused to being in the spotlight that he clings to those who notice and appreciate him, or even just are there. He’s always so anxious when he’s the center of attention because it’s something he never had.

Imagine that the reason Yamaguchi is in the college prep classes isn’t because he's super smart, but because he works extremely hard on getting really good grades. The reason he works so hard is because he feels so inferior his ‘perfect’ siblings and wants to be really good at something too.

Imagine that by the time Yamaguchi graduates high school, he has a lot more confident and though he realises that he could have been in one of the normal classes and have more time to do fun things. Still, he’s really glad he finished high school on the college prep course and he’s very proud of his own achievements.

did percy’s treatment in the harry potter series ever irk anyone else like nearly everyone despised him, he was written to be despised and for reasons like…. being successful??? smart??? ambitious??? with how many people rejected and criticized him i’m not very surprised he felt more loyalty to his job and dreams than his family (seeing as several of his siblings put him down all the time) 

I really wanna know more about Yurio?????

He’s such an interesting character with a lot of layers. He didn’t get as much screen time as Yuuri and Victor and I need more on him
-who does he live with?? Before he moved in with Lilia he had to live SOMEHWERE. We know his family lives in Moscow but he lives in St. Petersburg. Does that mean he lives with Yakov??? (Also in season two will he stay over Victor and Yuuri’s place a ton??!)
-who’s in his family besides his grandpa and his mom?? Does he have any siblings (he’d be a hilarious older brother)
-what is the name of his adorable kitten??
-what’s his schooling situation like(I bet he’s crazy smart but doesn’t like it) ???
-how long does he want to grow his hair out to?
-what’s his favorite book or movie (I feel like it’s something really cheesy and stupid)
-does he enjoy any other hobbies outside of skating? He probably wouldn’t have much time for fun tho. He had like a PSP on his bed in ep 2 maybe that??
-just what kind of dude is he!!? I love him so much and we don’t see much of him without his badass punk facade on!??!?

'Jurassic World' in Your Living Room: How to Have an Epic Family Movie Night

Jurassic World, also known as the third highest-grossing movie of all time, is the sort of epic blockbuster deserving of an extra-special, epic family movie night. As long as your kids are old enough to handle the pulse-quickening, edge-of-your-seat action sequences, Jurassic World— which is now available on Digital HD and on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD October 20 — is an ideal choice for the whole family.

Whether you’ve got a budding paleontologist or just fans of action-adventures, this story has something for everyone — even siblings who fight, but deep down know they would band together in an emergency. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a “Jurassic”-themed movie night to remember:

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