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lil usnavi is a very good helper 


Overwatch thought: Pharah and Genji partner up to give international aid to the many forgotten Bedouin peoples.

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(Also, a li’l snippet under the cut if you want the full conversation since I hate handwriting lots of dialogue in these things :) Rated T for language and references to sex. McReyes is mentioned.)

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okay but i love both outcomes of this either a) he’s going to sing kiwi and he thought this would be a fun and sweet way to let the fans know ahead of time or b) he’s playing a prank on us and it’s gonna become a lil inside joke and i’m just very endeared either way


here’s a sneak-peak of some monsters i had the honor of designing for an upcoming episode of @gfdeepwoods !! I’m so excited to be contributing to a project as awesome as this , and you should check out the first half of the first episode if you haven’t already!

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Can you draw Benny and Pete as friends? I can see Benny being like a big brother to Pete. I totally headcanon Benny teaching Pete how to open the fire hydrogen.

HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY MIND????? i think about them being friends a lot

now that benny has an actual job and like life plans and stuff hes got to pass on his legacy