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After the last promo, dean saying cas is his best friend and the way he said the words really lifted my spirits. I am battling depression and destiel is sadly one of the only things that has made me happy at times the last few years. Now Jensen saying this, I can't stop crying. It does exist in fandom what ever he says but he kind of finally killed all hope for me. I have no one to talk to about this, people just make fun of us shippers but a lot of us really are peaceful and keep to ourselves.


you’re important, we’re important. our opinions and views are important. it doesn’t matter what he said, because in the end, as long as there is at least one person believing in destiel, it’s real. it has been and it will be. 

he’s not worth your tears, so don’t spill them for him. just think about destiel, the thing that you love, and feel the realness of it <3

To Be Seen

Summary: A crossover fic for @jensennjared ‘s Entertainment AU. Set in the world of Masters of Sex, this is a Destiel fic. Dean and Cas participate in Dr. Masters’ study on human sexuality. (If you haven’t watched Masters of Sex, you might want to google a brief synopsis, but the fic should still make sense without it.)

Word Count: 2400

Warnings: smut, voyeurism, sex for a medical study, mentions of the homophobia typical of the 1950s (the time period for this fic)

A/N: This one was fun to write. Hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

“You did what?” Dean sets his lunchbox on the counter of their tiny apartment, the metal hitting the counter with a clang. He rests his hands next to the small box, leaning over slightly, trying to calm down before this turns into a real fight. Cas couldn’t have waited until after dinner? He had to blurt this out as soon as Dean walked in from work? He still had car oil on his hands, for fuck’s sake.

Cas slides up behind him, wraps his arms around him, and Dean feels a chin on his shoulder. “Don’t be mad until you hear me out, okay? Please?”

Dean doesn’t lean in to the touch, but he doesn’t pull away. “I’m listening,” he says through gritted teeth. “This better be good.”

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I’ll Be Here

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I’ll Be Here

Dean had been sitting next to you while you slept for hours. Every time you so much as stirred or made a noise his hand was rubbing your back or your face, or stroking your arms. He’d saved you from a demon who had taken you just torture you for fun. Luckily, he’d gotten there before most of the fun started, except for one thing. The demon had started the torture by dropping acid in your eyes, blinding you and causing you some of the worst pain you’d ever felt. With Cas MIA, Dean wasn’t sure how long you’d be like this, and he was blaming himself for you getting kidnapped in the first place. 

It had been awhile since you moved and Dean stood to leave, thinking the worst was over, that you’d be able to rest now. “No.” You reached out, flailing you hand around, finally latching on to his wrist. “Don’t go, Dean.” 

“Ok.” Dean sat back on the bed and you pulled him down next to you, facing you. Lightly, you traced your fingers over the contours of his face, leaning in and gently kissing his lips. “Can you see anything?”

“Just shadows.” You whispered. “It still hurts. A lot.”

“I know.” Dean tucked your body close to his protectively. He started rubbing your back, trying to comfort you any way he could. “I’m sorry, baby, I should’ve - “

“Hey, this isn’t your fault, Dean.” You moved your hand to his cheek, brushing your thumb over the cheekbone. “You didn’t know this would happen. Not everything is your fault.” Before he could argue you leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. 

“Hey?” Dean questioned.

“Hmm?” You were already falling back to sleep, face nuzzled into Dean’s neck, the warmth of his body surrounding you like a security blanket. 

“If all you see are shadows, how’d you know it was me in here and not Sam?” 

“You smell nice. Like whiskey, leather, gunpowder, and something I can’t place all mixed together. Your hands are rough but gentle. And I knew you wouldn’t leave me until you knew I was ok. It had to be you.” 

“That predictable, huh?” 

You let out a mumble in agreement as your eyes fluttered shut and nuzzled in impossibly closer to Dean, rubbing your face against his scruff, trying to distract yourself from the pain. 

“Go back to sleep, sweetheart. I’ll be here.” 

“I know.” 

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ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


Mobile Masterlist

New and improved ;) I will try and keep this version updated since the pages on my blog is giving me a headache. I have not given up on them yet though but for now everything is here. 

All Smut is marked as such - angst and fluff is not marked but all the newer fics has a shitload of warnings for all I can think of. 

One Shots





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What if.....?

What if, in every fandom universe that we love and adore, we are a fandom and they want our lives?

Dean, Sam and Cas watch a show about your brother and his friends in school and their biggest worry is whether or not they’re going to pass their maths test, and not demons plotting the end of the world.

Harry, Ron and Hermione read a muggle story about your group of friends who go shopping together and just laugh, and have fun, and don’t need to worry about family or friends who might get killed by an evil wizard.

The Avengers read a comic about you and your struggle to find out who you are, and what you want, while never having to worry about saving the world or any villain trying to destroy it. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy watch a movie about us as we giggle and yell and cry and flail about over superheroes, wizards, hunters, time lords, high functioning sociopaths, cartoons, anime’s, and a whole other things that would that too long to mention, and we don’t have to worry about trying to stop the power of the galaxy from getting into the wrong hands.

All of them smile fondly at us, all of them laugh at our jokes, all of them cry when we do, and all of them sit on the edge of their seats wondering if we’ll pass that test, if that t-shirt we want is in stock, if we overcome our social fears, if the new episode of our favourite show is good or not, and what our reaction will be. They think: ‘Sure, their life isn’t always the best, and they might not always be happy, but it’s a life I want’

They don’t understand why we want lives like theirs.

‘What’s so good about my life?’ They think

Why would they want to give up that for this?

What if?

my aesthetic is highschool bby gentle cas having tons of big buff jock friends, like the entire football team + more just love him and poke fun at him, and they all always blush and get bashful if cas compliments them or calls them sweet bc cas is holy ground ok

and they get super over protective once the known badboy heartbreaker dean winchester starts eyeing him up and spends more and more time with him. it’s like a whole football team of dads start threatening dean that if he hurts cas they’ll crush his skull

but little do they know that dean is actually completely and utterly whipped for this boy, holding doors open for him and trying extra hard to act cool, popping up his dumb leather jacket’s collar and smoking once (he never does) n having a coughing fit cuz wtf he isn’t used to this

and dean’s even getting into fights cuz he wants to look cool but one day he shows up to lunch with a big bruise on his cheek and the room is buzzing about it, gossiping and whispering about how dean the tough guy got his ass kicked

and cas, who’s known for being gentle and inhumanly patient, gets pissed off and stops talking to dean n starts avoiding him. u following me? idk if you are…….

cuz when dean finally catches cas and forces him to tell him what’s wrong, cas manhandles him into a closet and growls, “you fucking idiot, dean. do you seriously think you look cool?”


a hard look, and then a muttered, “i hate seeing you hurt. and i hate your bullshit. i like you just how you are. the real you.”


“you’re so stupid.”

then cas kisses him hard, and dean finally learns what it’s like to have his knees wobble but not from fear, shaking as he melts under the firm but gentle hands cupping his face.

you bet their ass they became the cutest highschool sweethearts after that.

By the time Sam and Dean walked in, two bottles of wine, three of tequila, half a 750cl of Scotch and more beer cans than they cared to count littered the table in front of you and Cas.

“Jesus. What are you two doing?!” Dean’s stare immediately went to you for answers. After all, you were sober as a nun.

“Getting Cas drunk,” you replied. It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

Why?” asked Sam.

Because you had been bored. Because Cas told you it practically couldn’t be done. Because it was about time the angel took a break from bearing a world of guilt on his shoulders and had a little fun.

But you didn’t get to say any of that. Dean had interrupted with a loud, “Aw, man! I was saving this!”

He yanked the bottle of Scotch from Cas’s hand. It didn’t take much effort. The angel’s coordination was desperately lacking.

“For what?” you asked.

“Special occasion,” complained Dean.

Castiel glowered drowsily at the hunter. “He means masturbating while watching animated pornography. That’s what happened to the missing six-pack from last week.”

Dean went red, and Sam abruptly dropped the dripping beer can he had picked up from the table. “Ugh, more than I needed to know.”

You, meanwhile, laughed. “Yeah, he’s been a wealth of info. It’s the best part of getting him drunk. Like, did you know that Adam was with Eve when she first tried the apple?”

“He dared her,” Cas said. Then he belched.

“Or that Delilah didn’t really weaken Samson by cutting off his hair?” you continued.

“She cut off something, but it certainly wasn’t his hair,” Cas slurred, grinning darkly. Dean and Sam both winced and pressed their knees together.

“I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff. The Da Vinci Code’s got nothing on this guy.” You grinned and patted Cas’s arm. “Come on, Cas. Spill. What else? Shock us with another revelation.”

Without missing a beat, Cas replied, “I’ve been in love with you for 3 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours and approximately….” Squinting, he looked at the clock on the wall before turning back to a jaw-dropped you. “Twenty-two minutes.”

He smiled.

After a moment of silence around the table, Dean poured you a shot.

“Looks like you need this.”

Imagine: Cas during a scary movie marathon.

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You, Sam, Dean, Charlie, and Cas are all sitting in front of the TV in Sam’s room. First on the horror movie list, The Exorcist.

Dean: Okay, but this is definitely the best scary movie there is.

Charlie:  Agreed.

Sam: Ok, but there has to be something better. This personally isn’t my favorite.

Y/N:  Clearly none of you have seen Insidious… and the second and the third.

Charlie: The third one wasn’t that great.

Cas: I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with getting themselves scared. 

Dean: It’s fun, Cas.

The five of you are well into the movie, the girl in currently being exorcised. 

Cas is leaned into Dean’s shoulder, almost hiding his face. Every time someone screams, he jumps. Yet, he still manages to keep grabbing popcorn and put it in his mouth while all this was going on.

Dean: Cas, you’re an angel of the lord. You’ve seen much worse. Get up.

Cas: Dean. I agree I have seen much worse, but I believe a plot and a television screen makes things much more terrifying.

He hides further into Dean’s side.

Dean:  You little dork.

Cas: I’m telling you, Dean. It’s true.

Y/N:  It’s okay Cas, I agree.

Dean laughed at both of you, putting an arm over Cas and pulling him close, allowing him to hide. 

Y/N: Yeah, we’re the dorks.

omfg that promo makes me think of like dean in college always bowing out of scrabble and just observing and cas is like “why do you never play games with us?” and dean says it’s bc he knows he’s going to lose so he doesn’t want to bother he just wants to have fun, but then slowly he starts backseat playing with cas and cas is like holy shit he’s really good and when the group finally does get dean to play he fucking slaughters them he’s like over 100 points ahead of all of them and they’re like “i thought you said you fucking lose all the time?”

and dean’s like “yeah, to my mom” 

then later cas plays mary and ends up over 200 points behind and returns with a tale to tell of the woman who was able to successfully use both q’s she got saddled with and whip his ass

One of the things I loved about Crowley’s ‘Make it four’ comment is the understated admission of the sheer difference in power between an angel (a seraph) and a demon. 

When angels first appeared, most demons seemed to be terrified of them, and I think we had a couple of comments indicating that angels hadn’t walked the Earth for thousands of years or something? But then, slowly, angels became a thing like any other, and this always bothered me. I mean, I can understand Crowley’s attitude in dissing Cas and generally making fun of everyone he meets even when those creatures are ten times more powerful than he is (like Dean, Crowley has such a low self-esteem and puts so much care into his BAMF persona as to look almost suicidal), but I also feel most of the time angels are seen as less awesome than they actually are out of plot-related reasons or bad characterization. So, well - the idea that our underhanded and fearsome King Of Hell - someone without any moral qualms whatsover (and let’s go with that) and someone whose powers are magnified by his own position in Hell and three centuries spent amassing knowledge and magical objects - would still acknowledge himself as being worth about one third of a mutilated and guilt-ridden seraph - that makes me very happy.

After all, we all know demons are terrifying; what Supernatural did really well was reminding us of another age-old fact: that angels may be the representation of the divine on Earth, but despite this (or perhaps because of this) they are just as terrifying as demons.

Tit for Tat

Request: Hi ! ♥ Can you write a oneshot Castiel x Reader please ? Castiel accidentally appears in the bathroom while she’s taking a shower ? Castiel is really embarrassed and nervous (plus, he secretly have a crush on her). Finaly when you come back to the motel room, Dean make fun of it ? And tease Castiel about it ? Thank you ! ♥

A/N: I love nervous, crushy Cas! This request reminded me of that friends episode where Chandler sees Rachel naked coming out of the shower.

Warnings: I don’t usually need warnings but this does have shallow adult themes at the end. Some accidental and purposeful flashing.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1539

(Gif isn’t mine. I got it off of Google because I couldn’t find this exact one on Tumblr)

A successful hunt always outweighed the damage. Well, most of the time. After the latest werewolf hunt, you were left covered in uncomfortable dirt, grime, and blood. So much so that the Winchesters lined the backseat in old rags so that you wouldn’t ruin the Impala’s upholstery during the thirty-minute ride to the motel. While the Winchesters were left looking perfect, per usual.

The entire drive back to the motel was torture. You felt yourself counting every second, waiting to see the tacky motel in the distance. The feeling of coming home from the beach, with sand in every crack, was a desired condition compared to your predicament.

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Don’t think about Dean scamming Sam when he comes to campus to visit for the weekend. Like the morning that he arrives they’re just in the library because Sammy has been wanting to go to this library since he was four because they have some limited edition books on chemistry and Dean is weak and can’t say no to his little brother.

So they’re just sitting there and Dean is bored out of his mind while Sam is nerding out over the table of contents but he instantly perks up when he sees Cas walking with a stack of books with none other than Gabriel who was also dragged to the library as manual labor.

So Dean nudges at Sam like, “hey, bookworm? Wanna have a little fun? You know, just like old times?”

And Sam finally tears his gaze from the book and raises a brow at his brother like, “what’s the bet?”

And Dean is like, “I’ll let you borrow my car for a month if I lose.”

And Sam is like, “And if you win?”

“You have to clean my apartment for a month.”

Sam just frowns and goes, “ew.” But he nods nonetheless because this seems interesting. “What’s the bet?”

Then Dean points to Castiel and says, “I bet you that I can get a kiss from him. Without saying one word to him.”

Sam smirks because that seems a bit impossible but he knows Dean. So he adds to that. “Without getting slapped by the way. Or you know, hit in the face in general.”

Dean just nods and goes, “Deal. Watch the master work.”

So Dean gets up and walks right up to Cas and just plants a deep kiss right on his mouth and Castiel just smiles, places a hand on Dean’s cheek then kisses him back because he always likes kisses from Dean. Especially spontaneous ones.

Meanwhile, Sam’s jaw drops and Dean is walking back to the table and Castiel returns to checking out his books while Gabriel is chuckling in pure amusement.

Then there’s Gabriel who’s snorting and glancing at Sam while pointing and shouting, “you just got played, sasquatch. You’re brother is knocking boots with mine.”

Cas is 200000% done

Dean is 200000% smug.

And Sammy is 200000% plotting revenge.


ah yes. the pre apocalyptic era where everyone in heaven still got along. good times.

(or the one in which i just really want to draw gabriel and cas in teeny weeny robes) (also apparently i cant draw a platypus) (im so sorry)

The Trick Gone Wrong

***I do NOT own Supernatural or the gif

Summary:  Your prank war with Gabriel takes a bad turn when his trick on you puts you in your worst nightmare.  


“Oh, payback is a bitch!”  Gabriel called out to you as you walked away laughing.  The old hand full of whip cram trick.  You and Gabriel had started a small prank war a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun and you would both team up against Sam and Dean sometimes too

You turned the corner in the bunker and high-fived the boys.  “Worked like a charm!”  You giggled, loving how you just tricked the archangel trickster.  


It was two weeks later before the next prank. You had spent some time with Gabriel up until then, always wondering when it would come.  It was a nice cool day outside.  You, Sam, Dean, and Cas decided to relax in the bunker.  The last hunt took its toll and you needed a couple days of R and R.  

You walked down the hallway leading from your room to the library, humming to yourself.  You almost didn’t feel it, the trip wire that was stretched across the narrow hall.

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Bits and Pieces

So that angst I promised? Here it is. This is my coda for Lotus. Enjoy.

So this is fine.


Because, yeah, so it’s not like this place will win any Tripadvisor stars any time soon or anything, but it’s clean, right?, and Lucifer’s gone, and Mom’s off somewhere and last time they talked she was going to buy herself a 1968 Mustang (a car some douche had turned bright orange, but that’s not a problem - that’s like, the opposite of a problem, because, Jesus, Dean’s itching to get his hands on that awful paint job and do right by her, really, he can’t think of anything he’d rather do, and -).

Also, Cas made it out.

Granted, he’s probably trying to find a way to go all chestburster on Kelly without turning her inside out or something, which, yeah, not fun, but still.

And Sammy -

Dean traces the line in the wall, tells himself he won’t count them again, does it anyway.


Forty-one days he’s been trapped in this hole, forty-one days he hasn’t seen Sam, forty-one fucking days no one’s even bothered to tell him where he is or what the fuck they even want from them.

But it’s okay (could be worse). No one’s come in here, okay?, not even to fingerprint him or waterboard him or anything. It’s like no one gives a fuck. At all. And if they’re not - doing things to him, then sure as hell they’re not - then Sam is safe. Because Sam - they’re gonna think Sam’s the one they can turn, right? The smart kid - the Stanford student who had his whole life in front of him before his psycho brother took it from him.

You know how psychopaths work together, Dean? A pause. A sly smile. They don’t.

Dean closes his hands into fists, pushes Agent Henriksen’s voice out of his head.

(That’s something else that’s on him, and he can’t -)

See - now, Sheriff Grant - he thinks we should just hang the both of you and be done with it. But there’s something he doesn’t get, right? You’re the freak, Dean. You’re the one who screwed up. And, Dean - you are beyond saving, but your brother - just let him go. I know you don’t understand what love is, but you can still choose do the decent thing here.

You are beyond saving. The way he’d said those words - Dean had laughed in his face, because Agent Henriksen had been so sure that would cut deep - because he’d known a lot about them, but not enough to realize Dean knew full well he was never getting out.

(That’s what Dad had said, and what Alastair had said, and everybody fucking else - even Crowley - Dean can’t stand the way Crowley looks at him - he can’t stand the envy and he can’t stand the pity and he doesn’t know how Cas and Sam still think they’ve got a fucking chance to have a normal life, okay?, he doesn’t, because look at them.

Look at the fucked-up things they’ve all done.

And, Jesus, of all the ways they could have died -)

Dean steps away from the wall, moves to the door, listens for movement (nothing), then leans his forehead against the cold metal.

Hey, Cas, he says, more out of habit than because he thinks Cas can hear him. I’m okay. I got pudding today - must be a Sunday.

(He hasn’t. All they’re giving him is water and some kind of Cold War rations bullshit - hard brown bread that comes with blue clingfilm splattered with weird letters.)

Dean breathes out, tries to keep the fear and the resentment out of his thoughts. Cas is in the Bunker - he must be - and that’s okay - that’s good - Dean doesn’t want him anywhere near this place.

(And it’s not like Cas can help them, not now he’s - God. And that’s on Dean too, like everything fucking else, and -

It’s over.

They’re just not worth it.)

And also - he doesn’t know where he is, and some douche in black clothes had put hoods on them both about twenty minutes into the ride, but still - Dean had seen the symbols on the handcuffs, and he’d seen Sam frown at them, then look around, as covertly as he could, to check for more.

So whatever this place is, it’s not - a black ops site, or whatever the fuck. Or not only that. And the idea that the government could be - that maybe they’ve known about monsters all along and done nothing -

Dean looks up, scans the ceiling for a hidden camera (again), gives up.

I hope you’re not watching that gay ice-skating crap without me, he thinks, as loudly as he can, because if the first thing I hear out of your mouth when I get out is a spoiler, I’ll fucking skin you.

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I got a number of asks regarding the molting the poor babies have to struggle through, as well as Dean’s first encounter with such a molt.

…he kinda overreacted, haha. But hey, Pamela is a cool gal and will not make fun of Dean’s motherhenning (…much :P) 

The molting for bonded angels goes hand in hand with a growth spurt, and the large amount of growing they need to do in a relatively short timeframe makes it a rough time :[ It hurts, like growing pains everywhere, lots of itching from feathers falling out and new ones growing in, and it’s usually accompanied by flu-like symptoms, poor babies.


request for: anon

pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x TFW

word count: 703

happy fourth everyone :)


Since Cas had never seen fireworks before, Sam and Dean decided the four of you should go and watch them. Normally, you loved teaching Cas new human things, watching the way he tilted his head in curiousity, but not this time.

For years, you had kept your fear of fireworks a secret. You always thought that the Winchesters would make fun of you for it, especially in your line of work. With all the demons and monsters the four of you had hunted together, fireworks seemed like a walk in the park. You, however, would take the monsters and demons over fireworks everyday.

You stepped out of the impala, grabbing the blanket you had brought to sit on and set it up in front of Baby. Sam unpacked the food while Dean unpacked the beer.

“Y/N?” Cas asked, sitting next to you on the blanket. “What is a firework?”

“Gunpowder that explodes into colorful patterns.” You tried to explain.

“How do they get their color?” Cas pressed on.

You let out a breathless laugh. “Not sure, sorry. I failed chemistry.”

Cas nodded, before he tilted his head to the side and continued interrogating you. “Dean said chemistry was between two people. How could you fail that?”

You placed your hand on Castiel’s shoulder. “Sometimes, it’s best not to listen to Dean.”

“Hey, I heard that Y/N!” Dean shouted, closing the trunk and sitting next to you on the blanket.

“She’s not wrong.” Sam shrugged, setting the food up buffet style on Baby’s hood. “You say a lot of stupid things.”

“You’re dumb.” Dean retorted.

Sam rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. “Shut up, Jerk. The fireworks should be starting any minute now.”

Dean moved over, giving Sam some space to sit down on the blanket in front of you. Castiel looked straight ahead. “I cannot see past Sam.”

“No one can.” Dean remarked.

“You have to look up at the sky, Cas.” You told the confused angel.

Cas nodded and looked up into the sky. “I do not see-”

The explosion of the first firework cut Castiel off mid-sentence. His confusion shifted into happiness, and a big, goofy grin stretched across his face.

“What do you think, Cas?” Dean asked.

“They are beautiful. We should come every year.” Castiel exclaimed, not taking his eye’s off of the exploding colors above him.

You bit your lip, trying your best not to whimper in fear and stood up. Apprehensively, you walked to the hood of Baby and pretended to put some food in a plate. One by one, tears fell from your face. You couldn’t remember a time when you had been this scared.

Every year you had managed to come up with an excuse. Whether it was a new case, or the “stomach flu,” Sam and Dean had believed everything you told them. This time, however, you couldn’t say no when Castiel asked you to come himself.

“Hey, Y/N.” You jumped as Dean placed his hand on your back. “Are you okay?”

You turned away from him and wiped the tears off of your face. “Fine.”

Dean gently turned you back to face him, cupping your cheeks and angling your face up. “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head. “It’s dumb.”

“I like dumb things.” Dean gave you a half smile.

With a sigh, you began to tell him everything. “I don’t like fireworks. They’re the one thing that scares me.”

“Fireworks?” Dean repeated.

You nodded, solemnly.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Dean pulled you in for a hug.

“I didn’t want you guys to know.” You admitted. As two more fireworks went off, you wrapped your arms around Dean tighter. He gently began stroking your hair and held you closer to him.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll protect you.” Dean reassured you.

“Thank you, Dean.” You whispered, happy to have him in your life.

Just barely above a whisper, Dean muttered. “I’ll always protect you, Y/N.”

His grip around you tightened as he began to sing Stairway to Heaven in your ear, attempting to make you forget all about the fireworks going off in the sky. Slowly, you let yourself melt into his hold, finally able to relax.

Destiel and Sabriel
  • *Cas enters the room and sees Gabriel and Sam half naked in bed cuddeling*
  • Sam: It's not what it looks like!
  • Gabriel: It is!
  • *Dean walks in*
  • Dean: Alright Sam is in library time to have fun!
  • *Pulls out pie and cream*
  • *Sees Gabriel and Sam and throws all of the stuff on the floor*
  • Dean: It's not what it looks like,I SWEAR!
  • Cas: It is.
  • *Gabriel high fives Cas*
  • Gabriel: Nice bro!