fun times in the lab

A co-taught chemistry class where Zuko is the super smart, kind of awkward first time professor and Sokka is the goofy and fun loving lab instructor. They plan lessons together and argue over literally everything, but they’re everyone’s favorite professor duo and can usually be found eating lunch together and arguing about the accuracy of science puns.

My worst fear as a dog owner is walking my dog when suddenly a dog off its lead shows up.

Tonight there were two of them at once.

Hey guys, I know this isnt directly chemistry but I wanted to introduce our new kitty Penelope!! From this gif you can see how funny and entertaining Penny is, lots of love and cuddles and fun for us in our off time from the lab and for her too! Atlanta just opened its first cat cafe (Java Cats Cafe!) where all the kitties are adoptable. When we visited a few weeks ago we got to play with her and when we went home, knew we had to have her :)

The Cure - Ch. 1 - The Actor

GENRE:  Romance, Angst, Smut
FIC SUMMARY: After Tom has to take his sick niece to the pediatrician, he strikes up a fancy for the beautiful Doctor. The more he finds out about Olivia (Livi), the more he wants to know. How will he react when secrets about her past come to light?
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: None as of now, but we’ll deal with some tough, adult stuff in later chapters!
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS:  Feedback is always wanted and valued! Please let me know what you think about this new story!


        “Where in the world did this fog come from?” Livi said out loud, as she slowed her car’s speed. Since moving to London three months ago she had tried to get used to the weather, but this December’s cold wetness was absolutely chilling her to the bone. With one hand she carefully steered her red Volkswagen Golf down Whitechapel Road, and with the other she tightened her cream colored chunky knit scarf around her neck… today was absolutely freezing, and the heating didn’t exactly work very well in this cheap, used car.

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happy halloween from the power couples of Solitaire !

Gogo, padded hero

Honey smiled as she sat in bed next to her best friend and sometimes lover, Gogo. Ever since she’d been there when Gogo had one of her nightly wettings, which she still wore diapers overnight for, she’s wanted to play the mother to Gogo’s baby, but Gogo insists that she doesn’t want to play that. If that’s the case, then why would she masturbate in her diapers when she thinks Honey doesn’t notice? So, during Gogo’s time passed out in the lab, Honey used some fun hypnosis tapes, just to see if they’d work. This was the first test. “Well, if you’re so sure that you won’t wet tonight, why don’t you get us some tea?” she asked, the last word being the trigger for Gogo’s bladder to release.


Gogo felt her bladder release and she had just soaked the diaper she had just put on for the night, she was so embarrassed that she tried to cover her crotch with her hands, “Ummm, I need to use the bathroom real quick.” Gogo said trying to excuse herself in such a way that Honey Lemon didn’t know what had just happened, hell Gogo didn’t know what had just happened, she had just flooded her diaper without even knowing that she needed to go pee.

alrighty story time

so sometimes i doodle on whatever paper i happen to be using for class if something not so interesting is going on and i was waiting for a microscope to be available in zoology right, so i start doodling steven universe characters on the top of my lab (professional af, right (don’t worry this shit is high school)) so yea i doodle lapis at the top cause who doesn’t need more lapis in their lives and i get the microscope after finishing that (plus a quickly doodled steven but lapis looked better) and get the lab turned in and everything is peachy

i got my lab back in zoology either today or on friday i can’t remember my memory is shit sometimes but that’s beside the point and i was just looking at it today cause i was taking stuff out of my binder and i look at the lapis doodle and see this

i know there’s some fake shit going on sometimes w people saying their teachers did stuff like this but man this is real af and it felt great i got an extra point on this lab because of a kid’s cartoon and extra time

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AuGH You're so good at writing >:0 Have you ever taken any classes, or are you self taught for the most part?? Also, I was wondering if you could do something along the lines of headcanons for the reader cooking with ow character? If doing them all seems like a bit much, I completely understand!! Just pick ones you like! I love them all uwu (It'd be rlly nice if it was mostly platonic, pals havin' fun n' all, but romance is cool too! u do u) Thank you so much, sorry for such a vague request ;;;

Anon, thank you! This is so sweet of you to say. I’m purely self-taught, mostly for lack of money, though. I’d love to take some classes sometime.

Cooking classes, too, come to think of it, because it’s shameful the amount of things I had to google for this :D
Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Featuring: Pharah, Junkrat, Symmetra, Hanzo

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I’ve been carrying my point and shoot around with me lately. I’ve enjoyed having it on my hip, ready for just in case. Take a snap here, take a snap there. I never spin the whole roll in one place or time. 

There’s something really fun about getting these images back from the lab. It reminds me of when I was young and just starting out. The excitement of remembering where I’ve been, who I was with, what we did. I enjoy the casual nature of shooting with my p&s. Maybe something catches my eye. Maybe I want to catch a memory. Click the shutter just for let’s see what happens.

I’m going to start sharing these images here. Out of 36 will be an ongoing personal project tracking these memories and moments in an effort to learn, grow, and just plain smile at a memory. 


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I'm having a hard time finding myself right now, I'm in my last year of undergrad. Is it okay? I feel like I'm wasting my time chasing something that I have a hard time understanding. I really don't have anything, like yourself, that really inspires me. I'm feeling like a complete failure, do you have any advice as an inspired adult for an uninspired child. Have a good day.

Well, first off, I also feel like a complete failure, literally all the time. Earlier today when I was eating by myself and ran into a friend and her husband? Yes. I’m a failure. What about earlier today when I was going to the movies by myself and ran into a pal and his hot new girlfriend and I was carrying a big bag of secondhand clothes that I had just bought? Yes. I am a failure. Oh! Oh! Maybe earlier today when I was reading in a coffee shop by myself and ran into an ex and her new boyfriend whom I’m pretty sure is on the new NCIS? Oh yes. FAILURE CITY. I’m not sure that feeling of failure ever really goes away (especially not when you live in a goddamn neighborhood where all the rest of your friends live and you’re 6′3″ and have white hair and a brown beard), but you know what? Feeling like a failure is okay. Who cares? Whatever, man. We’re all just trying to get by, you know? Take heart in the fact that you are MOST CERTAINLY not alone on that score. 

Here’s the thing about inspiration, and it’s something that took me a while to come to terms with: For me, “being inspired” is not a reactive thing - it’s a proactive thing. I actively seek out new books, movies, paintings, parts of the city, and real life human beings (just to name a couple things) for inspiration. I can’t speak for other creative people, but I don’t think anybody just sits in their apartment and waits for inspiration to knock on the door. I certainly don’t - and if I did, I’d never get inspired by anyone but the guy who brings me my Chinese food (to be fair, Hank does have some pretty great stories about his recent Tinder dates but they don’t really fit into the inspiration department unless you find stories about feeling some girl’s fake boobs “inspiring”). 

Point: In my experience, you have to keep looking and looking and looking for new things to eat up and new experiences to enjoy and on and on until you’re inspired. It’s not a bolt of lightning. It’s a process.

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