fun times in the bathroom

  • Lafayette: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time John and Alexander spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a bar?
  • Hercules: Yes, but wasn’t that because Alexander lost a contact lens?
  • Lafayette: You’re so cute.
Being a Slytherin & Dating H.G Would Include:

Hogwarts Power Couple

‣Always showing off Hermione and not being ashamed to let everyone know you love her

“You guys, look at my Princess. Is she not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

‣Despite your houses not approving of your relationship no one actually speaks out against it because, come on now, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin? That’s a deadly combination to piss off.

‣Your houses low-key admire the fact that neither of you give a damn about what anyone thinks

‣Your house silently applauds you for being a bad ass and breaking the norm by dating another bad ass from your rival house

‣Visiting Hermione for a few weeks during the summer and staying at her house

‣You charmed Mr. and Mrs. Granger the second you got off the platform and they immediately approved of you dating their daughter

‣Taking long walks together during autumn and winter, holding hands and giggling as you watch your breaths turn misty

‣The two of you are always either geeking out over books and dancing ridiculously in front of a mirror or kicking ass together, there’s no in between

‣Surprisingly, you two make a great team against Fred and George when it comes to prank wars

‣Sending each other loop sided smiles and shit eating smirks across the classroom

‣Hermione ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS steals your Quidditch team jerseys and jackets and ‘forgets’ to give them back

‣She always comforts you after you have an argument with your best friend, Draco, and you do the same when the banter between her and Ron escalates

‣Though Ron and Harry were adamant about your feelings toward Hermione being genuine, it didn’t take long for them to be convinced that you were absolutely head over heels for her

‣PDA usually consists of forehead kisses and really tight hugs but when you’re alone, it’s a whole different story

‣Hermione loves to tease you during class when you can’t do anything about it

‣Passionate kisses where her hands are tugging on your hair and yours are gripping her waist

‣You peppering open mouthed kisses from her jaw to her neck and down to her chest

‣Hermione is not at all shy when it comes to initiating make out sessions

‣When you’re sitting or lying down she loves to straddle your waist and grind on your hips while smirking down at you

‣She loves it when you pin her against the wall in an empty hallway and kiss her till her lips are bruised

‣Fun times in the Prefect’s bathrooms

‣One of your favourite pass times is sneaking out at night and going to the astronomy tower

‣You are both studious students and you appreciate that about each other

‣When it’s raining and thundering you take her to your room and together you drink hot chocolate and cuddle

‣You’re the big spoon and she’s the little spoon

‣Classic dates like going to the movies and dinner but also…

‣Dates where you two go to a paint ball zone

‣Dates are always memorable and you’ve taken to photographing every one of them with a device Hermione introduced to you as a 'polaroid’

‣Now you have a collection of these photographs strung up on your wall in your room at Hogwarts and your room at home

‣You’ve taken quite well with photography all together and your most precious photos are the ones you’ve taken of Hermione when she isn’t looking (candids, when she’s laughing uncontrollably, when she’s sleeping, etc)

‣Teasing each other 24/7

‣Play fights

‣Tickle fights because, is Hermione’s laugh not the best thing you’ve ever heard?

‣Learning new things together

‣Always supporting her in what she wants to do and vice versa

‣Suggesting books to each other until eventually you just read the same book to each other every night before going to bed

‣Eventually your relationship begins to heal the rift between Gryffindors and Slytherins and pretty soon you see interactions between students from both houses

‣Bringing out the best parts of each other

‣Emotionally stable relationship (none of that on/off bs)

‣Respectful towards each other


‣Is it possible to trust your partner unconditionally, yet still get jealous? Because that’s what happens here.

‣Random hugs from Hermione that take you off guard and nearly send you tumbling down, making Hermione giggle uncontrollably

‣She wraps her arms over your neck while yours encircle her waist

‣She knows all your turn ons and uses them to her favour shamelessly

*She always begins by taking control and kissing your neck and jawline. Then she would whisper all the things she’d do to you while smirking and grinding against your lap.

‣Taking naps together

‣Planning your lives together

‣Traveling all over the world

‣Intertwining your legs on a cold night

A/n: Thanks to @Anon for requesting this💕Who else is a Slytherin?🐍

Week of Mind Games Day 7: The Yu Family

If I were being deep I would say that I was inspired to draw this by the theme of mirrors/reflections in Prey, but in all honesty, I was inspired because I hate putting on liquid eyeliner. And In the game, Morgan has so much eyeliner on! So here’s my final entry for Week of Mind Games: the Yu siblings getting ready on a normal day.


will i ever take selfies in a different mirror? the world may never know

Make A Wish // Jungkook

Originally posted by so-bangtastic

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request some Jungkook smut for my virgin being? He’s oficially an adult now so he and his gf celebrate that.

“Happy Birthday Jungkook!” the entire room exploded in excitement as Jungkook entered through the hotel function room doors with you. He had absolutely no idea that you, his family and the other members of BTS had been planning his surprise 18th birthday party for the past 2 months.  Trying to keep it a secret from him proved to be somewhat difficult with his constant pestering and questioning of what you were all planning to do for him, also trying to make sure that one of the boys didn’t let it slip by accident turned out to be a nightmare and a half, but they managed to keep everything under wraps – just.

You had told him that you were taking him to a fancy hotel, just you and him for dinner on the night of his birthday. You were both dressed elegantly, Jungkook donning a classic black tuxedo, and you in your black, lace dress with a gorgeous pair of black heels which complimented your toned legs perfectly. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you as you both rode the short distance in the taxi to the hotel together, his eyes lingering on your dress and the way it hugged your curves in all the correct places. You and Jungkook were still virgins, never having gone further than just heavy petting and groping. You had long decided that as part of his birthday present, it would be you ready to give yourself to him. Jungkook had always wanted to take things to the next level; especially in the heat of the moment, but knew that you weren’t fully ready either, thus he respected your decision and always took care of himself when the need arose.

Jungkook almost jumped out of his skin at the sight of his family, friends and members screaming Happy Birthday to him, grabbing on to your arm in pure shock. You giggled at his reaction, before he looked at you with a knowing stare.

“You planned this all along…ahhh” he whined loudly into your face. You pulled him into your arms before telling him that everyone had known about it for months, not just you. To which he sighed “So you’ve been keeping secrets from me?” You have him a light, playful punch to the arm, before walking over, hand in hand to join the rest of the party in the middle of the room.

The night was filled with celebrations. Jungkook greeted each guest and thanked them for coming and making his party one to remember. You all danced, sang and finally when it was time for Jungkook to blow out his candles, Namjoon reminded him “Don’t forget to make a wish, Kookie!”

Jungkook looked to the ceiling while nibbling on his bottom lip before glancing over to you, smiling coyly. He winked, before blowing out all 18 candles in one go, resulting in the room erupting with cheers and singing.

“What did you wish for?” you asked sweetly, taking your place beside him as a slow, ballad like song began to play. Jungkook took your hand in his and led you to the middle of the dance floor, joining the rest of the couples who were beginning their romantic style dancing together. “If I tell you, it won’t come true. We’ll just have to wait and see” he gave you a cheeky grin as he pulled you firmly against him, his left hand resting on your waist while holding your right hand in the air with his as you lay your head on his shoulder and began dancing to the slow, meaningful music.

“Thank you for planning all of this, it must not have been easy to keep it all a secret.” He said while nodding over in the direction of the other boys who were pulling “lovey-dovey” gestures at you both dancing together. “They are a handful, but I love them like they were my brothers. They were so helpful with everything.” You cooed into his ear, making him smile even more. He thought about how lucky he was to have a girl who he loved with all his heart, a girl who his family adored, and a girl who got on so well with the other members of BTS who also loved you like family.

The party began to wrap up around 1am, Jungkook’s family saying their goodbyes along with the other members of BTS who were giving knowing winks to Jungkook as they knew you were both staying in the hotel together that night, their words and actions making both you and Jungkook’s cheeks burn with embarrassment. You hadn’t informed them of your plans with Jungkook tonight; obviously. But they boys weren’t idiots either.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening Jungkook. Remember; nice guys finish last!” Jimin called out, biting into a cherry as he walked out of the room, making Jungkook gulp nervously. You gave Jimin the evils as he winked at you, before joining the rest of BTS in the van and driving off in the direction of their dorm. You walked towards Jungkook, taking his hand in yours.

“Shall we go up to the room then?” you said nervously, to which Jungkook gave you a small smile and followed you like a lamb. As you stepped out of the elevator on the 11th floor, you both stayed silent while walking to your room, not really knowing what to say to each other.

Jungkook plopped down on the bed upon entering the room, untying his shoe laces and kicking the dress shoes to the side of the room before slumping back against the pillows. He sighed, thinking about how much fun he had spending time with everyone. You however, were in the bathroom slightly freaking out about how to bring up the topic of “I’m ready” to Jungkook. You slipped out of your dress and heels, leaving you only in your new black lingerie that you had bought especially for this evening. It was beautiful, trimmed with cute lace around the edges and small pink bow sat between the cups on your bra. You fiddled with it nervously, before putting on the white dressing robe as provided by the hotel. You took a deep breath, and decided that you would just wing it, that there was no point in thinking about it too much. You opened the door and walked back into the bedroom to find Jungkook laying back on the bed. His shirt was slightly unbuttoned, revealing his beautiful collarbones as he lazily flicked through the channels on the T.V. His eyes glanced over at you from the T.V, before realizing that you were in your dressing robe.

“Are you tired babe?” he asked.

You wandered over in front of the T.V before slowly switching it off. You looked back over at Jungkook. He licked his lips slowly, trying to read your expression.

“What is it?” he grinned nervously.

You held your breath, before slowly undoing the tie around your stomach, and letting the robe fall to the ground, leaving you in just your bra and panties. Jungkook’s face fell to the floor, as his eyes widened at the sight of you. He swallowed heavily as he felt his heart beat pound in his chest. You were nervous as hell, but you wanted him badly. You were more than ready to let him have you.

You climbed on to the bed, crawling into the space between his legs. Your face burned crimson as your body heat began to rise at the thought of Jungkook’s skin on yours. You crawled onto his lap, putting your arms around his neck.

“Happy Birthday Kookie~” you whispered into his ear, your breath tickling the sensitive skin of his neck as you did so. Jungkook’s hands primitively found themselves resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer to him, eliminating the space between you both. Your lips found his, giving him small, open mouthed kisses as he began to hungrily kiss you back, feeling a fire ignite with in him that burned with passion at the feeling of your clothed core just on top of his semi-hard member as he tried his best to control himself.

“Tell me what you wished for” you purred into his ear, feeling a little braver from his needy reactions. Jungkook bit his lip before rolling you on to your back and putting his weight on you, taking your breath right out of your lungs.

“This…” he said, looking into your eyes as he began gently kissing your neck, moving down your collarbones to your chest as he groped your breasts through your bra. You arched your back, letting him wriggle his hand around. He fumbled a little with the clasp, but to your surprise he eventually got it. “Anyone would think you’re a pro at this” you teased, making him smile his adorable bunny smile that you fell in love with the first day you ever met him.

“No (Y/N). You’re my first…that’s what you want, right?” he asked shyly.

“Yes Jungkook…I want to be your first. I want you to be mine too…” you felt hot as the words left your mouth. Jungkook’s face lit up at your confession, as he slipped the straps of your bra down your arms, before taking the bra completely off and revealing your soft bosom. His mouth went straight for your nipple, as he gently kneaded your other breast, switching every so often to even out the attention. You panted softly at his tongue flicking over your hardened buds as he looked up to your face to see it twisted in the most beautiful way ever, making him feel a little braver. His right hand began travelling down your body, lightly tracing its way before slipping underneath your panties and massaging your wet folds, making you hiss at the contact. You were already so wet for him. Even though Jungkook had never done this before, it felt natural; it felt right. It felt like he was always meant to do this with you and only you, as he took the initiative and inserted one long digit inside you, eliciting small mewls from you as he began to go at a faster pace, pumping in and out of you gently, sliding his fingers up your sex to meet your clit, lubricating it with your juices. He raised his head up and began kissing you again, this time his kisses being a little more rough and needy than before as you moaned into his mouth.

“It feels so good…” you panted, tensing your stomach up as he massaged your aching clit with his fingers. He stopped; much to your displeasure, to lean back and remove his shirt. You examined his beautiful physique, his impressive abs, making you hungrier for him as he undid his belt and pants before pushing them down his legs and throwing them somewhere on the floor. Your eyes fell to the obvious tent in his trousers. You widened your eyes, as Jungkook slowly pulled his boxers down and you took in his large length. He chuckled at your shocked and obviously scared reaction, feeding his ego by the second. You had an idea that he was well endowed, but you didn’t imagine it would be this big.

“I’ll be gentle…don’t worry.” He said softly, pulling you panties down to feast his eyes on your naked womanhood. Feeling embarrassed, you closed your legs and put your hands over your face. “Don’t hide from me…you’re so…beautiful” he said as he spread your legs again, before crawling in between them.

“Oh, wait” you said, making Jungkook jump back slightly, thinking that you had suddenly changed your mind. He watched you reach down the side of the bed, before pulling out the foil wrapper containing a condom. He sighed and smiled at the thought of you planning all of this, as he took the packet out of your hand and opened it carefully as to not tear the condom. He began to roll it slowly on to his length, securing it in place before aligning himself with you. With his chest pressed to yours and his lips ghosting over your face, he looked deep into your eyes with complete love and adoration.

“Tell me if it hurts…if you want me to stop, I will. Okay?” he caressed your soft cheek in his hand. You smiled as you swallowed the lump which had formed in your throat, giving him a quick nod. Jungkook slowly entered you, watching your face wince in slight pain as your tight walls hugged his member. He bit his lip hard, trying not to cum then and there as you felt so amazing even now. Once he was all the way in, he stopped to let you adjust to his size. The pain slowly turned dull, as you motioned your hips upward to let him know you were ready. Jungkook began slowly thrusting deep within you as he panted into your ear. The feeling of him inside you was strange, but oh so pleasurable as you placed your hands on his shoulders. He tucked his arms under yours as you both moved together, making the bed rock gently at your movements.

You felt your body tense as he hit your g-spot over and over, his movements becoming less rhythmic as he neared his end. You gripped the back of his head, making him look into your eyes.

“(Y/N)…I love you so much” he said in between soft moans as his thrusting became harder and more sporadic. You moaned his name over and over, before seeing stars as you unravelled underneath him. Jungkook’s orgasm took over him at the feeling of your walls contracting around his member as he shot his load into the condom, silently applauding himself for not finishing before you. He continued to thrust, riding out his high before eventually slowing down. Gently, he pulled out of you, before removing the condom, and placing it in the bin beside the bed. He collapsed on top of you, both of you out of breath and panting heavily as you stroked his slightly damp hair from his sweat. He lay with his head on your breasts, listening to your heartbeat becoming calmer as each minute that went by.

“Happy Birthday baby, I love you” you broke the silence. Jungkook didn’t answer, causing you to look down at him. He was fast asleep on top of you, making you giggle quietly at his post orgasm expression. You carefully pulled the covers up around your naked bodies, before turning the bedside lights off, leaving you both in complete darkness.

Jungkook dreamt of making love to you again that night, knowing that you were the only girl he wanted to make love to. This had been the best birthday present he ever could have wished for.

  • Leo: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time Victor and Yuuri spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a press conference?
  • Guang-Hong: Yes, but wasn’t that because Yuuri lost a contact lens?
  • Leo: You’re so cute.

I shared a building with 3 (4 one year) other high schools and an elementary charter school. Fun times. Once some kid pissed out the window in the boys bathroom in my school’s part of the building, and our principle wouldn’t let us use the bathroom during school hours except between 2nd and 3rd period (which was about 9 minutes) for a good 2 months.

Happy Birthday karebear923!

We apologize @karebear923 for posting this late, but we wish you had a lovely Birthday! To help celebrate your special day, the lovely @historywriter2007 has written a Everlark story just for you!

[banner is by @bandathebillie

Someone Like You- Rated E

Happy Birthday, karebear923! I hope I have enough smut for you!

When I was looking for songs Katniss would’ve sung I came across Someone Like You by Adele and it ended up changing the story slightly. There is some high school angst, but the majority takes place just after college. I hope this meets your Everlark needs.

Of course, I do not own Someone Like You, or The Hunger Games, that is Adele and Suzanne Collins.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

But I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it.

I had hoped you’d see my face and that you’d be reminded

That for me it isn’t over.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you too

Don’t forget me, I beg

I’ll remember you said,

“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,

Katniss’ car flew along the country roads, even though it had been years since she was home she still knew her way to the familiar cabin in the hills. It’s not that she was meaning to not come home ever, but since her mother and sister moved away right after she graduated high school there was really no reason. She stayed in touch with a few of her friends from home and after much begging from Madge she agreed to come home for the last weekend before she was to move to the capital for her dream job working as a research assistant at the children’s hospital.

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The Aftermath (Dean x Reader) (6x21)

A/N: The wait is over! Sorry for my long inactivity. I planned for the rest of this series and how its going to end. As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

@heavenlyrainyparis @icantfindacreativeurl

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Imagine you dating Dean when Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben. However, the whole thing makes you question your relationship. It also makes you wonder if Dean ever really stopped caring for them.

Catch up here!

The Choice (Pt.1)

The Decision (Pt. 2)

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A few hours later, you knocked on an apartment door; it opened. You were driving for hours, as you were going back to a place you knew you could clear your head.


You were born and raised in Chicago and decided to pay a friend a visit.

A woman opened the door, rubbing her eyes.

“(YN)? Hey. I haven’t talked to you in a little. Not that not I’m glad to see you, but what are you doing here at three o'clock in the morning?”

“I got into a fight with Bobby and I needed a place to stay. I can go if you want me to.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

“No of course not, come in.” She stepped aside and let you in, shutting the door behind you.

“Thanks Serene.”

“Dean do you want me to drive?”, Sam asked his brother. Dean had been driving for hours and looked terrible. Sam was afraid that if Dean drove for any longer, he was going to fall asleep on the steering wheel.

“For the last time Sam, no, I’m fine. You ask me again and I will shoot you.” Dean snapped. Sam looked at his brother, wanting to punch him across the face, but, he decided against it. This was pretty much his mood the entire time, and he never wanted to hurt his eldest brother more than now.

“Don’t take it out on me because you screwed up. I told you that that starting a relationship with (YN) wasn’t a good idea from jump street, ‘cause I knew you were still hung up on Lisa.”

Dean sighed in defeat. “Your right, Sammy. I screwed up. I think I’ve figured that part out already.”

 "Damn right. Big time. You made (YN) feel like she was in competition with another woman, and that’s not fair to her. Yet, she still loved you enough to put up with it. I’ll be surprised if she takes you back.“ Sam turned away from Dean, shaking his head. Sam knew it was a little bit of a dick move, but he was sick of his brother taking his mistakes out on him; Dean needed to hear it.

In his head, Dean knew Sam was right. His “do first and ask questions later” attitude is what got him in trouble this time. He would have to swallow his pride and think with his head and heart, something that he wasn’t good at. But if it would get you back;

He would be willing to go to hell and back again for you.

Dean swallowed and pulled over. “Slide over, you drive.”

“That’s some messed up shit. And they say 90210 is dramatic.” Serene replies. You smack her arm, scoffing.

“What (YN), I’m serious. I thought it couldn’t get more complicated when you found out Bobby was your uncle.  She takes the mugs off of the coffee table and heads into the kitchen.

“I know right.” You buried your face in your hands.

Serene was you’re best friend that you grew up with ever since you were kids. Your parents and hers were hunting partners, so you spent a lot of time together. When your folks died, they took you in, you and her becoming inseparable. It was no surprise that the two of you became hunting partners, until you met the Winchesters, that is.

You aided them on a case and you’d kept in touch with them, the four of you teaming up now and again. Eventually, Serene’s parents passed away and she had to take care of her family restaurant and assets; She decided to leave the life. It was then you tagged along with the Winchesters, where you were up until this point. You spilled your guts out to her, and here you were now.

“I feel so stupid,” you say aloud.

“Honestly, I wish I could say I was surprised. Dean Winchester has a reputation among female hunters, and you knew that.” She sighed bring back to beer bottles, sitting down.

Female hunters definitely were not wine drinkers.

“I know. But he was different than what others said he would be. He was actually sweet and kind, and funny.” You rambled.

“Figured he would have another on the side. Look, you can do so much better. He was stupid for choosing her over you, and he’ll figure it out soon enough that it was the stupidest mistake he ever made.” She looked at you with pity in her eyes. You took a swig of beer and leaned back on the couch.

“I hope so.”

You had just turned twenty-three and Serene wanted to take you to this bar/nightclub place to celebrate your successful hunt and b-day. She gave you a makeover, completed with dress and heels, and light makeup, much to your decry. But after seeing the completed look, you had to admit, you looked amazing.

“Two shots for the birthday girl.” Serene told the bartender,

“So. What should we do tonight? Flirt shamelessly and break some hearts, drink to our heart’s content, dance like no one’s watching, find you someone to take home.” She wiggled her eyebrows and you smacked her lightly, laughing.

“I’ve had enough men hit on me to last a life time. Dancing sounds fun.”

“Good choice. I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick and I’ll meet you near the floor.” You nodded and she left. You’d noticed a man behind Serene, sitting on a stool, a glass of whiskey in his hand. He had dirty blonde hair and a chisled face; his semi-sculpted body and arms were covered by a Led Zepplin t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He met your gaze for a second, like he’d been watching you and your breath hitched.

His eyes were like emeralds, and any woman you were pretty sure, would melt on sight of them. The bartender came back with your drink and you took it.

“I see why men hit on you all the time. Especially looking like that.” The man spoke, taking a sip of his drink.

“Eavesdropper, I see.” you take a sip of your drink, not meeting his gaze. You decided to play along, it’s not like you were going to see him again.

 "You’ve got a name?“ you asked finally looking at him. He turned and smirked.

“Straight to the point; I like you even more already. Name’s Dean.”

“Intresting.” You responded, he moved his stool a little closer to  you and faced you. You talked  to Dean for a few minutes and instantly clicked. It turned out he was a hunter too, but he was was a little too cocky for your liking. Secretly, it drove you wild.

Low and behold, Serene came out the bathroom and found you.

“What are you doing? You’re supposed to be out on the floor. Come on.”

“It was nice talking to you Dean.” You said, Serene beginning to drag you to the floor.

“I didn’t even get your name.” He shouted smiling.

“(YN). You shouted, turning back.

Little did you know that man you met in the bar that night would become a major part of your life from then on.

You must’ve fell asleep on the couch because a doorbell ringing  woke you out of your slumber. Then, you heard arguing.

"No you can’t see her.”

“This is between me and her, not you.”

“Who the hell are you to talk to me like that in my house. It is when she comes here in the middle of the night upset cause of your stupidity!”

“I know I messed up! I wanted to make it right.”

You were fully awake and decided to intervene. Getting up off the couch you walked to the door.

“Serene who is-” You stopped cold in your tracks, familiar green eyes softening at your presence.


Dean. What the hell are you doing here?!”

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