fun times in multiplayer

*looks at any bungie halo game*

halo was such a good series, theres so much to love about it, not many games can manage to have such a fantastic singleplayer with so many memorable characters and music and moments that stick with you, but also have such a fun and diverse multiplayer that adds so much play time to it

*looks at any 343 halo game*


of course they made out afterwards
who are you kidding

get me away from the internet

fool-of-arts replied to your post: shares my dumb uncharted 4 mp experiences w/…

To be honest I sort of wish I could join in on it all because it seems like you all have a great time and the Uncharted multiplayer seems really fun to me. I’m so sad I don’t have a PS4 right now. All I’m saying is that while I don’t really know you, you’re not annoying.

It’d be pretty cool to have you join us! It is really fun with friends, honestly. There’s a bit to it that’s irritating or frustrating, but overall I’ve really enjoyed playing it with friends to the point that I never play alone anymore. Aahh, well thank you;; I’m just.. always paranoid and worried that I’m just super annoying, both in what I do and how loud I am and everything;;;;

So these two are the Asscreed IV multiplayer character that me and my friend alway use. (I alway use the  wayfarer, and she stole Lady Black from me). Since We play wolfpack all the times, so we always see them work so well in the cinematic. And i guess this is their love and revelry relationship…? I can totally see them killing each other, but I can also see them being in love.  Well… this is Katie and My Ship!!!!! U3U

Remember the alternate ending you could get on the Revenge of the Sith video game where Anakin just kills everyone and takes over the galaxy? And remember the evil laugh that Anakin would randomly do during missions once he turned to the dark side? Man that game was wild.

Why Stiles ever let himself argue that bad with Allison, he’d never know. It was so much better when they were joined at the hip like they always had been. He was still trying to sort himself out emotionally since the kiss that she didn’t remember, but she really didn’t need him putting all that expectation on her. They had always been, and would always be best friends; that was enough for him.

Allison had stayed over a couple of times since prom. The sleep shirt he’d given her had become the one she reserved for her whenever she stayed. But Stiles hadn’t seen her since after school on Thursday; she’d called in sick on Friday and said to keep away for a few days while she recovered. She insisted she wouldn’t be much company anyway since she was sleeping a lot. But it was Saturday night and Stiles was bored. Sure, he’d been hanging out with Scott more and more recently, but Allison was his best friend. He wanted to spend time with her.

Stiles: Y’know, weekends aren’t fun without playing dumb multiplayers with you. Get better pls. The boredom is killing me.