fun times in multiplayer

*looks at any bungie halo game*

halo was such a good series, theres so much to love about it, not many games can manage to have such a fantastic singleplayer with so many memorable characters and music and moments that stick with you, but also have such a fun and diverse multiplayer that adds so much play time to it

*looks at any 343 halo game*

So these two are the Asscreed IV multiplayer character that me and my friend alway use. (I alway use the  wayfarer, and she stole Lady Black from me). Since We play wolfpack all the times, so we always see them work so well in the cinematic. And i guess this is their love and revelry relationship…? I can totally see them killing each other, but I can also see them being in love.  Well… this is Katie and My Ship!!!!! U3U


of course they made out afterwards
who are you kidding

get me away from the internet

playing pulsar: lost colony

-First game, found a button that could only be unlocked by the captain. Got the captain to unlock it, immediately pressed it.  Jumped randomly into the middle of nowhere.  Everything caught fire.  This is a good game.

-We went looking for a missing research team and found a nest full of giant space ants.  I got to fight a nest full of giant space ants.

-S: Don’t use that, it destroys whatever you’re holding. C: So you’re saying I should NOT select the atomize “hands" option?

-T, as acting captain, found the option to alert all crew members to “Abandon Ship” and sent this message every 10 seconds throughout the game.

-S chose to demonstrate how to use the gun and fire extinguisher tools by SETTING THE LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM ON FIRE and then putting it out again. 

-DV, as researcher, atomized (destroyed) everything that passed into his keeping.  For science.

-Were sent on a mission to save a ship from pirates, forgot to turn on our identifier, wound up in a fight with the ally ship instead.

-C: What happens if I spend all the ship’s money? D: Actually, as Captain I get to assign you an allowance. 

-D: DV, I’m putting the samples in your locker. C: How come nobody ever puts anything in MY locker? DV: Just as a heads up, anything that goes in my locker is probably going to get atomized. 

-R: Do I need an exosuit for this planet? S: Depends how you feel about breathing acid.

-DV:  Why is C a mustachioed cyborg spaniard? C: This is the default face I was assigned and it is wonderful and I am never changing it.

-S, our weapons specialist, KEPT SHOOTING EVERYTHING.  We had actual conversations b/w captain, pilot, and engineer about how fast we could get out of star systems so that S wouldn’t start (another) intergalactic incident.

-C: Guys, I’m lost. Again.  D: Are you still planetside? C: No, I’m on our ship, I just don’t know where I am.

-R: Look out! Radiation.  C: You literally just mountain climbed for 5 minutes to get out of the atmosphere and find that radiation.

-C, as pilot: Look, I have ONE JOB and that is POINTING THIS SHIP AT THINGS.

-S: Guys, come back! There’s a giant bird nest full of wasps! D: Do you mean a wasp nest?

-Took over another ship, then left and took back our own ship.  Unfortunately this flagged our ship as stolen, since it was an “owned” ship. (We were the owners.)  Everybody in the universe accused of us of being pirates and hated us b/c we were flying a ship that already had owners. (again, us.)

-Responded to a distress beacon of a ship under attack by another faction.  The ship AND ITS ATTACKER decided we were pirates (see above) and teamed up to attack us instead.

-DV: I died.  Apparently if you wander too far into the desert on this planet a dust storm springs up.  And then spikes come out of the ground and kill you. C: I was not expecting that last part.

-C: How do I go through the door? S: OH MY GOD SPIDERS EVERYWHERE. C: Never mind, I’ll wait out here.

-Found four graves and a lonely robot that was the sole survivor of its downed ship. :(

-C: Wait, “engine sludge” is a food? DV: Do NOT drink that.

-Boarded enemy ships during combat, repeatedly turned off all their power switches just to fuck with them.


-R: Killed 3 more rats! C: Okay, I still haven’t seen a single one of these giant space rats you are talking about.  I think you’re just making them up.  D: If this were a horror movie, this is when you get eaten by giant rats.

-C: Wait, why are we atomizing the research logs? DV: That’s the only kind of science I know how to do.

-Single-handedly took down an elite robot because I was too panicked to run away, and apparently when it was right on top of me its arms were too long to actually shoot me.

-C: Oh my god, guys, we have color-coded towels!

Remember the alternate ending you could get on the Revenge of the Sith video game where Anakin just kills everyone and takes over the galaxy? And remember the evil laugh that Anakin would randomly do during missions once he turned to the dark side? Man that game was wild.

Why Stiles ever let himself argue that bad with Allison, he’d never know. It was so much better when they were joined at the hip like they always had been. He was still trying to sort himself out emotionally since the kiss that she didn’t remember, but she really didn’t need him putting all that expectation on her. They had always been, and would always be best friends; that was enough for him.

Allison had stayed over a couple of times since prom. The sleep shirt he’d given her had become the one she reserved for her whenever she stayed. But Stiles hadn’t seen her since after school on Thursday; she’d called in sick on Friday and said to keep away for a few days while she recovered. She insisted she wouldn’t be much company anyway since she was sleeping a lot. But it was Saturday night and Stiles was bored. Sure, he’d been hanging out with Scott more and more recently, but Allison was his best friend. He wanted to spend time with her.

Stiles: Y’know, weekends aren’t fun without playing dumb multiplayers with you. Get better pls. The boredom is killing me.