fun things you can do with a camera

fun psychosis things

- *having fun* oh shit am i real

- *wakes up and its quiet* looks like im the last one on earth 

- the Bugs

- googles “red bumps on legs”

- i need to do something with my life like… rob a bank

- googles “red bumps on arms”

- kill them. you gotta.

- hidden cameras

- someone in here can read my mind

- googles “red bumps on face”

- #yolo

- sits on bed and dissociates for 10 hours 

- i have No Feelings, i am no weakling

- im so emotional why doesn’t anyone love me *cry*

- kill the cat (why?) you gotta


- *someone does something that slightly annoys me* “kill them”

- googles “red bumps on back”


- relating to things that aren’t even close to what i feel ever why do i do that

- my posters are watching me get dressed

- the government is watching me

- something around the house is… Not Right

- my family has been replaced


Create a floor/Wall/Ceiling quick with this guide!

Transform 2D space into 3D space right before your eyes without having to mess around with a perspective ruler.

Adjust your camera angles!

Create better and more dynamic illustrations with this quick fix!

Sketch at the bottom:

Shima belongs to @baoxuu

Legion belongs to me

(overwatch is fun)

TRASNFORM INDEED (I’m not changing it)


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iyasplash  asked:

Ska! How do you ink your traditional drawings? And. Would you mind sharing some tips for traditional?

Yes of course, thank you for asking! ; 7 ; / To start, don’t think you need expensive tools to draw traditionally, even just a $1-$2 ink pen or sharpie can look nice against paper! The tools I usually use for all my ink work is a red color pencil, $2 ball-point ink pen, and a sharpie (occasionally white out)! If you’re like me (someone who has trouble doing a large-scale picture and do better with smaller thumbnails), I would suggest to buy yourself a small canvas sketch journal! 

It’s a lil beat up, but this is what I use! It works well with sharpies/ink and feels great to draw on! As for sketching, I find red color pencil sketching looking better than a regular pencil! It feels like guidelines and makes the black ink pop out more! Here’s a comparison with an old doodle! 

A great way to make your lines look nicer is extra line weight! I usually give my outlines an extra stroke with the pen to make the lines thicker on the outside, and you might also want to go over your lines twice if your ink is not dark enough! ; 3 ; / I also occasionally use whiteout to fix mistakes or add lil stars/sparkle by dipping a toothpick in it. 

The next thing I suggest is using an app called CamScanner! It uses your camera to capture your pictures but defines the lines/colors better and works great if you want to use the lines as lineart when you scan it to color digitally (don’t think you need a tablet to color it! Half of this picture was colored with my tiny trackpad. You can totes do it with time and effort)! Here’s another comparison!

CamScanner on the left, and regular camera on the right! It also changes lighting, crops pictures (I had to crop the right one on sai), changes toning, and even fixes angled shots for you! It works wonderful and I recommend it! The last thing is that please have fun and take your time! 

I think that’s about it! Sorry if I went a lil long! Of course, I’m not a professional and obviously there’s probably more benefits with professional tools, but this is my process! Thanks so much for asking! <3

Oscars Red Carpet (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

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« How much glamour, fame, and excitement can one red carpet take? Welcome everyone to Hollywood’s biggest night, the 89th Academy Awards, welcome everyone to the Oscars!” Robin Roberts shouted to the camera.


“Okay Y/N, here we are!” Your manager and close friend, tapped your shoulder excitedly. It was your first Oscars and first ever nomination. So, the butterflies in your stomach were definitely fluttering like mad and they have been for the past two weeks.

Your phone beeped, and you opened it to a text from Shawn.

Hey baby, I’m so sorry I can’t be there for your big night. Just know that I am so fucking proud of you and everything you’ve worked for. I’m staying up all night in Japan to watch ya.

An “aww” slipped from your mouth as you smiled.

Are you watching live?

Yep, did you get to the Dolby Theatre yet?

Yeah I’m in the car. Stepping out right now. Look out for me ;) hint: my dress is (favourite color)

Trust me, I will be. You’re going to be the most beautiful on the whole red carpet x

“Alright, time for us to go!”

You took a deep breath, fixed your hair and stepped out. The second your foot stepped on the red carpet the cameras started flashing.

You walked your way onto the carpet. Your manager’s words and instructions going through your head. Go on the carpet. Pose. Keep on walking. Then go talk to Robin.

And that’s exactly what you did.

You felt like a real princess. You walked down the carpet, slowly, your long dress trailing behind you magnificently. You smiled to the cameras, twirled, and of course; you couldn’t help but goof around a little. That’s just who you are. Spotting one of your best friends, you decided to have a little red carpet fun.

Hailee Steinfeld posed in her white dress, giving the cameras long seductive stares. Suddenly her serious expression turned into a terror-stricken one as she felt two hands clutch at her shoulders.

“OH MY GOD Y/N!” She yelled, turning around to see you. You tried your best not to let your tears of laughter slip out knowing that would ruin your makeup.

“Hiii. Don’t you look fricken fabulous?” You said to her.

“UM I can say the same about you.” She grinned.

You took a few pictures together, then carried on the red carpet, saying hi to some of your favourite actors.

Nearing Robin’s platform, you looked up at her and she spotted you grinning.

“Oh ladies and gentlemen I see Y/N Y/L/N approaching!”

You mounted the little step and hugged her.

“Hi Y/N wow this is so fun meeting you!”
“Hi hi, likewise!”

“So, first Oscars huh? Who’d you come with?”

“Oh I came here alone haha. Yeah Shawn’s in Japan and my friends got school.”

“Oh right, Shawn Mendes, you two are really Hollywood’s couple huh!”

“Well I think so.” You giggled.

“How’s it going with him?”

“It is going wonderful. I um can’t ask for more.” You gushed.

“Aww did you guys hear that, can these two get any cuter? Seriously though, do you guys ever fight?”

“Hahahaha, we do, little ones. They’ll usually be small bickers over stupid things. Like actually once, Shawn got pissed at me because I showered too long and started saying random stuff and bringing up the ecosystem haha.”

“Hahahaa. So what would he say if he was here?”

An idea came through your mind.

“Oh my god! Well actually he’s watching right now, hi babe!” You waved at the camera. “Wanna try FaceTiming him? Can we do that?” You asked the cameramen around you.

“What a fun idea! Let’s do it.”
You pulled out your phone and rang him. Surprisingly, he picked up. He was in his PJs and a Japan hoodie. He looked positively overjoyed.

“Hi babe!” You said to the phone. The cameras zoomed into the screen.

“Hi darling! How are you? You look gorgeous.”
“Thank you.” You blushed.

“HI I’M HERE TOO.” Robin popped up from behind your shoulder.

“Hi!” Shawn grinned. “So what do the Oscars red carpet look like?”

You took your phone and gave a 360 view of what was around you.

“So Shawn how does this feel like, your girlfriend being nominated for an Oscar?”

“Oh my god, it’s surreal. I’m so proud you know, each time someone says Y/N Y/L/N I can scream: She’s my girlfriend!” he said.

You chuckled.

“Alright we gotta go, text you later!”

“Bye Y/N, I love you and good luck baby. Bye Robin!”

“God you guys are too cute.” Robin said once again. “Alright let’s move on to Lara!”

The cameras zoomed away, as Robin continued to talk to you.

“You look great really.”

“Thank you so much Robin, you too!”

“So, what would winning this mean to you?”

“Oh my god, it’d mean the world. Like literally. Um, all my life I have struggled and I remember in my teen years, my dreams would seem so far you know? And just the fact of being here is a dream come true, and it proves to 15 year-old me that as long as you work you can do it. And hopefully teens will watch this and this’ll prove it to them as well.”

“Now that is a winning speech right there.” Robin smiled, touching your arm friendlily. “Well it has been awesome having you, but oh my we must be getting on the show is going to start! All the luck tonight, Y/N.”

“Thank you, so much.”

All the luck, Y/N.

Will you win the Oscar? To be continued when the show actually begins hahahaa I am writing live here!

anonymous asked:

You know how rick was kinda shocked that morty looked after him when he was blackout drunk. Would like he get drunk on purpose just to record the reader and finds out that she's really nice to him and looks after him. Gets him a blanket and pain meds. I just felt it would be cute? What do you think the aftermath would be? How would Rick react? Ps. I love your writing and I hope you have a lovely day.

ah! Sorry hun, my inboxs is closed, but I like writing about my thoughts about what would Rick do! I’m only going to write headcanons, but if you would like an imagine feel free to ask when requests are open!

Rick Sanchez [C-137]:

  • I don’t think he would purposely put cameras to capture this moment, he wouldn’t realy do that. However! He does have quite a few cameras around the house and especially in the garage to make sure no one that isn’t the Smith family or the reader trespasses. He has quite a shit-ton of people that want him dead, so you can never be too careful. He has cameras around in the garage to also make sure no one continues to move his stuff in the garage. I’m looking at you Jerry!
  • He procrastinates all the fucking time to check the cameras. He doesn’t really think much of the camera, he can usually tell when things are misplaced and moved. So one particular day, when he was bored out of his mind and you weren’t there, Morty along with Summer were at school, and Beth was working. Jerry was home, but no If your thinking that he wouldn’t care he’d just go to some sort of planet, well, yeah he can do that. Ever since his adventures with his grandkids and you, he just grew accustomed to someone accompanying him. It’s much more fun, but he would never admit it.
  • Skips over a few days until he notices you laying on the coucn on your phone in the camera footage. He watches as you look up and stare at door, he leans in to see you opening the door to someone. There a stumbling, drunk Rick made his way past you to crash in the couch. There you were helping a intoxicated Rick lay down on his side and cushioned a pillow for him. He saw you return with water and painkillers and set them on the living room table. There you were taking of his filthy clothes and well, ahem* we all know what happens when Rick is drunk off his ass. Morty taught you to put on er, a sort of adult diaper to prevent a disgusting situation, you felt bad for how many times Morty had to go through this shit.
  • He just watched you do this for him the whole time until you left. He remembers waking up, he thought Morty was the one that always takes care of him to be honest. Your right, he is shocked once again of how uncontrolable he is in his own body, while drunk. He hates it, to not be in control of a situation, especially something trivial like this. Needless to say, he does feel thankful for having you and Morty to deal with his bullshit.
  • You noticed that when you came back that day he was surprisingly kind to you,or at least his version of it. He didn’t snap any witty remarks to you or rolled his eyes at all. He just, kept quite and at the end of the day, wrapped his arms around you from behind and pressed a small kiss on your cheek. He buried his face in the crook of his neck as he mumbled something you couldn’t quite hear.

alright time for the question of the century

who would you trust more: nozomi or kotori

to emphasize this question, i present you with the following scenario

you are trapped in a room with only two visible exits. each one is guarded by the two, so to leave you must trust one of them enough to let you leave.

some things to consider before you think they’re both pure and one of them isn’t planning on killing you (or worse): both of them are in better shape than the average love live fan, so you can’t really outrun them (and you’re trapped in a room anyway)


  • has groped complete strangers (but has also stopped doing this)
  • highly in tune with spiritual stuff, so she is probably psychic so can predict your movements and sense your fear
  • has a camera and enjoys recording people without their knowledge, stating it’s fun to view the recordings later
  • if it is a trap, eli is probably in the next room as well to assist


  • arguably the more flexible of the two, so if you try to hide in a small space she can probably reach you
  • responsible for all of the costumes muse wears. including that time they all dressed up as kiss, so she has access to basically any accessory imaginable meaning chains could be back there
  • has a camera on at least one occasion, saying recording things in secret was “exciting”
  • if it is a trap, either honoka or umi could be in the next room as well to assist, potentially even both

cookiekiller02  asked:

Hi! Can I request for RFA + holy trinity-I mean V,Saeran,and Vanderbae reacting/having a relationship with a really smol and chubby/curvy MC who is super insecure and self conscious. Thankyouu */hugs

This… is super late. Everything is. Or is it? Could it be that this was posted exactly when it was meant to be? Time is an illusion. Enjoy~ E>

Also the holy trinity, I love it lololol


  • Imagine Zen with a smol person though
  • Mega giant Zen standing with someone who’s head only comes up to his chest
  • You two would look so cute together!
  • And when he hugs you he holds you against his chest and wraps himself around you he’s like a giant blanket
  • And Zen would pick you up all the time
  • Just lean down, wrap his arms around your waist and lift you up to his level so he can kiss you
  • And he’s pretty strong from all his working out so he does it effortlessly
  • He’s like what do you mean you’re insecure about your weight he could bench press you easily
  • But also Zen very much gets being insecure about one’s looks
  • You’re probably the only person he would admit it to
  • He’ll still keep up his ‘fake it til you make it’ facade, even when it’s just the two of you, because that’s who he is
  • But there will also be times when he lets that down and the two of you can talk about your insecurities 
  • And having someone who he knows is beautiful (you) feel insecure about your looks
  • And someone he can present his doubts to who will reassure him that no, he’s not ugly
  • Is really good for him
  • And he hopes that he can do the same for you.
  • He’s also pretty fashion savvy, so he’ll definitely take you on a shopping spree
  • And while he’ll assure you throughout the trip that you’re beautiful in anything
  • He wants to help you feel it
  • And he knows that for him, stylish clothes help.
  • And how can you not feel pretty when you step out of the changeroom and this gorgeous man is waiting outside for you 
  • And his jaw drops the second he sees you?
  • How can you not feel beautiful when the man of your dreams will slip his hand into yours and start complimenting you the second he notices you getting self conscious?
  • And while some of Zen’s fans may hate you out of envy, the ones who truly care about Zen and his happiness band together to form an “MC Protection Squad”
  • If anyone comments about you negatively online, there’s always at least five comments responding to it angrily in your defense
  • And of course, Zen himself is always ready to come to your defense
  • He’ll punch haters right in the face
  • If they’re a man. He can’t hit a girl. If it’s a girl he’ll just sternly scold her.


  • You
  • are 
  • perfect!!!!
  • omgggggg
  • Seriously he’s bursting with excitement once he finally meets you in person
  • He can not get over how cute you are
  • You’re so small!
  • (Read: you’re shorter than him!!!)
  • and you being shorter than him makes him feel more manly and strong
  • He’s already super excited that he’d be able tobe the big spoon
  • He probably can’t lift you like Zen can, but he also has trouble lifting his backpack some days so that’s definitely on him not you
  • When he finds out you’re insecure about yourself
  • He’s floored
  • You???
  • He’s kind of insecure about himself because people make fun of him because he’s so small and scrawny
  • And he’s nothing like any of the warriors from his video games…
  • So he kinda gets it but also not because wow
  • He’s seriously awerstruck by you.
  • And he’s not afraid to tell you.
  • Hell, he’ll scream out how much he loves you, all of you, in the middle of the supermarket if you’re feeling down.
  • He’ll be super embarrassed afterwards and probably never go back to that store again, but he’ll still do it
  • Fun fact, making MC feel insecure is the quickest way to get Yoosung angry
  • No, beyond angry, pissed.
  • Seriously, he’ll glare at the offending person and demand they apologize. 
  • He would fight them for you okay do you understand how much he loves you.


  • But you’re so pretty?? And somehow both adorably cute and curvaceous and gorgeous at the same time?
  • Seriously, size doesn’t matter to her. If it’s something you want to change, she’ll help you in every way she can. And if it’s not, she’ll accept you. 
  • It’s your body, and she loves it either way, because she loves you.
  • Jaehee believes communication is important. 
  • It’s important to her that the two of you are able to bring up your doubts and insecurities to each other
  • Because she certainly has some of her own too.
  • If you ever want to change something about yourself, she hopes you’ll discuss it with her. 
  • If it comes from a place of self-criticism, she’ll assure you that you don’t have to change anything.
  • And if it’s something you want but feel unsure about going for, she’ll give you all the encouragement you need.
  • Just like how you supported her when she came to you about wanting to grow out her hair
  • The best part is that you can share clothes
  • Because she’s taller, but you’re curvier
  • And she prefers her t-shirts on the baggier side
  • So they’re the perfect size for stealing.
  • Some of her clothes might be a bit tight on you in certain places
  • but she’s certainly not complaining


  • It’s literally canon that Jumin loves small cute things
  • Like Ellyizabeth the 3rd.
  • He’s not saying that you remind him of a cat but, well.
  • Can you not see the similarities? You’re cute. Cats are cute. Point made.
  • To be honest, he doesn’t really pay attention to looks?
  • Aside from noting that you’re adorable, he couldn’t care less what you look like.
  • You look like his, that’s all he cares about.
  • And he thinks you’re the perfect shape.
  • He likes how well you fit in at his side
  • Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying in bed he can wrap an arm around you and pull you against him.
  • He also likes pulling you into his lap like Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • When you join him for fancy business meetings or parties he always stays by your side, connected to you by some form of touch 
  • That way he can be there to reassure you if you feel self-conscious.
  • This is his way of loudly and proudly proclaiming that you’re his love
  • That to him, you’re leagues above anyone else who may be around
  • That you’re nothing less than the world to him.
  • He also likes buying you fairly tight clothing that shows off your curves to wear to said parties/meetings.
  • Honestly, it never crossed his mind that his choice in clothing for you might make you feel self conscious?
  • You’re beautiful. He just wanted to see you wearing something that shows off said beauty. 
  • (He wouldn’t force you to wear anything you’re uncomfortable with, of course. If you don’t like it he’ll exchange it for something more suited to your tastes. 
  • But now that he knows about this insecurity, you can guarantee he’s going to do his damn best to convince you how wrong you are.)
  • He also really likes that he can lean down and kiss you whenever he wants
  • But if you want to kiss him you have to beg ask


  • So cuuuuute~
  • You’re like an adorable little teddy bear
  • Or a cat
  • He loves complimenting you. 
  • Especially when he realizes you don’t know you’re cute. 
  • His diagnosis is that your insecurity is caused by a lack of Vitamin  ♥~Love~♡ and the only way to remedy this deficiency is to give you a heavy dose of it twice a day (or more), with or without meals.
  • (He even wrote you a “prescription” on a spare piece of paper. It has a doodle in the bottom corner that says “707 loves you~ >3<”)
  • He can be serious too though. 
  • His insecurities are more about his entire self as a whole, but it’s not like he’s gotten a lot of compliments or comments about his looks before either. So he kinda gets it?
  • He certainly doesn’t think he’s anything special. Definitely not compared to you.
  • (Uh oh, Nurse MC, I think Dr. 707 needs 99 CC’s of cuddles, stat!)
  • Seriously, this boy loves cuddling
  • He’s completely touch starved and hasn’t experienced physical affection in like ten years, of course he does.
  • So it’s perfect that you’re squishy
  • It makes you more comfy~ <3
  • Cute, soft hugs are his favourite and you’re the cutest, softest person he knows.
  • His favourite things to do are kiss you all over to prove he loves all of you (either in a sexual way or a cute way, depending on what you want from him)
  • And resting his chin on top of your head when he’s standing behind you
  • (Seriously he’s seen people do it in cartoons and movies all the time he’s so excited that he can do that now)


  • V can’t see you very well
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you’re gorgeous.
  • No one with such a beautiful soul could be anything less than beautiful 
  • And when you’re in love with someone, every flaw only serves to make them more unique, and therefore more beautiful.
  • He gets the other RFA members to describe you to him when you all first meet
  • And he smiles and nods along with every word
  • And when you’re alone he gently runs his fingertips over your face and down your sides
  • And you’re worried he’s going to comment on your… well, you’d call them your “less than perfect areas”
  • But of course he doesn’t
  • Because every part of you is perfect to him, even any idiosyncrasies you consider flaws.
  • He likes that you’re the perfect height for him to lean down and just kiss the top of your head whenever he wants.
  • And reaching high things is always a fun time
  • Because you can see the thing but you can’t reach it
  • And he can reach the thing but he can’t see it
  • So your options are to either direct him
  • Or he can lift you up 
  • And he’s not the strongest person 
  • (he lifts cameras not weights)
  • So you’re not sure about that second option
  • Which of course means that he’s going to do it
  • As often as he can.
  • Even if sometimes you guys end up losing your balance and toppling to the ground in a heaping pile of awkward limbs
  • He would just laugh until you laughed along
  • And that would make it all worth it.
  • Of course, none of this helps with his main goal, which is getting you to see yourself the way he sees you.
  • That’s where V’s skills as a world renowned photographer come in.
  • People may not be his specialty, and he may not be able to see as well as he used to…
  • But, as he says it, it’s easy to create art when your model is already a masterpiece
  • Now, he could arrange the lighting and angles to make you look thinner, or taller
  • But why would he?
  • He likes you the way you are.
  • He sneaks candid pictures of you whenever he has his camera out, and he uses his phone when he doesn’t
  • He could ask you to pose, but he worries it would make you feel self conscious to know he’s carefully studying you through the lens
  • And he loves capturing moments when you’re most relaxed or happy
  • Once he has a fair amount of them, he prints them and arranges them all to show you.
  • Every picture he shows you of yourself is… incredible.
  • The way the sun shines on your skin makes you look angelic and graceful
  • The way you’re lazing on the couch with a gentle smile on your face makes you look like a Greek deity at rest. 
  • Even the rolls in your stomach when you sit look perfectly planned and artistically formed like they were carved into the marble statue that is the person in these pictures
  • He smiles modestly when you compliment his work and tells you that it was all you.
  • He’ll hold you if you need to cry now.


  • The fact that you’re short is probably the reason you’re the one in the RFA he feels most comfortable around at the beginning?
  • Because you’re small and therefore you feel non-threatening. 
  • Of course, that changed to affection once he started really spending time talking to you.
  • And he can’t believe someone like you could ever feel self conscious.
  • He wants to tell you that you’re pretty. 
  • He wants to let you know that you’re beautiful. He wants you to know you’re like an angel.
  • But… he can’t say it.
  • He doesn’t know how to bring it up.
  • He keeps trying to casually compliment you but
  • His mind just goes blank?
  • After all, it’s not like he has much experience with compliments, either giving or receiving. 
  • No, he only has experience with loneliness, with bitterness and anger, and with blind worship and idolization. 
  • What is he supposed to say?
  • And who says you’d even care what he thinks?
  • So sometimes he just stares at you, spine stiff as a board, his face burning red.
  • And that, of course, makes you even more self-conscious.
  • Which makes Saeran more anxious
  • Which leads to him snapping at you. 
  • “What’s your problem?”
  • that is not at all how he meant to say that he’s sorry he’s just scared because you’re being so quiet why do you keep looking away like that do you hate him now?
  • You tell him that it’s less of a him thing and more of a you thing.
  • “Well that’s bullshit. You’re perfect.”
  • You tell him he doesn’t have to lie to you, you know your body type isn’t exactly–
  • “I don’t give a sh- I mean.” He’s trying not to get worked up. (He’s sorry for interrupting you by the way, but it’s kinda late to do anything about it now.) 
  • “I… you’re great.” He’s trying to put his feelings into words 
  • “Why should I care what society thinks looks ‘pretty’? Society is stupid. You… you’re pretty.” The word isn’t enough, but there isn’t really one he feels is enough. 
  • Complimenting you gets a little easier after that. He’s still awkward about it, but from then on he makes a point of trying to comment whenever he thinks you look especially nice.
  • Which is like always, even though he only manages to actually say something about it sometimes. He’s working on it. 
  • He’s better at non-verbal stuff. This’ll go much better when he’s close enough to you that he can show you how he feels.
  • Once you have the kind of relationship where he can grab you when you walk by and pull you in and never let you go. Then maybe he can communicate just how highly he thinks of you.


  • They can’t believe you don’t know you’re beautiful
  • Has no one ever told you?
  • Well, guess they’ll just have to tell you themself.
  • Come on, Vanderwood. Just say it.
  • “MC, you’re…” 
  • Come on. One more word.
  • “You’re, uh, you’re really…”
  • One. Word.
  • “…good.”
  • Facepalm.
  • Keep in mind that they’re fighting against years of the agency brainwashing them into believing they’re not allowed to develop personal relationships
  • And the fact that that means they haven’t had any personal relationships outside of Zero Seven in longer than they can remember
  • And they sure as hell weren’t calling him cute.
  • Eventually you do something. Whether it’s making a face, giggling at something they say, or just wearing a super cute outfit
  • And they turn red
  • “Stop being so damn cute!
  • If you try to question them about it they’ll just turn more red.
  • If you look like you need to hear it again they’ll be like 
  • “Yeah, I think you’re pretty, so what?”
  • On a more serious note, the fact that you’re so small and soft makes them feel…
  • Worried for you, that you need to be protected? Or happy for you, that you never had to go through the things that hardened them? 
  • Either way, you represent the gentler parts of life and the world that they never got to experience. 
  • A world where your life doesn’t depend on meeting someone else’s standards. 
  • A world where your body is more than just a tool you have to shape in order to survive, because it’s all you have and you’re all you can count on.
  • You’re a physical reminder of what they have now, and all the things they can have from now on.
  • Also you’re cute af that’s a nice bonus
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Chapter 2 of Haunted is up! Thanks to everyone who asked about it, knowing you were excited made writing it more fun ♥♥♥

A (continued) fill for this @kyluxhardkinks prompt:

“Kylo making a force projection of hux when he masturbates and this hux projection is super slutty and kylo makes him do whatever he wants”

with this addition:

“Can I make an addition to the kylo makes a force projection of Hux prompt? Okay but hear me out, Hux knows. He’s seen it through the the security cameras. He was mad at first but now he’s intrigued. Projection Hux is so unashamed and liberated, doing dirty filthy things Hux can barely think of without burning shame and projection Hux just looks blissed out while doing them. ½

2/2 Hux is intrigued and makes careful notes about Rens habits and schedule and tries to sneak in to Rens quarters and preempt the force projection so real Hux can take his place but mistimes it and instead Ren thinks he’s accidentally summoned two Hux projections. Ren goes with it, thoroughly debauching both Huxes and doesn’t notice anything wrong until the next morning when he finds the real Hux still sleeping off a sex coma in Ren’s bed.”

I like art. I love drawing and painting and crafting things with my hands. I also love writing and singing and taking pictures and acting. I just love art.
Am I the best at it? No.
Do I want to be? No.
Nowadays society turns everything into a competition. Art is a way to express yourself, not a competition. It’s not a race to see who is better, it is a way to express yourself when you feel like only a piece of paper or an empty page or a camera can understand you.
Don’t let people take the fun of art away from you.

Caimura’s Guide to Screenshots

(Updated for Patch 3.5)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great time in Eorzea with Patch 3.5! The new patch has brought a lot of changes to /gpose, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting to play around with it.

But have no fear! With just a few tips in mind, you can get started with taking some pretty cool screenshots, and pick up the rest later! :D

- Getting Started -

Taking a Screenshot
To take a screenshot, use the Take Screenshot button (Print Screen by default). You can rebind the button in Menu > Keybinds > System tab.

Screenshots will be saved to C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\screenshots by default!

Hide UI
Hiding the User Interface really helps to take good screenshots! This can be rebound in the same place mentioned above, but is Scroll Lock by default. Press it to hide the interface, press it again to show it again!

- Group Pose -

Group Pose, or gpose, is the next step in making really good screenshots. By default, It will hide your UI, add a nice depth of field effect to the camera, and make your character (and anyone in your party, friends list, or FC) face the camera. You can start Group Pose by typing /gpose and then hitting Enter.

Camera Controls.
Once in Group Pose mode, you can rotate the camera around you and zoom as normal, but you can also pan the camera around with the WASD keys. As of 3.5, you can now roll the camera with Q and E, too!

Face Camera
To make your character face the camera, press the Space Bar. To make them look in the original direction they were facing again, press the button again!

Emotes & Expressions
While in Group Pose, your character will repeat the last emote that you used, and cycle it over and over again. This is really handy for getting detailed shots or capturing a specific emote or expression.

Under your emotes tab you also have expressions! It’s easy to miss them and people sometimes forget they are there! If you use an emote, then an expression, when you enter Group Pose mode you will retain that expression while you do your emote!

Pause Motion
Pausing the motion of your character will really help capture the right moment, especially if you’re using an emote! Press the 1 key to Pause all motion of characters in gpose, or the 2 key to Pause just your character (or whichever character you have selected).

If the area you’re in is too dark, you can add a light source only visible in Group Pose mode! To do so, press X. The light source is added wherever the camera is currently located - as if you dropped it at the feet of a person “holding the camera.” This means that if you find the light too strong, you can zoom FAAAAR away and drop the light, and it will be further away and less bright!

- Group Pose Menu -

If you press in /gpose, you will open the Group Pose menu. I consider this menu the “Advanced” section for Group Pose - it is by no means necessary if you prefer to just leave it alone! If you do open the menu, remember to hide it again by pressing R before you take your screenshot!

This menu has a lot of options in it, and can look overwhelming. But it actually just expands on functions we’ve already talked about. In fact, the four buttons at the top are just the Face Camera, Lighting, and Pause Motion commands we’ve already covered!

The three tabs on the left (highlighted in blue squares above) allow you to pick between General Settings, Effect/Subject Settings, and Lighting Settings. I think I’ll cover each of these tabs in more detail in a later guide, but for now:

General Settings - Allows you to zoom/roll the camera beyond the normal limits, add Filters, turn Depth of Field on/off (the blur of stuff in the background), or add an edge-darkening effect to your picture.

Effect/Subject Settings - Allows you to play special effects on your character (such as sleep, or frozen), a Frame around your picture, and whether NPCs will face the camera when using Face Camera.

Lighting Settings - Allows you to fine tune the colour and brightness of the lighting added when using the X button to add Lighting. You can also add additional lights (up to 3)!

- What Really Matters -

Phew! I know that looks like a lot, but hopefully I’ve broken it down enough that it seems approachable.

To be honest, taking screenshots comes down to one important thing - that you have fun! Don’t worry if you’re still getting the hang of things! The best thing to do to is keep taking shots. You’ll find yourself improving in no time, and the best way to keep practicing is to keep having fun doing it.

Hopefully these tips help you create some wonderful screenshots - and more importantly, hopefully you have fun taking them! :D

Camera Days!-SFW
Camera Days!-SFW

[The First Day] Otabek has the camera!

Otabek: [Recording and whispering in Yuri’s ear] Look at the camera! Come on.

Yuri: Get that damn camera off of my face! I’m trying to sleep.

Otabek: I’m making memories.

Yuri: You see me sleeping every damn night, nothing’s gunna change.

Otabek: I love you, kitten.

Yuri: I love you too, you idiot. [laughs] Now get that camera out my face!

[Another Day] Otabek has the camera!

Otabek: Babe, look over here!

Yuri: Again? No, stop pointing that thing at me!

Otabek: Come on, you look so pretty in your swimsuit.

Yuri: Turn that thing off or else I’ll show you how much prettier I can get…

[Yet Another Day] Yuri has the camera!

Yuri: Haha! Beka, look at all the cats on you!

Otabek: Yura, they are climbing in the helmets, careful!

Yuri: [giggling] Otabek, give that one a kiss! Look, he wants to cuddle!!

Otabek: [face covered by kitties] mmpphh!!

Note: This was so cute and fun to do what the heck <3 thanks to that cute lil anon for the idea!!


“Can we do something?” Y/N groans, sprawled across the couch. “I’m bored!”

“It’s snowing outside, love. Do you really want to go outside?” Joe asks, glancing up from his computer.

“We don’t have to go outside to do something,” Tilting her head back, she meets his gaze, “I’m sure there’s something to do inside.”

“Like what?”

“Not editing.”

“I’m nearly done, so no worries there.”

“Fine. You finish editing,” She rolls off the couch and jumps to her feet, “I’ll figure out what it is that we are going to do.”

“Something the requires minimal effort!” He calls after her.

Half an hour later, she appears back in the living room, a smile on her face and her hand behind her back.

“What did you find?” Joe asks hesitantly, closing his computer.

“Something I forgot Zoe gave us for Christmas.”

“She gives us the randomest crap, so that doesn’t help.”

“Smile!” Y/N says, pulling the Polaroid camera from her back, snapping a quick picture of him.

“I wasn’t prepared!”

“Which makes it so much better,” She tells him, shaking the photograph that has slide out from the camera. When she looks at it, she bursts out laughing, handing it over to Joe who rolls his eyes.

“I look like a crazed person.”

“I like it.” She replies, falling onto the couch beside him.

“So we’re doing an impromptu photo shoot then?”

“Mhm,” Lifting the camera above them, she turns to miss Joe’s cheek, clicking the button as he feels him smile. “We need more pictures of us.”

“Or,” He grabs the camera from her as she places their new photo beside the other one on the table, “Just more pictures of you.”

“But I like your face!”

“Yours is so much prettier though.” Joe tells her, snapping a picture as Y/N blushes at his words. “Perfect.”

“You haven’t even seen it yet.”

“I don’t need too.”


“You love it.”

The couple carry on taking pictures of each other, starting with silly ones that turn into cute ones, and then Joe jokingly says he should do shirtless shirts, until Y/N encourages him, and that sets them off into a whole new type of picture taking.

Ones that would only be seen by them.

“Gods, you’re beautiful.” He mutters, looking over at her as she walks into their bedroom wearing only one of his shirts.

“Thank you, babe.” Y/N smiles softly as she walks over to Joe, who’s sat on the end of the bed, clad in only his boxers. She bends over to kiss him softly, and he briefly forgets about the camera as he pulls her onto his lap, deepening the kiss.

“Hey,” She giggles as she breaks the kiss, “We’re meant to be taking pictures.”

“Kissing is more fun though.” He mumbles, his lips traveling down to her neck, his hand inching closer up her bare thigh.“

“But think of the pictures we can take,” She replies breathlessly, shifting slightly on his lap.

“Think of the things I could do to you.”


“Fine,” He sighs, pulling back reluctantly. “Pictures. And then I want you.”

“And you’ll have me.” Y/N tells him, placing a simple kiss on his lips as she picks up the camera once again.

Later that evening, the couple lay together in bed, limbs tangled together as they look through the various photographs they had taken during the day.

“You were right,” Joe holds up one, admiring the look Y/N is giving over her shoulder in it, wearing only his shirt, hair slightly messed up, “Black and white makes it much better looking.”

“Remember, some of these are for our eyes only.”

“Who needs pictures when I have the real thing,” He smirks over at her.

“So cheesy.” She mumbles, rolling her eyes as she looks through the others.

“You love it.” He tells her, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead.

“I do. And I love this photo.” She holds up one that is of the two of them, with Joe staring fondly down at Y/N while she’s caught mid laugh.

“You looked beautiful, I had to capture it.”

“I’m glad you did.”

CV$ tips

So fun fact I work at cv$ and boy lemme tell ya. You do things right and you could take half the store. So here are some tips I can tell you from working there a year and a half 

*** please note that of course this varies by location and states in regards to lp and laws about chasing and who can lay hands on you. And every store has a different amount of cameras and a different layout. It would be in your best interest to go to a store in a “"nice”“ neighborhood


- as far as lp goes, there’s almost never anybody in the store from lp or corporate unless of course it’s predictably busy. My particular store is near a stadium so when they were going to the championships, we had lp and police stationed inside the store to stop ppl from walking out with beer. 

- if there is lp, they will be plain clothes

-cameras are not monitored unless you’re being sus, but even then it’s more likely that the manager will follow you around

- we have a no chase policy but I’ve literally seen some manager ignore this and go after them in the parking lot. They also technically cannot touch you but I’ve seen this rule broken before. But I’ve also seen a guy get stopped for beeping at the door and my manager literally see two champagne bottles in his backpack, but bc he didn’t see him conceal them, he had to let him go lol.

-in my state, it’s actually legal for managers to physically stop theft from happening, but it’s against company policy. Again, this doesn’t stop some of them.

-if you wanna return something without a recipe, we scan ids. If you paid with debit, we give cash back. Ppl return expensive medicine and vitamins all the time with receipts from the garbage and merch from another store that they lifted, and we just have to give them the return. You can get a lot of money this way, just don’t do it to frequently.

SHIFTS/best times🌞🌚

- i work in a 24 hour store, so the shifts for a store like that would be something like 2 manager in the morning, along with 3 sa’s, around 7am- 3:30/4pm. Then on week days, unless it’s expected to be busy for holidays or games, another manager comes in at 3:30/4-11/12 with 2 sa’s, one leaving about 7:30-9pm. Then it’s just one sa and one manager until the night crew comes. On weekends  There’s always two manager so and 2 sa’s before 9pm. 

-the night crews are usually facing, putting up tags or shipment. This varies by store but I would not recommend going at these times bc they are bored and pay extra close attention to ppl. It’s so so sus to go at these times for anything other than wine or beer.

- on shipment days, which where I’m at is 2 times a week, is fridays and tuesdays. The truck could come anywhere between 11am to 7pm. On these days, there is obvi more staff on the floor, but the night crew handles the majority of the unloading. Still Be careful bc the truck could come early and the managers will put it up in that case. There are also more sas these days. I’d say find out the days near you by asking something like “"you’re out of this when will you get more”

- basically if you notice only one or two sa’s, And don’t see a manager around, you’re probably good to go find a blind spot. 


- avoid pharmacy, cosmetics, liquor, allergy and electronics. Obvi this varies by store but the best places I’ve noticed to conceal is grocery, unless it’s by the door like the one in my store, cards, hair brushes, and seasonal. Just do not let anyone see you and you’ll be good. Remember that cameras are probably not monitored, but act like they are.

-rdif tags are on some cosmetics, nails, all alcohol(along with those cylindrical tops you need a magnet to get off), expensive types of vitamins and medicines, and batteries. But sometimes the towers are old and shitty like in my current store so if you conceal it under a few lays in a bag or on your person you might not even set them off. The liquor tops will always go off tho.

- if you beep, just keep walking. I know everyone says this but for real. Don’t stop. If we don’t see you conceal it, there’s nothing we can do.

-dress normally, be kind and be quick.

- DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BRING A LARGE BAG OR BACKPACK INTO THE STORE UNLESS ITS FOLDED UP IN YOUR CART/BASKET. This is an automatic red flag for us to keep an eye on you. You’re better off concealin on your body or in the restrooms. If the store has a minute clinic, then they also have a restroom. The ‘take two and put on back’ method is probably the best way to go about things.


- cameras are intimidating, but almost never monitored

- if you beep, keep walking

- As long as nobody sees you, and you don’t conceal on camera ( which I know sounds like genaric advice but avoiding sa’s is not hard at all bc we have to stay up at the front anyway) you can literally get away with so much.

-we do have pictures in the back of people involved in organized retail crime, but thats it. They pretty much stay there forever.

All in all, just be safe, use common sense and you’ll be sittin’ pretty. Of all the people we’ve caught in our store lifting, the one mistake they all made was concealing in front of someone. Not even on camera. If someone sees you, it’s over, just dump and go. Say you forgot the your card or something, ppl do that all the time. Again I work a 24/7 store so I can’t speak for stores that close or more suburban stores.

Good luck babes💖💖😘 

Dark's Heart (part 6)

Dark took you around the first floor. You go into the studio for Willford and Bim. You run around so excited looking the cameras, props, outfits, the set ,and even a stage for performances. While there you tell Willford if he still wanted to do that interview for fun.

“Yes!! My journalism skills will astound you.” Willford winks at you and drags Bim to help him set thing up.

“Why did you have to humor him…” Dark pinches the bridge of his nose already hating this.

“Come on he asked. Besides it looks fun. And how about I do this and you can go off and do your work.” You smile up a Dark. You did feel bad about keeping him from his work.

“I said it can wait. I don’t want to leave you alone with him. Who knows what will do.” Dark watches Bim set up two chairs and the lights and Willford curls his pink mustache at the ends to look good.

“Ok stay and suffer.” You laugh. You go to sit at the chair that faces Willford ready for questions.

“Will please don’t stab me at the end of this or shove a boom box in my face. I want to live to finish my shows.” You give him your pinky.

Will takes it with his, “I promise for you. But the boom box is out of my hands.” Will sits up and begins. “So (Y/N) you have become quite the internet sensation after the great boop. How are you handling your fame.”

“Well I did have a run in with some not so happy people but other than that the community thought I was really funny and thought is was brave. I mean come on look at him.” You look over at Dark. “He was asking for it.” Dark rolls his eyes.

“True true he did. Speaking of that. What exactly is this thing going on between you two hmmmm?” Will raises an eyebrow and leans in.

“O that. Yea so Dark helped me out in a situation and now I owe him. So im here til the date has been done.” You say smiling.

“Dark. That guy.” Will looks at a brooding Dark. “Helped you? Well am I in an alternate universe now? Are still talking about the same man?”

“I know right? Yes sir that guy. But you know I own him now because of it so he so planed that. But you know while I got him here mind as well have some fun with the guy.” You laugh.

“Ooooo your talking about the texting. I may have peeked at a few of those. Might I say the one about if he really is evil enough to steal candy from a baby was great.” Willford saids smiling.

“He said you did that once.” You look at Willford with a smirk.

“Hey that little brat took the last box of gummy bears. It was fair game.” Willford tries to act innocent.

“Sure keep telling yourself that.” You laugh.

“He does all the time.” Bim saids holding the boom box.

“Hey hey Willford doesn’t take shit from no one. But you get off because your so cute.” Willford winks at you. Dark glares at Willford from that.

“Anyway moving on. You have been putting quite the charms are good old Darkiplier here.” Willford tugs his suspenders.

“Really?” You look back at Dark smiling. “How so?”

“O he has toned down the evil. And I may or may not have seen a picture of you on his phone that the stares at from time to time.” Willford wiggles his mustache.

“We are done here.” Dark tugs you out of the seat. “Lets go.”

You tug back. “Wait I want to hear more about this. its very interesting!” You tease Dark.

Dark picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. He gave no choice and takes you out of the studio. You yell back at Will and Bim that you had fun. Dark leads you to where the Googles take care of all the electronics and technology of the house. You go to Green, Red, and Yellow and ask who was the cutest out of the four. Green and Red said Yellow instantly and you laugh telling Yellow he was a sweet cinnamon roll. Dark takes you away again still over his shoulder to his office and only backs in for a peek and then takes you away. Then you look at Dr.Iplier’s clinic to be greeted by him looking at you and Dark with a confused expression. He gives you a lollypop and you reach for it but Dark whisks you away before you could get it. You act like a kid and repeatedly smack his back saying no fair. He said he doesn’t care and lets you continue to smack him, he smiles at your attempts to hurt him. He makes his way to the garage and you get a peek at the cars; one pink, another sleek black, a old truck, and a van. Next is the kitchen he only makes a walk around and you look around and then he heads upstairs.

“Hey are you going to put me down soon? Aren’t you tired?” You ask.

“Are you questioning my strength?” Dark chuckles. “Please this is nothing. Although maybe you should consider losing a few pounds.”

You smack him again. “Rude!!” Dark actually laughs. It takes you by surprise and it makes your heart skip a beat at the sound of him laughing softly. You smile happily to yourself.

Dark only walks around to show each ego’s door to their room. The others poke their heads out of their rooms to see Dark walk down the hall with you over his shoulder. Host doesn’t look out his room but can hear your voices pass his room and he opens the door to his room. “Host has the list that (Y/N) wanted for books… (Y/N) is in a states where they can not take anything at the moment however.” Host holds the list to himself.

“Oooo I want it!! Please!!” You beg Dark to let you down. He does without question and you walk up to Host. He holds out the list and you take it carefully from his hands. “Thank you so much Host. I will read them all!!” You hug Host happily. He is taken back by it but he returns the hug shyly. You let him go and Dark drags you again. This time Ed pops his head out of his room with his calculations to prices for your games. You take it and hug him too and he bear hugs you. Dark growls at that and takes you again. You keep getting stopped by the others and you hug them all after talking to them. Dark finally had it and scoops you up again and takes you to his room.

His room is gray with all black modern style furniture. He has another smaller desk by a wall and beside it is a book shelf. A window that looks outside the front yard with a good view of the sun setting. He has a simple entertainment center with a flat screen T.V and the foot of his bed is facing it. Beside his bed is a small table with a lamp and his closet is open to show it is a walk in one.

“Fancy. Its so.. Dark.” You say with a sophisticated tone.

“You actually went there.” Dark groans. He puts you down infront of him. He didn’t realize how close you were to him when he put you down. You were inches from each others faces. Your chest and his are practically against each other. Dark can feel your chest go out when you take a breath and he can clearly see the color of your eyes picking out every shade. You can see his eyes too, thinking they were black but then realize they have hints of brown to them. You both look at each other for a while then you turn your head and see music sheets on Dark’s small desk.

“You write music?” You tilt your head. You walk to his desk and pick it up.

“I do at times. Helps me relax.” Dark watches you looking through the paper.

“You relax? That’s rare.” You say still skimming through the paper. “Can I have a demo?” You look at Dark with a tilt head and soft smile.

The smile did it for him. That dam smile he thought. He takes your hand and pulls you into his void and your now in his office. You look around more. A large desk in the center of the room and a larger bookshelf off to the side filled with books and binders. then you notice the piano at the corner. You walk over to it, its so pretty and smooth and of course its black.

Dark sits on the bench and looks at you. “Well?” You sit beside him. He puts the sheet music up and puts his hands on the keys. His hands move so gracefully along the keys. The tone starts off heavy like a storm and then hits a high point. It goes deeper and deeper then suddenly stops and transitions to a lighter tone. You look up at Dark, his eyes are closed and he focuses on the keys. The sound is so sweet now and calming. It gives off a feeling of being content and at peace. It ends with a soft tone and Dark opens his eyes and looks down at the keys.

“Wow… that was amazing. Does it have a name?” You look at him curious.

Dark looks at you. “It doesn’t. I don’t usually name them.”

“Well you should. Gives it good meaning.” You smile up at him.

Dark studies you. You put your attention to the piano and play some keys randomly. He looks at your eyes, down to your hands on the keys, and then up to your lips. He just focuses on your lips remembering when he brushed his thumb over them as you slept. They felt so warm and soft, it felt different to him. He touched his own while you were distracted, more firm and cold. He had the sudden urge to test if he can warm his with yours. Dark faces you and leans in slowly his other hand beginning to reach your cheek to make you face him. But then your phone goes off making him back off.

“O shit its late!! I really should get going now.” You look at Dark having no clue what he was trying to do. “Umm do you think you can just plop me back home?" 

Dark looks at you for a while longer before he answers. "If it gets you out of here sooner be my guest.” He snaps his fingers and a void pops up. You sit up and walk to it nervous. “Im not going to send you to a different dimension if that what you are wondering.”

“Somewhat disappointing but ok.” You poke your head into it and are greeted with your bedroom. You come back out and face Dark. “Thanks for the tour. Your house is very lively. Got to end this last day with a bang right?”

Dark remembers the date is tomorrow. The last day he will see you. “If that’s what you say then. Im just going to be glad to rid of you at this point.”

“Awwww your so going to miss me. who else will send you all the texts and important phone calls.” You laugh. “Goodnight Darkiplier. See you tomorrow for our date.” You walk into the void and it disappears once you make it to your room. You get into pajamas and lay in bed. You start to think of all the fun you had and get sad. You don’t want it to end. You think of Dark more and cuddle into your pillow more and blush thinking of his eyes.

Dark sits at his piano. He plays the soft part of the song he played for you slowly. He runs a hand through his hair frustrated. He thinks to himself why he almost tried to kiss you, why did he even think of it. Your date was it, your final day with him and he had been wanting to get it over with. Now he wants you to stay longer. To make an excuse to prolong it but he cant think of a good reason why. He begins to play a new tune he made on the spot. It sounds so soft and lovely. Comparing it to a feeling of longing and needing of you. It was a clear feeling of wanting you near him. Dark stops and takes out a pencil and writes down the notes.

Dark feels it again that thing in his chest thumping away. He clenches his chest, why does it do that the thinks. There it goes.

Thump Thump. He pictured your eyes.

Thump thump* He pictured your face.

Thump Thump* He sees your smile.

Thump Thump Thump* He thinks of how you feel so close to him.

Thump Thump Thump* Your lips so soft.

Thump Thump Thump Thump* The thought of his lips crushing into yours.

“(Y/N)…. why do you do this to me…” Dark whispers.


Pairing: FakeAH!Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,823

Warnings: Violence, swearing

Part One (Two) (Three)

You woke up disoriented, head spinning, stomach churning, and surrounded by a complete darkness. At first, you thought maybe this was a nasty hangover, and the duvet was tangled around your body; but then you went to throw it off, and you realized you couldn’t move your arm. Why couldn’t you move? You began struggling, pulling and tugging, only to find you couldn’t move any of your limbs. You were tied down, rope burning your skin.

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How I imagined it before I saw it (yeah I was way off but my version is more fun).

“Hey, you!”

“Hey,  sweetie! Are you busy?”

Misha laughs,  side eyeing the camera currently on him,  knowing that some 70 thousand people are witnessing this conversation. “Uh– just doing some GISHWHES stuff.  What’s up?”

“Ha! I know,  I’m watching you right now” Danneel giggles slyly. 

That makes Misha turn away a second and press the phone closer to his ear. He was panting from running all over this field, but now he’s starting to pant for a whole new reason. “Oh?”

“No! Turn back around! You look so good … although the back of you isn’t bad at all.”

The woman’s voice is a lecherous purr, and it instantly makes Misha spin back– which might not have been the best idea considering his cock is already starting to twitch.  He clears his throat “So … what’s up?”

Danneel giggles again, “Aww, are you blushing? It’s hard to tell.”

“Uh …” Misha fidgets a little,  suddenly feeling very exposed. 

But thankfully,  Danneel has a sixth sense for Misha’s limitations, unlike her husband. “Okay, okay … I just wanted to ask if you and the mrs. wanted to come up with Jensen and me to scope out a few places that might sell the Family Business brews. We were going to make a day of it. Lunch … dinner … a cozy hotel room when we’re all done.” Danneel’s voice sings softly across the line, caressing his ear with warmth, comfort and familiarity. "How does that sound?“

"I wanna do that!” he squeaks,  a bit too enthusiastically. 


“Count me in.”

“Great! We’ll be getting in tomorrow around noon. So Jensen and I will pick you guys up by one.”

Misha’s smile nearly cracks his face in two. “Okay, that sounds like fun” he says after another beat, still trying to be mindful of the camera. 

“I’m glad, baby – because, you’re looking so good and tan. I can’t wait to get my hands on you …”

Misha swallows hard. Evil, gorgeous woman! He’s quickly praying that his acting will be convincing.  "Alright.  See you soon.“

"The things I’m going to have Jensen do to you …”

Misha nearly whines. “Okay … bye.

“Vicki and I have already been tossing around some fun new ideas. You boys are going to be begging us to let you–”

Misha stares at the camera hard,  forcing a smile as he nods and hangs up. “That was Danneel, Jensen’s wife” he announces, knowing that she’ll make him pay for that later – but he hopes that the woman is still watching the livestream, so that she can see it in his face – he’s truly looking forward to whatever punishment her beautiful mind can conceive.


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Fools II Jaspar fanfiction

When Josh meets Joe for the first time, he is already sick of hearing his name because Caspar never shuts up about amazing, talented, phenomenal Joe Sugg; and it takes him a long time to understand what it is between Joe and Caspar, and when he does, he wonders when they will understand themselves.
Or: the tale of how Caspar Lee fell in love with Joe Sugg, told by Joshua Pieters.

Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me and obviously none of this is true. All events depicted here are purely fictional.

Chapter 2: Shift

A/N: Back at it again

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Helping Positions Avaliable for #TidesofHetalia

International Jobs

•Graphic artists

A. Designing merchandise to raise money
B. Creating graphics to advertise, plus drawing things to use as graphics in the video editing

Social media managers
A. Manage a tumblr, Facebook, and maybe Instagram or something???

A. Tying together the clips to music and adding special effects
B. 3d??? If you have this skill it would be awesome

• Thumbnail and story team
A. I want this video to tell some sort of a story! This is going to be just like thumbnails for animation projects

A. Dance choreography
B. Fake combat choreography
C. Any sort of specialized equipment dance

Formal letter writing team
A. If you’re good at writing letters, grants, and essays, then you can join this team and write letters to businesses asking for their donations and help!

Prop makers (this can be done anywhere as long as you are willing to ship what you make)
A. Weapons making
B. Prosthetic making

Wig/Cosplay making/prepping (same as above, you must be able to ship)
A. Designing and shading/highlighting wigs

• Management team
A. Coordinating posts with letters and shipping props. Basically supervisors

• Donation management
A. Researching which non-profits are best to use
B. Working with them to manage and track donations
C. Manage the money we raise from selling merchandise

Local jobs (must be able to reach southern Maryland once maybe two times)

•Cosplayers (this is the only job where we will turn people down for repeats, etc. Also, you will likely have to make it here the most, second to maybe the camera team. Send a picture of your costume to us if you have one!)
A. Of course, countries that WERE pirates
B. If you want to get creative and do something else though go ahead (ie. China or Russia)!
C. Also mermaids and other mythical or fun things that go with the theme!

•Makeup artists
A. FTM/MTF and other stage makeup
B. OR special effects, body paint, and prosthetics (especially for a possible UV scene and a mermaids!!!)

Wig artists
A. Anyone who can style a wig and help Cosplayers get them on, and attach them well so they don’t fall off. This isn’t designing the wig, just getting it on and making it look good.

Dance/combat/musicians (can also be Cosplayers)
A. If you have any sort of special skills, can dance well or take a martial arts class or can play an instrument. You can do this and another job! It’s just important for me to know. If we have a fire dancer or a color guard pro we need to work it into the story

•Video and photography team
A. Exactly what it sounds like; recording and taking photos. Having your own camera isn’t necessary but if you do have one let us know!

A. literally you just run around and keep track of what happens and how and send it to the social media managers

Each of these jobs is a great opportunity for you to grow your experience and get resume pieces in your field! I will personally write you a letter of recommendation and answer phone calls from potential jobs or colleges telling how much you did to help us.

Message/submit to me with what job you want to do and I will add you to the Discord Chat I set up!!!

If there are any other skills you think you can use let me know in the message! Think you can do multiple jobs? That’s no problem either! Just let me know!

blushy-mark  asked:

Ok but from the Wilf interviewing Jack thing... that got me thinking, we don't know much about Bubblegum Bitch, right? What if he can like,, bring out Anti somehow? And he wanted to interview Jack to bring the glitchy boy out? You know, just for the fun of staring chaos... ((IM STARTING TO GET INTO THE THEORIES MAN, THEYRE CONSUMING ME))

We know that he has canonically killed people and can apparently do something with time? fuckin wizard

y o okay Wilford works with cameras and technology and that’s what Anti is like, BASED around. AND he’s a journalist/reporter which means more attention, WHICH MEANS MORE POWER AH YES