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Sharpie Promises

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Raphael x Reader

Sharpie Promises

Note: I don’t know if I’ll publish this or not, but basically, I’m a ho for TMNT and soulmate AUs and I’ve never seen a TMNT Soulmate AU, so here you go. It’s the 2k14/2k16 turtles btw. Idk. I might do more of these if you guys like it.

Raphael wasn’t human. He had struggled with this, but had eventually come to terms with the fact. He didn’t have a soulmate and he wouldn’t ever find love. Not in a world full of humans. He tried to be all right with it. Keyword: tried.

It wasn’t until he was working out one day that he felt something cold and wet travelling across his left forearm. Just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. He removed his three-fingered hands from the weight he had been lifting and sat up to examine it.


Messy black letters written in Sharpie. His green eyes narrowed. What was this? He had never felt or seen anything like this. But there it was, plain as day on his arm. He stared at it, afraid that the words would disappear, but no. They stayed right where they were. And then soon after, more appeared from nowhere, as though a ghost was writing on his arm with an invisible marker.

So, it’s like three in the morning here and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but um, hi.

A long pause. Raph stared in amazement, too shocked to say anything.

You’re probably asleep, aren’t you? Dammit. Well, um…bye, I guess.

He had never run so fast in his life.

“Woah, woah, watch it!” Donnie raised his arms as Raph pushed his chair away from his station and grabbed a Sharpie, pulling off the cap between his teeth and scrawling in the empty space on his arm.



Your heart raced as a response finally appeared.


Big, messy letters that you could tell had been written in a rush.

I’m here. Who are you? What’s happening?

You stared at the letters, the handwriting. Your stomach dropped, the nerves kicking in. This was it. This was your soulmate. You had no idea how this worked. No one did, but it worked, and that was all that mattered. A magical pen-pal from far away, probably. Why anyone would be up at this ungodly hour besides you was beyond you. But now you had to reply. You turned over your arm to write back.

I’m (Y/N). Your soulmate, I think. I don’t know…this is what everyone else does, but I’ve always been too shy to try.



Raph’s heart skipped a beat when the word was written on his arm. Soulmate. He had a soulmate. He actually had…Oh my God.

“Raph, are you crying?” Mikey asked, looking up at his older brother, whose eyes certainly looked a little misty.

“N-no. I just got dirt in my eye. Go away.” He sniffled and smiled.

“Whatcha doin’?” the youngest turtle looked over Raph’s shoulder and scanned a few words before he raised his arm far above Mikey’s head, but he had already seen it. Soulmate. “You…you have a soulmate?”

“I guess so.” Raph shrugged. By now, Donnie and Leo were paying attention to what was happening.

“You have a what?” Donnie’s head snapped around. He pulled down Raph’s arm to examine it. But there it was, plain as day. What the internet described as a ‘soulmate exchange’. “I didn’t think it was scientifically possible for you…for us to have…”

“Are you serious?” Leo came over to look.

“What do I look like? A freakin’ museum?” Raph snapped. “Now go away. I gotta write ‘er back.” The others gave him some space as he walked over to the couch and sat down, the tip of the Sharpie hovering over his green arm.

Soulmate, huh? Did think I had one of those. Name’s Raphael. Nice to meet ya.


What are you, a renaissance artist? Lol JK

Something like that.

So where are you from, Mr. Renaissance Artist?

New York, New York.

Seattle, Washington. Well, this might be a little complicated, huh?

Something like that…


You wrote to Raphael until the sun came up and then you crashed. You had thought it was a dream until you saw the words written there the next morning. You had a soulmate. His name was Raphael. He was from New York.

But at least he existed. It could be a lot worse.

It wasn’t until about noon, three o’clock there, that you wrote to him again, after having wiped your arm off to give you more room to write.

Good morning.

You wake up at noon?

Only when I’m up until sunrise talking to my soulmate.

Fair enough.

So how’s your day been?


Fair enough.


Leo, Donnie, and Mikey were all bunched behind Raphael to watch.

“Go away!”

“Dude, we just wanna watch.” Mikey whined.

“Go! Away!”

“All right, sheesh,” Donnie walked back to his lab, and Leo and Mikey reluctantly walked away.


He wrote.

What’cha wanna talk about?

I don’t know.

What’s it like in Seattle?

Rainy. What’s it like in New York?

Noisy. He replied, a smirk spreading across his scarred lips. How old are you?



Nice. How tall are you?

Like 6’5”-ish.

Holy shit! You’re gonna have to bend down to kiss me.

Kiss you. He was going to kiss you. Eventually. A new concept. Butterflies spread through his stomach, but he tried to play it off.

You a shorty?

Compared to you, yeah. Always had a thing, for tall guys, though. No worries. ;)

He smiled.

Got any hobbies? You asked.

Ninjitsu, bein’ a giant mutant turtle, etc…

Uh, I knit sometimes. And I work out. A lot.

Mr. Muscles the Knitting Renaissance Artist. You keep getting better and better.

So what do you do for fun, Shorty in Seattle?

Oh you know, read, write, spend ungodly amounts of time on the internet.

Sounds fun.

It is. So, anyways, I’ve been looking into New York travel recently (and by recently I mean right now immediately) for reasons, you know. Anyway, what area of New York should I travel to in…ten months when I go to college (that I’ve just applied to) there?


After a long day of talking to you and patrolling and trying to work out, Raph was exhausted. He laid in his top bunk, reading your ramble with a smile.

After replying, he knew it was time to go to sleep.

I’m wiped. I gotta sleep.

Oh, okay. Goodnight Raph.

Night, (nickname).

I love you.

His heart skipped a beat.

I love you too.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Already countin’ down the days, babe.

Me too.


Weeks later, you got an idea.

So, theoretically, if I were to Skype you, would you pick up?

I don’t have a Skype.

I want to hear your voice.

I can call you, if you want. I just don’t do video chats?


Because I’m a giant freaking mutant turtle and I don’t want my soulmate to hate and/or be afraid of me.

I want to see you for the first time in person.

All right then. Here’s my number.

You waited in bated breath for your phone to ring, and then suddenly it did. Your thumb hovered above the accept button. You felt like your whole body was trembling.

“Hey there.” You could hear the shaking in your voice. He chuckled, and already you loved the sound of his laugh.

“Hey yourself,”

“Oh my God, I love your voice.” You gushed.

“I love yours too, shorty.”

“Aaaaah! Your accent is so hot!”

“Heh, yeah.” He smiled.

“Ooh, are you talking to (Y/N)?” Mikey asked. “Can I say hi?”

“No, you can’t. Shoo.”

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“My little brother.” Mikey tried to reach up and grab Raph’s phone, but he squirmed away from him. “Mikey, go away!”


“Go away!”

“I wanna say hi to your girlfriend!!”

“Mikey, leave Raph alone.” Leo smirked from across the lair. The youngest brother left, deflated.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Where were we?”

“I was gushing over your very attractive voice, Mr. Muscles.”

“Ah. Right.” He tried not to blush and failed miserably. A slow smirk snuck across his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too!”


“Did you get it yet?” Raph called you a few months before you were supposed to arrive. As the day approached, he got more and more anxious. You would be here in New York and he wouldn’t be able to skirt around the truth anymore. He was a giant turtle and you were a human girl. It wasn’t going to work out.

But nonetheless, he had sent you something. Something to remember him by if it didn’t work out, he supposed.

“It came in today! I haven’t opened it yet, though. I’m going to right now. Give me a sec, I’m gonna put you on speaker.”

“All right.” Raph listened as you set down your phone and put him on speaker. Then came the noise of you cutting the tape and opening the small cardboard box and sifting through the tissue paper.

“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I love it! You really made this?”

“I did.” He smirked. You held up the perfect little pendant. A polished wooden turtle that Raphael had carved himself. It hung from a simple twine string. You put it on immediately, tying the necklace around your neck. You let your fingers run over all of the intricate little grooves.

“I’m never taking it off, I hope you know that.”

“I’m flattered.” He chuckled. “I can’t wait to see how it looks on ya.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

A nervous little laugh.

“Yeah. Pretty soon, now.”

“It couldn’t come soon enough.” You smiled warmly. “It’s late. I’m gonna get some sleep. Exams tomorrow and then I’m out of school for the summer. And then, only two months until I get to see you.”

“Well, you rest up, shorty. Get good grades. I don’t want ya to fail.”

“Good night. I love you.”

“I love ya too. Night.”

When he hung up, he stared at the ceiling. God, what was he gonna do?


You were full of jitters when you landed in New York two short months later. The time had crawled by so slow, but you passed the time. And now you were here, the center of the modern world.

“I’m here! I just landed! When do you want to meet up?”

“Um, how about you get settled? Go to your apartment or whatever. I’ll come over tonight.”

“Okay.” Your heart raced. “Okay. I’ll see you then. I’ll uh, get you the address once I find it.”

“Sounds like a plan. Stay safe. I’ll see ya tonight.”

“See you.” When you hung up, Raph started to pace through the lair.

“I’m going to see her tonight. Oh my God. She’s gonna find out I’m a giant turtle and she’s gonna hate me.”

“Statistically, after ten months of-”

“No more science bulllshit, Don! I’m a freak! She’s gonna run screamin’ and I’ll never see her again!”

“It’ll be fine, Raph. You’re over reacting. As usual.” Leo’s tone was cool, annoyed. “She loves you. We’d have to be blind not to see that.”

“I guess we’ll find out tonight, huh?” He slumped onto the couch, a deep dread setting in. Tonight was not going to be pretty. He knew it.


After you had unpacked and met your roommate, a very nice woman named April who had been searching for a roommate for some time now, you called Raph and gave him an address. He asked about how things were and so you told him about your roommate. He chuckled. Well, that might make things a little easier. He told you he wasn’t far and he would be over in a few.

“Who’s that?” April asked after you hung up.

“My soulmate. He’s the reason I moved here, actually. He’s coming here if that’s okay.”

“More than fine with me.” She smiled. “What’s his name?”

“Raphael.” You told her. Her face lit up in surprise. Now the turtle necklace she had complimented you on when you walked in made a whole lot of sense. She doubted that you knew why though.

So this was the (Y/N) he had talked about. His soulmate. Shorty from Seattle.

“Nice name.”

“I know, right?” Your phone buzzed. “Oh my God, it’s him.”

“Hey babe, come outside.” You stood there in confusion for a second. “Fire escape.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll be down in a sec.” You nodded, tucking the phone away. Your heart raced as you climbed out the window and down the metal fire escape to the alley below. There, in the shadows stood a very tall, very large silhouette.

“Hey there.” It was him. His voice. In person. “I uh, I need ya to promise me something, gorgeous.”


“Just…p-promise you won’t scream.”

“Why would I-?”


“I promise.” You stated certainly.

“I, uh, I ain’t exactly…normal.”

“I love you, Raph.”

“You won’t when you see me.” His voice was quiet as all of his insecurities came to the surface.

“Raphael,” You reached out for him, hand forward for a long few moments until his three-fingered green one met it, pressing against it like Tarzan and Jane. Something familiar and something foreign. You gasped quietly, but when he moved to pull away, you gripped one of his large fingers. “Please.”

He let out a long sigh, considering bolting then and there, but he gave in and took a few slow, heavy steps out of the dark to where you could see him. Your soulmate was a giant mutant turtle. He waited for the sting of rejection, for the tears of disappointment streaming down your cheeks, but they never came. Instead, you pulled his muscular arms around yourself, clinging to him as though this was your last chance. He held you tight against his plastron, his knees giving out in the wave of relief that washed over him. Raph buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you felt hot tears against your skin.

Thank you.” A broken whisper from his scarred lips. “Thank you.”

“I love you.” You kissed his cheek and then his forehead, and you lifted his face to look at the green face under the tattered red bandana.

“All ‘uh this don’t bug you?” He asked, tear-filled green eyes searching yours. “You don’t care that I’m a freak?”

“You’re not a freak, Raphael.” The feeling of your soft skin against his face drove him up the wall in the best possible way. “Not to me.”

“Are ya just sayin’ that because I’m your soulmate?”

“I mean it.” You locked eyes with him and he felt as though you were staring into his soul. His smile was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. Curiosity sparked behind your eyes as you examined every inch of him, taking him in. “What are you?”

There wasn’t hatred or fear in your voice, only awe.

“I’m a mutant. A turtle. Hence the uh-” he motioned to the necklace around your neck. “That.”

“I love turtles,” You whispered as you kissed his snout. You were so close. So close he could just about…

You closed the gap between you, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He didn’t know how to respond, but followed his instincts and tried his hardest to kiss you back. His large hands held your hips and your small hands framed his jaw before moving to his shoulders, fingers gently searching the terrain of his shell.

When you finally pulled away from him, you looked at him for a long time.

“Hey do you wanna come up for pizza?” April called down from the apartment window.

“Yeah, sure April. Are the guys coming?”

“Just got off the phone with Leo. They’re on their way.”

“Wait, you two know eachother?” You asked. Raph smiled and shrugged, finally getting to his feet and taking you with him. God, he was so tall.

“We go way back.” April smiled. “I named him.”


“Long story. Come on, shorty.” He picked you up off of the ground as if you weighed nothing and carried you on his hip, your feet dangling a foot in the air. “’Bout time you met my brothers, huh?”


After you had met his brothers and enjoyed some celebratory pizza, the six of you had settled down to watch a movie. At the moment, Raph was spread out on the couch with you laying on top of him and a cozy red blanket draped over both of you. He nuzzled into your neck as your hands traced gentle circles on his plastron.

“I love you, Raphael.” You kissed his jaw. He hummed contentedly.

“I love you too, soulmate.” The word had never sounded so right.

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Painting: Over the Garden Wall

This past weekend was my sister’s birthday–we had fun trying and failing to do so many Seattle things. Summer weekends, my friends, are not the time to go up in the Space Needle.

We had watched “Over the Garden Wall” awhile ago, and it is probably my favorite of the new wave of cartoons. For my sister it’s between this and Steven Universe, but I already made her one of those :P.

rileyfantasmius  asked:

Hello Lady of Manners! I'll be visiting Seattle for the first time in my life soon, and was wondering if you knew of any spooky/cool places to visit! Thank you so much!

I was pretty sure I’d answered a similar question, so I went looking! Here are my answers from that, updated:

  • Pike Place Market is very touristy, but for a reason! It has lots of cool shops and vendors (including my fave local herbalist, Tenzig Momo), and it’s one of the most haunted places in the city! Take the ghost tour, you won’t be disappointed.
  • The Seattle Underground Tour is another “touristy” thing, but it’s a lot of fun. Plus, wandering through the mysterious remains of the old city is pretty spooky. (If you do take the tour, spare a moment to think of your Auntie Jilli in her mid 20s, wandering through parts of the Underground that aren’t on the tour, in a long black velvet dress and pointy boots, tarot cards in her purse, a flickering candle in her hand. Yes, that is how I spent some evenings Back In The Day, because there were a group of us who had an astonishing lack of common sense, and an incurable sense of gothy adventure.)
  • We have a bunch of interesting spooky/oddity stores, including The Belfry, Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, and of course, Gargoyles Statuary, which is one of my favorite places to browse and shop.
  • We have the Arboretum! A huge nature conservatory/park with oodles of walking paths. I go there at least once every autumn, so I can scuffle through heaps of fallen leaves.
  • We have lovely cemeteries, including Lakeview (where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried), and Evergreen-Washelli.
  • The Frye Museum has free admission, and always has interesting exhibits.
  • Not particularly spooky, but our zoo and aquarium are wonderful.
  • We have a lot of good thrift stores scattered all over the city; mostly Goodwill and Value Village stores, but with some independent ones (which constantly pop up and then vanish, so I’m not going to name any). 

Happy October! from @OldSchoolPinUps @oldschoolpinups @lancewagnerphotography wearing @orchardcorset 

Where the signs should go
  • Aries: White sands, New Mexico. Where there will be nothing for you to do but breathe, for your environment will be vacant and lonely, you will face inner demons while the sand whips around you and the heat pulls you in to a space of rare and magnificent thinking.
  • Taurus: la villa del libro, bookstore in Spain, another landscape filled with quiet, it will be a chance for you to breathe in rare and unusual books, meet unusual and beautiful people and expand your voice and mind to a place you thought impossible.
  • Gemini: Rainbow, a small town in Victoria Australia, you could say there is not a whole lot special about it, but what you need is the feel of a small town and the quiet of beautiful gardens that touch your soul in a way that transforms you and leaves you with a mark, an adventure you will not soon forget.
  • Cancer: Paradise Cove, a hidden swimming hole in Florissant Colorado, you will find peace in the rushing water and the glory of friends surrounding you, it will be out of your comfort zone but if you feel ready strip your clothes and jump into the beautiful water and allow yourself to free of worries and take in air of chilly cold and enjoy it, enjoy what you have faced and let every thought pour out into the water.
  • Leo: Dough, a doughnut shop in New York City, noise and hustle will take over and taste and satisfaction may win your mind, but let it roll away to somewhere else, be in the busy center of it all but find how you can take all the sound and put it in a box allow yourself to absorb your surroundings, take in every little detail and allow every beauty in every ugly thing to truly come through.
  • Virgo: Swanton berry farm in Davenport, CA. How much better can picking fresh fruit be? Maybe the wonders of all the other foods and drinks they sell, maybe just nature itself! Dance along the dirt roads, pretend no one is watching, enjoy every bite of every fresh fruit you get to have, don't fight the enjoyment around you, allow it to be thee, indulge yourself.
  • Libra: Olympic national park, Washington. Where beautiful waterfalls and friendships come together, don't worry about anyone else allow this to be your moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you, dip your feet in water when possible and dance along to the water that drips kindly beside you.
  • Scorpio: The Bavarian forest Bavaria, Germany. Where else do you belong but somewhere as beautiful and unique as you, climb to the top of the magnificent tree top walk, find every part hidden inside you as you take one step further.
  • Sagittarius: Disney world, Florida. Yes typical I know, what you need is fun, what you are is fun, so go, and laugh and don't worry about those around you who bother you, rather focus on the joy and fun you are having, don't even think about those you dislike, don't judge, do your best to be free and flowing with nothing else but pure happiness.
  • Capricorn: Seattle public library, Washington. This library is endless, just as your mind is, let all inspiration come forth to you, breathe every ounce of ideas in and go crazy with the magnificent brain you have.
  • Aquarius: Shakespeare globe, Bankside London. Go to a show, watch the beauty, watch your beauty, feel the glee inside you and remember how important it is to keep that with you throughout life, even when things are hard take this as a lesson of beauty being there even when it is so hard to see, take this in keep that happiness as your secret power.
  • Pisces: Butchart gardens, Canada. You are a flower yourself, ethereal and kind, you deserve to be free like a flower, you often hold yourself to a level, hard on yourself about a lot, here forget all of that and take yourself to a place of calm and peace, those things do not exist in this garden, be entirely with the beauty, become the flower you are already meant to be.

scarlett-jodamnson  asked:

Hey, man I'm thinking of going to pax east next year but staying for a week rather than the weekend, would it be worth it? Is there fun stuff in Seattle?

You mean west? There’s probably plenty of stuff for you to do in Seattle, you could wonder the city for a day or two and probably be pretty good after that, then head out to a trail or something and get some hiking or something in. Since I live here I actually don’t know all the ‘super touristy’ things that you should do, but i’m sure there’s plenty, especially if you go to PAX for a couple of the days too.

Reblog or like this before April 5th and I'll put your URL somewhere around Seattle.

I’ve been seeing these types of things floating around Tumblr and I saw that arcticxash was doing one around LA. So I thought it would be cool to do one around Seattle.  

So if you reblog or like this post before April 5th then I will write your url down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere around Seattle with some tape for the people of Seattle to see. 

I’ll take some pictures of where I put your piece of paper and tag your url as well. :) (Just like arcticxash)

So what are you waiting for? Reblog or like and let’s get this party started. Wooooo! :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think you might plan another meetup this year in Burbank?

Hmm… I don’t know! Last year’s one was really fun, but it was mostly a lot of Bright Sessions fans there to talk to Lauren & the Bright Sessions cast. Plus we’re pretty busy making the new season, plus we’re already set to appear at PodCon in Seattle in December. 

Even if we did have the time for it, I’m not entirely sure there’s enough interest in just us, without TBS (who are also going through the exact same things, new season + PodCon).

But prove me wrong and I’ll be happy to put something together!

till the middle of the night

it is your friendly not so friendly, depending on the mood but i try not to show my bad side to most people, acquaintance, xave. you may know me, you may not. but since my name has been thrown out there, the puzzle should piece together quite nicely, however that is not why i am here. i am here to ask for your guidance in this thing called rping. to start off, some of byungcheol’s info can be found under the cut, everything else is pretty much still under construction, especially his more detailed biography/basic about pages

now shall we have fun? if you wanna plot or something, you can like this and i’ll come rolling into your dms, or if you’d like, you can request for my twitter and we can do the plotting there, alternatively you can also comment with an activity and i can write a starter off of it?

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@gumballgladiator tagged me in a thing! 

1. If you could trade lives with one person for one day, who would it be?

Oh boy, let me think, my friend over at Star Trek: Discovery probably haha. Let me write an episode goddammit. Even a day in that writers room would be cool. 

If not her, Ira Behr back when he was running DS9. 

2. Do you believe in ghosts?

I’m open to most things. But I don’t go out of my way to believe in those things. (Fun story: I’ve been ghost hunting in the catacombs of Seattle once. That was fun.)

3. Do you like your food sweet or savory?


4. Dream job regardless of skills/qualifications?

Showrunner of a Star Trek show. More than anything. 

5. Favorite book?

Don’t have one! But my favorite writer is Terry Prachett. And the book I’m currently reading is ‘Cloud Atlas’.

6. Song that always gets up pumped up and improves your mood?

(I’m gonna list more than one cause I feel like it0. It’s a lot of Bowie.)

Action this Day- Queen

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)- David Bowie

Suffragette City- David Bowie

7. Three foods that you could never give up?

  • Curry
  • Mashed Potatoes 
  • Macaroons

8. Favorite holiday?

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

9. Who would you love to see in concert?

  • Florence + Machine 
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Struts
  • Lady Gaga
  • Beyonce 
  • King Crimson (This one especially, oh my god. This band is one of the greatest bands of all time. And that’s no exaggeration.)

10. What would be the perfect Friday night?

I already have perfect Friday nights! Playing D&D with my friends. :)

Alright, my turn. 

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 
  2. What would the perfect Friday night be?
  3. If you could trade lives with anyone, who would it be? 
  4. What was the last movie/book/tv show that made you cry? 
  5. What’s something that you do to make you happy when you’re sad? 
  6. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
  7. Cake or death? 
  8. To be or not to be?
  9. Cats or dogs? 
  10. In three words, what’s your aesthetic? 

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I noticed that we have gotten a lot of new followers lately, though I’m not sure precisely why so many have show up all at once! But regardless of how you found this tumblr, WELCOME!

This used to be the tumblr for news about the Sherlock Seattle Convention, which is sadly now defunct. However! We do post all kinds of Sherlock things here, from the original canon stories through the various movies and shows that have come since then. We also do a super fun card exchange for Halloween, December (i.e. the Festival Card exchange) and Valentines Day. I encourage you to sign up for those as they are really great! We’ll be opening sign ups for the next one after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!



These were the cards that we sent out this year - made, of course, by the amazing inchells! :D 84 cards sent in all! And I have to say, I am incredibly impressed by the artistry and creativity that has been sent in return! So many wonderful cards and gifts and special treats! WOW!

I hope to scan them all in and post pictures starting next week, just so everyone can see all the cool things that people sent! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Sherlock Seattle Valentine Exchange! I hope you feel as much love as I do right now! :D

anonymous asked:

what's the point in life if no one cares?

Life isn’t about anyone else besides you….well of course I don’t know the “official point of life” but there are unlimited different answers….just give it time. You will grow and learn and understand more. Lately I’ve found that listening to ESPN Sports Radio and walking to the corner store while it’s raining are the most captivating and beautiful things to me. For me…sometimes it feels like a cycle of trying to appreciate the beauty and be reckless and creative here in Portland until I go back home to Seattle once a month and rest and be around my family. There is always something to look forward to. You are alive to experience everything…you can do whatever you want….you can look at it all as a joke and just have fun….it doesn’t matter lol. Most people don’t know you or care about you unless you are a celebrity…but there are absolutely people close to you that care about you, and truly those are the ones that actually matter and bring real warmth. Meeting expectations or impressing people is nice but it’s superficial and vapid and you always will want more. Treasure the things that are close and personal to you…and be excited for whatever the future is. You are going to meet people and your life is going to change and you are going to change and your mind and opinions will be different and you are probably going to find a million reasons to live. Another thing I believe is…50% of our life is just about making the world better and improving life and making sure humanity is sustainable for the people after us. Your legacy can outlive you and you can help people that aren’t even born yet. I don’t know just rambling a bit but I hope you can see that life is definitely truly 100% worth living incase you were questioning that. All you can do is trust me…. try to embrace what’s going on right now…but keep striving and hoping for better. It is going to be there….this is all just meaningless banter really and the only real advice is to persevere and keep going and everything explains itself naturally…. 

sydneyonearth  asked:

Hello! I am going to Seattle for two days (a tuesday and a wednesday) next month, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for gothicly inclined places to go or things to do? Any recommendations for shopping or eating would be lovely. Thank you in advance :)

For shopping:

- Belfry Oddities! belfryoddities

- Gargoyles Statuary! 

- Nevertold Casket!

- Mishu Boutique

… and of course, the Pike Place Market is FULL of odd little nooks & crannies, weird shops, rummage sales, spice and tea stores, used book shops, and other fun things. It’s not just a tourist trap!

Also, I’ve been told that thrifting in Seattle is better than some other places. 

For food:

- Dilettante Chocolates!

 … drat, I can’t really think of other “OMG MUST GO THERE” food places without more details about what neighborhood you might be in, and if you’re over 21. If you are, and you will be in the Ballard area, check out Ocho, or any of the little craft cocktails and nibbly food places around Market Street.

Things to Do at the Carol Corps ATL DragonCon Meetup! Part One

Part One: Learn the Secret Handshake which is in no way a requirement for Corps membership.

Yes, we have a secret handshake. No, you do not need to know it to be part of the Carol Corps. All that requires is that you love Carol Danvers. But, it is pretty fun to have a secret handshake.

Step One: place one fist on your hip.
Step Two: raise your other fist like Rosie the Riveter. Make a “smashing the patriarchy” face.
Step Three: fist bump the other person or persons.
Step Four: Reach up for the sky and open your hand as you raise it. You may make sparkle fingers or go “whoosh!” if you like.

This was developed by the Whizbang of Carols and Corpsmembers at GeekGirlCon 2013, in Seattle, WA.