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okay so I'm a baby lesbian (as in young (16) and gay ) and I've not been able to completely come to terms with my sexuality yet and can I just say that seeing you and your gf being happy and in a relationship and in love etc. really really helps me a lot like.... it's possible and I can maybe do it and be happy and have a gf too and??? Just.. thank you for this

aside from the fact vlogging/comedy has always been a thing her and i participated in prior to even meeting eachother, @toomuchducky and i completely recognize the importance in showing people, lgbt+ or otherwise, that wlw can be happy, that we’re normal, and that we can get happy endings. it’s fucking cheesy i know, but it’s the truth. we have genuine fun doing these dumb videos but a lot of what propels us is knowing how important it is to put this type of stuff out there. ❤

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I've read everything I could about accidental space pirate Obi-Wan and it's awesome but there is just something I don't understand . Is he married to Satine And seducing Vader?

Hello Nony! How’s your Sunday going? Good I hope! :D Lily and I are going to get donuts soon!

Nony, Auntie Fishy is a firm believer in multiverses. What is a multiverse, you ask? A multiverse is essentially a collection of universes bound together by complicated physics that I don’t understand but saw on a tv show once and thought it sounded really cool. All of the universes are related in someway and they all run parallel to each other, never quite touching but still connected. For example, all of my fics and @writegowrite‘s fics could be considered a shared multiverse. We share planets, songs, buildings and make references to each other’s fics in our own every now and then.

I like to think that Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan is its own little multiverse. That way everybody can have what they want and feel like they are a part of this great and wonderful collaborative AU.

If you want Satine to have survived Maul and the Mandalorian Civil War then you can have all the glorious Obitine you could ever want! Celebrate that ducal marriage! Oya!

If you want some deeply tragic, mostly-based-on-canon Vaderwan, you go get you some! And take some kleenex with you. And send it to me! I mean, yes, very sad. Super tragic. Where was I?

If you wanted Padme to live (LIVE DAMN YOU!) and escape to roam the Outer Rim as a Pirate Queen in her own right and you want a kind of fractured (but still working) Anidala or ObiAniDala, GO FOR IT!

Or if you just want the hysterical Nonsense Verse where all of this exists all at the same time, and somehow Hondo Ohnaka is officiating some kind of bizarre four-way wedding, you sign yourself up for that cracky delivery system!

I know I’ve written a few things for Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan but it’s not really MY story. I feel that it’s OUR story. Anybody, ANYBODY, is welcome to write, or draw, or craft songs and poems in the happy little multiverse of Illegally Swooshy Hair and Excessive Flirting.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you a definitive answer, Nony, but I don’t really feel like it’s my place to tell other people how to have fun in this sandbox. I know what I like and what I like to share with others but what’s really great about this whole AU is that anybody can join in.

So, basically what I’m saying is, who knows who you’ll find on the Lucky Duchess? You might just find the ship’s namesake and you might just find the terrifying right hand of the Emperor, surprisingly unburnt and not brutally chopped into pieces, reading a story to Bail Organa’s adopted daughter and the adopted son of some moisture farmers from Tatooine! Who knows?

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see this is what happens when you date someone overdramatic. she called me bieber and i was like oh u think i’m bieber i’ll show u bieber record this shit and she was just dying holding the phone the entire time. we have a lot of fun, and it’s cool we get to share little moments like that with you guys ❤

Let’s Play: Overwatch Mystery Picture Game! ❤

Hi, everyone! In celebration of reaching 2,000 followers (thank you so much!!!), Shan put together a little game for all of our followers to play! We wanted to say thank you in a way that was fun and unique, so come play our Mystery Picture Game! Answer submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, March 28th @ 6pm EST, and winners will be announced that night at 10pm EST! Have fun and enjoy playing! We love y’all!

I know that probably no one cares but I just have to write some words rn

thank u for this amazing season, it was so damn good some of our faves and ofkurz harsh for the others // as always, no one can slay 24/7 // but I’m sure we all had fun there, we had our second lifes :”) (Włodzimierz Szaranowicz indeed); thanks to all of my fave mutuals who made ski jumping season even better //u know who u are//;

I’m pretty sure it was the most ‘memic’ season evah (Demon, Tande, Cene’s ski, Lewandowski in Oberstdorf, Maciej 5ot and probably more), the most flyin’ season (these PB, WR, HR, bro!)…

it was good but now it’s over, we finally got our lifes back (what is life?), we can go out and have fun (spring, okay?), we’re also supposed to study //no excuses anymore, sorry not sorry// 

take care and see you next season, let 2017/2018 be more epic xoxo

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PS ofkurz I’m not disappearing lol

PS2 and see ya in Wisła xoxo

TV Guide No.3000 Special Talk Part 1 of 4 - ARASHI [English translation]

All: TV Guide No.3000, congratulations!
Sakurai-san: 55 years since debut! It’s great.

– What would ARASHI in its 55 years old would be?
Aiba-san: It’s ARASHI’s 18th year this year, so we are 18 years old. ARASHI, is high school student (giggle)!
S: If I were in 18 years old…
Ohno-san: I had debut in 18 years old.
S: Is that so, then I had debut in 17 years old.
Ninomiya-san: Whichever we had debut.
S: But I was having fun. It doesn’t change since then. First of all we have to work our best aiming at the 20 years old (giggle).
Matsumoto-san: Like to be able to be adult (giggle).
N: But in this sense, since we are not working aiming at the years ahead, first of all the way we face this is totally different. We have been doing our work and the result is 18 years. But TV Guide-san’s target is continuing its work aiming at No.4000.
S: In case ARASHI would appear in No.4000 it would be our honour though… the cover would as expected to be good to be others, I think (giggle).
M: We five mid-aged men, just letting us appear in the magazine would be grateful (giggle).
O: Will we again roll the yarn?
A: Roll the red yarn round and round. Let’s again tie together (giggle)!
S: Hahaha! Mid-aged men in burikko pose, it would be terrible (giggle).

S: But it’s splendid that we can appear in No.3000. Because it’s going to take about 20 years to make 1000 issues!? There is pretty no work with such miracle rendezvous.
A: It’s miracle. Speaking of our miracle what would that be…?
M: Speaking of that isn’t it that we five become ARASHI? Here and now we five are here.
N: That’s the utmost.
S: If that be so everyday is miracle!
A: I’m grateful~.
O: Let’s be grateful!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meme

Willow Rosenberg edition ( part one )

  • “Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?”
  • “Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname.”
  • “I’m so evil, and skanky… and I think I’m kinda gay.”
  • “I’m storming off. It doesn’t really work if you come with me.”
  • “Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that could be interpreted as brave.”
  • “You’re not gonna jokey-rhyme your way out of this one.”
  • “Hey, I eat danger for breakfast.”
  • “And now we’re supposed to decide what we want to do with our lives. And I just realized that’s what I want to do. Help people.”
  • “I have my own fun.”
  • “Are we hoping to find a body, or no body?”
  • “Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it’s been pointed out to me that that’s, you know, insane.”
  • “I’m not stealing. I-I-I’m just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing?”
  • “Come on. Everybody loves fetal pigs!”
  • “Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for _______ to go out with every other person in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.”
  • “You just don’t like him ‘cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years.”
  • “I hope this story ends with, 'And she lived happily ever after.'”
  • “When I’m with a boy I like, it’s hard for me to say anything cool, or-or witty - or at all. I-I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.”
  • “She’s sad because her lover gave her twelve gold coins. But then the wizard cut open the bag of salt, and now the dancing minions have nowhere to put their big maple… fish thing.”
  • “Was it one of those vivid dreams where you could feel their lips and smell their hair?”
  • “You’re being too hard on yourself. Why don’t we wait a half an hour and try again?”
  • “I’ve seen honest faces. They usually come attached to liars.”
  • “Irony’s kind of ironic that way.”
  • “There are men, better men, wherein the mind is stronger than the penis.”
  • “I don’t care if it is an orgy of death. There’s still such a thing as a napkin.”
  • “That way leads to madness and sweaty palms.”
  • “Eat a cookie, ease my pain.”
  • “He said he wasn’t coming back until he’d driven to all fifty states.”
  • “No. It just means that you’d rather be with someone you hate than be with me.”
  • “I knew it. I knew it. Well, not 'knew it’ in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn’t know.”
  • “Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.”
  • “Now that I know there’s something to know, I can’t *not* know, just because I’m afraid somebody’ll know I know, you know?”
  • “When did morning happen?”
  • “We had kind of a pajama party sleepover with weapons thing.”

Announcing Superman Saturday Submissions. I have so many creative, talented, sexy and interesting followers, many of whom seem to really enjoy sharing selfies and writing, so I thought this might be a fun Interactive thing to do.

Share a picture of you (not generic or models), or write a poem or story related to Superman and submit it so I can share it with everyone. Let’s see how much fun we can have with it. Writing can be long form, short form, poetry, haiku, slam poetry, voice poetry, a roses are red, violets are blue…who cares? The point is to be creative, be sexy, be whoever you are and have fun!

Please re-post this for others to see and use #SupermanSaturday when you submit. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got. ☺

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Uhhhg i am so tired of us being called out in every fucking second .. cant we all just make a fucking secret society like really secret and have all the fun we usually do and like make some codes so the people who have a fucking problem with every breath we take can fucking jot that down?

i was gonna suggest flashing blue and green light signals but that would be too obvious our cover would be blown


Violet| 17 (almost 18) | Senior | African and Polynesian| Come talk to me I’m just looking for someone to call mine and give my affection to. I can do long distance whatever works for ya. Going on adventures,driving,painting,ice skating, and theater is what I’m known for. So come chat with me about whatever I’m sure we can have tons of fun :)

Instgram: mxmi_chula

URL: @1111k-

My family is so obnoxiously Venus/Neptune dominant. Every time when I’m part of a big family group photo, I legit see my aunts passing around lipstick just for the photo + editing the pictures heavily with beauty photo apps lol

One of my aunts in particular thinks open mouth smiles show more happiness and fun so we all have to laugh when we take photos and it’s so awkward because you can just hear forced, monotone laughs

The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1

Two Weeks Ago

We’re gonna have so much fun, girls. I can’t wait ‘till we land in Cabo”, Rachel said excitedly. 

My two best friends - Rachel and Maya - and I were going to have a fun weekend, before I get married to the love of my life. My lovely fiance decided to treat us with a small getaway, while him and the boys have their time alone. We didn’t plan anything major for bachelor and bachelorette’s parties since those always end up with a lot of drinking and partying, and we wanted to enjoy our wedding without that terrible hangover. So, this weekend is all about me spending time and catching up with my future brides maids.

“Ooo yeah, Mexico here we come”, Maya said and put her arms around me and Rachel while we were walking into the airport. 

“I can’t wait to finally be there, I really need this mini-vacation.” I said and felt so excited. 

It’s been a long time since the three of us went together for a vacation. Rachel was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Shawn, and Maya is always in open relationships, which allows her to go anywhere anytime. Still, since I was usually single in the summer, when we could all go to a vacation with our boyfriends, we could never manage to plan a vacation together. Even though Lucas and I have been dating over a year, and were engaged almost a year as well, we didn’t have time to go to a long vacation for all that time. 

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Why are some people being so rude today? Plenty of users have talked about how they love the books but how the books clearly have problems with representation and all that.

Your guess is as good as mine. I saw that ask on Caitlin’s page tho and I fucking lost it. That shit was rude and unnecessary and ugly. And I get that we have a president who thinks it’s okay to talk like that and to treat women like objects and to make fun of people with disabilities, but come on. We have to be better than that.

And I honestly feel bad for people like that. I really do. Because you have to be hurting inside to want to put that out into the world, and to want to make someone else feel how you do on the inside.