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Even pirates need royalty, as it turns out.

One last follow-up to now seek the far horizon (sister, sail), probably cannot be read alone.

3.5k, Vex/Zahra, Vax/Gilmore, Kima/Allura.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

anonymous asked:

Do you and Robin have any more Anti ideas going on for the future or you can't give anything away and its a secret?

We probably won’t be doing anything for a very long time. There was a lot of it between October and PAX and I feel like if I do it too much it will kill the fun. The mystery and surprise are the biggest fun factors. I could easily do it a lot more and sure it would probably get lots of views and keep people talking but I feel like it’s cheap to do that. I want it to be special :)
Hell, who knows if he will be back at all

  • Mon el: I love you
  • Kara: ooh, ah, um, wow this is-this is awkward, you see I'm in love with Lena, and like I hate you... it's not me! It's one hundred percent you... so um yeah... thanks, but I wish you the worst and uh bye?

the boy who stole sweaters

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