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Psst. Please draw a character on the phone like that tho

Have some High Priest Set from @evexe-n‘s and @yugihell‘s fic, Stepping Stones. It’s a continuation of this: [X]. =w=

Though, no need to read it if you don’t want. It’s enjoyable as it is already (though way more fun if you get the story behind it).

Girls Night Part 2

Title: Girls Night Part 2

Part 1

Paring: Dean x Reader (eventual)

Warnings: still none

Word Count: 1397

A/N: Here’s part 2! The feedback I’ve been getting has been great! I’m glad you guys like it! Hopefully part 2 delivers! Still not sure how long I’ll take it so we’ll see! I did pull some quotes from the S11 episode: Don’t You Forget About Me, so where it sounds familiar that’s why and where some of this came from. Enjoy! Feedback is 100% appreciated in the form of reblogs, comments, asks, etc.

A few weeks later, Jody invited Sam and Dean for dinner with her, Claire, and Alex. While she was in the midst of getting everything together, she decided to give Y/N a call.  

“Hey, what do you have going on tonight?” Jody asked as soon as Y/N picked up.

“Not much after my 3:30 class, why?”

“Would you want to come and have dinner with us tonight? The girls are home and the Winchester’s are coming over.”

“Oh-sure! What time? I’m teaching a hot class so I’ll need to grab a quick shower.”

“How’s 6 sound?”

“Works for me! I’ll see you then.”

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so u know how boys are always super competitive in p.e for no reason, and that made the girls super frustrated and just dont wanna do anything. in year 9, my school actually created a “girls p.e” for girls who dont wanna join normal p.e classes and in there we did fun stuff like yoga, just dance, pilates, intense gym sessions, or sometimes when the teacher is lazy we just lay there and talk or meditate. everyone enjoyed it so much and it ended up being my fave subject ever