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Hey :) how about "I'll always protect you " prompt :) nick saying that to Judy

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore but here you go!

“I’ll always protect you,” says Nick sarcastically as she drags him up the stairwell towards suspect number four in this awful case she’s parlayed him on. She gives him a look over her shoulder and says-

“How sweet.” There’s no syrup on her tongue. Her purple eyes look up at him, so far away, and he scoffs.

“I try,” he says. She knocks on the door, and that’s all.

“I’ll always protect you,” says Nick after she’s shaking the water out of her ears. A quick fall into the fountain induced by a sharp bop to the hip by a fox.

“You pushed me in,” she spits, and she looks absolutely furious and Nick couldn’t have been any happier. Smug, cop bunny bumpkin.

“There was a bee.” He leers down at her. “I told you, Carrots-”

“Don’t call me that.”

“-I’ll always protect you.”

She hisses, “I wish you’d do it a little less,” but follows him anyway.

She’s not so bad, he learns. Not horribly bad. So when he says, “I got your back,” after they were chased by a savage cat through the jungle trees, he means it.

Sort of.

The Rabbit (Judy, he’s learning to call her) punches his arm with more force than she means

(or maybe with the exact amount- he’ll learn later that she’s always had an affinity for doing exactly what she means)

“You too,” says the Rabbit (Judy).

Things have happened. Too many things. They’ve hurt one another. Came back together. Foiled an evil plot and been in and out of clinics with stitched up legs and hoards of reporters. But here he is, signing their agreement clause and waiver in Bogo’s office, and she stands beside him looking so damn proud and he can’t help but ruffle the fur between her ears. “Hey,” he says. Then, “hey,” again when she doesn’t look at him right away. She does, then, turn her eyes up to meet his. “You know I’ll always protect you. Right?”

“Oh Nick.”

“I mean it!”

“I know!” She punches him, a little softer. “Ditto, Partner.”

He’d promised. And he tells her, he’d promised, as they’re wheeling him into the ambulance and she’s kissing his knuckles, holding her trembling lip against the little ridges of his hand.

He tries to say, see, told you so, but all that comes out is a coppery cough.

Judy says something into his skin. Her breath is warm.

He’s taken away.

Her purple eyes stay at the end of the hall.

“I hate you,” she tells him later, sitting on the end of his couch. He was released early after sixteen stitches to the wound in his side that had failed to kill him began to heal nicely and the gruff doctor he’d been assigned had begun to call him a waste of breathing space.

“Calm down, Carrots-”

“I won’t calm down! That perp was supposed to hit me!”

“And he didn‘t. He hit me.”

“No. You hit him.” True enough. A body slipped skillfully in front of her was proof enough of that. “And I hate you.”

“Cool. Hand me another applesauce?”

She hits his knee. He yelps. “Nicholas Wilde! How can you think about applesauce when-”

He springs up. Her breath stills. And then he’s there, his nose to hers, and his arms boxing her little body in against the ripped musty green fabric of his old couch. “Hey,” he says, sincere and all too real. Her purple eyes flash. There are tears brewing there, so he dips his head to nudge her chin with his muzzle. “You know I’ll always protect you, right?”

Judy swallows.

Slowly moves. Folds around him. They stay like that for a while. Nick with Judy. Judy with Nick. She mutters something into his shoulder, her breath still warm, and he kisses her temple in response, a little wet and noisy, but she doesn’t mind.

Later, she’ll let him go and get him more applesauce.

For now, he protects her.

He promised.

happy tiny pony

Shai Ni: I look absolutely adorable!  Thank you so much for drawing me~!

Thank you so much @renaissancemuffins!  She looks super precious and I want twelve more so I can have a baker’s dozen

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The picture of fatherhood they've constructed for Louis (few hours a day, doing the fun stuff like teaching him new tricks, house not baby proofed, he still parties, still sleeps in, still has groupies round, still has friends living with him) isn't really fatherhood. It's babysitting.

Perhaps they should go ahead and remove those dad questions moving forward. I know that’s all the team wants to push, but…..

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So as I’m sorting through my ask box, I realized that I have a few asks pertaining to Ravus and his kids. Thing is is that I actually write with the idea that Ravus has two older teenagers in these headcanons/AUs. A beautiful and smart daughter and a delinquent son, to be exact. Read more about them below, perhaps? c:

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