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About a Girl [6]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7 

One step forward, two steps back.

Caution: smut ahead.

“Please don’t go.”

As you were about to say no, you made the mistake at looking him in his eyes. You lost the ability to say no. You felt drawn to him. It was unexplainable. But that’s how you found yourself straddling his lap and your lips locked in a heated kiss. Adrenaline began to pump through your veins and cloud your judgement. 

You clutched the sides of his face to deepen the kiss. He grunted as you began to grind your hips against his. You could feel his hands grip your waist, essentially digging his nails into your flesh. Without any warning you were in the air. Mr. Kim’s hands holding your ass as you wrapped your legs around his hips. The kiss never broke as he walked you towards his bedroom down the hall.

Once in the bedroom Mr. Kim kicked the bedroom door shut. He hurriedly made his way to the bed, dropping you onto the mattress once his legs hit the side of the mattress. You stared up at him, a cocky smirk gracing his lips. His hands went to the top of his shirt to begin unbuttoning it. You bit your lip in anticipation as you watched him. 

He had made it about halfway down his shirt when he sensed your growing impatience. He leaned down to press a kiss to your lips before pulled you up to your feet. He changed positions with you by sitting on the bed, leaning back on his elbows. His shirt was completely unbuttoned and exposing his well toned chest. You wanted nothing more than to jump on him and have your way. 

“Strip for me,” he purred. 

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jk: i hope you didn’t steal that money from our monopoly game… otherwise you’ll have to go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I've noticed a pattern.

I’m against modern feminism. It’s clear. I speak about how I disagree with feminism, but I have NEVER belittled a feminist for being one. I might get into debates with them, but I have never and will never say “you’re stupid if you’re a feminist”, or anything along the lines of insulting their intellectual abilities.

However, I’ve received many rude remarks from feminists, including things like: “I hope you get raped”, “have fun getting your rights stripped away from you”, “anti-feminists are sexists who don’t do research”, “man-pleasers”, and so on.

If I’m not a feminist, I’m immediately deemed as sexist and stupid.

That is not the way to promote your movement, which claims to be accepting of everyone. (And do not hit me with the “those aren’t real feminists!” There is no real or fake feminist, there are no lawmakers of feminism.)

If you want people to stop thinking your movement is all about achieving female superiority, then STOP TREATING EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A FEMINIST LIKE THEY ARE STUPID. That, right there, is called having a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.

I’m aware there are anti-feminists who go over the top and do insult the intelligence of feminists, which is morally wrong, obviously. Opinions do not determine your intelligence. Your words and actions do.