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the signs as tumblr eras
  • 2010-2011 // the rise of tumblr. rage comics, wine mom humor, can i haz cheezburger, furry culture's prime: taurus, cancer
  • 2012 // the rise of fandoms. "the only post on tumblr with ______ notes on it", superwholock, "there's a supernatural gif for that", gifsets: gemini, sagittarius
  • 2013 // the rise of aesthetics. transparents, "touch my butt and buy me pizza", indie blogs, pastels: LIBRA, leo
  • 2014 // the rise of shitposts. "your fave is problematic", pepe, gay gay and more gay, dank memes: virgo, scorpio, pisces
  • 2015-2016 // the rise of memes. discourse, the meme revolution, astrology memes, callout culture: aries, AQUARIUS, capricorn




Congratulations to KNK and YNB staffs for ( upon ) completing the 12 hours V app live broadcast . Filled with laughter , silly but funny games , their own lame jokes and mukbang of ramen ( non-stop seriously ) . They challenged to reach 5 millions hearteu 💓 so that they can hold a mini concert for Tinkerbells and we did it ! We managed to reach 5 million heart 54 minutes before the live broadcast was ended . I just love how they interact with each other , how noisy and loud they are together , how they wear the same mickey mouse pants together . KNK is truly a family alongside with the YNB staffs 💕 * i didn’t manage to complete this run with them though i can barely keep my eyes open in the last 25 minutes after 11 hours and 35 minutes of V app streaming sighh so i write this beforehand *

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

An open letter to the Tumblr Staff from the blogger you just screwed over

Okay, staff, I am super freaking pissed about the update and here’s why. 

I cannot read your new format. 

I’m not trying to be whiny or nitpicky or over-dramatic. I can appreciate that you were attempting to make things look more organised/less confusing/whatever. I also expect the new format is a great improvement for people who have screen readers. That’s great. That’s fine. 

I just cannot freaking read this. I have dyslexia, and my dyslexia is set off by pictures, bold, italics, anything that is more “interesting” to my brain than plain, unadorned text.

Like this monstrosity:

Look at it. Just look at it. The pictures get in between the lines of text, there’s distracting colors and pictures everywhere. The names are bolded when they’re really not the most important thing. Looking at this, I see everything except what I’m supposed to see, that cheesy series of puns. (No pun intended.)

You literally couldn’t have made a worse format for me if you’d tried.

The thing is, your format was what made me really like Tumblr in the first place. It was super clear who was writing something new, because look, there was a freaking line pointing right to it. Unless someone started writing in all caps or bold or whatever, all the text in a post had the same amount of emphasis. Finally, SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET I COULD READ.

And now, now I can’t read any of it at all. 

So yeah, I’m pissed. 

Like, I know that you’re not going to change it back, because you never seem to listen when anyone on your site complains about anything. I’m not sure why I bothered writing this to you guys, given your track record. 

But now’s your chance to prove me wrong. Seriously, the least you could do is give us an option here. You’ve still got the old code. Just stick a button somewhere to revert to the old format so I can enjoy my text posts in peace. 


Dyslexic Blogger


Although the projects off-line for now, here’s some fun staff!

Did you know i have two amazing and super supportive friends who are not only keeping me sane, but were also kind enough to start a screenshot redraw meme after we watched The Great Mouse Detective together??
So here it is, second one done by ever awesome @itsyamtastic and the third one is by the equally fantastic @nekovale

i wouldn’t call this movie a direct inspiration for fruitloopery, but lets just say i hold it partly responsible for my weird victorian fetish….

EDIT: Nope. Not true. I made a bad assumption and immortalized it in a bad post. Don’t listen to me, I know not what I’m talking about…

WTF?! So apparently, staff decided to automatically make author portraits visible when posting from a side blog - this is pretty dangerous for people who run side blogs that can’t or should not be associated with their main blog - I think of the “fandomhatesxxx” blogs or xkit-extension (xkitguy) or a lot of trans folks blogs and the like. 

So WTF? 

You can remove it by going to the settings page for your side blog(s) and clicking the slider next to Blog Avatar - Show author portraits. It’s enable by default because staff actively hates its users.

Zombies Fact #20

In Origins, the Elemental Staffs are named after deities of the following mythologies:

The Staff of Lightning (Kimat’s Bite) is named after Kimat, the dog of the Tinguian God, Kadaklan.
The Staff of Fire (Kagutsuchi’s Blood) is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi.
The Staff of Ice (Ull’s Arrow) is named after Ull, a Norse God commonly associated with winter.
The Staff of Wind (Boreas’ Fury) is named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind.
Sekhmet’s Vigor (the end part of the staff used to revive players) is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior Goddess of healing.

- fact courtesy of the COD wiki.


“This Dreadwing is a penguin pirate, then,” Nyota confirmed as Hadley finished talking. She vaguely remembered Isobu mentioning rumors of him, back in the Protectorate. She hadn’t paid much attention then, too focused on her studies. Another small regret.

“Yeah. He used to be nothing more’n a nuisance,” Hadley said. “Picking on downed ships, ambushing traders. Then suddenly he started going after the rest of us. Heard he’s been going after other penguins, too. The Beakeasy fellow was complaining about him chasing off all the regulars. He attacked us once… Took out one of our ships, almost killed my Ma. He caught us off guard. We’ve been at war with him ever since, done some damage, but he always just runs when things go poorly. He’s not that tough head-on, but his ambushes cripple anyone he decides to pick on.”

“I’m glad your mother survived dealing with him. So what was the letter about?” Oldarva asked. Her arms were cleaned up and bandaged now, though it would be a long time before the scars from the razor-thin blades faded.

Hadley picked up the letter again, tapping the bottom. “It’s a bargain,” she explained. “She sent me coordinates for his base. Dunno how she found ‘em, so don’t ask. Guess Ma finally believes me, that I work for a Protectorate captain. She wants Dreadwing down, and you to leave her band in peace. One for one, right?”

Nyota nodded. She was very aware of how informant deals worked. “Unfortunately for Dreadwing, he’s given me excellent incentive to take the deal,” she said. “We need to deal with him before he gets any bright ideas about regrouping and trying again.”

Arjun nodded. “I still don’t know what they hit us with. It’s going to be a mess if we get caught like that again.”

“Hold still,” Lumen muttered, wrapping bandages around the mechanic’s shoulder. “Arjun’s right, Captain. Best take ‘em out fast, except none of us are up for that.” He crackled, frustrated.

“I can handle this,” Nyota said. She took the letter, copied down the coordinates, and stood up. The staff in her right hand gleamed, responding to its wielder’s will.

“Captain, you were injured too,” Hadley protested. There was an unexpected note of worry in her voice.

“I will feel a lot better after we clip that menace’s wings,” Nyota said. Her back still ached terribly from whatever had hit her and her ribs were reminding her that they hadn’t healed completely, but the room had stopped spinning, and that was good enough. “Lumen, you stay here, look after Arjun and Oldarva. I’ll be back soon.”

Hadley stood up. “Then I’m coming with you! Dreadwing’s best known for ambushes. He won’t expect us to come to him. I owe this feathered bastard some payback, for Ma’s sake. And for the rest of you, I suppose,” she added with a cheeky grin.

“Floran comess too,” Namina said, showing his sharp teeth in a terrifying smile. “Floran wants to sssstab penguinss for hurting friends.”

The coordinates brought them to a burnt out ruin of a house. Snow fell around them, though the air was nowhere near as cold as the midnight planets. Nyota didn’t even need her EPP; her thick fur was enough to keep her warm here.

The peaceful silence was spoiled when a penguin spotted them and called a warning.

“Incoming!” Hadley’s shout carried over the sound of Nyota and Namina dismantling a penguin tank. The captain grabbed Namina and pulled him out of the way as a volley of strange, bright blades rained down from the sky.  Her armor deflected the worst of the two that caught her as she took cover.

A massive black disc obscured the sun. If it hadn’t been actively trying to kill them, Nyota would have thought the flying saucer’s design ridiculous. But she could laugh later. More penguins were appearing around them, teleporting out of the ship. Shrapnel bit through her hide as a rocket exploded far too close for comfort.

“Hadley, Namina, deal with those,” she ordered, switching to her staff. “I need time.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Hadley grinned like a madwoman. Her sword sliced deep into the side of a miniature tank, sending its occupant into a panic. “Ooh, this really is a good sword! Thanks, Namina!”

The only response from the Floran was hissing laughter, followed by someone else’s cursing and terrified squawks.

Nyota’s first volley tore chunks out of the saucer’s surface as it whizzed overhead in an effort to ram them. Her astonishment at the staff’s effect was quickly drowned by a surge of vicious excitement. She had caught a glimpse of the panic in the pilot’s eyes as she moved out of his way and fired off another round. The saucer teleported out of the way of most of the bolts, but two managed to gouge deep holes in the metal shell. 

Another wave of blades rained down as the saucer whizzed overhead. Nyota dodged the worst of it, but more penguins warped down around her. Something tagged her ankle, bit deep. Another rocket exploded, shooting up a spray of snow. She struck out blindly; the staff connected with a sharp crack, knocking the ground troops away for just an instant. 

The whine of abused engines bit her ears and she dove aside as Dreadwing tried to ram her again. Her ankle throbbed, blood staining the snow. Nyota locked eyes with the penguin and poured all the energy she could into the staff. The air around the saucer lit up red, like some hellish imitation of a blizzard.

Hadley cheered as Dreadwing came crashing down. The pilot hit the eject button, shooting away to safety just moments before the ship exploded. Nyota shook soot and snow out of her hair. She felt drained and exhilarated at the same time as the light from the staff died down and the last ground troops scattered. He really did not know what he was getting himself into, did he?

(@describingcolours I don’t know how to answer to comments and tumblr is weird, so I’m just going to do it like this >.<)

This is how I crocheted a kick-ass Jughead hat, so you too can make one and wear it with a ton of other aroace stuff!

Anyway, I only learned crocheting 1 ½ weeks ago, specifically to make this hat – and I did the hat by just putting it on my head after every row and checking. Which is why it is fitting at least me perfectly now. So yeah, I’m not exactly great and there was absolutely no plan involved, I’m just going to tell you what I did on the fly - best to look how to do these crochets up on YouTube, or better yet, somewhere else (not exactly a fan of YouTube right now).

I used a wool (yarn? I’m just going with wool) that worked with a 3.5 mm crocheting needle – also I needed two balls of wool for it. I’m not a native English speaker, so I hope I found all the right vocabulary for this…

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Geisha Mommy
  • The girls have a little fun at Puris trying on the summer line-up fashion, along with Genos. ;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama stops by Puri's place to return something he'd borrowed.-
  • Puri: [-Opens the door to let Saitama in.-] Ah, Saitama-kun. What a surprise~
  • Saitama: [-hands him a small stack of magazines.-] Thanks for lending this to me last week. Sorry if I'm a bit late bringing them back...? [-Finally notices he's dressed up in Geisha attire.-] Uh, sorry. Were you planning on going out or something?
  • Puri: [-grins as he poses-]Nope, just trying out some new line of fashion for the summer. What do you think?
  • Saitama: Looks pretty good.
  • Puri: Oh you~[-waves his hand playfully at his simple remark before getting an idea.-] Actually, would you mind checking out how the others look in theirs?
  • -Doesn't even give him a chance to answer as he brings him in. Inside, Lily and Fubuki are also dressed as geisha, though in their own styles.-
  • Puri: Girls, look who's decided to drop by and help us get some feedback. [-winks at the two of them-]
  • Saitama: Uh, well I didn't actually decide on this...
  • Lily: Aw, thanks a lot, Saitama-san. It's real nice of you.
  • Fubuki: [-She stretches her arm out a bit-] I'm a bit used to what I normally wear for work, so this is sort of a nice change of pace for me....
  • Saitama: Yeah, you two look great too.
  • -Both of them smile as they had caught Puri's silent little signal.-
  • Fubuki: Well if you think 'we' look great, you should check out our other friend...
  • -Saitama cocked an eyebrow as they all kept pushing at him to go further into the apartment, feeling that he really wanted to go back so that he could get dinner ready for the family this time before they came home.-
  • Puri: [-knocks on the door of the bathroom-] Genos, would you mind if we come in and see~?
  • -Saitama's attention suddenly perked up, watching as Puri opened the door.-
  • Genos: Puri-san...////....C-Could I please take this off? I feel rather ridic-?! //////
  • -Turns around to find Saitama staring at him, suddenly steaming like crazy. He was dressed up as a Geisha like the others; though it would seem they dolled him up even more with makeup and hair ornaments clipped carefully in his gold locks. He looked quite exotic like this.-
  • Genos: S-S-Sensei?! What are you doing here?
  • Saitama: ...Uh...I should be asking you the same thing. Why are you...?
  • -The trio who'd set them up were all smug as the two flushed at the sight of each other, Genos trying his best to not fall over under the multiple layers he was dressed under.-
  • Genos: ...I...I was just...helping Puri-san and Fubuki-san with the new line. They said they wanted to see how it would look for men who might want to wear it, a-and.../////....
  • Puri: Well I for one think it looks quite good on you, Genos-kun~
  • Lily: Yeah, the color really matches your unique eye color after all~
  • Fubuki: And your frame actually looks quite flattering.
  • -Genos glared at the three, feeling like they'd set him up the whole time, though it was quite apparent that this wasn't something they were expecting; yet were nonetheless quite pleased with how things turned out.-
  • Puri: What about you, Saitama-kun? How do you think Genos-kun looks all dressed up?
  • -Saitama was simply staring at Genos without saying a word, and he felt anxious as he squirmed beneath his attire.-
  • Saitama: ...Uhm, not gonna lie....////....You look pretty amazing, Genos.
  • -Puri, Fubuki, and Lily are practically squealing as Saitama compliments Genos, who is looking down and blushing even harder as more steam billowed upward.-
  • Genos: ...Th.../////...Thank you, Sensei. Uhm, B-But I better get undressed.[-turning around and beginning to take the outfit apart-] We should probably head home and get dinner rea-?!
  • -Saitama suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist from behind-
  • Saitama: Yeah, you're right. So...shall I lend you a hand?
  • Genos: E...Eh?!//////
  • Saitama: [-traces his lips down his neck-] This is the kind of outfit that requires 'two' people to help take off, right~? [-He asked playfully as he started to undo the first few layers-]
  • Genos: B-But, Sensei, we can't. The three of them are sti-?!
  • -The trio had already closed the door and were probably planning to give them a few minutes.-
  • Saitama: [-grins as he continues-] They sure are thoughtful, aren't they?
  • -Genos wasn't sure if he wanted to curse them for putting him in this situation or thank them. He'd probably figure it out in a few hours.-