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“Fun size candy is a disgrace to mankind.”

Alex looked over, “john, what the fuck? It’s three on the morning. If I had known you were awake trust me when I say we would have been spending this time much more productively, if you know what I mean,”

John blinked, “you insult me and proposition me in one breath.”

“What can I say,” Alex shrugged, “i have a way with words.”

John stuck out his tongue, “I’m going to continue to make my point, fun size candy is a disgrace.”

“Why is it a disgrace, John?”

John lifted his head and slammed it back into the pillow, “it’s so tiny, I don’t get it. It doesn’t do anything - it serves no purpose. All a fun-size piece of candy ends up achieving is making me go and grab more candy. And the all the wrappers and trash! That can’t be good for the environment.”

Alex sighed, “whatever you say, babe, whatever you say.”

“You don’t appreciate me, you think I’m stupid, don’t you?”

“No,” Alex laughed, “I don’t think you’re stupid exactly, but I will say that it’s a good thing you’re hot.”

John opened his mouth and then closed it again. 

Alex raised a brow, “See?”

John narrowed his eyes, “Why am I dating you again?”

“Because I’m a genius and I’m fantastic in bed and who else would be putting up with your ridiculous conversation right now.”

“I wouldn’t say you’re putting up with it,” John poked Alex’s shoulder, “and don’t act so confident about your skills, my dude.”

“Go to sleep, John.”

“You’re one to talk,” John moved his head to rest on Alex’s shoulder, “what are you doing, anyway?”

Alex continued to type, “essay.”

“Let me guess, one that’s not even going to be assigned for another couple weeks.”

Alex smiled, “you know me too well.”

John pressed a kiss to Alex’s shirt, “I love you.”

“Kissing my shirt is a great way of showing that.”

“I’d move but I’m lazy. Besides, my love is intense enough that mere fabric couldn’t protect you.”

“You’re so cheesy that Jefferson would put you in a pasta and call you french cuisine.”

John chuckled, “that doesn’t even make sense.”

“It doesn’t need to.”

“Mac and cheese isn’t french what the hell?”

Alex shrugged, “tell that to Jefferson.”

“No thank you.”

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*whispers* their favourite Halloween movie to watch. (choose whomever you'd like. Also feel free to ignore)

I can do this one in college :D I chose the Shimada Bros, granddads and that cowboy child.


Hanzo Shimada:

- Will refuse to watch any shitty remakes of old Japanese movies. You will watch the originals, with English subtitles. A whole movie marathon on things like The Grudge, The Ring and many more. There will be a self-satisfied smirk on his face as you cling to him in fear. Will always pay close attention to the movie until he becomes bored with the plot line and then will just opt to watch your body quake in fear. Oh yes, he likes it when you’re vulnerable.

Genji Shimada:

Unlike his brother, he doesn’t mind the remakes of classic Japanese horror movies but will draw the line at incredibly shitty horror movies, unless they’re so bad they’re good. Genji also clings to you but for a different reason entirely. He grips onto your body, holding tightly to your clothing because he loves having you close as you shudder in fear. Makes him feel quite powerful that you depend on him so much and he likes you when you’re scared. However, movie night will also progress to scary video games night which will only end when Zenyatta hovers in, informs both of you it’s 3 am and you should both go to bed, before switching the game off.


-Unless the movie is absolutely brilliant and terrifying, he’ll hate it. Or, that’s what he wants you to think, from all the huffing he did before watching it. But you’ve seen how intensely he’s watching the screen, absentmindedly dropping popcorn into his mouth, some bits missing his mouth completely and falling into his back jumper. However, by the end of the night, Gabriel would have put on Rosemary’s Baby and pull you even closer to him. If he hear any semblance of “That’s kinky” or “I relate” he’s definitely ready to pounce on you which leads to Halloween sex.

Soldier 76:

At the start of movie night, his arms would be folded and he would make unimpressed grunts when watching movies. But, by the end, you’ll be cuddled on top of him, his arm resting on your back, the other arm securely around the pop corn, fully enraptured by the movie. At the end of each movie, you two would definitely debate about the movie, the choices that characters made and even jab at some of the stupid movie cliches they had in it. Jack is open to watch pretty much anything, as long as you’re there and there’s unhealthy eating involved (“Don’t think these types of food will become a regular thing.” Jack warned, shoving fun sized candy bars into his mouth). However, he’ll deny it as much as he likes, but you swear you heard a chuckle when watching Hocus Pocus.

Jesse McCree:

There isn’t two people sprawled across the couch that night. It’s a lump. People will check in and see a two headed, red lump watching horror movies and helping each other eat the fiddly popcorn and candy corn. Jesse will insist on snuggling together in his serape, all cosy and warm just because he’ll get as much closeness as possible with you. It’s also because he’s just wearing his pants under there but Shhh. At first you won’t notice but all the movies that Jesse has set up to watch that night, have graphic sex scenes in them, as much as possible. He learned from the best of course, and like Reaper, he wouldn’t mind some couch sex. However, here and there there’ll be movies that are horror comedy, which you’ll both love and laugh at.

types on halloween
  • isfp : wears a really cool and creative homemade costume
  • isfj : stays at home and gives kids full-size candy bars
  • estj : stays at home and gives kids fun-size candy bars
  • entj : dresses as some historical figure that everyone's heard of
  • intj : dresses as some historical figure that nobody's heard of
  • intp : what's halloween?
  • entp : dresses in a funny and imaginative comedy costume
  • infj : dresses as a character from a book
  • infp : goes trick-or-treating
  • enfj : is performing in a halloween show
  • esfj : hosting a halloween party
  • enfp : owns that one house that is amazingly decorated
  • istp : leaves the bowl of candy outside with a 'take one' note
  • istj : barricades themselves inside and pretends nobody's home
  • estp : just wears a normal store-bought costume
  • esfp : wears a wild costume and goes to esfj's party

things i did today

- went to a wine party against my will and drank campari out of a flask because wine is gross

- got stuck inside a duvet cover

- went to joanns and bought 16 yds of linen (idk it was on sale for $2 a yd, i’ll find something to make)

- ate half a pineapple with my bare hands and a bag of fun size candy bars for dinner

- took raunchy nudes to send to my friends for constructive criticism

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That– okay.. I can’t really deny that but it’s all your fault cause you’re you so, hmph. [/every kiss made her giggle and twist away; You’re so cute. Can you do that huff thing again? [/her eyes light up at the idea of the game; I’ve never played that before either. I will probably end up somehow making us both lose.Now that does sound fun~ Do you have the game?

Okay that’s– wait. How is it my fault that you have just as much a dirty mind as I do? [`she stared at her for a moment before huffing once again as requested.] Does that make you happy, my beautiful fun-sized candy bad? [`nodding, she smiled with a hum.] I do in fact have the game, yes. I think it’ll be quite fun, whether we both lose or not~

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I love your writing, and since I'm still in major denial that Tadashi died, I would like to request Tadashi being adorable with much fluff ensuing. (:

Thank you! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one in denial. I’m bringing this over from my deviantart, because it has a bunch of fluff in it.  Enjoy!

You glare up at the bag of coffee beans sitting innocently on the top shelf.  Hiro, the little rascal, had hidden the step ladder that morning and then ran off, doingwho knows what.  The café was running low on coffee and Aunt Cass asked you to ground a new batch of beans.  The only thing standing in your way was the fact of your vertically challenged nature.

 Placing a hand on the shelf at eye level with you, you use it to try to balance yourself as you lift onto your tip toes.  You reach your other hand out, stretching it as far as it will go.  Your fingers barely even brush against the bottom side of the shelf you need to reach.  Still no farther than any of the other ten times you’ve tried.  Your grip on the lower shelf increases as if you could just push off of it to grow a few more inches.  You lift one foot up off the floor, balancing on the other and it almost seems to help.

 “Would you like some help?” a familiar voice sounds from behind you.

 You lower down from your stretch and turn around.  “Tadashi!” you smile gratefully.  “Yes, please.”

 He places his hands on your waist to move you over to the side.  With ease, he reaches up and grabs the bag, then turns and hands it over to you. You hold it close, and then go up onto your tiptoes again to give Tadashi a kiss on the cheek.  “Thank you.”

 You turn to walk out of the back storage room, but feel Tadashi’s hands on your waist again as he pulls your back to his chest.  “That’s all I get?  If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be struggling to get that.  Don’t I get more than a kiss on the cheek?”  His arms wrap around your stomach, locking your body to his. The longer you had been in a relationship with Tadashi, the bolder he had become in showing his affection toward you. He was no longer afraid to pull you in close and demand a few kisses.  Normally, you were quite happy to oblige him, however, now was not particularly a good time.

 You laugh, “Tadashi! I’m working,” you scold.

 “Yeah, and?” his breath tickles your cheek and his lips brush against your ear.

 “Haven’t you ever heard of business before pleasure?”  You try to wiggle out of his grasp, needing to get back to work.

 “When do you get off?” he asks, tightening his hold even more.

 You check the watch on your wrist.  “One more hour.”

 He groans and rests his head on your shoulder.  “But that’s so long from now!”

 You laugh again, “Don’t whine.  It’s not very becoming.”

 “You’re staying after you get off, right?”

 “Do I really have a choice?” you ask with a smile.

 He rests his chin on your shoulder and looks up at you innocently.  “No, not really.”

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I Am Fun Size - The Candy Coated Shell feat. Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra’s VA)

A quick getting-ready-for-work message for you - YOU are the chocolatey goodness!

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Aww and I wanted to see you jump at least a little [/wiggles her brows and steals a kiss from her opposite cheek; One day. My pretty Sky.. it’s my goal to come see you all day everyday even if you might get bored of me. Have you had a nice one so far? I heard you stayed up late last night so.. I was worried you might have lost some sleep~

That’s because I was prepared. Next time I’m sure I’ll jump a little. [`she chuckled and wrapped her arms around Naeun tightly, nuzzling her cheek.] Who’s to say I’ll get bored of you. I’m willing to even sell my soul if it means I get to see you all day everyday. It was a good day but now it became a much better day. Ah… yes I did stay up very late last night, but you know I really do not mind that one bit. It was very much worth it~

Jason is always teasing Faith about how she looks so much younger than she is. This comes with a million nicknames and small jokes. His favorite name for her is “Fun Size’ even buying her small fun size candy.

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“Give me a break. I’m in the fucking hospital.” -Yuzuki

“Fuck” Starters || [ Open ] || @devilallalong

Well, that was news to him. And it explained why she wasn’t at the boardwalk like they had planned. Now he feels just the slightest bit guilty. After all, he’d teased about a number of horrifying punishment games for making him wait, but now this seems like the sort of situation where he should… what? Bring flowers? Gross. Maybe some fun size candy bars that he can sprinkle on her face. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

“Well uh. Ok. Did not know that. Where are they keeping you? I’ll uh. Come by…. you’re ok, right? What happened?”