fun size candy

types on halloween
  • isfp : wears a really cool and creative homemade costume
  • isfj : stays at home and gives kids full-size candy bars
  • estj : stays at home and gives kids fun-size candy bars
  • entj : dresses as some historical figure that everyone's heard of
  • intj : dresses as some historical figure that nobody's heard of
  • intp : what's halloween?
  • entp : dresses in a funny and imaginative comedy costume
  • infj : dresses as a character from a book
  • infp : goes trick-or-treating
  • enfj : is performing in a halloween show
  • esfj : hosting a halloween party
  • enfp : owns that one house that is amazingly decorated
  • istp : leaves the bowl of candy outside with a 'take one' note
  • istj : barricades themselves inside and pretends nobody's home
  • estp : just wears a normal store-bought costume
  • esfp : wears a wild costume and goes to esfj's party
Fun-sized candy

A bit of Halloween Sam x Reader. Enjoy!

“Ah, crap!”

Sam looked up from the book in his hands, frowning as he swiveled towards the sound of your voice. He was already tense, ready to take on whatever was causing your voice to sound upset, but he relaxed almost immediately. He set the book on the table nearest to him and started towards the doorway separating the library from the war room, a smile on his face as he watched you.

You were trying to hang up some Halloween decorations from the lintel, but even standing on one of the chairs on your tiptoes, you weren’t tall enough. He smiled, wondering why you thought you would be - even he wasn’t tall enough to reach the top of the doorway. He admired your determination, though, and took a moment to appreciate the view. Dressed in blue jeans and one of his blue plaid shirts with your hair tumbling down your back, you’d never looked more beautiful to him.

“How’s it coming?” he asked over the strains of “Clap for the Wolfman” coming from the speakers. You’d insisted on the Pandora Halloween playlist while you decorated, and he was happy to oblige.

You turned at the sound of his voice, an adorable pout tugging at your lips. He laughed.

“That good, huh?” he said. He walked over to you and put his hands on your waist; you draped your arms over his shoulders. Even now, on the chair, you were only about an inch taller than him.

Sam recognized the part of the song that was playing and took his chance to be cheesily romantic, like he knew you loved, and sang “I said hey baby, gimme just one kiss”.

You smirked and sang the next line, “she said no, no, no”.

You both laughed as he mock-groaned at how well that had turned out; you leaned in and kissed him despite the lyrics you’d sung. He smiled.

“You want some help?” he asked.

You combed your fingers though his hair. “I thought you were doing research.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, pulling back from you in mock-seriousness. “You’re right. I should pass up an opportunity to be with the most beautiful woman in the world and get back to searching through books written in languages I can’t even read. Thank you for reminding me.”

You laughed and playfully smacked his shoulder. “Come here, you goofball,” you said affectionately. He grinned and did as you said.

“What do you need me to do?” he asked.

You handed him one end of the “Happy Halloween” banner you’d been trying to hang. Dragging the chair nearest him over to the door frame, he stepped up on it and once again towered over you.

“Tape?” he asked. You tossed it to him and he caught it one-handed. In short order, Sam had hung both sides of the banner and stepped back to admire his work.

“That’s some damn good banner hanging, if I do say so myself,” he said.

You laughed. “You did such a good job, babe.”

He smiled as he went back over to you, holding your hand as he helped you down from the chair. You didn’t let go once you were back on ground level, and he was alright with that. He entwined your other hands together and smiled down at you.

“You sure are cute,” he said.

Your cheeks flushed which, to him, only reinforced his statement.

“You’re like fun-sized candy,” he joked.

You laughed. “Nobody likes fun-size candy,” you said.

“Speak for yourself,” he protested. “I love it. In fact,” he said, untwining his hand so he could brush his knuckles over your cheek, “I think it’s the sweetest kind of all.”

You smiled, leaning into his touch. “Lucky for you I happen to like my candy king-sized,” you teased. “Happy Halloween, babe.”

He leaned in and kissed you, thinking this was the happiest Halloween he’d ever had.


(or: Halloween in the unremarkable house)

this starts out normal and then goes off the deep end, I don’t know what happened

On the way home from work she stops by Blockbuster. He’d requested something “creepy, not gory”, so she checks out Poltergeist. They’ve both seen it before, but they never actually watch the movie, so she can’t imagine it’ll matter.

At the counter she adds on a bag of mixed fun-size candy. Last year they didn’t get any trick-or-treaters - not surprising, considering their house lies two miles down an unmarked dirt road - but you never know, and Scully has no interest in cleaning egg off the siding tomorrow morning.

When she pulls up in front of the house, he’s outside raking leaves in the waning light. She’s glad to see him outside, glad to see him doing something useful. She worries about him alone in that house all day.

There’s a pumpkin sitting on the front porch, perfectly fat and round and orange. “Where’d that come from?” she calls.

Mulder turns to her, letting the handle of the rake rest on his shoulder. “Took a walk earlier. The Harringtons are selling them out of their truck.”

All of this is good news to her. He’d spent the whole sweltering summer lying on the hardwood floor in their living room with a fan blowing on him, refusing to go outside during the day even when she accused him of being a vampire. Maybe that was just a phase, or some kind of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.

“I got your movie,” she says, waving the blue-and-white box in the air.

He lets the rake fall to the ground and comes over to grab the box. “Good choice,” he says. He peers in the bag. “And candy? We never have candy.”

“It’s Halloween, Mulder, I’m not a monster.”

“If you were, it’ld be seasonally appropriate.“

She flashes a grin at him. "Besides, we might get trick-or-treaters.”

Mulder looks around at their complete lack of neighbors - way off to the west there’s a little light on the horizon from the nearest house, and that’s it - then back at her. “We’re not gonna get any trick-or-treaters.” Then he shrugs. “More candy for us.”

“More candy for you,” she corrects, linking her arm through his. He smells good, like earth and charred wood, and she brushes a stray leaf from his shoulder. “I’m only going to have one piece.”

“That’s what you always say,” he grumbles. “And then I look up and the whole bag’s gone.”

“I don’t think that’s ever happened.”

”Selective amnesia.”

“Sounds like an X-file,” she says lightly, and his smile isn’t entirely convincing. One day they’ll be able to joke about it. Eventually enough time will pass. The wounds will scar over, then fade.

One day.

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If Priya shows up and Candy automatically hates her I’m going to be simultaneously sobbing and cackling my ass off in the corner because that’s exactly what Amber did to her when she arrived and it’s like oh my god you fucking hypocrite do you not remember a certain blonde girl basically peeing a circle around everyone except for Ken in episode one just chill the fuck out


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Wishing You A Very Happy (Very Kind) Halloween!

Our supporters are so talented and thoughtful, we just had to share it with the world! A big shout out and a giant “Thank You” to those of you who’ve sent us your fun Random Acts-inspired Halloween photos so far — we’re ecstatic!

We hope your night is filled with fun, treats, and a little kindness to boot — now let’s get out together and #GetKind (and maybe have a few pieces of fun-sized candy while we’re at it)!