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Oisuga week - day 3: outer space/mistakes

Gullible baby Oikawa was easily convinced that Suga was a real alien because of his light hair and the glowing antenna headband. Suga just played along and pointed at random stars, telling Oikawa about ‘the star he was originally from’ and made-up facts about the outer space. Oikawa wished he had a telescope instead of his dad’s binocular so he could get to see the rad alien spaceship station Suga told him about. Little nerds.

Kirk/Spock - Scandal


Author: littlebirdtold (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Star Trek

Word Count: ~37k

Warnings: regency fusion, bottom!jim

Summary: A heavily damaged Enterprise ends up in another galaxy, nearby a planet called Regelence—a planet with a society similar to Regency England. They need to find a way to get back home, but it turns out it’s easier said than done. Along the way, Jim ends up as a chaperone to a 16-year-old brat who is smitten with the Crown Prince, attends a ball, causes a scandal, gets thrown into the royal dungeons, takes people into hostage, steals a puppy, advises a teen on his love life, and tries to sort out his fucked up (but strictly professional) relationship with his First Officer. Jim’s life is hard.

Comments: This is hilarious, full of sexual tension and humour.  A really fun read!

[ Inktober 2015 | Day 7 – LONGING ]

Do not EVEN get me started on how much Chat Noir loves Ladybug.

I’ll never forget the day when we learned Humans had been accepted into the GC as a member species. We were at the Muriat Marketplace–have you ever been there? Best sugarsnaps in the GC, no question. I’ve never found another bartender who can get them that tart. But anyway. Yes, Humans joining the GC.

I was at an algae depot–no, no, it was a tech shop, yes, a tech shop. There was a Human working there. His job was to clean used parts meant for resale. Mindless work, and hard, too. Not a good job for a species with soft hands. You could tell by his clothes that he didn’t get paid much. His boss was out, so he was helping me find–oh, whatever it was I needed.

There was a newsfeed on a little projector at his work desk, and suddenly, there it was. Humans in the GC. The man went quiet. And then he did something I’d never seen before: he started crying.

Now, I didn’t know that crying was something that Humans did, so I was a little afraid. Do you know how disturbing it is to see someone’s eyes start leaking? Ha! And poor man, he’s trying to explain crying to me while going though all of those emotions.

I’ll never forget what he said to me. He said, “This means we matter. We’re worth something.”

And I said, “Of course you’re worth something. Everyone is worth something.”

And he said, “But now I know the galaxy thinks so, too.”

And now, you have ships of your own, and you go out into the open like we do. And to the Core! I must admit, I am jealous of your journey. What a lucky thing that is. I hope I don’t sound patronizing, but thinking back on that man, seeing you here, makes me think on how far your species has come. That makes me very happy.

—  “The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers

Great A'Tuin the star turtle, shell frosted with frozen methane, pitted with meteor craters, and scoured with asteroidal dust. Great A'Tuin, with eyes like ancient seas and a brain the size of a continent through which thoughts moved like little glittering glaciers. Great A'Tuin of the great slow sad flippers and star-polished carapace, laboring through the galactic night under the weight of the Disc. As large as worlds. As old as Time. As patient as a brick.

Actually, the philosophers have got it all wrong. Great A'Tuin is in fact having a great time.

—  Terry Pratchett, “The Light Fantastic”
I’m deleting my blog.

I’m really sorry for anyone who likes this blog, and I really wasn’t planning on ever actually deleting this blog, but it’s gotten to the point were it’s really taking over my life a lot. I spend way too many hours a day on tumblr, and it’s been distracting me from my actual life. I want to spend more time on my work, and more time developing relationships with people around me, and at this point the only way I can see being able to do that is removing this as a distraction.

This is making me really sad too, and hopefully I can make a new blog sometime and rejoin the tumblr fandom. If anyone wants to still keep in touch with me you can follow me on twitter or follow my main blog.

I love all you guys, and it’s been really fun! I’ll reblog this a few more times over the course of the day.