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Guess what I’ve been re-reading~

Ok so I’ve seen tons of fantastic super epic detailed PJO fanart, but I always thought that PJO would make an amazing goofy cartoon with self-conscious humor and crazy monsters of the week (and serious moments ofc) akin to Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, etc. So character design doodles for that, I guess?

s/o for the crappy generic “ancient looking” font for existing

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..


don’t smoke kiddos

~send me a character + a palette!~

JM: hi! ask me and kookie anything! we decided to open an ask blog because no one asked

JK: jimin is embara-

JM: jimin HYUNG***

JK: //facepalm


Humans are Dangerous

So I was thinking about this whole aliens thing, and i remembered a post about aliens not being able to throw, and are very surprised at how a human could throw a wad paper into the trash can. I’m sorry its not linked, I couldn’t find it.

Anyways. I was thinking, maybe aliens cant aim? Just like, everything they do is in close contact, fighting, playing sports, exercising, whatever aliens do. Whenever they fight, the aliens with canons that actually hit their opponents are thought to be some amazing super race.

And then, humans come in. These bags of flesh who dont seem to be able to survive the conditions of their homeland. And then one casually throws a wad of paper into a bin a good 30 feet away. Of course, the aliens thought it was luck, that the humans hand just spasmed, and everyone was fine with that explanation.

Until humans joined into some war. Suddenly, no one was safe. Humans can be immense distances from their target and still hit. Ships with canons aren’t viewed as a bounty that no one else has, rather, a ship without one is useless; a resort ship.

Humans bring sports that involve aim, like basketball, football, soccer, badminton, tennis, practically everything! Archery and shooting ranges are fun spots to test your accuracy, available to the country! Even the games their children play, throwing water ballons, frisbees, the carnival games for gods sake!

And this is what causes the fear for aliens when they are in an area humans may are, or have, been. Humans can kill them out of their eyesight, untraceable.

Aim, such a small thing, aim, caused aliens to want humans when fighiting, would do anything for them, the humans becoming tyrants, the universe their tyranny, without even knowing, as humans are completely oblivious to everything.

Sorry for the run on sentences, I ramble a lot.


Finally got the Tax Stamp for my Thompson Machine Poseidon 9mm today!

  • 7-12-16 - Was billed for Tax Stamp
  • 6-3-17 - Form 4 Approved
  • 6-10-17 - Form 4 Arrived 

So nearly 11 months later it’s finally home. What is completely comedic is it’ll fit and clear in my Armordillo Xfer - now I’d never concealed carry it because that would be absurd - but I could mount an Xfer to my bed frame for an easy access home defense gun. 

Or we could just have fun at the range drawing from concealment with a suppressor….note to self do NOT reholster after doing so.

I’m going to have to try to make it to the range this week. And get around to getting a 9mm threaded conversion barrel for my Glock 22.

A jock? I don't think so

Pairing : Stiles x reader
Warnings : none
Summary : Stiles and Y/N bond over his lacrosse jersey
A/N : okay,so this short little thing was actually written for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski‘s lacrosse week so if you want to go and read more stuff like this be sure check out their blogs :)

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First Fight ➹ Spencer Reid x Reader

@emilyisrightiamleft requested: Can you do 41 and 43. Reader and reid are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and they have their first fight. Then reader locks him out of the house because she’s mad. (You can change it idc, it would still be perfect💕💕)

cute request! hope i did ur idea justice.

41. “How long has it been?” - “7 minutes and 37 seconds.”

43. “I miss you.”

Originally posted by nationgubler

Your love life was going pretty damn great at the moment. You and your boyfriend Spencer had been in the “honeymoon stage” of your relationship for quite some time and although you’d bicker, you rarely fought. Seeing as you spent the night at each other’s place all the time when he was home from a case, it was a blessing that you hadn’t gotten on each other’s nerves yet. It’d been four months and there had still been no big argument.

Well, until today at least.

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Sprace- Soulmate AU (Markings)

Race slammed his lunch tray on the cafeteria table. “When I meet my soulmate I’m kicking their ass.”

A small laugh bounced around the table. Race’s soulmate was notorious for getting into fights, which usually resulted in Race covered in marks. None of the bruises or occasional cuts actually hurt, but he was still pissed each time he woke up with new ones.

“So the glasses,” Mush began with a chuckle, “Do you really have a-”

“Of course I fucking do.” Race sat down and took off his sunglasses to reveal a sickly yellow-green color coating almost the entirety of his left eye.

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anonymous asked:

...what does it say that I kinda wanna do a fic where a space-time jutsu is messed up and sends Boruto into a reality where Naruto didn't become that... empty shell of an adult but instead became, like, the peppy doting uncle to all the next gen kids whose idea of fun can range from a meal at Ichiraku's to teaching the kids how to give Kurama the good kind of ear scritches that makes his back leg kick (and also creates a small earthquake/new lake)?


Ive been reading SCPs all day and fuckinn. My interest in creepy shit fucks me up so much yall