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@the-fic-place Here’s some unapologetically sappy as-good-as-it’s-ever-gonna-get Uzo & Chidi fic for BROTP week. 



Uzo is five years old and it’s his first day of school and he’s not nervous at all because that would be silly. He likes people and he’s going to make lots of friends and it’s going to be great. He’s new, but that’s fine, it’s only been a month, it’s not like all the other kids are friends and don’t want to talk to him, except all the other kids are friends and don’t seem to want to talk to him.

He knows his French and Wolof aren’t that good yet, but it’s not really his fault that his parents decided to up and leave Nigeria, and he thinks he’s doing alright.

He still ends up sitting on a bench during recess, feeling very alone.

That’s when a little shadow falls over him, and he looks up to see one of the kids in class who hadn’t really been talking to anyone, now that Uzo thinks of it. The boy is staring at him with big owl eyes behind even bigger glasses.

“Hi,” Uzo tries.

The boy says, “I usually sit here. During recess.”

Uzo frowns. “Don’t you play with the other kids?”

“Not really. I just read.”

“Oh.” Uzo and the other boy stare at each other for a while before Uzo has a very smart idea.“Want to play with me?”

The other boy stares. His eyes get even wider, which seems like it should be impossible, but obviously isn’t. He says, “…I don’t know.”

It’s kind of a weird response, but Uzo breezes past it and says, “I like playing marbles, do you?”

“I guess?”

“Great! What’s your name? I’m Uzo.”

“My name’s Chidi.” It’s the first thing the other boy has said that doesn’t sound like a question. He pauses. “Hi.”

Uzo grins, and Chidi smiles back, and in that moment Uzo, in a strange way that feels like magic but is actually just the reality of genuine connection, knows that he and Chidi are going to be very good friends for a very long time.



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