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People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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Some Pidge Headcanons

- Pidge is the kind of person who would rather try to find a free version of a program instead of actually paying for a program

    - Either that or she just makes her own program

         - Everyone would go to her so she could get them free stuff

- When she’s bored she just makes a fake profile on stuff like club penguin and neopets and just dick around with the system and trolls people

       - She’s been banned like 57 times on club penguin ALONE but she just works her way around the system

- Her interest in tech stemmed from wanting something on her computer but she can’t access it yet

        - “Dad, why can’t I find out what NASA is hiding from us?” “It all in their files, it’s confidential” “Oh really >:3c”

- Gaming becomes one of her favorite things, she was always interested in how it works

         - The main reason her sleep schedule is so messed up

- The relationship between her and Matt is like “I’m gonna call u an asshole and put pink hair dye in ur shampoo but I still love u with all my heart”

     - She’s definitely the kind of sister who comes in, leaves the door open and walks away

- Pranks are her thing, don’t mess w/ her

    - They’re always super elaborate and well-planned and she never gets caught

- She always secretly wanted shorter hair bc she didn’t want to deal with it

      - But people always used to say she looked like Matt so she didn’t want them to look even MORE alike

- Her interest in aliens and conspiracy theories started as a joke but then she fell down the rabbit hole

    - She saw all the evidence and people’s point of view and she was convinced that there were aliens out there and that the Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz

              - You know alienmemes420? Yeah, that’s her on forums aggressively proving that her theory is right

                       - She actually came across Keith on one of these forums and even argued with him but she never knew his actual name

                                     - This skill actually came in handy because she was able to figure out the twist at the end of the season months before anyone else 


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

  • Bones: Here's that report you wanted, petal
  • Spock: thank you, t’nash-veh e’shua ha’pla-kur
  • Bones: *blushes*
  • Uhura: What was that?
  • Spock: It is an affectionate name, Leonard requested one
  • Bones: Cute, right?
  • Uhura: "My pale blue devil"?
  • Bones:
  • Spock:
  • Bones: WhaT

So, bro, how’s human-hunting so far?

No humans in sight yet, brother.

I went through the Underswap AU blog a while back just to see if I can unearth some fun AU-canon facts.

The best one was about Swap!Sans climbing stuff because he’s self-conscious about his height. His brother was mentioned among the ‘things’ to climb.