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Line-art used with permission from @lalalalers! Your artist’s name is burned on the back! :D

So, I haven’t said on tumblr yet, but I GOT MEET AND GREET TICKETS FOR THE CONNECTICUT RITUAL! And I made this today to give to Papa! Took about 3 hours-ish between the tracing and burning. (That black spot in the middle of his glove is a knot. I’m not happy with it, but you can’t help the inconsistencies of wood. :/)

Question time! I’d like people’s opinions: I was thinking about shading his hair, since Papa’s hair is actually black, but I didn’t want to fuck it up and make it irreversible. Do you guys like it as is, or should I give shading it a try?

ruinsrebuilt  asked:

"but I'll miss you" for Luz/Lip??

I love that you fuel my rare pairs.


The dentist had warned George that Lip was going to be out of it. 

“Normally he should have had those molars out years ago.” The dentist had shook his head. “We really had to drug him. He just wouldn’t go down.”

“That’s my boy.” George had replied with the true joy only he could bring to that kind of statement.

The dentist was clearly really good at low balling his estimates on how much drugs they had given Lip. 

“Who are you?” Lip asks in the car after spending nearly five whole minutes staring at his hands like he has never seen hands before. 

“The King of Spain.” George answers back because this is gonna be hilarious later. He regrets not putting the gopro on the dash board to film this. 

“Why is the King of Spain driving me?” Lip’s voice. Jesus George needs this taped.

“Well you see, your majesty we are married.” George is so completely proud that he does this with total sincerity. Lip gasps like a little old lady at church clutching her pearls. 

“You are too good looking to be my husband.” Lip says after a moment. Ah, shit. Now George wants to kiss the big idiot and he can’t because Lip is swollen up like a chipmunk and clearly high off his ass. 

George parks the car in the driveway and turns off the car. He is just reaching for the door when Lip reaches over and grabs his hand.

“Where are you going?”

“I was just going around the car to get your door.” George really needs a picture of Lip right now. Too cute for words.

“But I’ll miss you.” Lip’s bottom lip actually trembles. 

“Carwood, I am going to be visible through the windows the entire time and then we are going to go in side and watch all the shows you never let me watch while we cuddle. Okay?”

Lip appears to consider this for a moment.

“Whatever you say, your Majesty.”


My piece for the Band Poster for Pop Culture Characters at Atomic City Comics in Philly! Prints are goin up for First Friday tomorrow!

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention the pattern on Taako’s clothing was generously provided by my wonderful and brilliant buddy Sam Schechter, who also has a piece in the same show, check it out!

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i love your ocs!! do they all have backstories? :0

Thank you ! Some of them like the sukeban demons I’ve drawn a few times lately don’t really have anything particular related to them but here’s a quick something for the minstrels ! I might make a short comics involving them at some point.

remember that one interview during mitam promo with grimmy where harry had to use that voice app and it was SO OBVIOUS that everyone in one direction loves and enjoys each other???  what a great interview.  It really warms my heart.  

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.


here comes M-O 

yeah he has a design sheet

he doesnt get paid enough for the things he has to deal with. and by not enough I mean not at all. somebody bring him to somewhere he can slack off a bit