fun in the

“Weakling shells“ “You can do this….. fingertips only“

“Do you even know how to crack an egg?” “Silence!!!!“

Vegeta was killing me this ep….OMFG my sides they hurt XDDDDD

Cannot right now!!!!!!

omg there was a street performer downtown today and she was one of those performers that dress up like statues and stand really still which i think is Neat as hell and she was really pretty so i went up and put a few dollars in her jar and she blew a kiss at me and good lord she might as well have set me on fire i got flustered as hell

This Week On: Jamie Can’t Even Look At Pretty Girls Without Fucking Dying


“Let me pet ya, Henry.”

A joke some friends on discord made about Bendy reaching out to Henry behind the boards because he wanted to pet Henry’s head. xD 

Featuring @shinyzango‘s Henry cause I just love everything about this guy. He’s just… so precious. Protect this old man. 

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Since when did this blog become social justice and uncool? Enough is enough of the drama. This blog used to be positive and fun. Now it's trash.

Wow… I’m stunned! I’d like to sincerely apologize for ever making you think this blog was cool. It was never my intention to have a cool blog. I’m flattered that you thought so for even a  short period of time. My friends, my family, most of those who follow me could’ve told you long ago there is nothing cool to be had here.


edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

rules: re-imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

in all of my current legacies my heirs are teenagers already, so i picked noel to age down!! i imagine she’s like 26 currently, and these are probs her senior pictures circa 2008. the blue eye shadow rly does it for me…….and she has pink braces but i couldn’t get a flattering picture. i don’t believe anyone tagged me in this, but consider urself tagged by me!!

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okay so i went to a punk concert and like the person i was talking to were so nice??? like she was like "yeah if you get hurt usually people will help you and make sure you're okay" and it was so nice

all punks are softies that are just looking out for each other! I’m glad to hear you had a fun time, concerts are one of the best places tbh!

-mod kip


dragcon was amazing!!! best day of my life so far.

mini story time: so today was actually my school’s prom and obviously i didn’t go, so therefore i kindly asked Katya (queen on the left) to see if we can pose like a cliche prom couple ready for the night, and she immediately said, “oh of course!” it was definitely an experience i’ll never forget.💜