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Just get home as soon as possible okay?

Request: Hiii can you do #57 with peter parker please 💙❤️ off the drabble prompt list if you don’t mind !!

Summary: You’re on your way home from a girls night with Michelle and you receive a nervous phone call from Peter. 

a/n: I think it’s about time I wrote something fluffy like this.

Drabble challenge

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A smile drew onto your lips as you walked down the street, reminiscing the events of earlier this evening. You had just walked Michelle home from an entertaining girls night out. It was fun being able to talk girl stuff without having the boys around cringing at everything the two of you say.

  Your phone went off in your jean pocket causing you to jump a little. At first you thought it was a text message and decided to ignore it, but it kept buzzing. You pulled it out and read Peters contact name on the screen. He had told you to text him when you got home, so you were a little confused as to why he was calling you. 

“Hello?” you answered slowly, the echo of your foot steps bouncing of the street.

“Y/n, where are you right now?” Peter asked frantically through the phone, skipping over a proper greeting,

“I just left Michelle’s place, why?”

“I just-I need you to just get home as soon as possible okay?” 

“Peter what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing- nothing everything is fine-I’m fine, there’s no bad guy,”

“Peter,” you drew out his name knowing what he was up to. He’d always try to hide things from you when it came to his superhero identity. He figured it would be easier to keep you safe that way. But something usually went wrong if he didn’t tell you,

“Okay so there is a bad guy. But it’s fine! Just please get home as soon as possible, maybe quicker than that,” He breathed nervously,

“Alright, I’ll call you when I get home,” you hung up and quickened your pace, knowing that if you didn’t at least try to do as he said you’d get an ear load from him later.

You hadn’t heard or seen any sirens yet, so you reckoned that it wasn’t that bad. Maybe Peter was just over reacting as per usual. But you still couldn’t help but let the worry and anxiety seep up through your spine. Constantly you kept looking over your shoulder to make sure no one was following you through the dark avenues. 

You turned a corner with only one block left till your apartment building. Looking behind you again, you took note that no one had turned the corner with you. Before you could turn back around you ran into what felt like a brick wall, knocking you down onto your butt. 

Your heart rate picked up as you view what had bumped into you. A hooded figure stood at your feet, momentarily stunned like much like you. Quickly you bolted onto your feet, and took a cautious step back from the tall character. You gazed down at the reasonable sized bag he had clutched under his left arm. You were confused as to what was in there that he needed to cling onto so desperately.

You couldn’t see anything underneath his hood, everything was hidden beneath shadows. But his eyes followed yours to the bag filled with cash he had taken. Swiftly he pulled out his armed weapon and pointed it directly at you. Now you were in for it. Your whole body tensed up, and you thought for sure that if he didn’t pull the trigger on you, then your heart would surely fail on you. 

“Don’t move,” He spoke sternly, and gruffly. You of course not knowing what to do and panicking on the inside, squeaked out an ‘okay’. Mentally you slapped yourself multiple times for seeming like such a fool. 

Just as you let out a pant, a glistening rope seemed to shoot down from a rooftop and latch itself around the barrel of the gun, and yanked it upwards out of the mans grasp. “Not tonight,” a familiar voice called out from above. The pair of you were even more shocked and confused.

In a red and blue blur, an arm grabbed a tight hold of your waist. Your body relaxed into the person, but your mind still hadn’t registered. You let out a squeal as you were suddenly flung into the air, still latched onto the red and blue clad hero. Gently Peter set you down on the nearest rooftop, and took a hold of your shoulders, “Don’t move,” he told you pleadingly. You nodded your head but he didn’t see, he had swung back to the robber.

Feeling the cool nights air kiss your skin, you slowly began to process what had just happened. You took a few much needed deep breathes, and stepped around to get rid of the feeling of cemented feet. It could have been worse. You kept telling yourself. Eventually you had completely calmed down.

Sirens rang through the city and grew louder as they approached your location. Silently Peter climbed his way to the roof that he placed you on and found you waiting patiently for him. He pulled off his mask, letting his hair tumble wildly around his forehead. His eyes searched up and down your frame for any scratches, cuts or bruises.

”I’m fine Peter,” you spoke to him in a calming tone. You knew all the thoughts that were running rampant in his head, and you silently pleaded for them to stop. He looked down at his hands that were fiddling with his mask. He was disappointed. Disappointed in himself for not catching all the armed robbers at once. It put your life in danger, and he wouldn’t be forgiving himself for that anytime soon. 

You sighed and made your way over to where he stood. He still kept his head low, and his eyes lower. You brought your hands up to either side of his face and softly brushed away the stray hairs that painted his forehead. Standing on your tipy-toes, you laid a delicate kiss just above his eyebrow, then his nose. His cheeks heated to rosey red, and you rested your forehead onto his. your thumbs traced crescent moons over his colored cheeks.

Finally he looked down at you through his lashes, a faint smile tugging at his lips, “Sorry I ruined your girls night,” he apologized quietly, but just loud enough for you to hear. You let out a small chuckle, “Girls night was long over before you swooped in,” you replied just as hushed as him. 

Peter placed his hands on your hips, and tugged you closer to him. He then wrapped his arms around you completely, and returned a kiss to your forehead, your nose, then finally he captured your lips with his. He breathed a sigh of relief through his nose. What would he ever do if he lost you?


Nothing special but everything about it.

Rated M Category: smut Pairing: bts JiminxReader

You knew you hadn’t been the greatest girlfriend ever as of lately. Jimin had just gotten a 2 week break for the first time in a long time, and here you were with your friends at a bar. You checked the time and it read 8:43. 

“So I said to her, ‘it’s cute and all but on you honey, it looks hideous.’” Your friend Sooki finished her story and everyone around her laughed but you. You had your mind on other things. 

“y/n are you even paying attention?” Sooki asked with a look of betrayal on her face. 

“Huh? Oh, I was but I’m just a bit distracted I guess.” You replied, trying to not set her off.

“Thinking about him again?” She asked. You just nodded in response. Sooki rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Boyfriends are so overrated. Why don’t you just dump him? After all, what good is he to have around anyway other than his money. He holds you back from having fun! I mean, it’s girls night out and he’s probably at home sulking because he can’t control you.” Her words made your blood boil. She made you want to pull out her ugly fake hair extensions and strangle her with them. How dare she speak like that about him? You could make a list 10 pages long of the reasons you love him and show her. What good would making a list do? She probably wouldn’t even be able to read it. Too bad the slut doesn’t understand love. You thought. 

“We’ve had girls night every night for like a week. I’m getting bored of it. For your information, I’m not with him for his money, or his looks or for any reason other than I love him and he makes me happy. Even if I’m not doing a good job of making him happy…” You trailed off and started to wonder what he was doing, or thinking. 

“Well then I won’t invite you tomorrow and you can spend time with Jimin instead of us I guess.” Sooki sighed dramatically. You felt your phone buzz and checked to see who the text was from. 

New message from: ♥Jimin♥ 

You clicked on the notification and read his message.

♥Jimin♥: If you’re not going to be home until late, at least tell me so that I don’t have to worry about you all night. I mean, I know you like spending time with your friends but I feel like you’re picking them over me every night. You haven’t seen me in months and if you don’t want to be with me anymore, I wish you’d just let me know rather than leaving me to wonder what I did wrong every damn night. You act like you only want me when I’m convenient to you. 

You suddenly felt very guilty for making him feel this way. The guilt was making you uncomfortable and anxious to see him and fix this. “I’m going home.” You told your friends as you grabbed your purse and keys. Luckily you hadn’t had much to drink. 

“So I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he texted you?” Sooki said as she looked at you over her martini. 

You rolled your eyes at her, “Not everything is about him. I just don’t feel that great, okay?“ 

She put her free hand up in defense and let you leave without another word. Once you were sitting in your car you texted him back.

(y/n): I’m coming home now. Have fun wherever you’re going and be safe okay?

Once it said sent underneath you put the key in the ignition and made your way home. It took a little longer than expected to get home seeing as every stoplight was against you. You finally pulled your car into the stall outside your apartment complex. As you got in the elevator to go up to your floor a feeling of nervousness settled in your stomach. You hesitantly unlocked and opened the door. When you stepped in, all of the lights were off and the curtains were drawn. It was so dark you could barely see. You walked in, shut and locked the door and tried turning the light on. When you flipped the switch and nothing happened you sighed in annoyance. 

“Dammit…” The power was out. You looked at your phone and saw a text from Jimin.

♥Jimin♥: Okay

Nothing special, but at least he responded. You jumped when you felt something brush against your leg. When you shined the light on your phone down it was just your cat. 

“Hey kitty, you hungry?” You picked up the cat and used the light on your phone to navigate to the kitchen and feed the cat. You’d just sat on a stool in the kitchen when you got another text from Jimin. This one however, made the nervousness in your stomach come back. This time, it was a different type of nervousness. 

♥Jimin♥: Go to our room and stand in the middle of the room. 

(y/n): Why?

♥Jimin♥: Do what I say or else.

(y/n): What are you going to do if I don’t?

♥Jimin♥: Don’t test me. Go. Now. 

Your curiosity got to you and you made your way to the bedroom. You stood in the middle of the room and texted him back

(y/n): I’m there. Now what?

♥Jimin♥: Put your phone on the dresser and go back to the middle of the room and wait. 

You did as told and it wasn’t too long before you thought you heard something but you weren’t sure if it was in your head or not. You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard the bedroom door slam shut. You instinctively whipped around to see who it was. Unfortunately it was too dark to see if who had shut the door was inside the room or not. “J-Jimin?” You stuttered. Fear clearly lacing your voice. You saw the outline of a person moving around to walk out of your view. You would have turned to follow them with your eyes had you not been frozen in place, fear and adrenaline rushing through you. 

“Have you been having fun without me?” You heard Jimin’s voice right behind you. You gasped when you felt his breath against your ear.

“I guess.” If you didn’t regret your words now, he was making it clear he would make you regret them later as he placed a hand on your ass and squeezed.

“That’s too bad isn’t it? I was thinking we could make some fun of our own.” He growled in your ear.

“What kind of things were you thinking?” You asked teasingly. He moved his hand down between your legs.

“Things that would make you want to stay home with me.” He whispered and slid his fingers over your core through your jeans. 

“I’d like to see what you have in mind.” Your breath was hitched in your throat as he continued to rub you. 

“Oh I know you would. Too bad this is going to be a punishment.” His words only aroused you more.

“A p-punishment? For what?” You asked, trying to sound innocent.

“For being a very bad girl and depriving me of your love and attention. You know I don’t like being ignored.” Jimin removed his hand from between your legs and snaked his arms around your waist. You tilted your head to the side to give him more room when he started kissing and nipping at your neck.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about.” At this point, you were seeing how far you could push him. His devilish laugh made you a bit nervous.

“You’re really going to regret messing with me like this.” He spun you around and you took a few steps back instinctively. He took advantage of this and pushed you down onto the bed. You looked up at his silhouette. The room was too dark for you to see him clearly. You watched closely as he got on his knees. He had you take off your shirt and unclasped your bra himself and tossed both items of clothing onto the floor. Jimin ran his hands up your thighs and massaged his thumbs into your hips. You balanced yourself on your elbows until he got demanding. 

“Lay down and keep your hands above your head. Grab the blanket, sheets, mattress whatever. I don’t care, you’re just not allowed to move them lower than that or touch me unless I say so. Disobey me and you’ll regret it.” He growled the last few words and dug his fingers into your sides roughly. On command you laid down and rested your hands above your head. Jimin ran his hands over your stomach and ran his fingers up the valley between your breasts. He palmed your left breast and tweaked the nipple before continuing to massage it slowly. You took in sharp breaths and already had difficulty keeping your hands in their position. 

He removed his hand and started undoing your jeans. He tugged them off along with your panties. Jimin pushed your legs apart and grazed his fingers along the insides of your thighs. His touch was so close yet so far from your growing warmth. You held in the whimper that threatened to escape your lips. It had been far too long since the two of you had been this intimate. Jimin lifted your legs over his shoulders and gripped your hips to pull you closer. He blew a stream of cold air onto your heat and you flinched at the sudden feeling. Jimin held still to build your anticipation. After a few moments he suddenly placed his tongue flat against your folds and licked up over your clit. You gasped and moaned. It took you by surprise and you almost disobeyed his order of keeping your hands still. All you wanted to do was grasp his hair and pull him closer into you. Half of your wish was granted when he plunged his tongue into your opening and started moving his head up and down. It was getting difficult to think but you were surprised that he was’t teasing you which worried you of what was going to happen next. Jimin removed his tongue from inside of you and flicked the tip of his tongue over your clit. He pressed his lips against the bud of nerves and started to suck while every now and then swirling his tongue around it. You gasped and moaned his name as he continued this action. When Jimin introduced his fingers you nearly lost it and grabbed onto him. Instead you gripped the blanket tightly and cried out in pleasure as he plunged 2 fingers into your core and curled them against your walls. He picked up the pace with his fingers but kept the steady pace he had going with his tongue against your clit. It didn’t take long before you knew you were getting close. The knot began to build in your stomach.

“I-I’m close.” You gasped out as he curled his fingers again. Just as you were about to go over the edge he removed his fingers and his mouth, denying you permission to orgasm. 

“Bad girls only get to cum once. It’s not your turn yet.” He wiped your juices mixed with his saliva off his chin onto his sleeve and stood up. 

“But Jimin~” You whined

“But (y/n)~” He mocked. You adjusted your position so that you were laying you head down on the pillow. You watched Jimin’s outline in the dark room. He tossed his shirt to the floor and rid himself of his jeans and boxers. You could feel his intense gaze on you. Your eyes had slightly adjusted to the darkness and you could somewhat see him clearly. Jimin stood at the edge of the bed and trailed his fingers along your thighs and stomach before he moved on top of you. He kissed along your collar bones and neck. Your body tensed with excitement when you felt the tip of his cock against your entrance. 

“How badly do you want me? Show me by begging for it.” Jimin said roughly in your ear.

“Please Jimin, please just fuck me already. Shit, Jimin please… I need you to fuck me. Please. Jimin-” Your sentence was cut off by him pushing himself in you all the way. You dug your nails into the pillow and moaned loudly at the feeling of him inside you. You loved how full he made you feel. No man could make you feel the way Jimin did. He knew how to please you like no one else. 

He pulled out almost completely before thrusting in again. He’d attached his lips to your throat and was sucking hard as he snapped his hips against yours again and again. He went harder and was picking up his pace with each thrust. Once he’d left you a dark purple mark on your neck he laid his forehead in the crook of your neck and moaned as he pushed in and out of you. It was getting more and more difficult to keep your hands off of him. All you wanted was to touch him and trace the outlines of the muscles in his arms and back. You wanted to run your hands through his hair and grab fistfuls of it for support as he plunged into you. When his pace became uneven and his thrusts erratic, you knew he was getting close; and so were you. It didn’t take long before Jimin was gripping your shoulders and moaning your name mixed with slurs loudly as his orgasm washed over him. You followed a moment later. Your vision blurring and your head lulled back in ecstasy. Jimin pulled out and you twitched slightly from over-sensitivity. He laid next to you and brushed the hair from your face. You looked into his eyes and smiled. 

“So?” He asked

“What?” You questioned. 

“Are you going to keep ditching me every night now?” He smirked at you.

“Absolutely not.” You cupped his cheek and kissed him lovingly. 

“Good. How does a warm relaxing shower sound?” Jimin knew you hated not showering after sex.

“I think that sounds amazing.” You propped yourself up on your elbow and watched Jimin get up and go into the bathroom to turn the shower on. When the water had warmed up he came in and picked you up bridal style. 

“Jimin, what are you doing?” You squirmed a bit in his arms.

“Naughty or not, you’re still a lady (y,n) and I am a gentleman.” He informed you.

“Ah, makes sense… I guess.” You complied and let him carry you to the shower. 

-The next day at about 8:00 pm-

You were on the couch watching your favorite show when your phone lit up and started to ring. Without checking who it was you slid your finger across the screen to answer it.

“Hello?” You answered.

“(y/n), are you coming tonight or not? It’s pool night.” You immediately regretted answering when you heard Sooki’s voice. 

“You know… I would but-” You looked up and saw Jimin shirtless standing by the door to your bedroom looking at you seductively. He winked at you and motioned for you to follow him as he walked through the doorway to your room and disappeared from your sight. 

“But what?” Sooki asked, clearly annoyed.

“But I have to go, bye.” You hung up without letting her respond and paused your show. When you entered the bedroom, there was Jimin sitting on the bed.

“Are you ready for something much more fun than ‘pool night’?” Jimin asked seductively and tilted his head to the side. 

“Probably not but I’ll pretend I am." 

I just copied and pasted this from wattpad since I didn’t have any of my smut stories up here yet.

anonymous asked:

heyo!! I love your art to death ahhh it's so pretty. you're a great writer too!! I kinda want some cheezy but cute Janstar or starkie fanfiction, if you don't mind!

i’m so sorry my dude, this could’ve been cheesier amd better written but i haven’t written in like MONTHS and also i had to look up a prompt lmao but i looked it up on pinterest so ye, gotta find the link laterrrr

decided to go with starkie bc TRYING NEW THINGS SMALLY and also there’s like no starkie fanfiction?? wtf guys this ship is really good i swear

(also tysm for all the kind words!! u silly sweetheart ;3)

Jackie hadn’t been ‘lazer-tagging,’ - as she had called it as a child - in years. And oh boy did she miss it. It was the first week of summer holidays and after the horror that was finals, she decided to organise an outing between herself and her friends.

She had beamed as she’d slipped the glowing vest over her head, and ran in cackling out loud – despite the employee asking them not to run. Pfft, as if. She quickly hid and had somehow avoided being hit so far, snickering as she hid behind structures – shooting her friends when they least expected it, while remaining hidden.

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Date Night

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Words: 3,378

Summary: You and Natasha turned your regular date night into a night out with Steve and Bucky.

Warnings: fluff, slight angst towards the end, but it turns back into fluff, some making out and PDA (if this is a warning)

Author’s note: This is my entry for the Fandom Writing Challenge! The theme was Date Night and my prompt was Dancing. I feel like there aren’t enough Natasha and Reader fics, so I gave this a shot. I hope you have fun reading it!

Originally posted by romanoffdaily

“You ready yet, babe?”, you asked over your shoulder, while you stood in front of your mirror, putting on your favorite pair of earrings.
It was the third Friday evening in the month, the night that belonged to Natasha and you and which you never spent apart. At least until now there hadn’t been any missions to keep you apart.
You had been part of administrative section of the Avengers initiative when you first met her. Of course you had known her before, who hadn’t heard of the infamous Black Widow in your line of work? But you’d never actually met her until you’d been assigned as her personal assistant. You and her had hit it off right away.

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