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Let’s recap shall we : 

  • Fun therapy sessions with Barry & Iris in 4x02
  • Iris’ girls night out aka her bachelorette party in 4x05 with Felicity, Cecile & Joanie confirmed & Caitlin bartending
  • WestAllen getting married TWICE during the crossover
  • An Iris/Cecile plot
  • An Iris/Felicity/Kara only scene in the crossover
  • Iris crossing over to Arrow & LOT
Just get home as soon as possible okay?

Request: Hiii can you do #57 with peter parker please 💙❤️ off the drabble prompt list if you don’t mind !!

Summary: You’re on your way home from a girls night with Michelle and you receive a nervous phone call from Peter. 

a/n: I think it’s about time I wrote something fluffy like this.

Drabble challenge

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A smile drew onto your lips as you walked down the street, reminiscing the events of earlier this evening. You had just walked Michelle home from an entertaining girls night out. It was fun being able to talk girl stuff without having the boys around cringing at everything the two of you say.

  Your phone went off in your jean pocket causing you to jump a little. At first you thought it was a text message and decided to ignore it, but it kept buzzing. You pulled it out and read Peters contact name on the screen. He had told you to text him when you got home, so you were a little confused as to why he was calling you. 

“Hello?” you answered slowly, the echo of your foot steps bouncing of the street.

“Y/n, where are you right now?” Peter asked frantically through the phone, skipping over a proper greeting,

“I just left Michelle’s place, why?”

“I just-I need you to just get home as soon as possible okay?” 

“Peter what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing- nothing everything is fine-I’m fine, there’s no bad guy,”

“Peter,” you drew out his name knowing what he was up to. He’d always try to hide things from you when it came to his superhero identity. He figured it would be easier to keep you safe that way. But something usually went wrong if he didn’t tell you,

“Okay so there is a bad guy. But it’s fine! Just please get home as soon as possible, maybe quicker than that,” He breathed nervously,

“Alright, I’ll call you when I get home,” you hung up and quickened your pace, knowing that if you didn’t at least try to do as he said you’d get an ear load from him later.

You hadn’t heard or seen any sirens yet, so you reckoned that it wasn’t that bad. Maybe Peter was just over reacting as per usual. But you still couldn’t help but let the worry and anxiety seep up through your spine. Constantly you kept looking over your shoulder to make sure no one was following you through the dark avenues. 

You turned a corner with only one block left till your apartment building. Looking behind you again, you took note that no one had turned the corner with you. Before you could turn back around you ran into what felt like a brick wall, knocking you down onto your butt. 

Your heart rate picked up as you view what had bumped into you. A hooded figure stood at your feet, momentarily stunned like much like you. Quickly you bolted onto your feet, and took a cautious step back from the tall character. You gazed down at the reasonable sized bag he had clutched under his left arm. You were confused as to what was in there that he needed to cling onto so desperately.

You couldn’t see anything underneath his hood, everything was hidden beneath shadows. But his eyes followed yours to the bag filled with cash he had taken. Swiftly he pulled out his armed weapon and pointed it directly at you. Now you were in for it. Your whole body tensed up, and you thought for sure that if he didn’t pull the trigger on you, then your heart would surely fail on you. 

“Don’t move,” He spoke sternly, and gruffly. You of course not knowing what to do and panicking on the inside, squeaked out an ‘okay’. Mentally you slapped yourself multiple times for seeming like such a fool. 

Just as you let out a pant, a glistening rope seemed to shoot down from a rooftop and latch itself around the barrel of the gun, and yanked it upwards out of the mans grasp. “Not tonight,” a familiar voice called out from above. The pair of you were even more shocked and confused.

In a red and blue blur, an arm grabbed a tight hold of your waist. Your body relaxed into the person, but your mind still hadn’t registered. You let out a squeal as you were suddenly flung into the air, still latched onto the red and blue clad hero. Gently Peter set you down on the nearest rooftop, and took a hold of your shoulders, “Don’t move,” he told you pleadingly. You nodded your head but he didn’t see, he had swung back to the robber.

Feeling the cool nights air kiss your skin, you slowly began to process what had just happened. You took a few much needed deep breathes, and stepped around to get rid of the feeling of cemented feet. It could have been worse. You kept telling yourself. Eventually you had completely calmed down.

Sirens rang through the city and grew louder as they approached your location. Silently Peter climbed his way to the roof that he placed you on and found you waiting patiently for him. He pulled off his mask, letting his hair tumble wildly around his forehead. His eyes searched up and down your frame for any scratches, cuts or bruises.

”I’m fine Peter,” you spoke to him in a calming tone. You knew all the thoughts that were running rampant in his head, and you silently pleaded for them to stop. He looked down at his hands that were fiddling with his mask. He was disappointed. Disappointed in himself for not catching all the armed robbers at once. It put your life in danger, and he wouldn’t be forgiving himself for that anytime soon. 

You sighed and made your way over to where he stood. He still kept his head low, and his eyes lower. You brought your hands up to either side of his face and softly brushed away the stray hairs that painted his forehead. Standing on your tipy-toes, you laid a delicate kiss just above his eyebrow, then his nose. His cheeks heated to rosey red, and you rested your forehead onto his. your thumbs traced crescent moons over his colored cheeks.

Finally he looked down at you through his lashes, a faint smile tugging at his lips, “Sorry I ruined your girls night,” he apologized quietly, but just loud enough for you to hear. You let out a small chuckle, “Girls night was long over before you swooped in,” you replied just as hushed as him. 

Peter placed his hands on your hips, and tugged you closer to him. He then wrapped his arms around you completely, and returned a kiss to your forehead, your nose, then finally he captured your lips with his. He breathed a sigh of relief through his nose. What would he ever do if he lost you?


It’s a movie weekend!!

First on the docket…

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Bad Mom’s Christmas!

The girls and I are heading out to be bad moms ourselves and get a little bit giggly prior to the movie! Hopefully it’s only a little. We don’t need to be chased out of the theater. I’ll let you know. The wild one said something about bringing hair ties cause… yah know… hopefully we don’t die… if we do, it was Tanya’s fault.

Second up…

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Justice League!

OMG! I’m almost as excited for this as I was for Thor: Ragnarok! My daughter is psyched! Wonder Woman is her favorite movie ever. Everything in her room went from ponies and monster high to Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot in a heartbeat. Makes me happy to see her look up to a woman who’s independent, strong, and of moral character rather than some of the other people out there right now.

It’s gonna be a good weekend!!

When I went to see Niall there was this girl in the merch line that was looking to give away her ticket FOR FREE mind you. And she turned to me asking if I wanted it. It was floor seats HOWEVER, ALL the way in the back.

When I told her no, she gave me such a weird look like “you’re really passing up having floor seats when your clearly a fan?”

And really I was avoiding doing this the entire night.

You Think You Know Me (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x reader ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Modern!AU Series - Prologue Part 1 

for @sgtbxckybxrnes ‘s Movie AU Writing Challenge

When a certain gentleman visits the city, the Bennet sisters are swoon to meet and marry him. You, on the other hand, seem to be the only one able to see behind his facade of wealth and pride - and find little you like. [~2300 words]

warnings: one swear word, I think

A/N: so, this accidentally turned into over 2000 words, so, yeah. have fun with that one

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The ball was huge. Well, the building was, the party on its own was simply breathtaking. Literally, as the moment you stepped into the room, you were blinded by darkness and incredibly bright neon lights simultaneously. It wasn’t flashy, though, everything was still expensive and high-end, and kept exactly the right way to be loud and heavy but not enough to be overwhelming. Why it was called a ball of all things, you had no idea. Almost nothing here said ‘sophisticated’ and even though it would have been supposed to, it didn’t feel like any sophistication was missing. It was clear that this year, the CEOs that had tried to keep the tradition that was this ball, had been overruled by their sons and daughters. You loved it instantly. From the first glance over the crowd, you spotted several people you knew and called friends and made a mental note to talk to them later.

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Question: Since Episode 5 of The Flash is called “Girls Night Out,” is there a chance the girls will actually speak to each other? And might they do so at a party in anticipation of a certain wedding? —Tatiana
: Thanks for your question, Tats. (BTW, nice work on that Orphan Black finale.) Here’s what Flash EP Todd Helbing had to say about Ep 5: “It’s really fun. The girls [including a visiting Felicity Smoak] go and have a night out in Central City alone, without the guys. And they get into some trouble.” And to the second part of your Q about the possibility of the outing being a bachelorette party for the potential future Mrs. West-Allen, Helbing responds with a laugh, “Possibly.”

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