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Some (more) Otayuri headcanons

(A GIANT thankyou to the previous anon…like you are so sweet…thankyou!!! I hope you have a good day. 😊 and also a small note that Kae is still, amazing…like how does she do it no one knows! Just incredible, anyway I love headcanons SO LET’S DO THIS!!!)

.Yuri IMMEDIATELY steals Otabek’s hoodie.
.It is so warm! And nice like why wouldn’t you???
.It also smells really nice, like a portable Ota hug.
.And that was the day that Otabek realised that he would never get his hoodie back again…
.RIP Otabek’s hoodie…
.Anyway it is also good to mention that Yuri’s cats LOVE Otabek.
.Like always cuddling up to him and lying on him.
.And Yuri just really happy in the background.
.The only slight problem is that Otabek isn’t the fondest of cats…but he will get used to them!
.Actually if we were to link this back to the hoodie you COULD say that Yuri may or may not sometimes cuddle his cats in the hoodie…
.You know that thing where you bring the pet up and through the head hole…
.Yeah he does that.
.It is big enough.
.Otabek has to admit it is adorable.
.Yuri whispers shut up with a red face and Otabek suddenly has the straightest face ever…
.He is shitting himself on the inside so funny and cute.
.To be honest…I must say I am team Yuri gets taller than Otabek eventually and later on in their relationship it is really funny and sweet…
.Like Yuri will use Otabek as an armrest and will sometimes say in a menacing voice, ‘who’s the tall one now?
.Even though they are dating they are also really good friends which is what you kinda want in a relationship anyway.
.I have mentioned Yuri being basically like a cat before…but I will mention it again!
.Actually I must also mention that one time Otabek fell asleep on Yuri’s shoulder and Yuri was…so filled with joy…
.I like to also think that Otabek is really clumsy sometimes so just you will hear across the house a really loud bang…
.And Yuri isn’t even fazed anymore it is a fairly common occurrence.
.“You ok?”
.“Yep fine thanks!”
.Yuri is very soft around Otabek and Otabek is the same.
.They are comfortable around each other!
.And lastly Otabek’s reaction to Yuri’s taste of music…
.Like half of it would be alright but the other half is like…what is this human??? Doing??
.Yuri a defender of his music taste EVENTUALLY agrees for Otabek to suggest some good bands and such…
.He and Otabek now listen to them non stop…


30 Days of Rhett and Link: Day 1: Favorite Episode

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Oh boy, I definitely can’t pick a single favorite episode, I don’t think. But my top 5, in no particular order, are probably…

(Keep in mind this is only counting the main episodes. If I included More episodes, they’d be the only ones on the list lol)

1) Face Morphing Experiment

I really like experiment-type episodes, and this one is super interesting- and super Rhinky. I mean, they stare into each other’s eyes in low lighting for like half the video. Come on. And the experiment actually works! 

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2) Feel & Squeal Challenge ft. Hank Green

The speed round at the end of this one is the best. They’re hilarious together and Hank is freakishly good at it! 

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 3) Wal-Mart Taste Test: The Game

This is an oldie but SUCH a goodie. For some reason Rhett adding all the ingredients to the blender at the end gets. me. every. time. 

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 4) 5 Weird Ways to Start a Fire

I mean, obviously. WHAT THE CRAP, GUYS?!?!?! WHAT THE CRAP!!???!!! 

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 5) New Slang You Should Know (GAME)

Did someone say lowkey dads? I love the ridiculous explanations Rhett comes up with, and to be honest they just look really good in this ep. (The More for this one is also one of my favorites)

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I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know what you think of these eps and if we have any of the same favorites!

I have a full list of favorites here, which also includes my favorite GMMore episodes:


So I was up at 3 in the morning from excitement about SPG and this came out of my hand. Kinda sketchy, but I like it :3 Tryin’ some new styles and such.

SO with this, I decided try rottingrootsarts SPG 30 Day Art Challenge found HERE :D, because why the heck not, and this fits for Day 1: Draw Rabbit.

yay drawing!