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🙄So we just finished another shoot and they called her again to postpone the competition, this is the 3rd time they did this btw so Na’na is getting a little annoyed at this point. Don’t mind her aggy face though, she won’t be like this for long. I’m gonna take her out for lunch because just like me, I know food will cheer her up, especially AUTHENTIC tacos and chicken rice bowls!!!😊 Have a good day baby’s!!!!!😘

this is the only photo where there’s nothing drawn on it. the rest’s gonna be in the post

*tries to stay awake* I can finally say…My last prompt for the Lapidot Anniversary week is DONE ! It’s 2 AM, but …IT WAS WORTH IT. NOW LET’S BEGIN.

Now you’re probably wondering…

What the heck is this.

 I had another idea involving a selfie, but it was also involving asking my ex-roommate. Since I’m blue and he’s green it would have been easy…But he would have probably refused  and…well he doesn’t live here anymore. So I gave up huehue

Now lemme explain. I have a HUGE mineral collection and an awful lot of pets.

As you can see, i have several peridots and lapises (and it’s not even all of them- you’ll see later). And I…also have a small cinnamon rat called Steven - well, actually, Mordecai, but Steven is his other name cause I didn’t wanna choose-

“I think he saw me !!!”

He LOVES stealing my gemstones, especially my bracelets. I often takes photos of him with them (I also have a Sans with a aquamarine on his head buuut not for today). So I decided, for the Photo prompt, to take photos of him and make our favorite nerds interact with him.


I think Lapis is taking some…advantage of the situation…

And yes. Yes. He legit tried to eat the peridot. I had to take it because he wanted to flee with it.

Seems Peridot actually trust Rat Steven…

I first wanted to make stuff as detailed as this one but I had no time. So some of them are totally sketchy.

…Wait. I didn’t finish. I…didn’t introduce my mice !! 8D

Out of 5 mice. I have three females.

One day, I just showed the biggest one to my friends. A big, orange mouse, with a mark across her face. Since I showed her, all my friends calls her Jasper (she’s also a brute…so it’s actually perfect haha). Aaand.

The same hapenned to the two other mice.


I have two mice nicknamed “Lapis” (brown one) and “Peridot” (well..the one on the candle, also the smallest of the group). When I remembered this I immediatly took them out to take photos.

They’re extremely bonded (and I talk about all of them) but fun fact is that when I take one of these two out the other starts to follow hahaha.


actually she’s just trying to steal food but it’s still fun and cute

Yes, food because it took me a lot of time to take these photos but also a lot of mozarella so they’d stop randomly walking around on my desk.

yes Lap also tried to eat this bracelet…like wow i know it kinda looks like candy but wtf

“wth are you looking at you clod”

“spotted lmao”

And that’s. All. I could have put more picture and more detailed stuff but as I said before, I had no time.

In case you were wondering, the small rock are gifts from someone who found them near a volcano. There’s olivine on them~

And I didn’t buy the candles on purpose. I bought the blue one last year (there’s also some yellow on it :3) and I received the lime green one for my birthday (like the small bracelet, the olivines and the small lapis) last april and weeell seems it was the perfect moment <3 The decoration stayed like this since the day I took the photo, I…just find it beautiful like this. I just wear the bracelets but the rest never changed :’)

Well. I’m glad I’ve been part of this awesome event ! This relationship needed to be celebrated, these dorks are amazing and this ship doesn’t deserve all the stupid hate (which is weird because it’s also the most popular ?…). You can try and convince me but I will never change my mind about them. Peridot always looked to have a huge crush on Lapis to me, she just…looks like me when I like someone too much like it’s so obvious it looks like it’s written on the face XD

Now, I just need to add something to this huuuuuuge post: I talked about a cross over I made before the event. I will post it tomorrow ! Cuz I don’t know where it is and now I’m just gonna faint. I just wanted to post the last prompt before throwing myself in my bed.

Also Lapidot rules /o/ (and boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog …or @luclipse85 ? idk - hope it’s still ok to post now)

Leaving again...

The other day, my friend said something to me. I had told her that I was feeling shitty because I had eaten so much food, and she said “but food is a fun time!” and it made me sad because, of course, food isn’t a fun time for me. And it used to be, and I miss that.

One of the reasons I came back to all of this was because something happened in my life which I had no control over, and the way I decided to cope with it was by finding control in calorie counting and losing weight. I didn’t see it as a problem because I’m not that bad. I could still be so much worse and have it all be such a bigger problem.

The thing is, though, things can always get worse. That doesn’t make your problems any less valid, though, and it doesn’t make them any less of a problem.

I’m done with feeling guilty for eating too much. I’m done with grabbing at my flesh and hating myself every time I catch a glimpse of my thighs. I’m done with looking around at everyone eating lunch every day and wondering how they can eat without even thinking about it.

Maybe I’ll come back to this blog in a few months, wanting to try to lose weight again. Maybe I won’t. I hope it’ll be the latter.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life like this. You can recover - even if you don’t think you’re ‘bad enough’ yet to do so. Talk to a therapist, or a counsellor, or a friend or family member. You don’t deserve to feel and live this way.

Thank you to those of you have been there for me. I hope all of you can find a balance in your life 


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Do you think you can write like, a VERY short dabble on Justice dealing with catcallers? Either in Awakening or DA2, which ever you like.

(Okay ngl I kinda jumped at the opportunity to write this instead of working on my currently piling up WIPs because I LOVE WRITING JUSTICE SO MUCH OMG, he’s actually my favourite to write, and I never bloody well get to. So thank you nonny, for giving me the opportunity to write about the precious angry spirit bae beating up assholes. This is a good day. Ahaha whoops this isn’t short at all oh well)

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Anders was on his way back to his clinic from the Hanged Man, where he’d somehow been convinced to play a few rounds of Wicked Grace this afternoon, when he heard some sort of commotion ahead on the street. He could hear several male voices, but couldn’t yet discern what they were saying. He stopped for a moment, readying himself for trouble, before moving forward to see what was happening.

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Guess What! I’m going to be in the artist alley at Otakon this year. I might be dressed as Tree Trunks if I finish my costume in time (I haven’t started this cosplay. I make a lot of empty promises). Swing by table. Say hello. Buy some prints and other fun stuff. Bring me food. Have an existential crisis with me! 

While eating dinner...
  • Friend 1: I need a napkin for my foot.
  • Friend 2: I need a napkin for my face.
  • Me: I need a napkin for my life.