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Super detailed questions about your OCs

1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything?
2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them?
3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory?
4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory with them? Did they know both parents?
5. Do they have any siblings? What’s their names? What is their relationship with them? Has their relationship changed since they were kids to adults?
6. What were they like at school? Did they enjoy it? Did they finish? What level of higher education did they reach? What subjects did they enjoy? Which did they hate?
7. Did they have lots of friends as a child? Did they keep any of their childhood friends into adulthood?
8. Did they have pets as a child? Do they have pets as an adult? Do they like animals?
9. Do animals like them? Do they get on well with animals?
10. Do they like children? Do children like them? Do they have or want any children? What would they be like as a parent? Or as a godparent/babysitter/ect?
11. Do they have any special diet requirements? Are they a vegetarian? Vegan? Have any allergies?
12. What is their favourite food?
13. What is their least favourite food?
14. Do they have any specific memories of food/a restaurant/meal?
15. Are they good at cooking? Do they enjoy it? What do others think of their cooking?
16. Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it?
17. Do they like to take photos? What do they like to take photos of? Selfies? What do they do with their photos?
18. What’s their favourite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else
19. What’s their least favourite genres?
20. Do they like musicals? Music in general? What do they do when they’re favourite song comes?
21. Do they have a temper? Are they patient? What are they like when they do lose their temper?
22. What are their favourite insults to use? What do they insult people for? Or do they prefer to bitch behind someone’s back?
23. Do they have a good memory? Short term or long term? Are they good with names? Or faces?
24. What is their sleeping pattern like? Do they snore? What do they like to sleep on? A soft or hard mattress?
25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves?
26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions?
27. What makes them sad? Do they cry regularly? Do they cry openly or hide it? What are they like they are sad?
28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?
29. What do they do when they find out someone else’s fear? Do they tease them? Or get very over protective?
30. Do they exercise? Regularly? Or only when forced? What do they act like pre-work out and post-work out?
31. Do they drink? What are they like drunk? What are they like hungover? How do they act when other people are drunk or hungover? Kind or teasing?
32. What do they dress like? What sorta shops do they buy clothes from? Do they wear the fashion that they like? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear makeup? What’s their hair like?
33. What underwear do they wear? Boxers or briefs? Lacey? Comfy granny panties?
34. What is their body type? How tall are they? Do they like their body?
35. What’s their guilty pleasure? What is their totally unguilty pleasure?
36. What are they good at? What hobbies do they like? Can they sing?
37. Do they like to read? Are they a fast or slow reader? Do they like poetry? Fictional or non fiction?
38. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?
39. Do they like letters? Or prefer emails/messaging?
40. Do they like energy drinks? Coffee? Sugary food? Or can they naturally stay awake and alert?
41. What’s their sexuality? What do they find attractive? Physically and mentally? What do they like/need in a relationship?
42. What are their goals? What would they sacrifice anything for? What is their secret ambition?
43. Are they religious? What do they think of religion? What do they think of religious people? What do they think of non religious people?
44. What is their favourite season? Type of weather? Are they good in the cold or the heat? What weather do they complain in the most?
45. How do other people see them? Is it similar to how they see themselves?
46. Do they make a good first impression? Does their first impression reflect them accurately? How do they introduce themselves?
47. How do they act in a formal occasion? What do they think of black tie wear? Do they enjoy fancy parties and love to chit chat or loathe the whole event?
48. Do they enjoy any parties? If so what kind? Do they organise the party or just turn up? How do they act? What if they didn’t want to go but were dragged along by a friend?
49. What is their most valued object? Are they sentimental? Is there something they have to take everywhere with them?
50. If they could only take one bag of stuff somewhere with them: what would they pack? What do they consider their essentials?


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Dear Gods, that's unsettling.

My party, Chaotic Good Tiefling Twins (Bard & Sorceress), a Chaotic Good Dwarf Cleric, a Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc Barbarian, a Lawful Evil Human Paladin and my Lawful Evil Yuan-Ti Warlock. We had to get past a boy into the house he was guarding , he was like 10 years old so the party was adverse  to killing him if they could help it.

Me: I got this, I cast “Sleep”.
DM: OK, how are you gonna cast it
Me: I start singing “Trust in Me” from the Jungle Book in a hissing snake voice
DM: The boy unknowingly starts to sway to the sound of your voice, eventually his eyes roll up in his head and he drifts into a sound sleep.
Tiefling Bard (Ooc): Why’d you sing? I thought you were a Warlock?
Cleric (Ooc): He is, he’s just creepy.

They left me to keep watch while they checked inside for what we were looking for. They came to find I had eaten the boy, Anaconda style.

Cleric: What the fuck dude!?
Me: In my defense, you left an unconscious child, unsupervised, with an evil snake man.
Cleric: OK, yeah that one’s on me.

gay candy asks 🍬
  • <p> <b>skittles:</b> ideal date?<p/><b>maltesers:</b> gayest ice cream flavor?<p/><b>cinnamon hearts:</b> favorite spot in nature?<p/><b>twizzlers:</b> best lazy day meal?<p/><b>caramels:</b> fact about your crush / s/o?<p/><b>lifesavers:</b> favorite gay movie?<p/><b>swedish berries:</b> gay jam song?<p/><b>candy bracelets:</b> one word to describe your fashion style<p/><b>fun dip:</b> favorite thing to do with friends?<p/><b>suckers:</b> meme you reference too often?<p/><b>truffles:</b> best compliment you've even gotten?<p/><b>nerds:</b> show you've rewatched 100 times?<p/><b>sour cherries:</b> most recent "wow I'm Gay" moment?<p/><b>marshmallows:</b> best view to watch with your crush / s/o?<p/><b>saltwater taffy:</b> ideal roadtrip destination?<p/><b>mentos:</b> item of clothing that belongs to your crush / s/o that you'd rlly like to be wearing right now?<p/></p>