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Transcending religion, spiritual paths, and dogma

“Some” people think ridiculing systems of magick, spirituality, and various schools of philosophy–on the basis of their absurdity or contradiction to logic–means they have transcended these silly things which people use to make themselves feel better about their existence and mortality.

This, to me, comes off as a rather “basic bitch of philosophy” response to the questions of life, spirituality, and “magic”. It seems as silly as dogmatically following one religion and chastising the rest.

I feel like transcending these systems, religions, spiritual paths, et al involves something much more sublime. First I would like to point out what merit such pursuits would even have when they come off absurd or contradictory to reason. We will discard the religions which seem to mostly desire control of populace and obedience, which they get through the use of threats and punishments (whether physical, social, or spiritual). A good number of the rest which remain have something in common. They claim the possibility of higher experience, realization, or transcendence for the human being.

If there exists a pattern, especially one with as sublime a meaning as this, then it holds merit to explore it. Contradicting quantum model theories, many exist, may completely disagree at times on why weird shit happens in the universe, but they all acknowledge weird shit happens in the universe. Good quantum physicists learn to view phenomenon from a model-agnostic perspective, considering multiple models, and knowing that every single one of them might become obsolete or false in the future.

So when I hear multiple famous, intelligent, clever, wise, and down right intriguing individuals from history claim “weird shit happens in the human consciousness”.. I might take a listen, I might sit down and study their theories and models–maybe I’ll get lucky and experience first hand some “weird stuff”. I would take after the better quantum physicist, and become model agnostic. Study every model, compare notes, place my bets on my choice of a handful while still respecting the possibility that my preferred models could any day become obsolete in the presence of a newer set of constructs, a newer model of the human experience.

Occult, magick, mysticism, spirituality all fall into the very first science–the study of the firsthand human experience, which includes all of the weird shit that our minds have experienced over the very long span of time which this wondrous and mysterious science has existed.

If you truly wish to transcend these all, then take each experience which each model presents. Use your mind, your consciousness, as your laboratory and partake in the prescribed formulae and experiments. Once you have studied the “weird shit” yourself, and can become good at predicting the nature of that weird shit, or learn to lead other people into experiencing that weird shit–then I will admit you have transcended these models, paradigms, and spiritual paths.

Talking shit takes nothing more than a clever tongue, but in the end your noise gets drowned out by everyone else who finds themselves convinced. Do you think you have it all figured out? Or will you admit yourself clueless and join the research team?

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