fun fact: the font i used is actually called 'talking to the moon'

30 Best Mellow Frames

Recently I passed 2,000 followers so to celebrate I decided to post a list of my 30 personal favorite Mellow Frames that I made. Why 30, well I was going to do 20, but there were some painful cuts so I decided to extend it to 30. If you want to check them out then just click on the titles. Enjoy. 

30. Where Did It Go?:

Starting off is a short one about an alternate ending to the Kindergarten Kid. Imagine if this actually happened. Might have made that terrible episode worth it.

29. Claire Bites Back:

Honestly, most of my non SU Mellow Frames aren’t that popular (with some exceptions), which honestly makes more worried about what will happen after the show ends, but I digress. This is my favorite movie Mellow Frames since I get to take down the awful sexism of a divisive blockbuster. Honestly I need to make more movies Mellow Frames because movies are my first passion (I am the Mellow Filmmaker). Just ignore the grammatical errors.

28. Steven, Your Aunts Tried to Kidnap and Murder You:

What makes this Mellow Frames is the ending. It’s actually a joke that I had in my head for a while, but I felt like this episode was perfect to have it end on that joke. The one thing that did cause me to go nuts about this is my dialogue. I used “Oh” way too much here. I feel like dialogue is the thing that I need to improve the most as a writer.

27. Garnet’s Rocket Fist:

This is the first Mellow Frames that used photo editing and it was before I had Photoshop. Garnet really should use this power more often, though now the show should really use Garnet more often. I really could’ve come up with a better ending for this though.

26. Episode Choose Your Story 1:

I was inspired to make this because I got tired of always seeing those “Episode Choose Your Story” ads on my Tumblr dash. There are a few funny things that happened after I made this comic. So many people messaged me thinking that these were real stories. I also am 99.99% sure that the people who made Episode Choose Your Story saw this parody. One is that the scenarios in the ads became way more absurd after I released these comics. Two is this ad right here. Notice how one of the options is exactly like one of my parody options. It was not like that before. If my suspicions are true, that’s pretty awesome.

25. Possessing Lars:

I never really thought about this comic that much, but many people told me that this is one of their favorite Mellow Frames. Looking back, it is pretty funny. I like the idea of Rose being able to talk to Steven, but giving him terrible advice (the mentor character giving awful advice is one of my favorite comedy tropes). The ending changes Steven’s motive for possessing Lars, but the funny thing is that it makes too much sense.

24. Fusion Cuisine:

My best Mellow Frames are the ones where I’m making fun of episodes I love, but there is a certain satisfaction in making a Mellow Frames of an episode that I hate (like this one). It just feels good to make your own version of an episode that fixes the flaws of the original. I thought about either including this one or the one I did on The New Crystal Gems. I decided to go with this one because this is my only Mellow Frames that was accompanied with a video (I really should be doing more of those). If I had any regret about this one, it’s the fact that it was made during the time when I tried giving each character a special font in the editing software. That was a mistake. 

23. Why Lapis and Jasper Stay Fused:

This comic is definitely a product of its time. People don’t remember, but Peridot was getting a little annoying as a Villain (at least for me). If you ever wanted to see Malachite call Steven sweetie, this comic is where you can see that. I do apologize for the coloring of Peridot’s font though. This might be the first Mellow Frames where I grab screenshots from SU clips on Youtube instead of using photos from the Steven Universe wiki. I love doing that because it gives me the ability to pick perfect screenshots for my Mellow Frames.

22. Attract:

I’ve made quite a few Pokémon comics. Only two made this list. This one came up after I saw Salandit’s ability to attract the male of any species. I thought that an opportunistic trainer could abuse that ability, so I made a comic about it. The ending of this comic is an example about how what’s portrayed in these comics doesn’t always reflect my personal opinions. I don’t actually mind Ash’s design in the Sun and Moon Anime (I don’t have any investment in the Pokémon anime since I haven’t watched it since I was 10), but I noticed a lot of people did so I decided to drag him at the end of this comic.

21. Hot Times in Snowy Weather: 

I love writing Problematic Pearl. One of my favorite aspects of her character is her crush on big buff women, especially Jasper. Since Gem Hunt didn’t have them interact, I thought that I should have them interact. Sort of…

To Be Continued…