fun fact: it first came out on my bday

Kpop Stan Icebreaker Challenge

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Ultimate bias?
R: listen, i don’t even know anymore, but for the sake of this i’m just going to say Jimin (BTS)

M: Byun Baekhyun, my baeked potato XD
Ultimate Bias Wrecker?
R: i can list like 20 right now… Mark Tuan

M: GDragon/ Jiyong
Favorite Kpop song?
R: currently, teenage by got7, i can’t pick an all time fav kpop song.

M: Argh this is so hard!…It’s between Error x Vixx or Awake x BTS
First Kpop Song?
R: it was an exo song, i believe Lotto? 

M: Dope x BTS (fun fact: this mv came out on my bday lmao cx)
Favourite Kpop Album/Single?
R: hyyh by BTS

M: I’m torn between Exodus and Love Yourself
Favourite Kpop Ship?
R: i don’t think i have a fave?

M: i love them all <3
Hard Stan or Soft Stan?
R: i’m a medium stan, like a mix of both

M: a mixture of both XD
Favourite Kpop company?
R: mmm, don’t have a fave company

M: cant say i have one
Backstory of how you got into Kpop
R: i was aware of kpop back in high school but never gave it a chance (i wish i had) + then M introduced me to it again, starting with exo. now here i am, forever.  

M: I watched Dan and Phil a lot, and they went on FineBros. n reacted to kpop. Ever since then I’ve been stuck in the world of kpop XD

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