fun fact one of the first things merlin says about arthur is also the last thing he says

5x07 meta

First of all, UM, WOW. Like what a fucking amazing episode. Honestly one of the best on the show—in my top ten, hands down—especially in terms of just the writing itself. Jane moved a lot of material in 42 minutes, and sold it all perfectly. 

I rarely recommend anyone touching fandom twitter with a ten foot pole, but really, I’d say we should all send Jane a tweet saying how much we love her episodes. Like. Honestly, anything in her hands is perfect. 

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Soooo as i told you in a post, when i was at Pierrefonds, i met this guy who worked here when they were filming Merlin. We talked a lot, like more than 2 hours i think (because we kept running into each other). He was so nice! I told him what the cast has been doing since Merlin, that Colin got the best drama actor award (he was so proud!)  and all that. And then, he told me everything he could think of about our beloved cast. It wasn’t necessary new, or even interesting but talking about my favorite actors with someone who actually knew them was, for me, amazing! So i wanted to share with you some anectodes. So here’s (let’s call him Mr X) Mr X’s anecdotes about the cast (oh and i apologize for any english mistakes, not my mother language) : 

  • Colin was the sweetest, he was always nice, smiling and polite. (what a surprise!) He always said hello to everyone. He was also very profesional. One day, he was talking with Mr X in the yard, then the director shouted ‘action’ and he was running, shooting the scene. He came back walking and continue to chat casually with Mr X, and then he was off running again. And this for a whole morning. He wans’t even tired, he just continued his talk with Mr X. 
  • At first, he entered in the castle alone, but in the end he needed 5 bodyguards. One day, a girl even tried to snach his hair. Poor Cols got really scared, they took him to a locked room after that. (fans can be so stupid sometimes, Colin was afraid to go out of the castle after that).
  • There was a day when they found him on the floor of the corridor, he was pretty hurt. But he came back 48 hours later to film. He told Mr X that the french hospital services were good. Mr X wonders if he didn’t fake his accident to escape Perrefonds because of the tension between Bradley and the crew. (personnally i don’t think so, it doesn’t sound like him).
  • What always amazed Mr X was the energy of Colin, he was always descending the stair or running around with an incredible speed without falling. It was impressive. (hehe i bet running isn’t the only thing he can do with an incredible speed).
  • In the Pierrefonds golden book, he signed in french 'j'ai la patate’ which is a funny way to say 'i feel good, i’m in a good shape’ (and if you don’t think that is the cutest thing ever..).
  • At lunch, one day, before shooting the stables scene in the 2x02, Colin had to eat with his 'horse manure’ all over his face because the make up was too long to redo. While he was chatting with the others, Bradley was laughing his ass off. (sounds like Bradley).
  • Mr X found Colin one day in the 'echo room’ of the castle, he was showing it to the new actress girl of s5, after showing her around the whole castle (how sweet *w*)
  • Colin was very emotional to the idea of leaving France at the end of 5, he was very very sad, he almost cried. ( :( )
  • Bradley was the total opposite of Colin. He was more arrogant. He never said hello. Mr X said that it was because he was fiancé or engaged at the beginning of Merlin and that his girl was receiving death treats from fans. So he kinda built this shell to protect himself and his lover from the world. But once you get to know him, he becomes nicer. On the last day, he finally said 'bonjour monsieur’ to Mr X. 
  • A fan one day heard where his hotel room was (because Bradley’s driver said on the radion 'i am taking him to the.blablabla hotel’). She paid a room there and knocked on his door. He was very pissed. 
  • He was sometimes bossing around the crew. One day the crew had enough and they had an argument. They spoke to him after that and he became a better person. (maybe it’s the intervention that Colin talks about here)
  • Otherwise, as we know, he was very sporty and always had fun between scenes, while Colin was always rereading his script. But Colin and him were, according to Mrs X, as close in real life as Merlin and Arthur are. (iiiiiih)

  • Anthony was very sweet, he even took the time to take pics with all the crew of Pierrefonds.  One day, Mr X’s daugther stole his sword, but instead of being angry, he was laughing very hard. He was one of the nicest guy. He even brought his kids one day. (this man i swear)
  • Richard was unrecognizable without his wing and with his sunglasses on. Sometimes, people thought he was just a visitor of Pierrefonds!
  • As he was a famous old actor, he was very strict on the way of working. He was angry anytime something was wrong on set. He knew exactly how he wanted to work and disliked when thing didn’t go his way. 
  • He, too, had his group of fangirls waiting for him at Pierrefonds.

  • He didn’t say much about Katie and Angel, apart from the fact that they were adorable and nice. (oww girls, i knew it)
  • All the actors must have bodyguards. Even Tom Hopper. So, one morning, Mr X saw Tom Hopper coming into the castle with…a tiny little girl next to him. He asked him if she was her bodyguard, he answered yes with a funny face that suggested that he didn’t understand the point. (a tiny girl to protect Tom omg)

  • Santiago was also very kind. One afternoon, he was smoking but Mr X told him that he wasn’t allow to do it here so he gently stopped. He was loved by every girl, even Mr X’s friends were crazy about him. (how can you blame them)
  • I suggested the idea of doing a meeting actors/fans at Pierrefonds. Mr X wasn’t sure if it was possible, but thought it was a brillant idea and said he will try to…. I’m not saying this will happen, but it was worth the shot. Also, the actors NEVER went back to Pierrefonds!

Then he talk to me about how Merlin was film, about the special effects etc… I just want to see him again so he could tell me more! I’m sure he has plenty other anecdotes to tell!

overall con notes
  • most popular cosplay was definitely Regina, closely followed by Killian. also saw Arthur, Belle, Merida, a few Rumples, a Robin, a few Rubys, two awesome Cruellas, a few Charmings and Snows, and a lot of Emmas.
  • probably 80-85% female crowd, approximately 18-40, although there were a few guys as well.
  • as could be expected from the fact that Colin was there on Saturday and Lana was there on Sunday, first day was heavily Hooker/CS and second day was heavily Evil Regal/SQ in terms of clothes/jewelry represented. Everyone got along and had fun as far as I saw.
  • Colin and Lana were definitely the main attractions, but people were excited for Bex and Sean as well. Actually, everyone was pretty well received and they all seemed happy to be there, which can’t be easy as it’s basically whirlwind con tour time after finishing a grueling season-long shoot. But they were all totally professional.
  • things mostly ran well aside from a few organizational hiccups (delays in registration, suspect queue-calling at times, slow autographs on day 1, inexplicably short schedule for Lana photo op). I was in the second to last group as a consequence of buying my ticket late, so I had to wait for a lot of things for a while, but I still got everything I had paid for. You had to buy autographs and photo ops on the day, so that slowed everything down. But it was a manageable size for my first con and I had a lot of fun.
  • they’re having another one in November and I probably won’t go unless JMo or Bernard come, heh. But since they’ll be filming in Vancouver, I doubt JMo will fly all the way to London for a weekend. Alas. (but if Bernard does I’ll probably go, because I’m weak.)
  • I was very sad that Victoria (Cruella) and Elliot (Merlin) couldn’t make it as I would have loved to see them both (and get the double picture with Liam and Elliot). But we got Adam Croasdell out of it and he was the highlight of the weekend for me (since I only got a few seconds with Colin and Lana and not really the chance to talk to either of them). One of the things he mentioned during our lounge convo was that one time he was in Transylvania, on Halloween, filming a werewolf movie in Vlad the Impaler (Dracula’s) old castle and I was briefly tempted to give Brennan Jones a cameo appearance in Incarcerus, hehehe. But seriously, Adam is so wonderful and I cannot say enough good things about him and getting to talk with him.
  • Colin mentioned that one of the ways he differs from Killian is that he likes to have his shirt buttoned all the way up. Everyone was disappointed, lol.
  • Colin is really excited about the finale and says we are going to be very happy. So we can safely assume that whatever the cliffhanger leading into season 6 is, it doesn’t have to do with CS. He is also excited about whatever plot we’re getting in season 6, as he was asked what his favorite realm was and said Neverland, but hinted that the s6 storyline may be a runner-up.
  • It was really a great experience for me, after I had a shit ton of anxiety about it going in and all of the last few weeks leading up to it and wondering what it would be like. But I had so much fun and although I spent a crapload of money (alas) I don’t regret it, and I was reminded of why I have sunk three years of my life into this show and all the happiness it has brought me, despite its foibles. Everyone I met was really lovely and it was nothing but positive. So yes.

ham-for-ham-sandwich  asked:

Ok but Alternate Meeting AU where Harry is undercover at a resort or something and Eggsy is a yoga instructor there.

Okay, but do you know what would truly be awesome?

That Harry thinks he’s going on the resort undercover because there’s supposedly some big name terrorist or something that is known to go to that resort. But in truth, this is all an elaborate lie from Merlin so that the man would finally take a bloody vacation for once.

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Nerd Moment: A quick guide to King Arthur.

With filming starting soon I thought I would do a Nerd Moment based on the spoiler on King Arthur. According to the cast/spoiler on Arthur this is what we know.

ARTHUR is described as someone who came from low birth and now is king, a “good and just ruler” who, beneath the surface, “is a master manipulator who can carry a grudge to the grave, and maybe beyond.” He harbors an “eternal burning love” for Guinevere that can lean toward being a bit… controlling. For this role, Once aims to cast a gent in his mid-30s to early 40s, and again a British accent is mandatory.

Let’s start with OUAT Arthur coming from low birth. I love this great spin on Arthur’s birth. Having Arthur born of low birth is very Disney Sword and the Stone and gives Arthur a parallel to Charming. It also shows Arthur as a very determined man or a true king. That we won’t know until we encounter Merlin and Excalibur. 

In legend Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, has Merlin help him sleep with Ygraine, Arthur’s mother. Merlin disguise’s him as Gorlois, Ygraine’s first husband. That night they conceive Arthur. The next day Gorlois dies in battle against and Uther marries Ygraine. They later have a daughter at first in legend named Anna later changed to Morgause, the wife of King Lot, mother of Gwaine and Mordred. This actually has changed many time because Morgause is sometimes the oldest daughter of Gorlois and Ygraine and has 4 to 5 sons, Gawain, Agravain, Garheris and Gareth. At times Mordred is not mentioned as her son. 

While on the subject of sisters some legend says that Morgan Le Fay is said to be the half sister of Arthur. She is thought to be the daughter of Gorlois and Ygraine in some legend. The Vita Merlini suggests that Morgan was the eldest of 9 sisters living in Avalon and had great healing powers. There is SSSSOOOO MUCH on Morgan Le Fay I would love to say but she needs a Nerd Moment of her own and confirmed in OUAT.

Before I leave the family talk I would like to say one last thing. Arthur IS NOT PENDRAGON. Pendragon is an epithet that he adds to his name after winning a battle that he somewhat knew he would win. On the way to a battle, he sees a comet in the shape of a dragon, Merlin interprets as a sign of Aurelius’s death and Uther’s future. Pendragon roughly translates to Chief-Dragon. Thanks to the media many have added the Pendragon to Arthur’s name when it’s not suppose to be. Not even Arthur’s coat of arms has a dragon on it. Normally it is three gold crown or 3 gold leopards on an azure background. 

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