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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.6.17

theme thursday: fun felt garlands + more

multicolored pom pom garland by nocturnalblue

for this first theme thursday of a new month, let’s focus on something super fun to decorate your home or office: felted garlands! there are tons of etsy sellers with creative, handmade ball garlands in every color you can imagine, like nocturnalblue from toronto. choose from her ready-made color combos or request your own perfect felted pom piece!

abrazarlo si me extrañas
y voy a pensar en ti
nos reuniremos en nuestros sueños 

@leojiweek day7: GuangHong learns Spanish/Teddy Bears
GuangHong’s Substitute (aka 2.0 from day6)
(thank you @puppybek for helping me with the Spanish!)