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I’ll be offering a special pre-order price of $99 through the month of February for these, check my Etsy by the 🌟 end of the week! 🌟 The preorders would ship as soon as April.

Pricing: (I don’t like explaining pricing but before I get the, “whoah that’s expensive!! comments 😖) – It takes me 2 yards of custom printed performance knit fabric to make these leggings (roughly 1.5, but I have to order in full yard quantities). The legs are each cut in one piece so there’s only one seam on each leg, instead of two (looks nicer! And is structurally better). In addition, the direction of the pattern goes only one way, so the pieces must be cut in the same direction, taking up more fabric. This runs me about $50 & shipping in materials costs. Of course there are also labor costs for a couple hours of work, and various business overheads & fees too. However the pre-order price is about $20-$30 cheaper, so make sure you order during February!


🌟 Sizing will be XS to XXL. Detailed measurements will be available in the Etsy listing.🌟

🌟 I will post again when the Etsy listing is active. 🌟

🌟 Worldwide shipping available.🌟

🌟 Fabric is a poly performance knit with moisture control and similar to other "activewear” fabrics.🌟

🌟 I’ll be posting more photos for the listing (On a human, and unstretched, too).🌟

🌟 As always if there are any other questions please send an EMAIL to enchantedseastudio (AT) gmail (DOT) com – I miss a LOT of messages scattered over Instagram comments, Instagram DM, Facebook comments, Facebook DM, Tumblr comments, Tumblr DM, deviantartART comments, deviantART DM, Etsy DM, phone, etc etc etc – you can see why! 😩😘❤🌟

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!!! I took a sewing class today!!!

I ended up having to stay an entire hour after the class was over because my Brand New Sewing Machine is apparently defective so I had all sorts of probelms with it but!!!! I made this super cute owl pillow!!! I’m so proud of myself tbh! It was super hard but I really loved it!


this is just some random study things i did a while ago, i figured id mb upload a bunch of them at once but i dont rly have time to draw much rn. i also started some landscape sketches (because oh my god do i suck at those) but i havent done more than one yet and… lmao


This is the painting I was working on (still feel guilty). I like the Fenris/ Hawke romance so much, so I couldn’t resist showing it in the painting (plus fabric is fun to paint). The whole idea behind that band (and crest, but you can’t see it here) is just so romantic… I am such a sucker for troubled romances.

*gratuitous windblown fabric is gratuitous* But I like it, I imagined it as part of the band around his wrist, but it also looks like it’s coming from his heart almost, which also works, so you decide.