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Hey, I was wondering, how do you color Frisk's hair?

Hello! I actually get this question a lot from my peers on the physical plane, so it’s about time I answered it with a lackluster tutorial. LEZGO!


To color Frisk’s hair, you will need: a Frisk to color, a dark brown colored pencil, a deep yellow-ish color (I use the Goldenrod Prismacolor pencil), a blender color (white works pretty well, I use a beige tone in most cases though), and a black colored pencil for shading.

STEP ONE: fill in Frisk’s hair with a saturated layer of dark brown, leaving small, slightly jagged strips empty on either side of their head.

STEP TWO: with the deep yellow, lightly fill in the spaces you left white.

STEP THREE: with your blender color, color at full saturation over those spaces, blending them slightly with the brown to look like a smooth highlight.

STEP FOUR: shade with the black pencil.

Do any necessary clean-up (blending the shading, accentuating the highlight more, etc) until satisfied, and you’re finished!

Fun fact: I employ a similar method for Undyne’s hair, but with different colors (of course) and more highlights. I also directly blend the highlights with one color as opposed to the double layered highlights I do for Frisk.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful!

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Scenario/HCs for a friend inviting the p4 folks (as many or as few as you want) to a slumber party? If this is vague, just do whatever with it! I trust your judgement!

I’m so honored that you trust my judgment anon! (*^▽^*) I apologize if this is kinda choppy I’ve been working on it for a few days

- It starts off with you convincing Rohan to let you use his house as the venue for your sleepover, it’s big enough to comfortably fit everyone and it’s not like Rohan had any real plans anyways other than drawing. Rohan’s initial reaction is to refuse and boot you out of his house. After quite a bit of pleading, bartering, and talking about how much reference he could get for his manga, he finally relents (the fact that you’re one of the only people other than Koichi that he feels anything remotely resembling friendship towards helps too). You also told him that pranks would be an integral part, and that Josuke would be a target. Of course he’s above childish pranks but he isn’t opposed to taking a few reference shots of the aftermath
- After that’s settled you are quick to invite Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi who all happily agree, despite Josuke’s initial complaints about it being at Rohan’s house. Where Koichi goes, Yukako follows meaning she will also be in attendance, and Mikitaka who’s curious about this strange human custom also agrees to participate
- You had attempted to invite Jotaro as well but he’d locked himself away in his hotel room, working on his thesis day and night. Joseph had also politely declined your invitation due to both his old age and baby Shizuka, though he brags to you about how wild and fun he was in his younger days
- On the day of the sleep over you stop by the convenience store to stock up on all the best snacks. When you reach Rohan’s house he let’s you in with only a minor amount of grumbling and you put out all the goodies. Rohan doesn’t have any games so Josuke had agreed to bring his system so that you all could bond over some “friendly competition”
- Rohan agreed to let you use his house but he didn’t agree to play the host so it’s entirely up to you to greet and guide in each guest as they arrive. The only one who Rohan bothers to greet is Koichi, though the vicious glare he gives Josuke could be counted as a greeting
- Once everyone’s settled in you all agree to start the night with some Mario Kart. Things quickly become heated as you, Josuke and Okuyasu start arguing about who’s going to win, outraged whenever someone uses an item on you. Mikitaka has no idea what’s going on and stands to get a closer look at the screen, oblivious to the cries of protest when he blocks everyone else’s view, and poor Koichi is just trying to have fun with his friends despite all their raging. Yukako eventually demands a remote and to everyone’s complete and utter surprise she completely wrecks the rest of you, smirking proudly as Koichi compliments her skills
- After things have settled down once more you suggest playing boardgames or cards, hoping that those won’t devolve into chaos. Mikitaka perks up, asking if that meant playing the dice game and offering to play the part of the actual dice. Josuke slaps his hand over his mouth before he can finsh, laughing nervously as he side eyes Rohan who was suddenly looking very attentively at you all, despite having been ignoring you all previously in favor of sketching
- You all agree to play Monopoly and as the only trustworthy one Koichi is appointed as banker. An hour later Josuke and Okuyasu are on the brink of being bankrupt, you and Yukako have formed an alliance, Mikitaka’s money has vanished, and Koichi is playing peacekeeper as Rohan mocks Josuke
- Giving up on games, you all being to debate on what kind of movie to watch. Rohan doesn’t care as long as it’s not trashy, Okuyasu wants to watch a comedy, Josuke’s pick is an action film, Yukako and Koichi want a romantic one, and you’re trying to explain what a movie is to Mikitaka
- No one can agree so to avoid causing more fighting a horror movie is selected. You all believe it’ll be a good laugh at some cheesy jumpscares as you’ve fought an actual serial killer before, meaning that the movie would be nothing in comparison. You’re all wrong. 20 minutes in you’ve got Josuke and Okuyasu clinging to you as they shriek whenever something so much as twitches on screen. Koichi’s face is ducked down into Yukako’s hair as she wrinkles her nose in disgust whenever something particularly gory happens, and Mikitaka has asked several times if humans really enjoy watching this kind of thing. Rohan has occupied himself with drawing all of your expressions, pointedly ignoring the movie
- In order to lighten things up afterwards you propose a game of hide and seek, set inside the house. Only after Rohan lectures you all, threatening violence if any of his property is damaged, and declines to participate, does the game commence. You’re it and have to seek everyone out and the first person you find is Okuyasu who had clumsily tucked himself under Rohan’s drawing desk. After that the two of you found Josuke in the closet, locating him because he kept moving around trying to keep all the jackets hanging in there from messing up his hair. Next to be found is Mikitaka, who probably could’ve won considering his shape shifting ability, except he had decided to turn into a pillow and had let out an adorable giggle when you picked him up to move him as you searched, admitting to being ticklish when he reverted to his normal form. Searching for Yukako and Koichi is a lot harder, especially since you’re pretty sure Koichi is using echoes to make random sounds around the house, leading you on a wild goose chase. It’s not until you’re on the stairs and just happen to look up that you realize where they are. Using her stand, Yukako had lifted both herself and Koichi into the air, suspending them from the ceiling
- Finally starting to tire out you all settle down in your sleeping bags to chat as a random movie that none of you are paying attention to plays on the tv, Rohan having already disappeared into his room. Okuyasu is the first to pass out, snoring loudly as he fidgets in his sleep. Next to go are Koichi and Yukako who are nestled down together. You and Josuke snicker to yourselves at your friends, but it isn’t until he too drifts off that the real fun begins. Employing Mikitaka as your assistant you set to work, doodling on Okuyasu and Josuke’s faces and taking pictures of them as they drooled onto their pillows, though you don’t touch the hair as there’d be no going back from that. You’d feel a little bad pranking Koichi and Yukako could be scary when she wanted to be so you left those two alone, snapping a pic only because you knew Yukako would appreciate it. Finally you slip back into your bedding, thanking Mikitaka for his assistance as he continues to watch TV (you’re not entirely sure he even sleeps).
- The next morning you wake up to both laughter and anguished cries as the others discover what you had done. Josuke and Okuyasu are at the sink, vigorously rubbing at the ink on their faces while Koichi tries and fails to hide his laughter, Yukako rolling her eyes at them even though she does find it somewhat funny. Mikitaka is confused once more, asking if they didn’t appreciate what you and he had stayed up to do, and Rohan is drawing at a rapid fire pace, eagerly capturing Josuke’s embarrassment on paper. You only smirk to yourself, already thinking of what to do for your next sleep over

My goofy attempt to show you what a phenomenal day it is here in Minneapolis. It’s sunny, 70, fall colors are showing, and I’m wearing a tank top enjoying it all! 

I did my short brick of 45 minute ride + 30 minute run all outside. So much fun! I employed my stash of creams and lotions to address the saddle sore issue and that along with the slight adjustment to my seat allowed me to ride comfortably without making it any worse. It’s probably 80-90% healed. Yippee!

It’s iffy as to whether I’ll get outside again before I have to give up my bike next week. The next outdoor ride may be in Panama City Beach! We’ll see. I would love to be able to get outside for the last long ride this Sunday. The weather forecast is borderline right now.

Then I hit the pool for a 3,500 yard straight swim. While I much prefer to swim a workout, these straight swims are a good confidence booster. I’m swimming just 1 second per 100 slower than I was last year. Sure, I wish I had picked up some speed but I didn’t change up my swim training at all this season. I’m satisfied for now. 

Gorgeous weather and my own mini triathlon for training… a pretty great day!

Hey, super fun silencing blocking being employed by bjdrecastpositive!

Anyway, here’s my response to some praise about how peaceful and accepting that blog is…

Hello. It seems you are confused. The legit BJD hobby isn’t full of hate. The legit BJD hobby is full of love. We love the artists who create our dolls. We show that love by actually paying for our dolls.

By buying a recast doll, you have decided to be on the wrong side of civil rights. You are pro-stealing. The blog you are seeking to support is not peaceful, it is actively encouraging theft from artists. It is actively supporting the destruction of a living wage for artists as well as supporting the devaluation of labor in China.

It’s not toxic to speak out against injustice. It’s not acceptance to be okay with morally wrong behavior.

If you get rid of your recast and join the legit BJD community, you will see that people will accept you, because you’ve stopped hurting the artists. And you’ll feel better, because you won’t have to worry about hiding your crimes, and you’ll be able to know that you financially supported the artist who made the doll you love.

Conrad had heard that the werewolf slave was now back in the cells, and the slaves that he had rented had now all returned as well. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to rent her out as he had been planning for a while now. She seemed a feisty one, and he would very much enjoy making her serve him. Going down to the dungeons, he had the guards retrieve her from her cell and bring her to him, while he waited at the entrance, signing her out in the logbook and sorting through various forms of restraining equipment there, pondering which ones he might need to make use of, or would be fun to employ.