fun employed

Hey, super fun silencing blocking being employed by bjdrecastpositive!

Anyway, here’s my response to some praise about how peaceful and accepting that blog is…

Hello. It seems you are confused. The legit BJD hobby isn’t full of hate. The legit BJD hobby is full of love. We love the artists who create our dolls. We show that love by actually paying for our dolls.

By buying a recast doll, you have decided to be on the wrong side of civil rights. You are pro-stealing. The blog you are seeking to support is not peaceful, it is actively encouraging theft from artists. It is actively supporting the destruction of a living wage for artists as well as supporting the devaluation of labor in China.

It’s not toxic to speak out against injustice. It’s not acceptance to be okay with morally wrong behavior.

If you get rid of your recast and join the legit BJD community, you will see that people will accept you, because you’ve stopped hurting the artists. And you’ll feel better, because you won’t have to worry about hiding your crimes, and you’ll be able to know that you financially supported the artist who made the doll you love.

Conrad had heard that the werewolf slave was now back in the cells, and the slaves that he had rented had now all returned as well. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to rent her out as he had been planning for a while now. She seemed a feisty one, and he would very much enjoy making her serve him. Going down to the dungeons, he had the guards retrieve her from her cell and bring her to him, while he waited at the entrance, signing her out in the logbook and sorting through various forms of restraining equipment there, pondering which ones he might need to make use of, or would be fun to employ.