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I saw a few people( @jellybujo and @medicalschoolstudies ) with posts made on goodnotes so I was inspired to make my own seem as I have the app but don’t use it for note taking 🐋
For the titles I used some font generator thing on the internet it was quite easy and the heart diagram was fun

It didn’t take too long, but maybe not the best use of my time? Better than doing nothing though 🌸

What do you guys think? 🦑

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Haven't seen Elk in the videos of Louis from today (just in the background of the horse pic) and he looks so relaxed and like he's having actual fun

In the venn diagram of Louis’ public outings, the ‘Times He’s Genuinely Having Fun’ and the 'Times He’s Seen With Eleanor’ circles literally never intersect.

Fun science fact: Purrbaix diagrams can be used to show you which cat is the cutest under different applied voltages and pH of electrolyte. (Liz is always the cutest)

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Yo, SL. Why'd you redesign Dresi and Mich's Lususes? The old ones were so cool.

Okay, so here we go.

I often have to question some of my old design choices, especially with some of my less conventional characters (mutants and such), so I decided to look into lusii and mutants.

I began my search on the Wiki. Looking under Crab lusus, the last sentence states that Karkat’s lusus “was apparently created by the followers of The Sufferer, so that future mutantbloods would have a lusus to tend to them.” Continuing my investigation into this, I went to Read MSPA. On page 5957, it’s explained that “due to [The Signless’s] mutation, surely no lusus would select him. No creature sympathetic to his scent had been bred yet.”, and on page 5956, it said that “the followers had already made their preparations in the shadows, and when the Second Signless finally came he would have a lusus to raise him and a sign to his name.” This implies that crabdads were selctively bred to exist for mutants.

This would be very hard to accomplish in a realistic setting, for you’d have to be able to make at least two so that they may breed and have more (assuming crabdads require mates to reproduce), so I initially had to question if Karkat’s lusus was the only successful mutant lusus to be created and it was preserved for his hatching. However, you may recall the presence of a crabdad-esque specimen on Jake’s Pacific island. Keeping in mind that Jake is from a post-scratch future Earth ruled by The Condesce, it should not come as a surprise that in her attempts to repopulate the troll race, she must facilitate the breeding of lusii if the Alternian way of life is to return. The existence of said specimen implies that there is crabdad DNA in the lusus gene pool, and hence that there may be many more crabdads and crabdad-likes bred in secret, each as its own subspecies. Thus, crabdads became an entire successful mutant lusus species! Huzzah! What does this say about my old lusus designs?

My old lusus designs were cool (“cool”), sure, but odds are, there were no other mutant species created, and if there were, it was probably the result of some branching crustacean breed. These designs are theoretically possible, but unrealistic.

I decided not to chance it and redesigned Michag and Villon’s lusii to be crabdads (male and female resprectively). For anyone else looking to design their own crabdads, here’s a fun bundle of diagrams I threw together showing some of the details I found in the species design.

While I’m at it, I’d like to explain more about the existence of my two mutantbloods, as I gained a lot of information on mutations during my research.

When The Signless was discovered by The Dolorosa, there was no one to raise him but herself, so she abandoned her duties and would eventually become the first follower of his teachings. During The Signless’s execution, he declared a Second Signless would be hatched and would bring about the end of the world (These preachings originate from his visions as a Seer of Blood).

With the webcomic I’m writing, Haphazard, my characters play Sgrub (during the same time that Karkat and his friends play). Both Michag and Villon are older than Karkat at this time, meaning they hatched before him. If the followers of The Sufferer were to ever see a mutant before Karkat, it’s possible they’d immediately assume that this is The Second Signless and give it the symbol of The Sufferer’s irons. In order to prevent my characters from being mistaken for The Second Signless, I came up with a few potential theoretical possibilities.

Michag and Villon’s ancestors were brought to Beforus on meteors, just as Kankri was. The only way they could have survived is if someone found them in their craters and decided to care for them. These characters will end up living in the shadows for most of their lives and dying unceremoniously. They aren’t remembered or cared for unlike The Signless, who built an enormous following and had his teachings carried down through many generations.

Villon was brought to Alternia first. Since Villon is a female, it can be assumed that she isn’t The Second Signless, but is instead just some other mutant. This may not actually matter to the followers, or they may not even be able to tell the difference between males and females since they all have the same reproductive organs, but it’s one possibility. Villon also has pointier horns than The Signless, which could bring the followers to question if she is actually his descendant. It’s also possible that a random troll that doesn’t follow The Signless’s teachings found her and decided not to slaughter her. Any of these are possible and it’s really dependant on whatever troll(s) raised her and their beliefs.

Michag was brought to Alternia later. At this point, news of the first mutant may have gotten around amongst the followers, and this second one will be even more questionable. Michag’s horns are very obviously different from The Signless’s, so he, like Villon, seems a less likely candidate for The Second Signless. It is also possible that he was found by a non-follower.

So how did they get their symbols?

They were probably just made up, like The Second Signless’s and every other symbol. There are no symbols for mutants, so these unexpected newcomers were most likely improvised in their symbol design.

You’ll notice I actually redesigned Michag’s symbol to have a bit more of a resemblance with The Second Signless’s symbol, and I made it gray, like the cooled irons. Villon’s sweater has a yellow-orange symbol, though she owns shirts with gray symbols.

There you have it! My design choices and how I made them canon-fit. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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Hi Lu, (it's me, the girl who's 'constantly' telling you she sketches images from your fanfics on deviantArt! - And since I cant stop - I s e r i o u s l y can't stop, because your FWW is amazing) A question popped up in my head while I was sketching: Have you pictured the shape/"form" of the wings? Are they all the same in shape or do they vary from person to person too, like the coloration? Yes, I am a detail nerd in depth. Thank you for your amazing writing! <3

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO ASK ME THIS!!! I have done SO much research on birds and bird wings and feathers and the general anatomy of birds and it is so fascinating, I’ve learnt to much. So, warning, long post – but lots of fun diagrams and pretty pictures and birds! 

So I have this massive folder of pictures I’ve saved about birds and wings – the first thing in my folder is this:

I know, right? Talk about stereotypical. 

It gets better. This is not what I image the wings in FWW to be. I found this information online about the four basic types of bird wings, along with some examples. If you don’t like reading lots of text, then just look at the diagrams – it all makes sense! 

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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre does Foyle’s War

STAGE LEFT PUPPET: Do ye need a toothpick?
SRP: I don’t need a toothpick, I am being Michael Kitchen. [curls mouth]
SLP: D'ye need a spoon?
SRP: MICHAEL Kitchen, not A kitchen!  Go put on your costume.
SLP: Oh! Right! [disappears] [reappears with wig and MTC uniform] HELLO I AM THE CHEERFUL DRIVER SAM STEWART PLAID. 

Things Odi's Note To Mattie Might Contain Apart From a Suicide Note

For the Humans fan who’s in denial, and proud.

1. The information about George/Elster she wanted from him, which he withheld for her safety - a course of action he now knows is futile, since she’s gone after Leo regardless

2. A confession that he did try to erase his own consciousness, but failed. He wrote it down because he thinks he might be afraid to tell her when she gets back, in case she’s angry, but he knows he has to tell her.

3. A goodbye, because he thinks his presence is affecting Sophie negatively. (He’s gonna go join Max and Flash’s commune instead.)

4. Instructions on how to make really good apricot jam.

5. The words and notation for a ballad he’s written for her (we all saw that BTS shot Lucy tweeted).

6. Nothing. It’s just a folded over piece of paper and he was practicing writing her name on the front, because he likes the way it looks and he needs practice.

7. It’s actually a note Laura left in Mattie’s old room ages ago, which Odi found when he unpacked a box she’d forgotten about from the move.

8. He’s written her a list of paint colours he thinks would work better than the ones she’s been trying out on her wall.

9. A treasure map, only X marks the spot where Fred is hiding.

10. A fun limerick.

11. A diagram of how she might fix his bad arm.

12. Descriptions of sensations or emotions he doesn’t know the names of, and what caused them, so she can help identify how he’s been feeling.

13. A rec list of h/c fic (she could do with the research)

-inspired by therealsix’s meta on Bucky’s Arm by ussecretlittleartists now cptsassrogers

Edit: This is no longer up to date with my current headcanons for the WS’s arm.

So we’ve probably got three basic parts to the arm: the plating on top, which is probably accordion-jointed, and which probably subducts at the elbow and armpit to reduce friction chafing when he bends his arm. I also noticed that the plating can be retracted and made solid for reinforced strength — this is especially visible in (I think) the second-to-last fight scene on the helicarrier (on the bridge), when Bucky does so to block a punch. It’s totally localized in his forearm, so presumably each plate is fully articulated and can fuse shut as needed. This suggests that the gaps in the plating are deliberate, possibly to aid flexibility or ventilation or both. The plating is probably reinforced along the triceps area and at the elbow, for elbowing people in the face, as well as on the back of his hand and in his fingers.

[4/? Series exploring the anatomy of the Winter Soldier’s arm]

Part One: Muscle Damage

Part Two: Bone Damage

Part Three: Muscle Damage-Posterior View

Part Five: Pneumatic Artificial Muscles (PAMs)

Part Six: The ‘Tensing’ of the WS’s Plating 

I believe I may be doing a meta on all of this, once I create better diagrams. Just to explain my theories and explanations for all of this. I’ll be doing a lot of sketching over the rest of the school year so hopefully I can compile all of this into one huge metapost on Bucky’s arm. I hope you guys are interested and I am so pleased y’ all have been enjoying this as much as I have

Okay, so I was looking at Welcome to Hell's short film again to try and draw out a map of the street for the fan game (I probably over-analysed things, but it’s like a Sudoku puzzle; once you start, you want to finish it. Plus it was fun).

These are the diagrams I came up with (**Images on the right are screenshots from the film). I included colour scheme references for the houses, and the placements of trees, fences, and fire hydrants.

Then I numbered the houses. In most parts of America, odd numbers are on one side and even numbers on the other side, along each street. From looking at the film, Jonathan's house is the furthermost house at a dead-end street (there’s a “no outlet” sign). And I discovered that if you number the houses, Jonathan’s house is… unlucky 13.

Now, my first reaction is to go, “Did Erica do this on purpose?”

So, yeah, that was how I figured out that Jonathan may or may not live at number 13.

Things I'm excited to see in the TFIOS movie...

1. The encouragements
2. Hazel and Gus watching Isaac and Monica make-out.
3. “Maybe Okay will be our always.”
4. Gus and Hazel car scene…(towards the know the one)
5. “I lit up like a Christmas tree”
6. Yelling at Van Houten
7. Hazel, Gus, and Isaac in the literal heart of Jesus.
8. Isaac’s Eulogies
9.“Hump the moist cave wall”

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Can you post THE pic again,please? If they want to refresh our memory with these articles(if we couldn't forget it) we can do it,too.

your wish is my command, anon

and just for fun here’s a helpful diagram, 

here’s antis attempting to explain it and failing, 

and here’s a comparison picture with the size her family was claiming her bump was vs the lack of one in this picture