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the weirdest part of adulthood thus far is when people you knew Back In The Day start having babies and their personality & social media presence jst dissolves into “i have a baby”. granted it’s not all of them, but it’s weird to see someone’s feed descend into “mommy & memes” like that when you knew them before

Newt Scamander and Important Harry Potter Dates

1897 - Newt is born.

1899 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s summer – Newt is two.

1901 - Tina is born – Newt is four.

1908 - Newt begins Hogwarts, Tina’s parents’ die (around then) - He is 11.

1913 - Newt is expelled – He is 16.

1914 - World War I begins – Newt is 17.

1918 - World War I ends, Newt is commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts – he is 21.

1925 - Newt sets off on his year in the field – He is 28.

1926 - Newt travels to NY, Tom Riddle is born – Newt is 29.  

1927 - First edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 30.

1928 - Shenanigans in Paris, Hagrid is born – Newt is 31.

1937 - Tom begins Hogwarts – Newt is 40.

1939 - Hagrid begins Hogwarts – Newt is 42.

1942 - Tom opens the Chamber; Hagrid is expelled.  – Newt is 45.

1945 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald battle – Newt is 48.

1947 - Newt establishes the Werewolf Register – He is 50.

1950ish - Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley born – Newt is 53.

1960 - Marauders born – Newt is 63.

1965 - Newt creates the Ban on Experimental Breeding, his proudest moment; Remus Lupin is bitten by Greyback; Rappoport’s Law repealed – Newt is 68.

1968 - Molly and Arthur graduate – Newt is 71.

1970 - Bill Weasley born – Newt is 72.

1972 - Charlie Weasley born – Newt is 74.

1977 - Marauders graduate – Newt is 80.

1979 - Awarded Order of Merlin Second Class for Services to Magizoology, put on a Chocolate Frog card – He is 81.

1980 - Harry Potter’s year born – Newt is 83.

1981 - Luna Lovegood born, Dark Lord defeated – Newt is 84.

1989 - Charlie Weasley graduates – Newt is 92.

1991 - Harry’s year begin Hogwarts – Newt is 94.

1993 - Hagrid is hired, Buckbeak sentenced to death, Newt appears on the Marauders’ Map – He is 96.

1997 - Dumbledore dies – Newt is 100.

1998 - The Dark Lord is defeated once more – Newt is 101.

1999 - The Golden Trio and Luna graduate – Newt is 102.

2006 - Albus Potter is born – Newt is 109.

2016 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1926 exploits – He is 119.

2017 - Albus Potter begins Hogwarts, newest edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 120.

Unfortunately we do not know how long Newt lives after this.

2018 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1928 exploits – He is 121.

2020 - Delphi Voldemort attempts to gain power. – Newt is 123.

2024 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1945 exploits – Newt is 127.

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Gemlings comparison chart and close ups.

About the eyes: They inherit the color of the carrier mom. So you can guess who are the parents just looking at them *wink wink*.

instantheartattackicantevenmove  asked:

Anything likeable about Aries?

Of course!
I love Aries because they aren’t what they seem at first glance, yet they are wholly themselves all at the same time (contradictions, I know). They have a very misunderstood guard that comes with their bluntness and a need not to be hurt, but they are honestly one of the most tender-hearted signs and most devoted friends of the zodiac. If Aries wants to know you, Aries will welcome you, Aries will make you feel comfortable and loved because they are ARIES. They understand the importance building up the self because either they’ve done that well or lack the skill of feeling firm IN themselves; regardless they understand identity struggles being impactful better than any other sign.

Yes, they are stereotypically the fighters, but so much of that comes from the fact that they have fought so hard to simply exist. 

They are the head of the zodiac, the self, the ego, the most sensitive sign if you really think about it. I admire how it is a battle every day to have built themselves up and I am in awe of the fact that they have to constantly deal with careless people tearing them down – ALL TO BUILD THEMSELVES UP AGAIN. Aries are undeniably strong because they need to survive. I love that sense of being able to heal…it’s difficult and Aries never give themselves enough credit for it. 

Nothing feels better than being loved by an Aries.
Just nothing. Nope. Nothing. I can’t even express how other-worldly it is to feel a warrior take of their armor and be bare in your presence. It’s overwhelming and humbling <3

I rambled about Aries, I did not see this coming >.>

~Send me your sun sign and I’ll tell you what I love about it~

My Least Favorite Things About Each Sign

Aries: OH MY GOD these people never calm down. They are the epitome of extra and I cannot stand to be around them for more than 20 minutes.

Taurus: There’s an old saying that still reigns true- Talking to a Taurus is like talking to a brick. I’m telling you these people are boring and most barely have a personality. 

Gemini: THEY NEED SO MUCH VALIDATION but don’t want to reciprocate it. They straight up trash others but still want that person to admire them. Can you say manipulative?

Cancer: CRYBABIES. I know it’s a stereotype, but these people can always find something to be upset about. They just can’t be a big girl and keep it in! It’s like taking care of a toddler.

Leo: They may have big hearts but they don’t show that to anyone EXCEPT the people who provide reassurance about how great they are. They don’t care if you know you’re not their priority. Another manipulative sign.

Virgo: Okay Virgo, we get it, you’re insecure, but COME ON. You don’t need to make everyone else feel bad just because you feel bad. It amazes me how some of y’all even have friends.

Libra: These people are SO SENSITIVE. They make up problems that weren’t even there to begin with and ruin the mood of everyone around them. They REALLY suck to be around when they’re like this- it’s annoying.

Scorpio: Y’ALL ARE WEIRD. You just don’t get the hint about when to stop talking. You talk about strange things that you normally just wouldn’t say to someone. The most annoying, worst hint-taker ever. 

Sagittarius: You guys are so dramatic! The saying ‘It’s not that deep!’ needs to be injected in you. You find things that are irrelevant, blow up over them, and as a result, normally have only few friends willing to put up with this.

Capricorn: They know how to guilt trip you into getting what they want. While they are many hardworking Caps, the lazy ones are impossible.They will always find away to get what they want, no matter what that means you have to do.

Aquarius: GOD COMPLEX!!! Aquas drive me insane with their mindset that they are these special, intelligent, ‘diamond in the ruff’  types of people, but really, THEY’RE JUST ANNOYING. When they start talking about themselves, get out because you’re gonna want to strangle them if you listen too long.

Pisces: These people are so introverted and unambitious that it’s hard to get stuff done with them around. They live in their own little world where it’s like you don’t exist when you talk to them. 

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I designed my own sticker chart! 

I used it when I was at Daddy’s place, so that’s why the keep room clean doesn’t have any stickers. Then at night, Daddy would ask me about whether I had done the different things, and if I had, then he would choose a sticker to give me. I wanted him to choose, then it felt more special <3

I wasn’t very good at drinking enough D:  But I did very good on doing homework that week! And it made me better about brushing my teeth and taking my meds!