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Animate is holding a ~Steven Festival~ that’s been divided into several events. There’s a Fall Chapter which was a talk and meet and greet with Steven’s VA, Miyamoto MItsuru. The Winter Chapter will be another meet and greet with Miyamoto however, in order to participate you have to buy the first blu-ray and apply online with a special code. 

The second event is called Viaje del Cero Absoluto (absolute zero journey) in which Steven’s real-life shoes will be touring across various Animate stores until they comes back to the Shinjuku store in time for the Winter Chapter.

Finally, there’s Steven’s Phone Call Mission. For Mission 1 you have to go to an animate store and tell an employee Steven’s middle name (Allan) and they’ll give you a calling card. Call the number on the card and you’ll get a message from Steven himself with the directions for Mission 2. Once you’ve cleared it you can go to any Animate store, tell an employee and you’ll get a reward from Steven! 

finally came up with a Look for teru in this AU. it looks weirdly well put together but it makes gradually less sense the more you look at it. which I think is very Teru

also can mob actually eat. can a gargoyle eat. theyre all stone would they need sustenance at all

(thank you anon for the request!!! its fun to rethink existing designs. Ive always thought that witch outfit is too proper for teru so of course this is my chance to sabotage that)

its a bird, its a plane, its a request post that looks nothing like the two things cited. what is wrong with my eyes

Jimin Scenario: Farewell.

Request:  Jimin scenario where we are really good friends,then I tell him I have feelings for him,but he doesn’t feel the same way, then we started to be distant with each other and we talk after a long time and decide not be friends anymore ,and we cry as we walk away from each other.

Genre: Angst

If you could pick a word for the moment, you’d chose cold. Because that was everything you felt, like an omnipresent force washing over you after the words left your mouth.

You were dying to reach him, your Jimin, the one with the sparkling eyes and the welcoming smile who was nowhere to be seen now and was instead replaced by a pale, awfully surprised blank face that had nothing, absolutely nothing to answer to your sudden, stuttered and nervous confession of your feelings for him. So your hands stood on your lap, fingers intertwined with a strength enough to turn your knuckles a harsh tone of white and make your fingertips tingle their way to numbness.

-I… Y/N I… - his lips opened and closed several times, over and over again, searching for air, for the words he couldn’t say and the feelings he couldn’t return; and the sky high wall of ice bricks that was raising between both of you felt thicker, heavier, settling you at kilometers light distance from him even though your were sitting one in front of the other in the small and familiar coffee shop you liked to visit ever so often.

You stared down at your intertwined hands, not wanting to look anymore into his eyes, afraid that if you stared long enough into the dark chocolate brown pupils you loved, you’d be able to find pity on them.

A sigh left Jimin’s lips and echoed in the predominant silence that took over both of you despite the soft rain that was falling outside and hitting rhythmically with its little drops the window to your left.Your eyes rose to him and you saw him take a deep breath, his hand got lost into the messy locks of his hair and pushed his fringe back, his eyes were now fixed somewhere outside the window.

- I didn’t know you felt this way about me… - His voice was small, as if groping the situation, holding back. You swallowed harshly, your throat was dry and rasping, and you fought to find your voice again. This wasn’t the reaction you were expecting from him; at all.

His eyes moved to yours and held your gaze, and by that moment you already knew you shouldn’t have said anything about your love for him, anything at all. But how to take words back now? you wondered, trying to keep yourself together when you saw Jimin was going to speak again.

-Y/N…- he cleared his throat, that was as dry as yours. -Y/N if I knew it I would have… I’m sorry… but I don’t feel the same way as you-

There it was, the thing you feared the most, rejection.

Jimin kept on talking, something between the lines of you being his best friend, like a little sister he couldn’t see with those eyes, but you weren’t really paying attention anymore. The rumble of your soul crumbling in tiny little pieces was deafening.

You stared outside the window, watching the gloomy sky and trying to hold back the tears when you felt them settling at the corners of your eyes and wondering how could four simple words as Jimin I love you, which once felt so right, could suddenly feel so despicably wrong and out of place.

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More Fun with Cell Phones

He was really the one who started it. She noticed the change a week after she’d given him the cell phone, and the name she’d programmed in for herself, Emma, had been changed to Swan.

“Did you do this?” she had asked.

“Does that surprise you?”

Why was that his go to response whenever she questioned him? Of course it surprised her.  He knew far less about electronics than he did compasses or star charts, but he seemed to find a way to use whatever he was given. Her pirate was multifaceted.

When she got home that night, she changed his nickname from Hook, which she’d quickly punched in when she’d set up their phones, to Killian. He’d proven he was more than just that appendage attached to the end of his arm.

A few days later, after they’d eaten lunch and he’d excused himself from their booth at Granny’s, she picked up the phone he’d left on the table top and checked her profile. It now read “Princess."  She took out her own phone and thought for a minute, and then entered the word "Tiger." She grinned wickedly, thinking about just how wild he could get these days, after she’d returned his heart to his chest. Just thinking about the last time she’d called him Tiger, in the early, early hours of the morning, caused her pulse to race.

This became their habit and their own personal game:




Blue Eyes.

Magic Lass.

Puppy.  He’d hated that one.

And then one day she’d picked up his phone and read the four letters there.

She programmed the same word into her phone that day, and their game had ended. They’d found the perfect word for each other: Love.

And All That Blood

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Additional tags: Blood, Angst, Phone Calls, Major Character Death
So I wrote this a while ago and am posting it on tumblr, enjoy! (or not)

Alec only has minutes left to live and he calls the one person he can’t bear to leave without a goodbye.

“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry.“

That was all he could see as he dragged himself to lean against the wall, his vision blurring and pain striking like lightning throughout his limbs. Alec Lightwood was a fool. He wasn’t Isabelle, who could dispatch demons of all shapes and sizes with a flick of her whip. He wasn’t Magnus, who could shoot sparks from his fingers like he was a firecracker. And he definitely wasn’t Jace, who could wander the streets of Brooklyn alone on a patrol and not get himself ambushed by a horde of Oni demons.

Now, he could only watch as blood gushed from the wound the Oni’s sword had made, when it had impaled his abdomen. Passages from his demonology textbook ran through his head. Demon Metal. Highly poisonous. Chances of survival depend on how close the puncture is to the heart, where the further it is, the better the chances; and on the rarity of the demon it belongs to.

Alec knew he only had a few minutes, if that. He left the sword where it was; taking it out would only reduce the last few moments of his life, and he took his cell phone out from his pocket.
I should notify the Clave. After all, there might be more demons, hordes upon hordes, waiting to attack. Mom, Dad, I need to talk to them. Alec had though he had time; time enough to tell them he forgave them, that he had realized life was too short to not love the people you cared about. Jace. Isabelle. Clary.

But Alec didn’t call any of them. Instead, with trembling fingers covered with blood, he dialed the number of the one person whom he wouldn’t bear to leave without a goodbye. The phone started ringing, and Alec waited.

“Alec! Darling, you have no idea what the Chairman just did!”

Despite his obvious annoyance at whatever antics Chairman

Meow had gotten up to, he could still hear the smile in Magnus’ voice, the tone he always took around Alec, full of love and adoration for the Shadowhunter. He pressed a hand over his bleeding wound and tried to focus his efforts on breathing, slowly.

“Let me guess, he ate your glitter?”

“Not even close!! He spit out a hairball on the blue shirt I got from GAP. The little nuisance won’t even have the decency to apologize!!”

Alec laughed, blood bubbling in his mouth. “He’s a house cat, Magnus, he can’t speak.”

“Eh, he might as well not saunter around the place like he owns it, for once. God knows I do way too much for the ungrateful b- ow, stop that!!”

Alec chuckled, a sound that came out more of a cough. He knew he’d even miss Chairman Meow. Magnus mumbled into the phone, something about gorgeous shadow hunters who really needed to fix their sense of humor.

“Anyways, what time do you think you’ll come home? I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“I don’t know, Magnus.” A tear made its way down Alec’s face, but he steeled himself to say, “But why don’t you just tell me now?”

Magnus purred, “But that won’t be any fun…”

Alec covered the cell phone before he whimpered. The sword twisted in his stomach as he breathed and tendrils of pain racked his limbs. “I gotta go, Mags, sorry.”

The warlock sighed on the other end, “Oh well, I guess saving the world takes precedence over me, love.”

“Magnus. Nothing takes precedence over you.” Alec whispered back, putting all his remaining strength into making those words as convincing as possible, “I-I love you. You know that, right?”

“I know, darling, I love you too.” Magnus sounded positively mischievous and Alec knew he just winked at the phone, “See you soon” And then he hung up.

Alec put his phone away, looking down at his body, to see that he was lying in a pool of his own blood. The sword in his abdomen didn’t hurt anymore. It was a sensation of being totally numb. There wasn’t any time to call Jace and Isabelle and his parents. But he trusted them enough to presume that they’d know whatever he wanted to say to them.

I guess I’m lucky, Alec thought, to go out as I always wanted. Fighting. And then, on that cold night, in a lonely alley in Brooklyn, Alec Lightwood died. "All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.”

Magnus Bane took one final look at his loft. The furniture was set, the candles were lit on the table and the ring was safely in his pocket. His stupid cat had ruined the shirt he’d wanted to wear, when he was proposing to the love of his life, which had matched Alec’s blue eyes perfectly. Doesn’t matter, he though as he fetched a replacement from the closet. Good thing I have so many clothes.

The, he settled himself on the hot pink couch (his pick of the week) and fixed his green cat eyes on the door. Alec would be home soon.

Just a little sorry for this? I write too much angst and dead Alec, I know