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The “THE DESTROY MY CHANNEL CHALLENGE” stream is a true up and down!! (I will be kicked out of the community for that joke) 

But really… I had a few heart attacks while watching!

I also made this little animation because …it is fun? And because I might have to explain all the noises to my neighbors! 

We got your back @markiplier and we will do as promised but leave the chair alone!

Edit: …..that last fall….please give this man some hugs xD

Winter/Christmas Things To Do

Here are a few Ideas of things to do this Winter/Christmas 

  • Go for a drive and look at holiday lights
  • Bake cookies
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Watch Christmas Movies
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Make your own hot chocolate
  • Get cosy (By a fireplace) 
  • Write a letter to Santa (and bring it to Macy’s)
  • Build a snowman
  • Decorate a tree
  • Host a family movie night
  • Wrap Christmas gifts
  • Play in the snow
  • Change out your fall clothes to winter apparel
  • Redecorate your living area so it’s cosy
  • Set goals for the new year
  • Host/attend a New Years party 
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Partake in a Secret Santa
  • Celebrate St. Nicks Day (December 6th)
  • Try out a new tradition
  • Dress up for the fun of it 
  • Go for a hike (don’t forget a coat!) 
  • Go ice skating
  • Attend a winter carnival
  • Go sledding
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Spend a day reading 
  • Go skiing or snowboarding 

gothkeanu-deactivated20171110  asked:

i looooveee your Ricardo art so much I wish he was canon in the real show bc I love him so much

Well, I can’t put my Interdimensional Janitors in the show but I can for fun draw them in the show style.


kids + water + camera gets a taste of suho’s wrath

My “things to do” on summer holiday.

- Get a tan.

- Get a hella tattoo.

- Say yes for a whole day.

- Leave a note on somebody’s car window.

- Have a big sleepover.

- Buy a pair of converse.

-  Have a water balloon fight.

- Go by a different name for a day.

- Be hippy for a day.

- Watch sunrise and sunset.

- Maybe get a boyfriend.

- Learn how to skateboard.

- Go on a thrift store shopping spree with friends.

- Hold a “free hugs” sign in public.

- Make an inspiration wall.

- Write a song and sing it in public.

- Get a piercing.

- Talk to a stranger.

- Reach 2K on Instagram.

- 24 without any electronics.

- Destroy a watermelon with your friends.

- Have a paint fight wearing all white.

- Fry an egg on the road.

- Create a quote book.

- Play messy Twister.

- Buy flowers an give it to a stranger.

- Burn old schoolwork.

- Maybe get fit (?)

- Kiss someone.

- Make a blanket fort and sleep in it ( maybe do it in your backyard? idk, just be original ).

- Get a pennyboard.

- Wear pajamas in public.

- Go to as many concerts as you can.

- Take a photo every day.

- Go to a record shop.

- Go to the zoo.

- Go to a fair or carnival.

- Buy a cute little fish.

- Go bowling.

- Make Vlogs.

- Jump into a pool fully clothed.

- Ikea adventure with friends.

- Make a summer movie.

- Make pinterest recipes.

- Get on a roller coaster.

- Go to the amusement park.

- Start a wish tree.

- Make a bonfire party.

- Make a selfie album.

- Fly a kite ( I’ve never done that )

- Make a bonfire party.

- Crave names in a tree.

- Make a lemonade stand.

- Buy a disposable camera.

- Play catch with eggs.

- Leave notes in books on a book shop.

- Get a construction cone ( I think it’s gonna be fun ).

- Make a Instagram account and take photos of everything that you do this summer.

- Have a lot of fun.

🎅Fun little themed winter bucket list🎅

❄Get some hot chocolate and bundle up and take a walk to look at Christmas lights! You can even check if your town has a Candy Cane Lane!

❄Make special homemade hot chocolate! My favorite is with a candy cane in it 

❄Bake Christmas cookies! Bonus points if you make some for your caregiver or grandma or even your neighbors!

❄Build a gingerbread house! Costco has some great ones for $10

❄Have a pajama day with all the blankets in your house and your favorite snack and movies!

❄Get some Christmas books from the library! And don’t feel silly getting books from the kids area they’ll just assume you’re getting them for your kid/sibling!

❄Donate some toys to kids in need. Most towns will have some sort of donation drive. Our fire station here does it!

❄Mail a Christmas card to Santa! This is my favorite one!!

❄Go to a local tree lighting! The one I like to go to here gives out free reindeer ears and hot chocolate!

❄If you’re putting up a tree make some Christmas ornaments!

❄Make play doh! My favorite is white and glittery like snow!

❄Make paper snowflakes!

Summer To Do List

1 Plant a garden
2. Build a sandcastle and light it at night using candles
3. Go on a picnic
4 Have an overnight movie marathon
5. Write letters to friends
6. Bike to a beautiful view
7. Catch fireflies
8. Make banana splits
9. Read in a hammock
10. Tube down the river
11. Go to a concert
12. Have a water balloon fight
13. Paint a picture
14. Volunteer
15. Hike a railroad track
16. Visit the nearest National Park
17. Sleep outside under the stars
18. Start a novel
19. Friend someone famous on facebook
20. Make smoothies
21. Have a tea party using iced tea
22. Make root beer floats
23. Watch the sunrise
24. Swing
25. Go to a movie in the theater
26. Have a board game marathon on a rainy day
27. Have a scavenger hunt
28. See fireworks
29. Play mini golf
30. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
31. Participate in Make a Child Smile
32. Participate in The World Needs More Love Letters
33. Write letters to troops
34. Go to an amusement park
35. Go canoeing
36. Go kayaking
37. Go stand up paddle boarding
38. Fly a kite
39. Make s'mores around a bonfire
40. Go geocaching
41. Watch a meteor shower
42. Write a letter to a company
43. Make giant bubbles
44. Chalk up the sidewalks of an entire street
45. Bury a time capsule
46. Learn to juggle
47. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
48. Go berry picking
49. Make a slip and slide
50. Go camping
51. Go bowling
52. Break a Guinness World Record
53. Send off Chinese lanterns at night
54. Get good at chess
55. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day
56. Leave a message in a bottle
57. Swim under a waterfall
58. Go to a mystery dinner theater
59. Sleep in a place that is supposed to be haunted
60. Visit a museum
61. Attend a baseball game
62. Go cliff jumping
63. Have a lawn sport tournament
64. Watch Disney movies
65. Steal a garden gnome and take pictures with it
66. Buy a goldfish
67. Have a photo shoot
68. Dress to the nines with friends and go out to eat

My 6th Masterpost

Summer is coming close, and it’s always fun the have a break and enjoy, as a reward for all the hard work you put in during the school year. Here are some fun summer activities!


  • water balloon fight
  • beach
  • spa day
  • movie night
  • sleepover
  • shopping
  • board games
  • amusement park
  • concert
  • camp
  • cook
  • hike
  • picnic
  • photo shoot with friends
  • swim
  • library
  • volunteer
  • garden
  • explore your town
  • sports
  • make smoothies
  • dance
  • paint/art
  • bubbles
  • family photos
  • DIY projects
  • bullet journal
  • write
  • classes 
  • make a summer scrapbook

And anything else you’ve been dreaming of doing! Have an awesome summer! Remember to have a little fun!


Go to Michigan

Go tubing

Go golfing

Go fishing

Go to a concert

Get my doubles

Kiss a boy

Go downtown

Buy a new swim suit

Read a book for fun

Go to the movies

Go night swimming (after 10 p.m.)

Swim in your clothes

Get ice cream at cupids

Swim in the rain

Get my nails done

Picnic with a friend

Have a slumber party outside

Finish Grey’s

Movie marathon

Go to a baseball game


Write in a journal at least once a week

Go berry-picking

Get boba tea

Get ice cream from an ice cream truck

Chinese fire-drill

Have a bonfire

No technology for a day

Go on a roller coaster

Meet someone famous

Late night food run

Go outside during a thunderstorm

Visit a college

Go to tropical sno

Go hot tubbing

Go to camp

Get a spray tan

Paint fight

Go to New Buff

Go to the farmers market

Go on a plane