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Ghost Crows

Jesper knocked his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. “Fine. But if Pekka Rollins kills us all, I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.”

Brekker’s lips quirked. “I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

My ghost wont associate with your ghost,” Matthias said primly, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.


Doubletale: Part 2

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Scene 1:
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after a slight delay, here’s the second part of my Doubletale comic! looks like no one was expecting this development - but just what happened to bring these four together?

this is how “scenes” will look, moving forward! a bit of experimenting led me to this - should allow slightly quick updates while still letting me play with gifs and the like. let me know if you’re interested, i’m thinking about contining it past these next few intro strips if there’s at least a little interest ^^


Korra doodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the ugly watermarks, I am too tired to make it look nice :’D

I sort of started rewatching Korra…. And spend most of the evening looking at Makani’s Korra doodles ;___; very inspiring

Tried to draw Aang’s kids when they were adults, Kya is sooo pretty :O

[SB Dystopian AU] (plot, setting)

*randomly draws a thing* *u*,, Anyway, some notes.

This AU is basically the futuristic version of that first Ieyasu vs Hideyoshi battle in the SB3 game, except that Yasu failed to kill Hideyoshi right there and then.
So Hideyoshi’s plan of conquering the country succeeded and he began making reformations, getting ready for war and follow his ambitions of ruling the entire world. Yasu had to beat him before it happens for real.

Main backbone is Ieyasu vs. Hideyoshi, and I’m using this to explore these two’s conflicting ideals (strength vs. bonds). Character interactions follow SB3’s red routes a lot, and I’m also referencing from SB4 a bit c:

I wish I had more time to do a proper ending-pic to the Luau, but this shall do~ (yes, they ended up swimming in a huge AF coconut yes, suuure x’D)

I might still do a few doodles after the ending (as I still have ideas and will see if I have time to make them…just a few extra things). I wish I had more time in general to participate, but what I got to do, it was AWESOME~

Thank you so much for having this event, you two at @markipurr !<3
And thank you EVERYONE who participated, interacted (and joined the volleyball game of madness and mayhem XD)

Till the next partyy, toodles~ <3