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fearless moodboards - love story

romeo, save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
this love is difficult but it’s real
don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
it’s a love story, baby, just say “yes”

anonymous asked:

OK, so that character flaws thing is really cool and helpful, so I'll ask a similar question: what do you think are some of the best character quirks in general? Just anything actually noteworthy as character development that isn't a good or bad trait per-say or too cliched? The way they dress, fidget, etc?

oh this makes me happy, i’m glad i could help

since you said character quirks, i’m going to assume you mean things characters do and not traits, which are a part of their personality (you can totally let me know if i misread or assumed wrong) 

i don’t have favorites, but here are some i don’t see often

involuntary twitching & erratic movements - sometimes my muscles just move and feel the need to move, something i can’t control. side note, sometimes happens because of too much caffeine or nervous energy

carrying small charms - whether they mean something or not, these characters carry the trinkets everywhere. 

phobias - especially uncommon ones, and the things people do to avoid them. my cousin’s boyfriends were scared of water but took him to this park and they had to cross a bridge. to get across it,,, they crawled on all fours. 

scars and extreme stories - that small mark on their wrist?? they got from holding a kitten wrong, of course they’re not going to tell people that. no,, they got that scar by skydiving. how?? well- [twenty minutes of exaggeration]

improbable dreams - like a character wanting to become a cat, of to replace their arm with a shark. just fun things.

no fear (just kidding) - fearless characters are cool too, but i especially love when something really mundane happens to be their biggest fear and they’ve been so careful about hiding it

averagely average - at everything they do, from school to arts & crafts.

really into collections - like,,, they might even have a problem. no, _ you don’t need more rocks/swords/buttons. stop, put that down

falls asleep anywhere - you might find them in the tree or in some odd position you’ve seen your cat in. 

wears a wig - i’ve not seen characters that struggle with premature hair loss and the struggle that comes with it (while i think that people should be proud regardless)

has personal traditions they never stray away from - like there’s this really good book they have to read every year, or every wednesday means hanging out in the tub with some candles or something.

mx. not perfect - they’ve always been seen as such, but they just,, don’t,, understand??? maybe, if they have siblings, they know them the best, but everyone else seems oblivious to their super obvious imperfections??

pep talks themselves - it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps them and that’s what counts

natural manipulator in a not-cruel way - how do they always wrangle their friends into taking naps when they need breaks? how do they always get their friends to eat?? we just don’t know

religious - i, personally, don’t have a religion, but i don’t mind seeing characters who are guided by their faith. 

always knows - about something specific, like what phase the moon happens to be in, or when it’ll rain next

thinks they’re a mythical creature - doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly or not real, they’re still going to believe.

i think that’s a good amount

maybe these will spark up some ideas?

thanks for sending in an ask

oooooh I fanarted :O This is the first kiiiiiiiiiiind of Illustrationy thing I painted using inks and watercolors. I had a ton of fun with it. Even with something as simple you kind of have to plan everything in advance when it comes to composition and colors, there is absolutely no deciding “on the fly” without messing it up (for me at least because I’m dumb and I’d screw it up 100% if I did not plan this stuff beforehand). At the same time it’s really cool to knowing beforehand that stuff will go wrong and making decisions along the way that are just about dealing with mistakes is a lot of fun…..and makes you fearless in a way :D
Anyway, I hope you like this little Zaldo thing. I took some liberties with the design because of fun and shapes :D On to the next one!!!

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Today, we had a lot of fun at the Dream Concert.♥ Fearless who came you did a great job  😭 Go home safely!

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T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Dionysus

She keeps a hip flask under her skirt, the metal cool against warm skin. There’s something excitable in her voice, tainted with a hint of madness, especially when talking about this evening’s plans (she gets invited to all of the parties, naturally). Her fingers drum against desk tops, nail varnished chipped. Everyone knows what she does in the bathroom stalls and around the back of the bike sheds where the CCTV doesn’t quite reach. Hers is a life full of fun and risk, fearless chaos that consumes everyone around her like a black hole.


Today I’m off on a fearLESS road trip to a temple in Billerica, MA to film a Facebook and Instagram Live event for Dr Ming Wu of the @wuhealing center in West Hartford, CT & Maynard, MA. All proceeds from this event go to charity so stay tuned it’s going to be a fabulous day. #socialmedia #socialgood #workinggirl #brandfearless #travel #roadtrip #friends #fun #taichi #wuhealing #massachusetts #temple #bewell #dogood #fearLESS (at New Britain, Connecticut)

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