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romeo, save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
this love is difficult but it’s real
don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
it’s a love story, baby, just say “yes”

SOULMATES | harrison osterfield

REQUEST: in which we live in a world where everyone sees black and white until they stumble upon their soulmate as suddenly when they lock eyes they can see color and it seems like love at first sight, the only downside is that whatever the soulmate feels or whenever he/she gets bruised, they appear on the other soulmate’s body so the reader is in a lot of pain but has a lot of bruises on her body because her soulmate works out a lot.



Love was.. unexpected. It seemed to show up in your life when you least expected it. Sometimes it was during the best time of your life, and sometimes it was during the worst. It always seemed to be random, yet full of love, like some people said.

Yet, you hadn’t experienced yet because you’ve never met your soulmate.

It was both a blessing and a curse.

A couple months ago, you had been casted for a new movie, which you were supposed to start filming in 5 more months, which gave you time to find a temporary house, make arrangements, and pack for the trip.

Living in Los Angeles gave you perks, especially when you were just starting as an actress in the industry. It was fun, fearless, and at times, stressful.

What really got to you, were the unexplained bruises showing up on your body.

It seemed like every day, a small bruise would appear somewhere else on your body, as it nearly gave you a heart attack the first time you noticed them. After a while, they were easy to ignore, sometimes having the makeup crew cover them up or just hiding them from sight.

You had no idea what your soulmate was going through, but you just hoped it wasn’t bad.


It was finally the day you had been waiting for. Your bags were packed and you were heading straight for the private jet that the directors had arranged for you, as you immediately made your way over, having someone help you with a couple bags (2 at the most) and you carrying your own carry-on, you walked straight into the jet, as it took off.

In no time, you had landed in Atlanta, where you immediately headed straight for your new temporary home, and was left with 2 hours to unpack and head straight for the set, where you were going to pick up your script and meet the cast for your new movie.

It was unbelieveable, when you first walked through the doors of the set, looking around and seeing familiar faces from movies that you were in love with or ones that you had seen way too many times to count.

Yet, your mind still couldn’t wrap itself around the idea that you were finally going to get your big break and that you would finally be able to get the recognition for your hard work in getting the best roles in Hollywood.

As soon as you had walked through the doors of the set, a security guard escorted you to the director’s office, where there was a meeting being held with the production crew.

When you walked in, you smiled at everyone, taking a seat in the open spot and listening to their plans for the new movie.

They hadn’t released any information to you, so you had no idea what you signed up for. Only that it was going to be a very popular movie and that it would require lots and lots of practicing and filming.

“So, what exactly did I sign up for?” you broke the silence as everyone chuckled at your comment, before the director cleared his throat, making you turn your head in his direction.

“Well, before we casted you for this movie, we were looking at your other performances, such as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, and various seasons in Criminal Minds, we thought you would be perfect for this role because you would bring something special to this movie. There’s a spark we all love about you, and honestly, after seeing your audition and meeting you in person, we thought everything about you was perfect, even down to the character’s height!”

With a chuckle, you nodded along, listening to his words and the tone he was using for them.

“We would love to welcome you to Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

You were starstruck.

As soon as the words left his lips, your eyes widened and you stopped breathing for a couple seconds.

“This is unbelievable.”

“We are really excited to have you here.” they handed you a script, which was pretty long as you read the overall description of your character.

“So, superhero by night and teenager by day.”

“It’s perfect for you. And before you tell us that you don’t think the cast will like you, you should have a chance to meet with them.”

Nodding, you stood up, as the director led you out the door and towards a big conference room, that was bustling with energy and various people, who you now knew as your new second family for a while.

“Everyone, we would like you to meet your newest cast member. This is Y/n Y/L/N.”

Various shocked expressions rang through the crowd as someone walked up to you first, pulling you in for a hug.

“Hi! I’m Elizabeth Olsen. I’m so happy to be working with you! I loved your performance in Criminal Minds and Mission Impossible!”

“Thank you so much! I’m really happy to be working with you too.”

More and more people came up to you, before it was only the main cast that was left.

“I can’t believe I am standing right in front of the Y/n. Huge fan of your work on Criminal Minds. Absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you. And you are..?”

“Tom. Tom Holland.”

“And I’m Jacob.”

“Hi! I’m Zendaya, and this is Laura.”

“Nice to meet all of you!” Instead of them shaking your hand, they decided to pull you into a group hug, one which left you speechless and almost suffocated.

“Guys! I can’t breathe!” With a laugh, they let go of you, as you smiled at all of them.

“Tom, I’m back with your water. Did you need anything else before we left?”

A new voice had entered the room, as Tom turned with a smile before turning to you.

“Y/n, I would like you to meet someone.”

Turning around, your eyes met with another boy, before your eyesight was completely blank, as you could only see the color white for a couple seconds, before everything came back, except it was different.

The world around you no longer had a tinge of black and white, it was surrounded with various different colors and shades that you didn’t recognize in the beginning.

It surrounded you, as you looked around, seeing the cast watching you in awe before your eyesight returned back to the boy you made eye contact with.

“It’s you.”

You admired his features, taking in his tall height, bright eyes and kind smile, as he admired you, taking in all of your features and the little things he could point out about you in that moment.

“Well, that’s a coincidence, considering I was going to set both of you up anyways.” Tom butt in, as he smiled before bringing his friend over, who still seemed starstruck.

“Y/n, this is my best friend, Harrison.”

“H-hi, n-nice to meet y-you.”

Shaking his hand, you smiled warmly at him, nodding as a welcoming gesture before he pulled you into his arms, wrapping yours around his neck as his went to your waist.

“I can’t believe I finally found you.”

“You have no idea how happy I am.”

With a smile, both of you let go, Harrison still keeping his arm at your waist, a smile not wiped off his face. Your expression was the same, as you stared at the newest cast that will be working closely with you, as you prepared yourself to launch a bigger career.

Hopefully, making some new friends, finding contracts, and, possibly, exploring a relationship with your soulmate.

Who could have thought that accepting a new job for your future meant meeting your soulmate at the same time?

Life sure does have a way of surprising you.

anonymous asked:

OK, so that character flaws thing is really cool and helpful, so I'll ask a similar question: what do you think are some of the best character quirks in general? Just anything actually noteworthy as character development that isn't a good or bad trait per-say or too cliched? The way they dress, fidget, etc?

oh this makes me happy, i’m glad i could help

since you said character quirks, i’m going to assume you mean things characters do and not traits, which are a part of their personality (you can totally let me know if i misread or assumed wrong) 

i don’t have favorites, but here are some i don’t see often

involuntary twitching & erratic movements - sometimes my muscles just move and feel the need to move, something i can’t control. side note, sometimes happens because of too much caffeine or nervous energy

carrying small charms - whether they mean something or not, these characters carry the trinkets everywhere. 

phobias - especially uncommon ones, and the things people do to avoid them. my cousin’s boyfriends were scared of water but took him to this park and they had to cross a bridge. to get across it,,, they crawled on all fours. 

scars and extreme stories - that small mark on their wrist?? they got from holding a kitten wrong, of course they’re not going to tell people that. no,, they got that scar by skydiving. how?? well- [twenty minutes of exaggeration]

improbable dreams - like a character wanting to become a cat, of to replace their arm with a shark. just fun things.

no fear (just kidding) - fearless characters are cool too, but i especially love when something really mundane happens to be their biggest fear and they’ve been so careful about hiding it

averagely average - at everything they do, from school to arts & crafts.

really into collections - like,,, they might even have a problem. no, _ you don’t need more rocks/swords/buttons. stop, put that down

falls asleep anywhere - you might find them in the tree or in some odd position you’ve seen your cat in. 

wears a wig - i’ve not seen characters that struggle with premature hair loss and the struggle that comes with it (while i think that people should be proud regardless)

has personal traditions they never stray away from - like there’s this really good book they have to read every year, or every wednesday means hanging out in the tub with some candles or something.

mx. not perfect - they’ve always been seen as such, but they just,, don’t,, understand??? maybe, if they have siblings, they know them the best, but everyone else seems oblivious to their super obvious imperfections??

pep talks themselves - it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps them and that’s what counts

natural manipulator in a not-cruel way - how do they always wrangle their friends into taking naps when they need breaks? how do they always get their friends to eat?? we just don’t know

religious - i, personally, don’t have a religion, but i don’t mind seeing characters who are guided by their faith. 

always knows - about something specific, like what phase the moon happens to be in, or when it’ll rain next

thinks they’re a mythical creature - doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly or not real, they’re still going to believe.

i think that’s a good amount

maybe these will spark up some ideas?

thanks for sending in an ask

oooooh I fanarted :O This is the first kiiiiiiiiiiind of Illustrationy thing I painted using inks and watercolors. I had a ton of fun with it. Even with something as simple you kind of have to plan everything in advance when it comes to composition and colors, there is absolutely no deciding “on the fly” without messing it up (for me at least because I’m dumb and I’d screw it up 100% if I did not plan this stuff beforehand). At the same time it’s really cool to knowing beforehand that stuff will go wrong and making decisions along the way that are just about dealing with mistakes is a lot of fun…..and makes you fearless in a way :D
Anyway, I hope you like this little Zaldo thing. I took some liberties with the design because of fun and shapes :D On to the next one!!!

Beauty Behind the Madness 09:

sorry for the delay, writers block.

previous chapters:


“Shawn this is the last time I will say it, Wake up!” Mum yells into my room causing me to groan and roll over in my bed. “open those blinds to, you need sunlight in your room.” She scowls as she walks past my bedroom.

Why is it that parents feel the need to wake you up so early in the morning even though they know that you will be doing absolutely nothing all day and no matter how much they whine or complain you still won’t move. How is my mum not used to me doing absolutely s nothing yet?

“SHAWN!” I hear my mum’s voice loud and clear from downstairs.

“I’m up.” I yell back but it doesn’t come out as loud or clear as I had hoped due to my groggy morning voice.

Huffing loudly to myself I unwillingly tare the warm blankets away from my body and swing my legs over the edge of the bed.  As I make my way downstairs I run my hand through my hair hoping to make it look neater.

“Morning” I mumble when I enter the kitchen to Aaliyah and dad who are both sitting at the dining table on their phones while eating breakfast.

“Morning” I make out through Aaliyah’s mouth full of cereal not taking her eyes off her phone.

“Made a pot of fresh coffee.” My dad tells me. Mentally thanking him I pour myself a cup of coffee.

“It’s already mid day and I haven’t even gotten the shopping yet” Mum says in disbeilf as she enters the kitchen. “will you take a shower you stink.” She scowls at me causing me to roll my eyes as she reaches for her wallet and the car keys. “and clean your rooms, both of you.” She yells over her shoulder as she leaves the room.

My mum hasn’t told me to clean my room since I was ten years old, she just grew tired of always yelling at me and having no response so she just started doing it herself. As for the shower I’m a teenage boy, we shower when necessary. Dad must notice my confused state because he lets out a chuckle.

“She invited those new people across the street over.” He answers.

“Why?” Aaliyah and I say in unison, Aaliyah finally taking her gaze off her phone and I’m sue the frown of disapproval on her face mirrors mine.

The last time my parents had someone over was way before everything happened. They wanted to have people over but I suppose they are worried of how I might react or maybe they are just to preoccupied with my mood swings that they don’t have time to entertain nor go out anymore. Another thing I’ve ruined, my parents social lives. Even family members don’t come over any more.  

Dad shrugged turning his attention back to his phone. Taking my fresh cup of coffee I return back to my room. I walk straight towards my blinds opening them allowing sunlight to flood through my room. I squint at the sudden brightness waiting for my eyes to adjust. When they do I have to blink a few times to make sure what I am seeing is real. Leaning forward so my fore head is pressed against the glass. Arleigh’s bedroom curtain is open for the first time since she had gotten home allowing me to see through her window into her room just like I used to. It was my favorite thing to do, watch her while she studied or danced around listening to music. She always looked so at peace when she didn’t know anyone was paying attention.


Open your window I’m coming over’ I texted Arleigh. I watch closely as she reaches to her bedside table and grabs her phone opening the text. She looks over at me a small smile playing on her lips as she makes her way towards the window before pulling it open, the night breeze blowing her hair away from her face. Reaching out of my window I pull the ladder that was placed there a long time ago. Usually I just climb down the ladder and position in line with Arleigh’s   window and then climb up but today I had another idea.

“Shawn, what are you doing?” Arleigh questioned clearly confused as I was pulling up the ladder. The ladder was half hanging out of my window and if my parents walked in there is no doubt they would think that something is wrong with me.

“just grab the ladder.” I instruct not really in the mood to tell her what I was planning right now knowing that she would chuck a fit.

She does as I say so now the ladder is forming a bridge from my window to hers. Carefully I climb out of my window and onto the ladder. My grin only widens when I swear the fear in Arleigh’s eyes as they grow wider in panic.

“Shawn No! Are you crazy!” she shouts as I slowly begin to walk across the ladder holding my arms out to balance myself.

“Relax babe, I’ve seen this a million times on youtube, I’m a pro”

“Watching something doesn’t make you a pro” She shot back

Looking down I feel my tummy turn causing my adrenaline to rise. something about heights exhilarated me. Fear made me feel like I could overcome anything and everything.

“If you die I’m going to kill you.” She threatens causing me to chuckle. I loose my balance slightly causing me to slip and Arleigh to let out a shriek. “You are an idiot!” She yells loudly not even  caring if her dad heard her.

Finally I manage to stumble the last couple of steps before gripping onto Arleigh’s window frame and pulling myself into her room. As soon as I’m standing on the safe floor of Arleigh’s bedroom she walks up to me and whacks me hard on the chest.

“That’s for making me watch you do that. Asshole” she grumbles not bothering to hide her irritation causing me to chuckle.

I step towards her and wrap my arms around her causing her to try and shrug me off only my arms were stronger than her so I had the advantage. Eventually Arleigh gave  up on shoving me off and allowed me to hug her but she still didn’t bother hiding her irritation


I groan as the memory fills my mind. I used to be fun and fearless now I’m this boring mess that doesn’t have the strength to make breakfast. How could I let someone have such a heavy impact on me?

Just as I am about to close the blinds in hopes to shake off the dreaded feeling that came with the memories of Arleigh I notice a figure standing on  the front porch of the Axel house and by the long hair and petite figure I was sure it wasn’t Mr Axel. Without even giving it a second thought I turn and head for the door of my bedroom, rushing down the hallway, taking the stairs two by two, running as though Arleigh would disappear within a split second.

“Were are you going in such a rush?” dad asks as he passes me on the stairs. I can understand why he is so startled, the last time I did anything this fast was the night I ran from Arleigh’s house after Mr Axel had warned us he was calling the cops.

“Mail.” I shout over my shoulder now at the front door, my father long behind me.

Pulling open the front door I hurry out onto the porch, down the driveway but then stop dead in my tracks. I didn’t plan on what I would say or do once I approached Arleigh but I sure wasn’t expecting to see what I saw right in front of me.

Arleigh stood talking to the new guy, Michael, as though the two were suddenly best friends. Arleigh stopped talking for a moment and looked over at me. Her face as cold and expressionless as I have now known it to be since she came back, not giving away any feeling the way she used to with all her expressions that she could never hide even when she tried. It was my favorite thing about her, the way she couldn’t fake a smile when she was sad or pretend to be angry when she was laughing.

Michael was clearly unaware of what had caused Arleigh to turn stone cold. He turned around to see what had caused such an effect. When he saw me he waved but when he turned back to Arleigh he must have been confused, she was still staring at me the way she had been since she noticed me. Michael threw a cautious look over his shoulder at me and I wondered if he knew anything of what happened before the summer. News travels fast at our school but the whole Arleigh thing died out after two weeks. The only person that still goes on about it is Mitch because he knows the whole story and survives off of others suffering, especially Arleigh’s.

Suddenly feeling a deep hatred towards Michael, I turn on the balls of my feet and storm back inside the house  before I charged at Michael and ripped his head off. When I open the front door I realize it’s not his fault. It’s all Arleigh’s fault. She has fucked with my head so badly that I’ve lost my mind. She was the reason for the heights of my life, every day I woke up craving to see her, now she is the reason for my lowest point, she has messed with my head so badly that I can’t eat, sleep, or even breath without feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. How is it possible for someone to have such a strong hold on you but not even be in your life anymore?

“Being replaced sucks, doesn’t it?” I look over my shoulder to see Aaliyah standing at the kitchen window still staring out past the empty driveway to the footpath were Arleigh and Michael stood now talking as if I had never even showed up. I want to yell at Aaliyah but how can I blame her for simply stating the truth? Maybe that’s what aggravates me more, the fact that I know she is right. I’m now just something in the past to Arleigh.

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