fun activities for nerds

The Makuta try so hard to be edgy and cool but I bet they’re all actually massive nerds

My new fun activity is thinking about what kind of secret nerd/edgy teen hobbies they have. I’ve already got Vamprah marked down for “tries to look menacing by narrowing his eyes at people while blasting Linkin Park in his earphones but ultimately only succeeds in looking like he might need glasses”

And naturally Teridax is the biggest closet anime fan ever


I’ve seen a few people post these recommendation lists lately, and I really wanted to do one too! I don’t really follow that many FR blogs because I’m in the tag so often, but these people are really great. I’m dividing them into categories for ~convenience~ 

Notable personality FR blogs

Chatty/live-blogging people I particularly like :- )


Resource FR blogs

There’s a few more but I haven’t really been following them long enough to confidently recommend them to everyone else. These people are fun and most are pretty active in the community, follow them. <3

While Shinji’s still working towards his masters, Kaworu often crashes at his dorm after late shifts at the Library. Shinji’s always ready for his arrival, popcorn made and off-beat TV dramas queued up on Netflix. They cuddle so close next to his laptop on his tiny “bed” that their legs weave together, and Shinji pops kernels into Kaworu’s mouth, all while chuckling and smooching. Always, without fail, Shinji rolls onto his stomach and taps Kaworu with his elbow. Kaworu is fully expected to give him a good round of back scratchies.

One time, Kaworu comes up with a game; he draws letters and shapes across Shinji’s back, and Shinji has to guess what they are. Usually, the result is a laughing fit they can’t shake, ‘cause Shinji would think a tree was a sheep, or something dumb like that (fckin’ nerds).

This particular night, after some fun activity (browwiggle), Kaworu begins tracing something on Shinji’s back.

“Mmmm, babe, what are you drawing?”

“You’ve gotta guess,” they whisper to each other, and Shinji focuses on the smooth pad gliding along his back.

“Um… W… I… L… L… Y…… Willy?”

Kaworu laughs, “Noo, no, four words.”

“Four words?! Sheesh! Okay, uh, so… O… U… M… A… R… R…… ”

Kaworu finishes the phrase, even though Shinji lays quiet and doesn’t utter the rest of the letters out loud. They stay like this for a bit, Kaworu simply smiling and rubbing his boyfriend’s lovely skin, feeling his breath quicken with each passing moment. Shinji flips around suddenly, uniting their lips, only to pull away just as quickly, and gazes into Kaworu’s eyes.

“Yes… yes, yes, yes… ” Shinji breathes out.

They both get teary, laugh, and offer soft touches all over each other’s bodies, until they finally fall asleep at about four in the morning. Needless to say, Shinji’s exhausted for his Robotics class at eight, but… he’s Kaworu’s fiance.

Everything is perfect.