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what kind of rpg horror games would you recommend (i've been wanting to get back into the genre but i just dont know where to start+im a big baby when it comes to playing horror by myself)

(in no particular order)

Dreaming Mary by Dreaming Games (tw: overall theme the story revolves around can be triggering) 

Space Funeral  by thecatamites 

Yume Nikki  by Kikiyama

Mogeko Castle by Mogeko // i personally couldn’t get into this one but i know a lot of other people found it interesting (tw: sexual abuse)

These are the ones I just recently played! Below are some more that I’ve played before and recommend!

IB  by kouri 

The Witch’s House by Fummy

Stray Cat Crossing  by Jurlo, Jetpackgone

OFF by MortisGhost

Mad Father by Sen

Angel of Slaughter by stardust KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada)  // not sure if there’s an english patch for this game



~ Top 10 favorite games ~

(1/10) The Witch’s House by Fummy 

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The Witch's really drove me crazy, and that's not Fummy!!

what does this mean

like the witch’s house is designed to freak people out lol

Edit: I thought it was a pun but it was completely out of no where given I haven’t reblogged witch’s house or talked about it in days lol

The Witch's House passed 100,000 English downloads!

In celebration, here are my translation notes.

Viola: Straightforward, given in English on the site.
Ellen: Straightforward, given in English on the site.
Viola’s Dad: Named Travis according to the site? Okay.
“Yo.”: “Yaa.” Could have also gone with “‘sup” or the like.
“Lend a hand”: Exactly the same. Who knew?
Book of Death: Literally “die-if-you-read-it book.”

That’s it. That’s all that’s worth mentioning.