The deaths in The Witch’s House are frequent, haunting, and sudden- unless the player is expecting them, it’s rare that they will actually be able to avoid them (if they can be avoided at all). This is taken into account with the game’s puzzle design, however. Because many of the puzzles require somewhat esoteric solutions, deaths actually act as clues as to what you need to do on your next attempt. Thus, players won’t feel cheated by a death the first or second time it happens, but rather feel like they have another piece of the puzzle solved.

Only 2 days until Halloween… oh my gosh… Game requested by @chivi-chivik


Can’t I Even Dream? / Miku Hatsune

Fummy / April 1, 2009


Need to practice taking photos of my works (for portfolio purposes and stuff Dx)

This is my favourite art line-doodle-art cuz I’m proud of my patience on handling the details of the House (dang bricks) T_T.

I have no guts on dooling in direct ink unless I do draft sketches with my mechanical pencil. ((thus I don’t participate in Inktobers and stuff TT~TT))

I miss playing rpg horror games … Dx