Hugging is like my number one comforter. If I’m breaking down the thing I need is warmth, security and stability. If I’m breaking, someone has to hold me until I can hold on to myself again. My point is that I want to see people in anime hug more…

y'all ever feel like hori has a writer/artist block and then goes on checking crack fan content shit in the tag and go like “that’s lit man, might as well make it canon” cause i mean…

dabi and hawks are related somehow theory? check.

that one fanart where dadzawa trains shinso? check.

hawks taking in tokoyami cause he’s a birb? plus ultra check.

i’ve been thinking how Hawks also requested Todoroki during the sports festival, he may have intended to give an offer only to Todoroki bc “hey, it’s Endeavor’s kid and i’d get my info on the league” the information being 50% of his reason for looking at the sports festival to begin with

BUT he saw Tokoyami, a strong birb boy with potential, and so he sent an offer to him too. and in the end he was glad to have Tokoyami with him :D

Tokoyami: it’s a kinda crappy world and it sucks… so, smear your lipstick on in the shape of a smile. If you hate it, fake it, make it into something less vile.

Aoyama: oh girl, just add some sparkle. It feels so sexy and free and you’ll see, yes you will!