fumie mizusawa



you should know where is Nana’s

this event is about heartcatch precure BD-BOX

sorry i put precure 1st lol (because it has many photos XP)

this is Sada Masashi’s TV show, nana appear a few times on this show before
actual name of the show
-> 今夜も生でさだまさしスペシャル~朝まで生で文化祭~
it start at night and end 3am (japan time) midnight orz… (i only 1 hr behind japan lol)
the person next to her is Arino Shinya, she encounter him incidentally at the entrance of NHK and gave him an ehime orange XD

video of the song in the show->

next up she and her team started Izumo Taisha Shrine rehearsal
it been awhile after LIVE ZIPANGU, setlist also change so she must concentrate in memorizing and refine it

the shirt she showing is King Amusement Creative tee that she wear during KAC party to celebrate 1st anniversary, she share this during smile gang that she said that they play games and she team up with Minase Inori XD end up she comment her team is like baka team ^^;;;; (saying they both play the games very badly lol gabatte nana-chan and inorin lol) 

(this also not part of blog but..) also inorin i think request nana about smile gang or say something about smile gang during KAC party, either way, inorin will be next week smile gang guest!! OAO!! wuaaaa, inorin confirm will be fandoming/happy to be at her favorite artist’s radio XD 



KAC party event photo