fumblr tamous

24. Your view on being 'tumblr famous'.

I think it’s really overrated how some (I’m sorry if I’m being mean but hey that’s who I am) not very attractive girl wearing a shitload of makeup especially on her eyes and has long straightened styled and dyed hair, a camera with way too good quality only used on taking pictures of herself, and expensive clothes OR a metrosexual appearing guy with tons of hypebeast clothes, fancy car, camera etc could receive tons of attention on Tumblr. Especially if his/her blog has little sentences in the title with no body, yet everyone and their mothers on this site seem to agree with these seemingly insightful excuses for the English language. “OMGGGG GPOY” “^^^THIS

Hey, I could write some dumb shit, like “If we weren’t meant to be, why did we meet? )))):” This goes for any stupid little thing they post like music. Either way, it doesn’t get you anywhere in life by being “Tumblr famous.” In ten years, who the fuck is going to care?