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Happened to record my process for that Magnus I just drew. A one hour lasso practice!

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Does anyone ever assume that baby Atem is Yuugi's biological kid, and how do they react to that (considering how young Yuugi is and looks even younger)? How does Yuugi respond to people assuming that? Also, how much understanding does baby Atem have of what's going on around him? Most importantly, does Kaiba try to challenge the baby to duels and how ridiculous is he about it? Sorry if that's too many questions.

There are wild theories on who the mother is, as nobody has seen Mrs. Mutou pregnant for the past few years, she’s definitely not Yami’s mother. Nobody has seen Mr. Mutou at all either. And since Yami likes calling Dark Magician “Mama”, they all assume his mother looks similar to that Duel Monster. Yuugi is torn between being angry at the implied accusation of his father cheating and Yami being abandoned or relieved at the perfect cover story that he didn’t even have to make.

As for Kaiba… he’s more of that uncle who spoils their nephew with toys, really.

Events from season zero changed a bit and made Yuugi a little more assertive, which resulted to him dueling Kaiba. The CEO sees him as his rival, rather than Yami like in canon. He does see potential in his rival’s younger brother, and helps encourage him to keep dueling (well, that’s his excuse anyways, he just has a soft spot for children).

After writing 8k+ words about her, I have become extremely fond of space mumther

My casual participation in inktober continues


Houston, we may have a problem.

Comic at the top’s probably some kind of continuation of this only flipped and a little changed [or just the usual stunt and whatnot /shrug], the Angel!Zack’s on this, the last thing at the

  • center-ish is kinda based on this.
  • bottom right’s about this fic over here.